My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


I’m a Steeker

Wouldn’t you like to be a Steeker too?

Friends, do you have steek envy? Do you really really wanna cut that steek but can’t bring yourself to put scissors to your precious knitting without someone proving to you that it can actually be done without ruining said knitting?

Tell you what I’m gonna do.

On Wednesday, April 14, 2004, at 4:00pm Eastern Standard Time, I am going to cut a steek on Flora. In public.

I’ll be at my very favorite yarn shop in the entire universe, Knit Happens. And there, in front of anyone I can force to watch, I will cut open a Flora armhole steek and pick up stitches for a sleeve.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004. 4:00pm. Fear not the steek.


The body is nearly done in this photo.


What I’ll do next is cut open the neck steeks and knit the collar. Then I’ll cut open the front steeks and knit the front bands. Then the sleeves will come last.

And one of those sleeves steeks will be cut open in public. See above.

Knit Happens

I did stop by the Knit Happens Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday — the place was hopping! Evberyone was having a grand time. I didn’t stay too long because a migraine was blossoming, but Ian picked out some yarn for socks and I got a crochet hook too.

And “Hello!” to the girls I met in the needles & crochet hook room who recognized me from my blog!

Ingeborg Knit-along

A whole lotta people have joined the Yahoo Group I established for the knit-along. Right now there are discussions of yarns and colors and swatches going on. You can join by following the link from the Ingeborg button in my sidebar!


Why is Lucy wriggling in happiness? Because there are more prizes on the Critter Knitters prize page and more blankies on the blankets received page!


  1. Karen in DK says:

    It would be great if you could set up a Web Cam so all of us steeker-wanna-be’s could follow along from afar! Have fun.

  2. I second the webcam comment! I would love to be at that shop but Texas is just too far away!

    I have just cut open the armhole steek for Glenesk after letting it sit waiting for weeks. Sure enough, it’s not ravelling. I picked up the stitches for the sleeve, but there is a small, pea sized hole in the area where the stitch had been waiting on the safety pin. I tried to pick up stitches a couple of different ways to get rid of the hole but went back to the “proper” way and still have this small hole.

    To Wendy or any experienced reader…is this normal or is there something I should do differently with the other sleeve? As it is, I am planning on just grafting closed that small hole.


  3. Wendy – forgive me for asking a stupid question but….

    I remember you mentioning earlier in your blog that there is more shaping in the sleeves for Flora than there has been for the last number of Starmore sweaters you’ve knitted. I’m curious as to how easy it is to pick up and knit the sleeves from the top down when they are shaped? I can visualise how to pick up drop shoulders, but my mind fails me with set in sleeves. If this is truly a stupid question I apologise, but steeking is still somewhat of a dark art for me.

    Flora looks superb, by the way!

  4. Wendy, are the cherry blossoms out in DC now? Or did that happen already? ‘Cos just imagine what a great day that would be: steek cutting AND cherry blossom viewing! If I lived a state or two closer, I’d do it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I sure do envy the gals that will be able to see you cut your steeks in person. What a fantastic knitting lesson that is going to be. I am green. I still think you should have a DVD on it.

  6. The cherry blossoms are out now, so they’ll probably be gone by 4/14. But Washington has so many spring flowers that it’s certain to be a colorful day! I’ll try to attend, as I’ve never cut a steek that wasn’t machine-stitched. Have a great week, Wendy!

  7. OHH i would love to be able to see that steek but i live all the way across the country,wah
    PS i love the webcam and dvd idea maybe you could videotape it and put it up on your knitting page as a refrence??

  8. Man, oh MAN do I wish I could be there so I could see the Steek in Public. With the super bonus of getting to meet you, too!

    A webcam would be a decent substitute, though…

  9. …a decent substitute for witnessing the Steek in Public. Not for meeting Wendy, of course!


  10. I live in NYC and I would come down to see this in a heartbeat if it weren’t for the fact that I already have plans to be in Ohio visiting the parents that day. Gosh darn it…

  11. Flora looks lovely. Steeking will be exciting.
    I am curious – I can see where the sleeves will be cut, and the front, but where are the neck steeks that you are cutting first? Is that at the top of the front band?

  12. I would love to see you cut the steek but alas I am in the UK. Thanks to reading your site I had no fear when I cut my first steek. I hope there is room to hold everyone as I suspect you will have rather a large audience.

  13. And it’s worth the trip to DC just to go to Knit Happens. It was a blast on Saturday, although I doubt I’ll be able to make the public steeking (silly people who expect me to work).

  14. Well…..we are TRYING to figure out, with my technical void of knowledge, if we can webcam the event! If not, there will AT LEAST be loads of photos, and I am hoping to take step by step photos!

  15. Hello wendy again
    I am having problems with the prize page i wonder whats going on it will only let me see up to weekend knitting, and i would love to see the new prizez my question
    what would you recomend as a first dale pullover
    i ma doing your fearless fair isle i like it as well as i am trying your sock pattern.

  16. You might just draw a standing room only crowd for the steeking. How do you feel about standing on the sales counter so everyone can see your demonstration? ๐Ÿ˜‰