My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


A Knitter in Crisis

L-B emailed me this yesterday:

“Hey, you knitters who have abandoned Wendyknits because every time you visit she’s knitting a new masterpiece with tiny little needles and tiny little yarn? Well, come back! You won’t believe your eyes! Wendy has been knitting big-needle (well, big for her) scarves! One out of novelty yarn! She’s even going to knit with Encore—with acrylic content! And just wait for the poncho—big needles AND novelty yarn! And she even graced a real live yarn shop to buy the kit! Woo Hoo! And the icing on the cake? Crochet in the very near future! I know. I know. This can’t be THE WENDY! I have a sneaky suspicion that she may be in a mid-life crisis. You know, when men run out and buy a new car? Oh, yeah. She did that, too! The battle cry is XENA! Now, if she ever strays from her toe-up sock pattern to something top-down with cables we’ll be sure to stop the presses and alert you! But, please come back to Wendyknits—you never know what you might see!”

Hmmmmm . . . I feel some top-down cabled socks coming on . . .

Speaking of socks, here’s my Regia tweedy sock. I’m moving really really slowly on this because I’ve not had a lot of knitting time during the commute and lunch hour lately.


Speaking of Crochet . . .

Julie commented yesterday that she’d crochet along with me on a Critter Knitters blankie! Yay, Julie! It’s so much less scary when you do scary things with a friend!

I’m using the K hook I happen to have lying around with my Encore Chunky. I’ll do the blanket in double crochet, and then work a nice little edging around it. This would be the same edging that appears around the neck and armholes of Dale of Norway design Haiti in book 122.


Can any of you guess why I’m planning on using this edging on my blankie? Tee hee hee.

As someone mentioned in my comments, crocheting is like riding a bicycle — it all comes back to you.

For some reason, I’ve got a bunch of crochet hooks. A few usable ones, and about twenty tiny metal Susan Bates hooks. The tiny ones all have the price “10 cents” stamped in them so you know they are old. Dunno where I got ’em.

I’m a Yarn Geek

Because I spent some time last night playing with my yarn for the Colinette poncho. Just playing with it.


I also played with this.


Anyone know what this is?

It’s VirtualYarns 3-ply Hebridean in the color “Sea Ivory.” A whole big honking box of it. It’s destined to become my third Inishmore.

L-B requested a photo of Lucy reclining on the yarn but I said no. If I did that, Her Highness would expect a kitty bed knitted from it.

I will use Cherry Tree Hill yarn for a felted kitty bed. I will use Noro yarn for a felted kitty bed. I will not use Hebridean 3-ply.

So there.


Another cool prize on the prize page guys!

And more blankies received!


  1. I use a free crochet pattern from Project Linus (another great charity) called “Sideways Shell Baby Afghan” It’s fast and really pretty (especially in multicolor yarns)

  2. You’re not the only one crocheting. I’m sending 1 knitted blanket, 2 crocheted blankets and one fleecy-type blanket. I love knitting but when it comes to blankets, crochet is so much faster.

    I’ve found that making circular doilies in big yarn on big needles also makes cute blankets. This is a great project to use up some of the “never going to use” acryllic in my stash.

    How do you like the 3-ply Hebredian yarn? Do you feel it’s worth the price? It looks lovely.

  3. Even with all the gorgeous teal yarns for your poncho and that luscious box o’ Hebridean, I’m loving your tweedy blue sock.

    Just looking at it makes me want to curl up in my knitting chair and not budge all day, except to grab a cookie & some tea long about 1 pm.

    About the crochet: I crocheted before I knitted and just don’t like the look of it except for edging. When you remember how goofy it looks you might stop (“NOW I remember why I knit!”) and rip it out.

  4. Karen in MN says:

    Lemme guess? You aren’t planning on making Haiti in the near future, are you?

  5. I love your colors for the Colinette poncho. I have a bunch of colinette laying around and would love to do a poncho from it. Where did you get your pattern from? Maybe we could poncho along together. LMK


  6. Hey wendy
    I considered crocheting my blankies but i dont really know very much, and now because of you i am diving headfirst into light weight yarns small needles and fairlisle., i am planning on sending in my first package 4 sewn fleecies and 3 knits and will be sending more packages after that
    (i am not trying to brag,but these are some opf the first actuall projects besides shapless scaves to be completed but i knit lots of fair isle swatches, tell lucy she beeeutiful today
    Love Jocelyn

  7. Wendy did you see this I think that cat rivals lucy for cute… but it’s a kitten so she’s cheating.

    Good luck with the crochet- I just can’t figure it out.

  8. You have to let Kristine know that you are one of those crazy multi-talented people she’s always amazed by. Have fun with your Critter Knitter Blanket.

  9. I’m “Crocheting for Critters” too! Chunky yarn & a big hook makes for a cushy blanket in my book — and I can make more in less time!

    So, even crocheted & quilted/sewn blankets count as entries in the raffle? Cool! 🙂 I actually have a few old towels that would make nice “batting” for a few Critter quilts…

  10. oh, my. i’m now afraid of how much that poncho kit cost! (but, but, but it’s so cute… maybe i could work something up similar from ebay finds? single skeins of colinette yarn are much cheaper on ebay in general.

    however – it’s GREAT to support yr fave yarn shop and encourage them to keep stuff like colinette yarn in stock!

  11. Well, I’m a yarn geek also! On Sunday, I not only took out all of my stash and had a wonderful time with it–but then I made a yarn database. How geeky is that?!

  12. Wendy –

    Apologies if someone already asked you this, but is that your shoulder on page 12 of the Spring Vogue Knitting? I just picked my copy up tonight and I thought that looked like your Sean tattoo. So now I was wondering if it is.

  13. Out of the blue…a big thankyou! I’ve just machined and cut my first Norwegian steeks for Osterdalen and I couldn’t have done it without you. There was one piece of advice I missed though – the celebratory martini. How daft was I to decide to cut at 9:30 in the morning? Even I can’t justify a martini at that time – and I tried really hard, believe me.
    I shall now continue to lurk and learn and be eternally grateful to you.