My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Friday, Thankfully

The Poncho Issue

First of all, thank you to those of you who left positive comments or emailed me privately after Wednesday’s post about people asking me to send me the poncho pattern. I appreciate your support and understanding.

But of course I’ve gotten some snotty emails too. Quite a few of them, actually. My day wouldn’t be complete without them. Chastising me for my uncharitable attitude. Criticizing me for buying expensive kits and blogging about the knitting of them.

Okay. I’m not ready to drop this yet.

I have been in a position where money is very tight. Heck, I remember a time years ago, when I was first married, when after paying the bills we had twenty dollars left over to buy food for two weeks. We bought a turkey and lived off that until payday. I knitted with KMart acrylic.

I have worked all my life, and I’m now in the position of having money for luxuries. I work hard for every penny I get, I am my sole support, and I’ll spend my money any damned way I please. And my number one favorite luxury is nice yarn. If it offends you to read about my knitting with nice yarn then don’t read my blog. I’m sick to death of getting emails from people with sob stories about how poor they are, so I owe them something.

No one ever handed me anything — I’ve worked for everything I have. I’ve had some bad breaks over the years, and I’ve had some lucky breaks too. That’s life.

As I said, I’ve gotten a surprisingly large number of unpleasant emails since my Wednesday post, criticizing me and my attitude towards this. If you are one the people who sent me a nasty email and think I’m directing this tirade at you personally, please know that you are only one of many to whom it is directed. I’m not interested in discussing it further via email.

So, anyone who doesn’t like my attitude about this is cordinally invited to bite me. If you feel the need to email me and flame me on it, knock yourself out. To quote the great Kim Salazar: “Flames cheerfully deleted at no extra charge.”

BUT . . . There are Nice People Too!

The universe is a wonderful thing. Just when you despair of people, someone does something wonderful that restores your faith in the innate goodness of people.

Case in Point Number One

Look over to my sidebar, right under my WIP List. mouse made that button for me. I laughed out loud when I saw it. Oh, and be sure and read mouse’s May 6 entry. Amen!

Believe me, my blog post today would have been much stronger, had I not received that button.

Case in Point Number Two

Jocelyne in France, who sent me these:


Jocelyne had a clear-out of some of her old patterns and she very kindly send a huge pattern stash to me. Tricot! Sandra! My head is reeling from all these knitty delights!

Thank you mouse and Jocelyne! You’ve made my week!

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Blog Stuff

I’ve gotten a few questions about my knitting bag — it is indeed an Elizabeth Austen knitting bag, and I did get it at Knit Happens. They have a number of lovely Elizabeth Austen items.

And I’m not sure why Lucy has suddenly taken such a fancy to it, after ignoring it for weeks. Unless . . .

The last time L-B was up here, she gave me a little herbal sachet, which I slipped into an inside pocket of the bag. That could explain the bag’s allure for Lucy.



I’m too afraid to post a progress pic . . .

No, seriously, it’s almost done. FO photo on Monday.


How I love her! I’m on the back and I’ve done the decreases, and have now started the increases.


A couple days ago someone expressed surprise that I swatched for Audrey, as most of the time I am in a No-Swatch Zone. But sometimes I do swatch. Like when I’m using a yarn I’ve never used before, like this one, Rowan Calmer. The pattern calls for 21 stitches and 30 rows to 10cm on a US8 (5 mm) needle. I got the exact gauge with a US7 (4.5mm) needle. So the moral of the story is that sometimes swatching is good.

But I’m so in tune with my personal knitting karma, that I started swatching with a US7, figuring that’s what I’d get gauge with. Ain’t I special?

May Contest

I’ll have something yummy as a give-away on Monday, so come on back.

Happy Mothers Day . . .

. . . to all mothers out there. And let me tell you, there are a few real mothers out there.

Sorry. I couldn’t resist.


  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh, Wendy! Good for you for clearly laying out AGAIN your positions on pattern copying and yarn purchases! Geez….I can’t believe people would find anything wrong with you talking about your GLORIOUS yarn. I love reading what you have to say about your purchases, because you really know what you are talking about! The number of rude comments and tiresome e-mails just reflects how HUGELY popular your website is. The bigger you get, the more room for the jerks to weasle in. You have arrived! Well, you arrived a long time ago in my book, but it has to be said.

    Writing from an Internet cafe in Tokyo now, but I’m dreaming of Rowan, too…

  2. Amanda says:

    You are quite right, both to use the best yarn you can and to refuse to breach copyright.

    You only have to price out a hand-knitted garment to realise that the time value of the knitter’s hours typically far exceeds the cost of the yarn: why spend all that effort making something less nice than it could be?

    When I was younger and short of money, I preferred to knit fewer sweaters than to skimp on the yarn, and I also did a lot of Fair Isle, since Shetland yarn is extremely cheap, at least if purchased directly from Jamieson & Smith.

  3. Kate/Olive says:

    Wendy, you don’t have to explain yourself, justify yourself or otherwise even think about all this tish. Remember – “Never apologize, never explain.” (I guess one of those “mothers” out there said that.)

    That button is awesome.

    Kate/Olive in sunny Warwickshire, England.

