My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



She said with relief. Twas a long week, made longer by the knowledge that next week I will not be going to work. I’m taking the whole glorious week off. Nothing to do but knit.

That’s not exactly true. I’ve got lots to do. I need to do some fairly intensive spring cleaning because stuff is threatening to take over my condo. Not just knitting stuff.

May will mark the tenth anniversary of my buying my condo. Ten years seems like a long time to live in one place, and I have acquired way too much stuff for comfort. I forsee trips to the Salvation Army next week. I’ve got a lot of mucking out to do, but I will make time for some quality knitting.

And of course, I’ll be cutting a steek at Knit Happens on Wednesday.

Speaking of Knitting . . .

I cast on for my first summer bucket hat yesterday, using the 1824 Cotton. The yarn is slightly heavier than called for in the pattern so I went down two needle sizes to get the gauge. Yes, I swatched. The Queen of No Swatching swatched. Wanna make something of it?

I used a heavier yarn because I want my completed hat to be nice and stiff. We’ll see how good my idea was.

And yesterday Liz asked a question about the Mission Falls cotton:

I just bought some myself but am not having fun with it anymore. It’s getting “pilly” as I work and is detracting from the look of the project (well, at least for me). Has this happened to you before?

I’ve not used this yarn before, so I have no pilling experience. Anyone have any info on this? I’m thinking (hoping) pilling won’t be a problem on the hat because it’s being knit very tightly, and it’s not going to get the kind of wear a sweater would.

However, I’ve knitted three rounds on the hat, and in three rounds came across three knots in the yarn. I think this is inexcusable.

My lovely Colinette poncho is coming along. I finished half of it but neglected to take a photo last night. Forgetfulness brought on by exhaustion.

And then there’s Flora.


I did manage to take a photo of her. And I took a photo of my sweet little Lucy, as she slept blissfully in my lap.


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Winner will be announced on Monday. Stay tuned . . .

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  1. I used 1824 cotton to knit a lacy-looking sweater last summer. I had not problem with pilling and I don’t remember any major problems with knots. I may have come across a couple. It seems that the sweater is one of those things, however, that looks better on display than on me. I love the color and the design but it just doesn’t fit me the way it should. I am considering using it as a wall hanging.

  2. Jo in Boston says:

    I’ve knit 4 or 5 baby sweaters in 1824 cotton and didn’t have any trouble with pilling as I was knitting and the sweaters still look fine, even with machine washing. It did have an annoying number of knots.

  3. Congrats on your “homeowner” anniversary! I’ll have been in my house for 10 years this coming October, and it’s hard to believe it’s been that long! Oh, yeah: I have a full basement, so you don’t even want to THINK about how easy it is to accumulate crap. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. It’s hard to imagine that 10 years can go by so quickly – but it does! Happy anniversary on your condo. Your Flora is looking lovely as ever.

    TRY to have a very well deserved vacation next week –

    Give Lucy a big hug for me.


  5. I’ve used the 1824 cotton on some child sweaters and one adult sweater (the yarn was doubled for the adult one). I didn’t have any problems with pilling, even after washing. I did find some knots in my skeins – never quite as many as you did though! When working on the adult sweater one or two of the dark colored skeins ended up being very poorly spun – very slubby thick spots in it, too often to get much usable yarn out of it. I didn’t realize I should probably have taken it back to the shop at the time, and it’s too late now. I’ve used 1824 cotton on other things since then and haven’t come across that problem again. Can’t wait to see how the hat comes out using this yarn.

  6. I have had no problem with pilling or with knots. I have had problems with knots in Colinette Giotto, however, which I also found inexcusable, especially given the price.

