My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


FO Monday

It’s FO Monday! I had a busy weekend.

First, I finished the Not-Colinette poncho.


I love it! I could carry Lucy as an accessory:


Here’s a close-up:


And next, I finished the Checkerboard Shell.


Please excuse the bra strap in the photo.

Oh, and I finished the Giotto tank as well.


And I Have WIPs

This is my progress on the Abby top. Just what I did on the train on Friday.


I also started another project. “Haiti,” which is design # 12205 in Dale book #122. I’m making the cropped tank version from Dale Kolibri cotton yarn, which I bought from Elann a while back. It’s got a pretty pattern around the bottom. Here’s the start of it:


As usual, Lucy had a nice weekend, relaxing with her daddy:



  1. WOW! Congratulations, so many FO in just a weekend! I love the colour of Haiti.

  2. What a productive weekend. I really like your checkerboard shell Wendy and the color looks great on you. And Lucy is the perfect accessory to any outfit.

  3. Very productive! I love the Giotto tank, and the colour for Haiti is lovely.

  4. Love your latest fo’s! I made a Haiti,long sleeved version,several weeks ago.Loved working the lace border.

  5. love them all, especially the poncho! Gorgeous colors.

  6. That checkerboard shell looks great on you!

    I’m off to find a shell to knit out of some Mission Falls cotton I’ve got hanging around…

  7. Hubba hubba! That Giotto tank is hot!

  8. Love your Poncho – you have inspired me to go dig in my stash and make one too! “Haiti” is a lovely pattern I am just finishing it now (Cap Sleeve Version) I made mine in sky blue – Dale Svale is fun to knit with but I did find it tended to split so I had to be careful.

  9. SHHHHWING!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Paris Hilton, look out! She’s so clueless, all one needs is a Ragdoll to complete the emsemble.

  10. Wow,
    Foxy lady love the giotto tank,and the poncho yes lucy is always a perfect accesory,and the pther tank is so cute!
    Have a nice monday

  11. I am so impressed!! I struggle to get a few rounds done on the extremely simple tank I’m working on, and you complete three gorgeous garments. Perhaps if you took up hand quilting (king sized quilts, I’m thinking), the rest of us might have a chance to catch up a little bit. Seriously, all of your new FOs are just beautiful, and I look forward to seeing your progress on Haiti. Beautiful color.

  12. Hey Wendy: Beautiful pieces of work in such a short time.

    You and Lucy both look good.

  13. Great tanks and love the poncho. I finished mine yesterday. Love wearing it!
    So impressed that you finished so many projects.

  14. Oh to be so productive!! Wendy, I really believe you must knit in your sleep!! And such gorgeous projects!! – – 1 question about the poncho – going to my son’s graduation banquet end of May and it’s a dressy affair. I’m thinking of doing the poncho with dress black pants. What would you suggest using?? Hmmmm………..

  15. wow! So many FOs. I’m impressed. Love the poncho. I have a poncho (different pattern) on the go as well. Hmmm, maybe time to get back at it ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Way to Go, Wendy!

    You look GREAT in everything!

  17. wow! talk about a product line! My weekend was spent trying to figure out about the band for the sweater I’m knit, do I pick up sts or don’t I…no matter, I did figure it out eventually.
    The Giotto is SEXY! I’m curious to see what is Haiti, looks like a pretty start.

  18. The Giotto tank is stunning! I am poised to start my poncho. Wound all the hanks into balls on Saturday. Love seeing so many of your projects reaching completion. I’m going to start calling you TurboGirl!

  19. I love the colors in the poncho. Did you use as many different types of yarn in your poncho as the Colinette kit uses? More types? I have a kit myself and I know I will want to knit more than one poncho. I think I’m looking forward to picking out the yarns for the 2nd poncho even more than I am looking forward to making the first. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I love the colors in the poncho. Did you use as many different types of yarn in your poncho as the Colinette kit uses? More types? I have a kit myself and I know I will want to knit more than one poncho. I think I’m looking forward to picking out the yarns for the 2nd poncho even more than I am looking forward to making the first. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. VA-VA-VOOM ! That tank Rocks!

  22. Wow, Wendy, great FO’s! I really love the checkerboard shell (I picked up the pattern myself on Steek Day). I also got Noro Lily for it, but a variegated shade. Have a great week!

  23. Wendy in CA says:

    Wow wow wow, Wendy! All I can say is, I’m impressed! The shell is gorgeous, the poncho is fab, the tank is awesome. You are an inspiration! Have a great week.

  24. Wendy you really did it this weekend. Wish mine was as productive. Everything is wonderful looking and should be fun to wear. You look great in it all, too!

  25. WOW! This entry is chock-full of knitting goodness. It’s all so lovely; I don’t know which FO is my favorite. You look wonderful in those photos [I envy you your curls, dammit], and the Giotto tank shot is VERY Vogue. Oh la la!

  26. The projects are just beautiful, but I am convinced that one of the following must hold true in order for you to produce at rate you do:

    1. You’re making up the whole “having a real job in the outside world” thing and you really knit all day long at home, or
    2. You’ve got a sweatshop of knitting gnomes in the basement, or
    3. You knit in your sleep, at work, in the shower, etc.

    In any case, I’m in awe of your skill & productivity, & truly appreciate all the hints you share with the rest of us WWBs (Wendy wanna-be’s).

  27. As always, Wendy, you inspire us to achieve more. I have the same color Kolibri, doing a ribby-type short top. I really like that cropped top you’re doing. If I have yarn left over from mine, I think I’ll try Haiti too.

  28. your ponchos are great — love the color schemes!

  29. giotto is fab – a great fit and just the right amount of “hot mamma”-ness!

  30. Great job on all the FOs. I especially like the checkerboard shell. With how fast you finish projects, I don’t think you ever have to worry about knitting guilt. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. WHOA! I need to step up my knitting a little bit there if I want to keep up. Everything looks great!

  32. Bonne Marie says:

    You stop now – you make me dizzy oh great one…

  33. Love all your FOs, Wendy, and impressed by how quickly you did your Giotto -it looks great!

    Haiti looks as though it’s going to be really interesting. I drooled over Kolibri at Elann’s until my colour was sold out – probably a good thing

  34. It looks like this knit-a-long is going to help you make a small dent in your stash. Way to go girl. Keep inspiring us.

  35. Okay I KNOW you didn’t mean to, but it LOOKS like you captioned the tank top boob shot with “She’s got WIPs”! Well yes she does girlfriend, you go on with all your stuff! Solid man…

    Clearly you are a MACHINE! I genuflect to your superior FOs…

  36. Dang! Anotehr project to add to the want to make pile…checkerboard shell. Looks awesome! And that TANK! Perhaps that should have been the ta-ta tank! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  37. Wooohooo Mama! I don’t know which one I like best – they are all beautiful… but you look HOT in that tank!! great job – you are ready for some fun summer parties!! ๐Ÿ˜€