  4. Wendy,

    Deepest sympathies on the unwarranted flaming. I freely admit that I am massively jealous of your Starmore kits, but I gorge myself on your finished items! Whenever I’ve posted a question or sent you an e-mail I have had an unfailingly polite response, and I for one appreciate it.

    People – if you can’t afford Starmore kits, then buy Jamieson and Smith (cheaper than the cheapest acrylic over here) and design something yourself!

  5. Hey Wendy! I enjoy your blog immensely and visit every day. In fact, my daily routine is broken whenever we are already on daylight savings time (I’m in Holland) and you aren’t yet. I’m glad to read about someone who enjoys her knitting so much and shows her expertise to boot. Oh, and the gratuitous cat sentimentality business, of course :-).

    Sorry people can be such ninnies. They should perhaps get lives.

  6. Love that button! Made me choke on my coffee πŸ™‚
    Knit away, spend away, I love to read all about it. And if someone doesn’t like it, they can get knitted πŸ˜‰

  7. Dear Wendy,

    You don’t have to explain anything to us. Sorry people are so jerky, when you are so wonderful and provide us with such fun in following along on your knitting adventures. Keep remembering the good ones out there! You Rock!!

  8. That is an awesome button.

    I just got my first “Oh, please send me the pattern” email last week. I cheerfully pointed her to where the book could be purchased on Amazon. If I got floods of those emails all the time, though, I’d probably delete them all without responding. I used to have a link on my blog to the Copyright FAQ for Knitters, but I took it off when I redesigned. I suppose it’s time to find a spot for it again.

    Oh, and the button for the Fiona bag? Too cute! ^.^

  9. Esther says:

    Hi Wendy,

    I’m a long time lurker and just wanted to add my support. As a student, I don’t always have much cash but it seems ridiculous to critise you for being able to buy and make what you want. The beautiful yarns, and the equally beautiful things you make from them are exactly why I keep coming back to read. I’m envious of your talent and the kits you can afford, but how selfish people are to resent that! Both are a product of hard work and dedication – it seems so rude to complain about that. I’m also not able to afford a cat at the moment, but your lovely photos of Lucy and the affection you obviously share always cheer me up and make me look forwards to when eventually I can share my life with one again. Bring on the yarn and cat p**n!

  10. Shelley says:

    Wendy, good for you! In the past I have aquired vintage Rowan books at large expense on Ebay and
    you would be amazed how many people think I should
    let them look through them and then give them patterns. It is nobody’s business how you spend
    your money ( yeah, try telling that to my husband’s
    grown kids). Too many people want something for nothing. Have a good weekend.

  11. People never cease to amaze me! I have an acquaintance who sells beautiful fabrics for quilting and clothing via her internet business. In addition to a nice selection of commercial lines, she also features some one-of-a-kind, hand dyed yardage by contemporary fiber artists, which, of course, is considerably more expensive. She has actually received emails chastising her for offering these pieces because it was cruel to people who could not possibly afford them!

    I, too, am a lurker who reads your blog daily. Have been away from knitting for years, I appreciate your sharing so much and am inspired to try new techniques and yarns because you make everything (well, almost) look so do-able. Know that for every complainer, there are scores of us who appreciate the considerable time you take each day to share and inform.

  12. Hi Wendy
    I’m with the rest of your supporters. Unbelieveable the cheek of some people to blatently continue to ask for patterns when there are so many available on the net for free. It is annoying and probably will never end either. I was at a craft show last year where there were sweaters and kits for sale. You wouldn’t believe the amount of people that picked up the sample sweaters, examined them with a fine tooth comb and when couldn’t quite work out how the pattern was done … asked! You could always purchase the kit or book, I would say. They quickly dropped the garment and left. Oh and by the way, most of these people had bags and bags of ‘other items’ they had purchased. Don’t feel bad, ever. Just keep on doing what you are doing because we enjoy what you do so much and I just love Lucy. Keep yer finger on that ‘delete’ key!

  13. I’m so sorry people have been unkind to you. You bring so much joy to my ‘humdrum’ life :o)

    “Don’t be Stupid” Now everytime I sing that song…I will thing of you *wink*


  14. pittbunnie says:

    wendy i start everyday since i found your blog,by stopping by and seeing what youre up to keep on doing …you go girl!!!! obviously there are those who are not capable of understanding your humor and love of knitting,nor can they appreciate the fact that you can now afford the nicer yarns in life.
    i too am at that stage where now i can be fortunate enough to get some nice yarns. and lets face it,since we are about the same age……..when we were alot younger they didnt have much but those acrylic yarns back then. we didnt really have much of a choice.
    been knitting all my life on and off,stopped for a few years and when i came back to it was amazed at the choice of yarns fabrics and textures out now.its nirvana for me as well as everyone else who loves knitting.
    simply put if one doesnt have anything nice to say then shut up. at least thats what my momma told me.
    i think your great and i know im not alone.
    ill never be as great a knitter as you,tho i strive to be. fair isle isnt my thing,but you never know i could change.
    but i do want to say you have inspired me as well as learned a few things go girl and keep up the good work!!!

