My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Ripping Yarns

I was knitting along on Abby yesterday morning on the train, and stopped to take a good look at her.

She was huge!

This is a mistake I make all the time, and it’s all tied in with self-perception. I stop. I repeat to myself:

“I’m not as huge as I think I am. I’m not as huge as I think I am.”

I have a bad tendency to make sweaters wa-a-ay too big, because I perceive myself as being much larger than I actually am. And that’s made worse by the fact that I’ve been on a weight loss challenge with a friend and have dropped a few pounds recently.

So . . . here is Abby “before”:


And “after”:


Farewell, Abby! You were fun while it lasted.

I almost cast on for Abby in size small but decided against it. The truth is, she’s boring. A straight stockinette boxy little sweater.

So . . . meet Tina. Yes, I am a fickle girl, dumping Abby like that. But I think Tina will be a more flattering design for me.



Nope, haven’t ripped this one out. No plans to either.


I am now in the oh-so-boring stockinette portion of the sweater. Le yawn. But I love the sweater and am yearning for the finished product, so I will persevere, even though I’m not fond of knitting the Kolibri.

But as I knit, I keep thinking how nice this design would be made in Noro Lily. And as it happens, I won ten skeins of Noro Lily in an olive green. I believe that would be more than enough for the version of Haiti with short sleeves.

Note to Jocelyne in France:

I tired to respond to your email several times, but my emails bounced back as undeliverable. For some reason, I can no longer email anyone at But I wanted to let you know I didn’t ignore your message!

Lucy sez:

Would someone rub my tummy, please?



  1. tina is lovely!

  2. I agree, Tina is a MUCH better chioce than Abby, those ribs will be flattering (and figure hugging, yowsa!, lol) and the cables give a lil interest! Good choice! I love Haiti too but I’ve heard the Kolibri is a m*ther to work with!!
    Knit on wit yer bad self, Wendy!

  3. Jocelyne says:

    Hi !
    It’s jocelyne
    Sorry for your problem with
    I have another address at my job :
    Little detail : the patterns are in french, but maybee your mother taught you french ? and you can find knitting translations on the web

    I agree about Tina. I did the same thing with a stockinette tank not long ago………
    Ramses says hello to Lucy

  4. I went through the same thing with Abby yesterday. It was huge, I re-checked my gauge. Boxy, it’ll look like a balloon on me. Last night I toyed with the idea of a larger seam. I put it aside, while I decided what I wanted to do, then saw your post. Thanks, you’re right…. rip it!

  5. Tina is a total cutie. How are you handling knitting with all of this cotton. I have knit with more cotton this year than ever before. My fingers are miserable!

  6. Wendy, it was so great meeting you Monday, and giving you an excuse to ditch work for a couple hours.

    You are *definitely* not huge. Maybe Abby just had a complex.

    I love the Haiti pattern.

  7. I agree about the Kolibri, I made a Dale pattern out of it last summer – painful to knit with but the result is really worth it. I wear mine a lot, and you’ll love yours when it’s done.

  8. Last night I was winding some Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool into balls because it’s time to start *my* Tina! Ok, well, she started as Tina but all I’m changing is the stitch pattern in the bottom portion, the cable in the top portion, the yarn (and gauge), and adding sleeves. So maybe I’m making “daughter of Tina,” but whatever it becomes it was definitely *inspired* by Tina! And the silky wool is thus far so wonderful to work with….

    I’m wondering if my Kitty has been reading your blog (although he’s not supposed to be on-line when no one is home!), since he’s taken to sleeping on his back with his front legs facing in a different direction than his back legs. Odd! But, oboy, one must *not* take that as an invitation to rub his tummy! Look out.

  9. What a fun surprise to read your blog this morning…I’ve been working on “Tina” since Sunday and I love it! I’m using a bright pinky coral color in Reynolds Saucy cotton…

  10. I love Tina, I think you’ll have a better time at knitting her than Abby. I am currently knitting the Shapely Tank by White Lies Designs using Dale’s Kolibri. You are right it’s awful to knit with. I’m hoping the finished product will make up for the knitting hassles.

