My current work in progress:

Pitch by Emily Greene, knit from Elsawool Cormo worsted on a US 6 needle

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It’s Great!

What’s great? The Critter Knitters Knit-a-thon! More prizes, and Liz got more requests for the blanket mailing address. Hurrah!

And I understand that Liz got something else that she’ll post about today — so be sure to check her out today!

When I left for work yesterday I noticed that Lucy was celebrating the project by using my WIP Flora as her own personal kitty blanket. Did I move her? Not on your life!


I’ve got a bit more Flora progress to show you. Here:


It’s great that Lisa is knitting the original Flora in the original colorway right now. We can compare and contrast! Inch by inch.


Here is the current sock in progress.


We had a shelter-in-place drill at work yesterday (and yes, they are as fun as they sound). Fortunately I had this sock with me. And I only threatened to stab a coworker with a dpn once. And he started it.

Limerick du Jour

From Andrea in NY:

I wish I could knit here all day
Click-clacking my needles away
But I have to pay rent
Or end up in a tent
So I best get to work and get paid.

Amen to that.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


And we’ve had a rousing good start to the Critter Knitters project! Liz has already had some people contact her for the mail-to address for blankets, and I had several people contact me to donate some truly wonderful prizes!

So we are updating the prize page as the donations come in. I’ll let you know when there’s something new to drool over there. And there’s something new over there! Go look!

Lucy says thank you!


And in answer to a question in my comments yesterday, yes, we’re also accepting crocheted, sewn and quilted blankets as long as they meet the guidelines on the Critter Knitters site. Check out the Critter Knitters site for guidelines!

In answer to another question, I’m going to knit my blankets using a single strand of Encore Chunky. We’ll see how that works out.

And yes, anyone anywhere is welcome to participate! For each blanket you send to Liz, you are entitled to one ticket in the raffle. If you feel funny about knitting blankets to go to a charity so far away, you could always knit a blanket to donate to a local charity separately.

I sincerely hope that our project will give lots of people ideas about group knitting projects for their local shelters as well!


Some of you may have noticed that I changed my sock-in-progress over in the sidebar. Why yes, I did finish the Apple Butter socks:


And here they are on my dainty little tootsies:


And my new SIP is being knitted from the fun tweedy Regia that mia sent me last week (along with the very cool AS t-shirt). Pix when I have more progress.

And here’s the limerick du jour, courtesy of L-B:

At knitting, Wendy’s the best!
Take a peek into her sweater-filled chests!
Cardigans galore!
Pullovers, tons more!
But, alas, only one vest!

Critter Knitters Knit-a-thon!

It’s today! It’s today!

What’s today? The start of the Critter Knitters Knit-a-thon!

There is a page of information about this project here. I think everything you need to know to get started should be on that page. There are email links for Liz and me there as well, in case you have any questions.

And the page showing raffle prizes is here. Not all the prizes are listed yet, because a number of you generous people are donating prizes. I’m waiting until I receive a prize before listing it, so I can photograph it and post it on the page.

But take a look — there’s a lot of wonderful stuff there already. And be sure to check back often.

The very talented Liz made us buttons for this project. I put one in my sidebar, linking to the project information page. There are several located on the main knit-a-thon page.

Please feel free to download one and post it on your own page and link to our project pages. The more people who see the button the better.

March Contest Winner!

The March contest winner is Bethany, who submitted this gem:

I washed my vest of pure wool
In hopes it would tighten a pull
When it came out, my vest
Barely covered one breast
And that’s how I learned how to full!

I’ll post more limericks this week — there were so many great ones! My two judges had a very difficult time picking a winner — but they both agreed that Bethany’s contribution was fabulous.

As do I.

My Spirit Trail Blueface Leicester Wool

What shall I knit with the Blueface Leicester wool pictured in Friday’s blog entry? It’s too delicious for words! I have 400 yards of yarn that knits up 21-24 stitches/4″ on US 4-6 needles.

Any ideas, anyone?



I did get one full pattern repeat done over the weekend.

Lucy wants to email all her friends and let them know!


Or perhaps she’s emailing them to say “Beware the Ides of March.”

Stash Enhancement

Okay, here’s how I increased my stash on Wednesday.

First off, two skeins of extraordinarily yummy Spirit Trail Fiberworks yarn — a gift from L-B. This is Bluefaced Leicester and it’s wonderful!


And look at this darling little wooden box. L-B put Lucy’s catnip mouse in this, and now Lucy and I are having ownership issues!


At Knit Happens I ordered Daletta yarn for Ingeborg, so that will be forthcoming. I also bought a skein of Trekking sock yarn.


I’m a sucker for browns!

And I was lusting after this beautiful kettle-dyed Manos, two skeins of which begged to come home with me.


I got two pattern books for Noro yarns.


And I bought something else to make a gift for someone who reads my blog. So it will have to remain a secret.


Here’s my Flora progress. I made it past the garter stitch bottom band into the pattern. Yay, me.


By the way, the Flora button I showed you the other day was purchased online from



This is an Alice Starmore tour t-shirt and two skeins of Regia tweedy sock yarn, sent to me by Mia in Maryland. What fun! Thank you!

March Contest

Winner announced Monday!

Critter Knitters Knit-a-thon

Official start of this project on Monday. Gentlepeople, start your needles!

L-B and Wendy’s Excellent Adventure

Yes, my VIP visitor yesterday was L-B!

Lucy was very happy to see her! L-B gave her a cashmere catnip mouse. For the cat who has everything, you know.


We played with some of my sweaters.


Then we went out to lunch and after that headed to Knit Happens!


And my turn:


Liz and Kristine were probably by then wondering who the two whackos taking the photos outside their shop were. Then we went inside and they found out. 🙂

They greeted us very cordially!


This is truly Nirvana for Knitters.


See what I mean?


But wait, there’s more!


They have very comfy chairs . . .


And we got to sit and knit. Please ignore the cake in the photo.


I bought lotsa fun stuff and Liz & Kristine very kindly donated a wonderful prize for the Critter Knitters Knit-a-thon. You’ll see it on the prize page on Monday.

And I have to say, Knit Happens was the friendliest, warmest, most fun LYS I can recall ever visiting. And they have beautiful stuff! If you’re in the area, it’s a must-visit!

I’ll show you some of what I bought tomorrow. Promise. Along with my very little Flora progress.