My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



And I have to head back to work. The horror . . .

But I did finish Flora on Saturday afternoon — see?


Tried her on:


And the back view:


And a close-up of the button:


And now she’s in the closet, waiting til next autumn before I can wear her.

I started a not-Colinette poncho, made from some of the yarn I bought at Knit Happens:


I used the following yarns:

For Isis I used Crystal Palace Splash
For Mohair I used Classic Elite La Gran
For Prism I used Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed
For Skye I used Manos
For Wigwam I used Online Allegro
For Zanziba I used Dale of Norway Ara.

I finished the first half and am about a third the way through the second, but I’ve run out of La Gran. and I believe I’m gonna run out of Ara, too. I’ll have to make a trip to Knit Happens and get more. Darn it all! I’m forced to go to a yarn shop. Such torture.

Lucy prefers to sleep in her Daddy’s lap!


And last but certainly not least, check out the blankets received page!


  1. Flora is stunning,gorgeous,fab and lovely ! And a great fit.Might get a chilly day in the next month or so.Then you could wear her,with pride. :0)

  2. flora looks lovely!

  3. Mandella says:

    I think Flora is one of the nicest garments you’ve made yet, but then they just get better with every one.

  4. Another beauty! And I love the colors of the latest poncho.

  5. Flora is a fantastic piece of work. Congratulations from Sweden… and please, give my regards to Lucy 🙂

  6. Beautiful Flora. I think if I’m lucky I might get to wear my vest next autumn too!

    I’m impressed with your faux-Colinette poncho. That reduces the cost of the C-kit by about a third, doesn’t it?

  7. Flora is absolutely beautiful!

  8. Flora is absolutely gorgeous! You did such a great job with creating this sweater. A true inspiration for a sweater I would also love to knit.

    The poncho will be stunning as well. I can hardly wait to see it completed.

  9. Flora is a masterpiece! I do love how you share the most minute details; the button you chose for Flora is beautiful. A perfect match!

  10. Your Flora is exquisite. The colors are awesome. I like the poncho colors as well. Love, love, love natural colors!!

    Lucy’s as cute as ever.

  11. Flora is wonderful…so very wonderful. My wish for you is one day of overcast, chilly weather so you can wear it.

  12. I adore-a Flora! It’s so beautiful. But not as beautiful as the lovely Lucy. Hope your first day back at work is not too bad….

  13. FAB FAB FAB Flora looks FABULOUS i LOVE that button so pretty so pretty thanx for the list of yarns was it just one skein of each??, but two of the ones you are running out o i guess

  14. I knew it would be, but Flora is all the more beautiful now that she’s finished. Congrats, Wendy! Does that clear the way for Ingeborg? We’re all gonna be eating your dust….

  15. Flora is one gorgeous sweater! I think it is my all-time favorite from all the Starmore sweaters you have knit. And, it looks beautiful on you!

  16. Flora is a thing of BEAUUUUUTY! I love those colors. Lucy looks like she can hardly keep her eyes open….sleepy cat.

  17. Flora looks wonderful. I don’t know how you could stand modeling her outside with the high temperatures we had this weekend!
    Thanks for all of the Lucy pictures. Because there’s a “kitty” picture everyday, you’re one of the few blogs that keep Charlotte and me intertained.

  18. Flora is awesome, beautiful, just to amazing for words, it’s gorgeous. Heck with the closet, I would wear it anyway, LOL at least walk with it hanging over my arm. Hey you never know if you are going to walk into a place that has their air conditioning on high and you’ll need something on ;-}

  19. Ohhh…. wow! I almost choked on my Girl Scout cookie when that picture loaded. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. That’s it; I must knit something fair isle. But what?

  20. Jenny W. (in Davis) says:

    Hey Wendy!

    Flora looks AMAZING. Once again you floor us with your knitting. Great job. Can’t wait to see Ingeborg with you!

  21. Flora is beautiful! I love that button. You are amazingly talented.

  22. Yes, this Flora is wonderfull !
    I want the same ! in the same shades !

    Really, I just must do it !!!
    Congratulations !

  23. Gorgeous! You are amazing. !

  24. I’ve been following your progress on Flora! It’s beautiful! I love the colours you chose….you made it look so easy!

    You should come up and visit Canada right now…..there are many opportunities to wear this beautiful cardigan for a couple of more weeks! It’s supposed to go down to -5C on Friday!
    Congrats on your finish!

  25. Gorgeous as usual! Congrats on your masterpiece!

  26. Flora is a beauty and that button is gorgeous!

    You’ve inspired me to try my hand at a “faux-colinette” poncho as well.
    It’ll be the poor woman’s version, in my case! The kit is completely out of my price range at the moment but I think I might be able to work something up out of my stashed yarns!
    Did you use just one ball of the yarns that you have listed? If you have a moment to post your approximate total yardage, I’d be so so grateful!

    As always your blog is a must-read! Thanks to you and Lucy for keeping so many of us entertained and motivated!

  27. Everyone has already used up the adjectives for the Flora….just beautiful!! The coloring is very pretty with your hair too! I love it, I love it. Can’t wait to see the Ingeborg develop.

  28. I love the wrong side of Flora. I’m I better off that for all the Good Yarn I need to order online as the LYS in my little country that does not seem to be in to knitting as other countries are, well in short the LYS variety sucks, and they will not bring in anything just for me.
    So thank goodness for the net.