  7. Wendy,
    I have a bone to pick with you. I have e-mailed AND posted several comments asking you questions, and not once have you even bothered to respond. You have said that you will do your best to help anyone that needs help as long as they put something like “Knitter in need of help”…I ALWAYS do this. What’s your purpose in this? The very least you could do is ask me to leave you alone if you didn’t want to be bothered with my questions. I think I speak for quite a few people when I say, YOU ARE NO KNITTING GODDESS!!!! Yes, I give you credit to being a good knitter, but do realize how snotty and self-involved you are?! How sad is it when your “best friends” has to ask you to please knit her something? I would be so embarrassed. I share the love of fair isle knitting, but how many freakin’ fair isle’s does one person need??!! Did the thought of possibly making them for someone else ever occur. Granted, it’s your money, and it makes you happy, but c’mon, how self centered do you get? I have heard so many wonderful things about you, and I percieved you as this astounding person, but now how my opinions have changed. I’m very disappointed in your additude and how you treat others. You have lost me as a blog reader, and as a fair isle supporter. You..I just don’t know what to say. I wrote for two reasons. 1) I feel you brought this on your self, and 2) To get what I feel out in the air. “Do unto others as you wish unto yourself”

  8. dear wendy (my knitting goddess) it is always astounding to me how rude some people think they can be via the internet. i wonder if they would have the same false bravado in person. thank you from the bottom of my heart for starting the fearlessfairisle group and opening up a whole new world to me. did the previous poster ever think of asking the yarn store that she buys things from for help? i hope you have a fabulous care-free week off!

  9. Vanessa–you should look at the line entitled posted by….if you did, you would have the common sense that I am no she!!

  10. Michelle says:

    Austin, There are MANY other resources out there on the web. I find it rather sad that you find the need to dump your anger and frustrations on Wendy. If YOU werent so self centered perhaps YOU could use your brain and find help elsewhere.
    Beat it.

  11. How appalling that someone would be so rude to such a nice and caring person. I find those type to be very insecure – like Michelle said Austin,
    “beat it!”

  12. Wow! That’s just totally uncool, Austin. Being that this is 1) a personal blog, 2) a free resource, and 3) none of your stinkin business, I’d say you’re way out of line. What Wendy chooses to knit, when and who for are none of your damn business. Yes, she tries to answer questions, but that is at her discretion, not yours. Have you looked at her other page with *free patterns and tips*? Have you gone to your LYS and asked for help? Frankly, with this kind of attitude, I’ll be grateful that you don’t read Wendy’s blog any more. Good riddance.

  13. Rather than give Austin the time of day, I’m going to go back to Liz’s question about Mission Falls cotton.

    I haven’t personally used this yarn, but Clara over at Knitters Review has reviewed this yarn. She didn’t mention the pilling, but one of her readers did say that this is a “roving cotton” which will tend to pill and get a fuzzy look.


  14. Ahem.

    I haven’t used the Mission Falls cotton, but I’ve always heard good things about its washability, so I’m a bit surprised to hear of pilling. Sometimes yarns can vary even by the color, so that might just have been a bad ball/lot/whatever. I did find a knot in the first few yards of my Noro Silk Garden, which bugged me, but no others so far (2 skeins).

    I hope you have a great week off. Spring cleaning feels so good — I did a bunch last week. See you on Wednesday!

    p.s. thanks for the contest — since I have the book, I’m also not entering so someone else can have a better shot at winning!

  15. Wow, Austin, knitting is supposed to calm you down, not get you all riled up!!! I agree with what Nathania said–this is a free resource, and Wendy has plenty to do without becoming a clearinghouse for knitting information. I’ve seen her address many questions in her blog, perhaps your questions had been addressed previously. Did you try searching her archives? Like others have said, please try your LYS for problems or, failing that, there are some excellent resources in some of the many books published in the last few years. I would suggest, however, that if you approach the good ladies (or gentlemen) at the LYS in the same manner you approached your posts today, the responses you get may not be the ones you are hoping for.

    As for how many fair isles does one person need, I think that answer is up to the individual doing the knitting/wearing, don’t you?

    In short, get a grip.

  16. What happened to the baby sweater in the Elann silk mix? It isn’t in the WIP list anymore, nor has it shown up in the finished work page?

  17. Hey,Austin! You’re probably still lurking here since you sound totally self-absorbed yourself. Wendy may not have been born on Mount Olympus, but in the two years since she has been blogging, she has shared a wealth of information and inspiration with all who choose to linger here and all at her own expense in time and money. I’ve been knitting for nearly 40 years and still learn something new here from Wendy and from her readers. I cannot think of any aspect of knitting that Wendy would care to discuss that she hasn’t already. And some realms of knitting don’t interest her. There are other blogs out there for other interests. Her archives and links are a valuable resource if you would take the same amount of time to research your interests as you did to criticize her. Now, I’m going to pipe down and start knitting. I suggest you do the same, Austin!

