My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


No Rain!

It didn’t rain yesterday! First day in a while.

Yarn Acquisition

Yesterday at Knit Happens, L-B and I, inspired by the Colinette poncho kits, strove to come up with poncho kits of our own making, not using any Colinette.

This is what I came up with. A brown colorway:


And a colorway in the Official Knit Happens colors:


Groovy, huh?

This is one of the things I love about Knit Happens. L-B and I wandered around, grabbing a skein here, a skein there, comparing colorways, putting stuff back, trying new stuff. Kristine and Liz have so many different great yarns in the shop that it took us quite a while to play with them all. And there were so many possibilities of colorways.

Now and then I’d whine “I need . . . [whatever I was looking for at that moment] and Kristine and/or Liz would produce just what I was looking for. Great customer service!

Then we sat around the table and knitted for an hour or two. What a great relaxed atmosphere. I want to move in.

Poncho Questions

There were questions in the comments about why my poncho looks different in size from Kristine’s and how we knitted them differently. To the best of my knowledge, we didn’t do anything different in the knitting. But remember, they are being worn by two different people. Kristine is taller than I (though in our photos together you can’t really tell because she was wearing flats and I was wearing heels). And I think she has broader shoulders than I, which explains why her poncho looks a bit shorter on her. The necklines on the ponchos are the same, I think I just had mine pulled down a bit in the front, making the neck look larger.

It’s as simple as that.

Yesterday was spent in doing some serious cleaning, and a bit of serious knitting. I got a fair bit done on Flora’s second sleeve.


Lucy doesn’t care — she just wants food.


Critter Knitters!

More blankets received! More prizes posted!


  1. You live in knitting heaven. I hope to be there some day. You have the best blog on the block! Colinette, Virtual Yarns, Noro – take me away…

  2. Happy Friday, Wendy! Though I have started dreading weekends because there are no Wendy posts on Sat and Sunday. Not that you don’t deserve your time off! I’m so in love with the ponchos that I had Kristine pull one for me in Plum. I can’t wait!!!!

  3. So, what was less expensive the Colinette kit or making your own? I have attempted to make up my own Ab Fab throw and found it to be equally expensive but it could be nice to choose your own colorway.

    Love the Lucy photo.

  4. I’d hoped to get up to Alexandria to watch the steek show, but other duties kept me at home. Oh well, I’ve read your article on steeks a couple of times and plan to reread it when I actually cut. Your instructions are very thorough.

    On another note, I have the Colinette “Love It!” kit in denim blue, and can’t decide whether to knit it as a jacket, pullover, or throw. As I wound up all the fiber I was noting the variety, and thought that cleaning a garment made from it all might be tricky – so I thought I’d better knit it as a throw. But I have seven children still home (from ages 16 down to 2), so a throw might get grubbier than clothing. Any suggestions? Should I just make a sweater for me and see what the dry cleaners can do?

  5. Having poncho’d in the late 60’s I wasn’t too keen on this trend.

    The Colinette number piqued my interest and now your pink/green combo has got me starved for my own Poncho Redux.

    I need to learn to knit in my sleep.

  6. oh how i love that poncho its so cute and i cant wait to see flora finished its so interesting to watch a sweater go from yarn to wearable,can anybody help me having 2 color first row in the round probs i might have to make myself one of those ponchos cute pis of lucy have a nice weekend jocelyn

  7. Hi Wendy. I like the pink/green combo a lot, but I’m just not a poncho wearer. (I did it in the 70’s *and* the 80’s, so I think I’m done.) Thank goodness the rain has stopped – now we just have to deal with the pollen! Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. OK, you have inspired me to knit the Colinette Poncho! Can anyone tell me if I can get the pattern without buying the kit? I went to my LYS yesterday and they are a couple weeks out on ordering kits in but do have the yarn. I had no luck finding just the poncho pattern. I did buy a yarn winder though and am on my 8th kitty blanket for the Knit-A-Thon!

  9. Flora is gorgeous and the yarn is absolutely to die for! Good thing I haven’t seen Colinette up close and personal or I’d be buying some…

  10. A couple more ponchos and you can join us out here in San Francisco–doesn’t rain much here…

  11. I was so inspired by your Colinette stash I went off and organized a yarn swap with Marie in Britain. Soon I’ll be making a Colinette stole! [Drools helplessly.]

  12. Could I request a close-up picture of the button or closure you used for Flora? It’s the small touches that just add so much to something so beautiful!

  13. Jewel, I posted a close-up a little while back, here:

    I found the entry by typing “Flora button” in the search box in my sidebar.

  14. What beautiful colorways. I think I like the Knit Happens a tad bit better. WoW! that fair isle sweater is really coming along. You are so talented.

  15. The vacation comes to an end;-( Good luck getting back into the swing of the work week. It has been fun to hear about your almost daily excersions to Knit Happens. Made me run to my LYS just to keep up! Enjoy your final couple of days and hope the cleaning you needed to get done was also accomplished.

  16. Hey i have a question what is the koigu shawl pattern and i think the pink and green poncho will be so cool i cant wait to see flora in her FO glory and i love the button you picked out Jocelyn