My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Wanna Neck?

I think Flora does!

Want a neck, that is.

I finished knitting her body — see?


So I cut open the neck steeks.


And picked up stitches for the collar.


The collar is more than just a neckband — it’s a fold-over type collar (what the heck do you call that style, anyhow?). You can see what I mean by looking at the Flora photo on the Virtualyarns site here.

So you are knitting the right side of the collar on what is the wrong side of the body of the sweater, because the collar folds over — get it?

At this point you are probably muttering “So what?” to yourselves, but I just thought I’d point that out. In the interests of full disclosure.

Some Sleeve Questions

A coupla questions from yesterday’s comments:

From Glynis:

I have just cut open the armhole steek for Glenesk after letting it sit waiting for weeks. Sure enough, it’s not ravelling. I picked up the stitches for the sleeve, but there is a small, pea sized hole in the area where the stitch had been waiting on the safety pin. I tried to pick up stitches a couple of different ways to get rid of the hole but went back to the “proper” way and still have this small hole.

To Wendy or any experienced reader…is this normal or is there something I should do differently with the other sleeve? As it is, I am planning on just grafting closed that small hole.

I’ve not had this experience, but my first impulse is just to graft it and pretend it never happened. ๐Ÿ˜‰

From Katie:
I remember you mentioning earlier in your blog that there is more shaping in the sleeves for Flora than there has been for the last number of Starmore sweaters you’ve knitted. I’m curious as to how easy it is to pick up and knit the sleeves from the top down when they are shaped? I can visualise how to pick up drop shoulders, but my mind fails me with set in sleeves. If this is truly a stupid question I apologise, but steeking is still somewhat of a dark art for me.

Flora does have some sleeve shaping, but when it comes to knitting the sleeves you simply cut open the steek, pick up the underarm stitches you put on a holder at the start of the steek, pick up stitches around the armhole, and start knitting!

SIP Update

I did finish my first Regia tweed sock and started on the second one.


Critter Blankie Crochet Update

And I made some progress on my crocheted critter blankie!


Critter Knitters!


Lucy would like to point out that there are even more prizes on the prize page!

And a huge thank you to Carol who sent along a huge box full of machine washable yarn and needles. As soon as I get my act together, this box will be dispatched to Liz for her Knitting in the Park events.


To all . . . mmmmmwah!

Steek Event!

Check out the Knit Happens blog!

Because I Know That You Wanna Know . . .

I heart Diet Coke with Lime.


Lucy would just as soon have Fancy Feast.


  1. A Johnny Collar! Flora looks lovely! And, of course, Lucy does,too! Let’s hear it for Diet Coke Lime–yum!

  2. Flora looks fab, once the collar is on you will have no problems finishing it quickly,trust me i have watched you knit at least one sweater in like less than a month.
    Lucy you look great the prizes look abslolutley
    Have a great tuesday

  3. That prize page is looking like a LYS in itself! What gorgeous prizes.

    Flora is just spectacular..Good job Wendy.

    Kisses to Lucy.

  4. Flora is gorgeous- and I love diet coke with lime too- but it can be hard to find around here- (Delaware) it seems as if the stores are always out of it- do you ever have a hard time finding it?

  5. Wendy – thanks for your response. I had a feeling it would be a stupid question! I must confess that I still can’t visualise the sleeves (I think in pictures – there’s a name for people like me, but it’s not that nice!), so I’ll wait with bated breath.

    On the subject of diet coke with lime – I love diet coke with a slice of lime, but the chances of us being able to get it here? Limited. Ireland has onyl just got diet coke with lemon and when I brought a bottle of vanilla diet coke back from the UK, I almost had my hand taken off in the ensuing frenzy!

    Flora gets better and better……

  6. Oooh yeah… diet coke with lime, my new love. In Canada, it JUST arrived in cans in the grocery store. We’ve had it for a few weeks in individual bottles. It’s not quite as good as a real lime slice, but it’s sure better than nothing!

  7. Wow! I’d been thinking about just sending in my blankies without raffle tickets (I love kitties and can’t have one, so…goodness of my heart, or something?), but that prize list is just too tempting!

  8. the prizes are amazing, the partnership with Knit Happens is wonderful, Lucy is beautiful, and my blankie is just about half done. I got roling along and decided to do a big-dog blanket, ’cause dogs need them as much as the kitties. Thanks for making this such a happenin’ event.

  9. Diet Coke w/ lime is to die for

  10. Wendy, isn’t that your tiny sheep tattoo on the bottom of page 12 of the current Vogue Knitting (Spring/Summer 2004)? I was sure I’d seen that little guy somewhere before . . .

  11. Jenny (in Davis) says:

    Wendy, I think those are called shawl collars.

    Flora looks AMAZING!

  12. Dear Lucy,

    You are looking especially ravishing today.


  13. You make steeks look like fun ๐Ÿ™‚

    Coke with a slice of lemon in it is my all-time favorite summer drink. I drink enough of it to burn a hole in my stomach, but mmmmmm boy!