My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


The Evening Sporran


I’ve completed the knitting of the evening bag and all that remains is the felting. Pre-felting it’s about 12 inches from top to bottom. Jocelyn was correct in yesterday’s comments — this is the same bag that’s listed in the prizes for Critter Knitters — Knit Happens donated a kit to knit the bag and when we put the kit together, I bought the pattern and yarn to make one of my own.

I did indeed hold the Heilo double, as the pattern is written for a heavy worsted weight. So with the eyelash yarn, I was knitting with three strands of yarn. It wasn’t at all a problem — I was using a size 11 needle and was able to navigate my way through with ease — even on the decreases, where I was knitting six strands of yarn together. Woo-hoo! Life on the edge!

Speaking of Critter Knitters

A Canadian reader asked yesterday if we’d be charged customs duty on blankets sent from Canada. I’m 99.9% sure that the answer is no, so send ’em on down! Any readers have any thoughts on this?

Not-Colinette Poncho

So I’m back to knitting on my Not-Colinette poncho. The colors remind me of Lucy — maybe that’s why I like them so much. And the yarn I’m using in place of Isis (Crystal Palace Splash) is so soft and furry, I feel like I’m knitting with kitten tails!


Hoo-yah! This is life in the knitting-guilt-free zone! It’s liberating, ain’t it? Wheeeeeee!

Knitting Guilt?

Some interesting comments yesterday to my post about knitting guilt.

Funny thing — I never feel guilt or remorse about buying yarn. No matter how much I have. Yarn and books is pretty much all I spend my spare cash on. It works for me, and I’m not in the habit of answering to anyone about what I spend my hard-earned bucks on. (Ooh! Bad sentence construction alert!)

Lucy Has No Guilt

Here she is, enjoying the new bookcase I bought.


And the box it came in!


Good News!

Knit Happens got a nice write up in today’s Washington Post! You can read it here.

Happy Earth Day.


  1. Wendy… The Night on The Town purse looks beautiful! I love this pattern also. I finally found the pattern at a LYS and with yarn bought to make other purses I had enough from each yarn to create one of these purses with each of the colors. Bought coordinating eyelash yarn. I knitted a 3 stitch I-Cord for each purse also.

    These would be nice for the upcoming High School Proms. I have made a few to give to my daughter and my son’s girlfriend to go with their formal gowns. They love these purses.

    This is such an easy pattern and the purse knits up very quickly. Within a couple of hours of knitting one of these purses can be made and felted.

    I love the poncho you are knitting also. I would love to make one of these also, but need to find the pattern.


  2. Hi Wendy. I’m glad you’re enjoying your “small knitting” period. I’m also glad for the timing of your and Kerstin’s posts about knitting guilt, as a small box of Jo Sharp DK showed up on my doorstep 2 days ago! My 7 year old son wants to help me knit the sweater it’s for (Cromarty). I’m not sure how he can help, but I will try to encourage him. (He’s still working on his first project, a scarf for his Paddington bear.)

    Enjoy this beautiful weather!

  3. Hi, Wendy! Canadians will have no problem if they ship the blankets via the USPS and check “gift” on the shipping form that must accompany the box. They shouldn’t use UPS, though — no matter what’s in the box or what value is assigned to the contents, the receiver will get hit with a nasty brokerage fee after the package reaches the US.

  4. Hi Wendy:

    I too have received packages from Canada and did not have a problem with fees. I bought some gorgeous cashmere/silk from a few months ago (have you ever checked that out?). It did take several days to receive but that just livened up the anticipation.

    Lucy looks like she has welcomed your new bookcase into your condo just fine.

    Your bag is lucious.

  5. Feel no guilt Wendy!! You go girl!! I love the colors of the poncho it does look like lucy maybe thats why i like, i think the eveinig sporr… i mean bag looks cool it will be small when its done felting,have a great day i will send in my blankies within the next month

  6. PS what happened to the regia sox???

  7. Lucy looks mighty at home on that bookcase…:)
    LOVE the poncho, and now that you mention it, it does indeed look like Lucy!

    and guilt over yarn buying? PUh-leeze!

  8. Linda is right – blankets should not be susceptible to duty as long as the sender ships by Canada Post (USPS doesn’t ship from Canada), declares the package as a gift, and sets the value under $100CAD.

    My dad thinks the value is for insurance purposes, so he always declares small gifts at like $500 and I get stuck with a hefty bill.

  9. Pardon the irreverent comment, but the Evening Sporran in its unfelted state reminds me of a giant black Christmas tree light. ๐Ÿ™‚

    (Not that that’s a BAD thing, mind you…)

  10. Glad people addressed the customs issue. The purse looks great and I can’t wait to start on my poncho!

  11. Purse is fabulous! I like the colors for the ponchos. I have almost completed my poncho. Must buy yarn for one in my own colors. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Great link and comments addressing guilt. It’s okay to have all the projects I have going on. I’m going to stop explaining them away and simply be proud to have so many wonderful projects to work on.

  12. Thanks for discussing the Customs question. I was the one who asked.
    I wouldn’t expect to have charges on the items, but I confess, I find the whole process confusing. A couple of months ago I received some Spun Outs from Schoolhouse Press ($17)and I had to pay $8 customs fees!! (through Canada Post). Other times I have ordered larger items and paid nothing.
    Maybe charges are applied randomly, a bit like pulling people over for speeding?
    Anyway, the consensus seems to be it is worth the risk.
    thanks again,
    liz ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. If you buy something from Canada (or the US, if you’re in Canada) and have it shipped across the border, the duty applies. As long as the customs declaration slip reads gift and under $100, there is no duty. That only applies to things sent through the postal services, though!

  14. I sent a Critters’ Knitters blanket a few weeks ago through Canada Post with no problem. I frequently send stuff from Canada to the U.S. via regular mail and as long as you note it as a “gift” and stay under the limit as mentioned previously, there’s no problem with extra fees.

  15. Love the Lucy poncho. Could you incorporate a little blue in it, like the blue in Lucy’s eyes?

  16. Your current WIP list has a trend that I’m noticing in my own current WIP list and that’s from Knit Happens. Isn’t it great?

  17. What a smart little evening bag!

    I like looking at the photos of your non-Colinette poncho. It looks like it’s fun to knit; there’s something about knitting straight rows of fabulous yarns that I enjoy. Now I can’t wait till I get my Colinette yarns so I can knit my stole!

  18. I have been feeling some guild for constantly browsing the yarn stores online and finding more and more patterns I want and yarn to drool over…but since I don’t have the money, I have been able to hold back and only buy per what I’m working on right now. However, I must confess I think I have accumliated quite a few patterns books and I don’t think that was to financially savvy of me.