  11. Hey Wendy! That lace border of Haiti is looking just like the bottom of my Kastanje. Once again Dale steals from their own damn selves! 🙂 Tina will be totally cute on you! Will miss you this weekend. 🙁

  12. Hi Wendy:

    Your Haiti pattern is just the nines. You are a better person than I. I just don’t do cotton!

    Lucy is so cute!

  13. at least you had to frog it because it was too big and not too small — there is some measure of comfort!

  14. I love Tina! Much more interesting to knit and, likely, to wear. Can’t wait to see that one reach the finish line.

  15. Cheryl F. says:

    Wendy, you are a baaad girl! You little enabler, you! Tina looks quite cool–I’ve promised myself not to start anything else until I finish Veronik’s Salt Peanut cardigan and I’m on the boring stockinete sleeve parts. But, it’s knit in Bergamo, a really neat tape wool. I’ve never worked with wool tape yarn and I love it.
    Two and a half hour lunch, huh? You’ll give those GS workers a bad name! Have a great day!

    Cheryl in AL

  16. Hi everybody and just a question to Jocelyne how do you pronounce oyur name as mine is spelled almost the same it is prononced joss a lin
    I think that you might end up ripping the green one too i think you will,to knit in another yarn,i liked the mindless stockinette,but i am a beginner still
    Much Love to Lucy

  17. Wendy — I have the same problem with sizing. A year ago I lost over 50 lbs. and I still can’t think of myself as a small. I used to wear XL and lots of baggy clothes, so I guess that’s why I’m not used to wearing things that actually fit. I am determined to make Ingeborg in the small size even though in the back of my mind I keep thinking that I need a medium at least!

  18. Love those validating comments!! I too recently lost a bunch of weight (and am still losing), and having a really hard time realizing I CAN wear smaller sizes and look okay. I have been knitting a simple stockinette tank in Bamboo from Alchemy yarns–made of 100% bamboo and it’s gorgeous–to wear under a new pantsuit. I took a good look at it when it was about 7 inches long and realized it would fit a small elephant. Seven inches might not sound like a lot, but in a fingering weight yarn, on size 2 needles, and knit in the round, that was a lot of knitting. I frogged the whole thing and started over again (doggedly)and I think I’m going to be a whole lot happier. Thanks for giving us all a chance to confess and find redemption here, Wendy. I feel soooo much better!

  19. This size thing seems to be happening a lot with these sleeveless tops and tanks. I think that it is partly a body image thing, but it’s also a different kind of fit than we’re used to in sweater sizing. These summer tops are meant to be body hugging, not loose like a cardigan or pullover. I cast on for the Vogue “Goddess” tank and found it to be too big, so I’m experimenting with it. I decreased more at the waist (which will suit my curvy figure) and from there up I’ll knit the smaller size. Hope it works!

    And here’s a rub for Lucy’s lovely tummy. Alice likes to sleep in that pose too.

  20. Wendy, I absolutely do the same thing, making sweaters much bigger than I need to. For me, I think it’s partly the self-esteem thing, and partly residue from when I was a teenager and wanted everything I wore to be oversized. Also the Fair Isles I tend to like pretty big. But recently trying to counteract that tendency when I started Rogue, I think this one might be more close-fitting than I want. I can’t win! Truth is, I knew that I wanted a size in between the medium and large, and I’m perfectly capable of altering patterns, but I was just too lazy. Lesson learned.

  21. Wendy girl, you gotta get over the “I am huge” thing – you look fabulous! Have you looked at yourself in the tank photo below? You know all about ease, so get out a tape measure and let reality rather than doubt guide your size choices…BTW, I think that Tina will be great for you.

  22. Hi Wendy, thanks for the link and checking out the blog! Tina looks great. I’m getting excited about Ingeborg!

  23. Oh you are a bad influence! I printed out that pattern too, and am searching for the right yarn.
    Your Lucy is a ham for the camera…almost as cute as my Lucy-cat 😉

  24. Jocelyne says:

    Hello everybody
    For Jocelyn
    I think the pronounciation is the same than yours : joss a lin a