My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


A Book Review

Confessions of a Knitting Heretic
by Annie Modesitt

I received my copy of the above book last Friday, and since then have read through it once. My impressions:

First of all, I was impressed by the nice quality created by Cafepress. Very professional.

This book is a gold mine. It’s chock-full of wonderful information presented with style, wit, and humor. The book consists of essays, technical information, and projects.

I read through all the essays completely. I was very interested to read about Annie’s knitting style and knitting history, along with her observations about a lot of aspects of knitting. I was particularly interested in the knitting as passion versus obsession essay. I tend to think of myself as obsessed with knitting, but after reading this, I think it’s more accurate to say that I have a passion for knitting.

The technical chapters I looked over quickly. A lot of great information is crammed into these pages. There are lots of charts and illustrations and careful prose explanations. This is a great reference that you’ll grab to refer to when your knitting presents you with a technique that you are unfamilar with or need a refresher on.

In the section on cabling, there are illustrations of the stitches on the needle before, during and after cabling. The stitches have little faces, and the expressions on their faces change in each picture, reflecting their status in the cable — the first stitch looks annoyed when it is skipped and the second stitch is knit first in twisting the cable. I found this utterly charming. (And I was relieved to see both stitches smiling after the cable was completed.)

In the Projects section there are a number of patterns, including a couple of fun “knitting with wire” projects, and my personal favorite — Annie’s beautiful knitted picture hat.

Bottom line? This book would be a great addition to your knitting library. Wendyknits gives it two thumbs up!

You can buy the book here.

Knitting Report

Not a lot of progress on Miss Flora, because I was inexplicably drawn to the Mother Ship after work yesterday.

I bought some Mission Falls 1824 Cotton for a summer bucket hat:


And some Classic Elite Flash for another summer bucket hat:


I also bought the summer Filati book Kristine blogged about on the Knit Happens blog the other day, and some Point cotton yarn to knit the same tank top Kristine was swatching for.


Kristine was swatching in light blue and I bought natural. The Point yarn is very fun — light and springy!

Lucy waited patiently for me to return home.


Knitting in Paducah?

The other day on my commute home, a garrulous elderly man sat down next to me and launched into conversation. During the course of his monologue he told me that there was a “famous knitting museum” in his hometown of Paducah, Kentucky.

“Really?” said I. “Are you sure it’s a knitting museum? I’ve never heard of it, which strikes me as strange.”

“Oh yes,” said he. “Definitely knitting. Most famous one in the world. When they have an event you can’t get a hotel room for miles around.”

I finally remembered to do an online search for a knitting museum in Paducah, Kentucky yesterday. Came up with zilch. But I did find the Museum of the American Quilter’s Society in Paducah, Kentucky.

Bet that’s what he was talking about, eh? Harrumph.

Exciting Critter Knitter News!

Liz had a great mail day yesterday! Check out the blankets received page!


  1. Yup, that’s the museum – I’ve wanted to stop there out of curiosity each time I’ve driven through Kentucky (KY also has an Everly Brothers museum that looks good). Does it make me obsessed with knitting if I say I would drive out of my way – way out of my way – for a knitting museum? Thanks for the book review; I’m looking forward to reading it!

  2. Hi Wendy, the knithappens link NEVER works…. but since you keep posting it and you also hint there is a blog, I think this is MY problem…. mmmmh… do you have an idea of what is wrong? Thanks a lot!!

  3. Marta, the link works for me! Try just typing “” in your browser instead of clicking on the link and see if you can get to it.

  4. Paducah is also famous for it’s quilting convention. It is the quilter’s mecca.

  5. Thanks for the review of Annie’s book, Wendy. I’ve been meaning to buy it myself but am now waiting until she sells it on her site.

    Love the color of the Mission Falls cotton… I just bought some myself but am not having fun with it anymore. Its getting “pilly” as I work and is detracting from the look of the project (well, at least for me). Has this happened to you before?

  6. Paducah, KY may be the home of the quilting museum… but there is a way cute LYS there too. It’s called “With Ewe in mind”.

  7. Dorothy says:

    There is a great quilting museum in Paducah – I have visited it several times. It is well worth the trip, even if you are not a quilter. They have a big juried show there every April with a best of show prize of about $20,000 and total prizes over $100,000. I am also a quilter and have had the honor of having two of my quilts juried into the show. The other day I brought my knitting to work and one of the doctors I work with asked me what part of it was the “quilting stitch”. Oh well!

  8. Your new yarns are fab! Can’t wait to see them worked up. I will be so glad when Knit Happens has online shopping!!

    Lucy is looking very regal in her pic this morning. Such a delight to see her everyday.

    Have a good day Wendy and Lucy.

  9. jo morgan says:

    I was tickled by the gentleman’s insistance that the museum was devoted to knitting. I do counted thread embroidery (cross stitch, samplers, etc.) as well as knitting and attend a Wednesday night group devoted to stitching. My husband always askas if I am “going knitting tonight”. Once when there was an incident at the bar around the corner, several policemen entered the store and commented, “It’s just a bunch of old ladies knitting.” (I thought the ‘old’ was a bit gratuitous!) Have a great day! Jo

  10. Yes, I too have had the experience of people misnaming my activities. I knit, quilt, cross stitch and needlepoint, but my ex invariably called it knitting. sigh….

  11. I love the Lucy pic today. Almost ethereal.

    Thanks for the book review – I’m intrigued now.

  12. Thank you, Wendy!

  13. Yep, quiltin’ in Paducah … actually it’s kinda like the Maryland Wool Show or whatever the name is, except for quilters : )

  14. Back in the old old days, when they were first building the museum, a bunch of us from the compuserve fiber forums donated $ to the museum in memory of a quilting CISter who died of cancer. The AQS show in Paducah is HUGE. It’s a big huge juried show, with $$ prizes. Of the several huge quilt shows, it’s right up there in the big 3. I’ve never juried into AQS, although several guild members I know have. I mail order cloth from Hancock’s of Paducah. I KIP during my quilt guild’s meetings, and I’m not the only one. There is alot of cross over. Idle hands, you know…..

  15. Yarn looks lovely so does lucy i am looking forward to seeing flora finisshed, what are you considering for your next project???

  16. Yarn looks lovely so does lucy i am looking forward to seeing flora finisshed, what are you considering for your next project???

  17. Do you all remember when the quilted Northern paper towel commercial used to show women working on a big quilt together using knitting needles? 🙂 My knitting group had a lot of fun criticizing that commercial when it came out, and I even heard that the company received a lot of complaint mail about it. I guess the general public just can’t tell the difference.

    About “passion” vs. “obsession,” I have often thought of knitting as my passion, but sometimes feel corny saying it to people. However, it really does describe how I feel about it.

  18. LOL, Suzanne! Yes, I remember that. I heard that after many complaints about the inaccuracy they revised the commercial to show them actually using needle and thread.