  18. Where is mar when you need her? I’m not up to that sort of thing today – it’s Good Friday, it’s meatless, I haven’t had Doritos in 38 days… really don’t want to get me started.

    Anyway, I’m really glad that you have been posting about Knit Happens. I’d dearly love to get over there. I need to practice with my service dog (in training) on Metro and while that’s a pretty far trip for us (1+hours each way and goodness knows how long in the shop) I think I may make that a long term (after spending my S&W $$) goal…..I’ll probably end up just calling them and having them kit up the Dale I want to do. I actually made a “projects you have set up already” list. It’s up to 10. LOL!

  19. Wow, Wendy I am so sorry that “Austin” had to make his presence known. After blogging for just a few weeks, I received a nasty comment as well. Block him so he can’t come back and see what people are saying!

    And Austin? Get a life! And god forbid, you should use your own brain and time to figure out your “problem” yourself. If you have a second, I’d be *happy* to diagnose your problem(s).

    Nothing I hate more than trolls like Austin using someone else’s comments to spew their venom.

    Happy Knitting Wendy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Barbara says:

    Just want to say that I have loved your blog. Your enthusiasm is contageous. Keep on bloggin’ and I’ll keep on reading!

  21. I’ve used 1824 Cotton for two very large adult sweaters (for two very large adults!). One color had a fair number of knots in some of the balls, and none in the others. The other two used in sweaters were pretty much knot-free.

    However, I had bought one other color for a sample swatch (gave Mom choice of colors). Had I been using it for the sweater, I would have sent it back because it was really badly spun – lots of thick spots. However, since I mostly used it for scrap yarn and am finishing it up in a “use up the stash” project, I can’t be bothered.

    (Plus a person needs exactly as many Fair Isle sweaters as that person thinks is required!)

  22. I guess some people don’t realize you have a full-time job which does not involve knitting! For every Austin out there who doesn’t think you’re doing enough, you’ve got about 50 people who are donating blankets and prizes to a good cause because you helped organize a knit-a-thon for charity. Thanks.

  23. Dear Wendy,
    Keep doin’ what you’re doin’!!! Love checking your blog and all the FREE information! and all the awesome charity things that you’ve been doing …. well … that Austin person should just shut his trap and go stick his head back in the hole that it came out of.

  24. Umm, is Austin overcompsating for his small fair isle with his big mouth? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Wendy, YOU GO GIRL!


  25. Wendy, i am new to knitting and i luckily have stumbled upon your blog it was the best thing i did if austin doesnt like what you have to say he can go and find another blog,nobody can have too many sweaters and wendy has shared her wit and good knitting sense with all of us wendy rocks and she may well have been born on mt olympus for she is the knitting goddess hit the road austin and if you cant say something nice dont say anything at all.

  26. just a postscrip who are the other people you speak for when you say wendy is no knitting goddess i would like to meet these people.

  27. Austin, I guess you’re really not reading… You would know exactly how generous Wendy is by keeping up with her posts. How many people go and form a charity knitting event and have a complete and total stranger as their co-host. (At most, Wendy and I exchanged 3 emails before deciding to begin.) That all being said, sorry if Wendy isn’t floating your boat the way you’d like. She doesn’t have to, you understand. The only person she has to please is herself. The fact that a few of the rest of us enjoy who she is doesn’t mean she needs to please everyone else by being someone she’s not. Hope you find someone who does it for you.

    Thanks to everyone who answered the Mission Falls question. The bottom of the berry hat is very frayed and pilly looking so I’m going to finish it then shave the pills off. Its a gift for a co-workers baby so while I’m disappointed, its not the end of the world. Must have been a bad ball…


    P.S. Wendy can have as many sweaters as she wants. So there!

  28. Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that you really are a knitting insperation. Thanks for the felted kitty bed pattern. It should come in handy for my new mother to be.


  1. blogdogblog says:

    News. Tues.

    Sarah heard, and then filled us in; if you haven’t heard yet, Sweatergirl had the Sweaterbump on 12 April! Yay! And thanks to Sarah for spreading the good news. Isn’t the knitting blog ring an exciting place, what with new…