  15. Hear, hear. What they said.

    Seriously, it totally chaps my hide that there are folks out there who think *YOU* owe *THEM* anything at all. I mean… the nerve… the gall… Maybe because there are so many free patterns online and about, some people think it should be criminal to charge for them. Obviously these folks have never sold anything made by their own two hands.

    I really enjoy your blog, Wendy. You have cheered and inspired me more than once! I sincerely hope the flamers and the _mothers_ out there *never* outnumber your supporters.

  16. You go, girl! And I agree, Mouse completely rocks!

  17. Starmore, Colinette and Rowan,Oh,My! πŸ˜‰ Keep ’em all coming,Wendy! Happy Mom’s Day to the best Mommy Lucy could ever ask for! And, yes, there was some catnip in my herbal mix this year!

  18. I don’t understand why some people are such boneheads. It’s none of their business what yarn you buy. I love to see what you’ve bought because I can’t afford them…RIGHT NOW. I know it won’t be that way forever though.

    People like that deserve to be ignored.

  19. hi wendy, i just wanna say i read your blog everyday , yep, everyday, mornings wouldnt be the same without you, i cant believe people out there would be so nasty as to criticise your principles, you are are inspiration to many knitters and it boils down to basic jealousy, keep pressing the delete button, dont let it get you down, and you and lucy will always have a loyal following
    take care

  20. Aubergine says:


    I LOVE Mouse’s button! Love it! Never seen French knitting magazines though… do you speak French?

  21. Aubergine says:


    I LOVE Mouse’s button! Love it! Never seen French knitting magazines though… do you speak French?

  22. Barbara says:

    I don’t have a blog, but I so enjoy reading yours and all of the other talented and generous knitters who do. I admire the talent it takes both to knit, to write about it in an interesting and informative way and to present it on a well-designed blog. It amazes me that those of you who do blog are hassled for anything. Please don’t let the dweebs get to you, the inspiration given her so enriches the knitting community and inspires me to greater challenges.

  23. Wendy,

    It’s your blog, and it’s our privelege to read it! Write whatever you want; it’s your right to ignore (read delete) what you don’t want. And thanks for supporting the designer(s) who put the pattern together – I’m sure they’d appreciate your decision not to post copies of their pattern!

  24. Rock on, Wendy.

  25. Barbro says:

    You are simple the best knitting woman I know. Ignore stupid people!

  26. Honestly Wendy, I read your blog faithfully because I am too poor to afford yummy yarns. I like reading about all the pretty things you are making *becuase* I can’t spend that much a month on yarn. YAY for vicarious knitting. Please don’t stop with the quality stuff. And good for you for standing up for yourself. No one forces anyone to read your *personal site* if you don’t like it, don’t read it! I can’t believe how bold some people are.

  27. Can I afford all of the beautiful yarns you can? Nope. Rowan-anything is just a dream for me. BUT… I gain a great deal of vicarious pleasure watching you knit with the fibers of my dreams. In no way do I envy your ability to purchase glorious, high priced knitting materials. Rather, it gives me plenty of ideas for my own future projects. If I like something you’re working on (eg. your poncho) I can figure out the pattern on my own, see what fibers you’re using, and put together a more affordable substitution for myself. Sure, it would be wonderful if I could buy all of the lovely yarns you can. But I am eternally grateful that I can buy the few special yarns I can afford, and would rather sit back and watch you work your magic. Knit on, Wendy! Some of us “poor” knitters love seeing fiber fantasies turned into reality!

  28. Andrea says:

    Not much left to say that hasn’t been said by other loyal fans. I’m always amazed at the number of flames you get. I’ll be the first one to say those people are entitled to their own feelings and opinions, I just can’t understand why those people don’t have anything better to do than to impose those opinions on you. I guess people think that they don’t have to use common courtesy on the internet because it’s so impersonal and anonymous. Definitely a downside of the computer age we live in.

  29. bonnie says:


    I read your blog daily. I just want to add my support for your position, although I feel you ought not be placed in a position where you have to explain your choices, about anything.

    Before anyone asks for a pattern that is clearly copyrighted, they should read


  30. I really think that what you, or I, or anybody else for that matter does with their money how and when and why is of nobody else’s business to judge if its right or wrong. That’s just dispicable behavior.

  31. Bridget says:

    Like so many of the above comments, I start my day by checking out your blog. You inspired me to knit my first Dale. I had been looking at them, coveting them and then…I found your website (pre-blog) to discover you were knitting them. I bought all the HEILO for Norge 2000 and I’ve been hooked ever since. Have a fantastic weekend, I’m going to knit Norge 2002. πŸ™‚

  32. Hear Hear! I only used bog-standard Red Heart for YEARS until my husband and I were both working enough to supply me with the finer yarns in life. I really do think that’s why I have the stash I have now – so that “as god is my witness, I’ll never be hungry again” for good yarn at least.

    I have no idea how much the pancho kits are, so it may be too much for a giveaway, but damn that would be a funny so-there. And just remove from the drawing anyone who flamed you over not giving away the pattern. *cackle*

  33. “It’s too bad that stupidity isn’t painful”
    ~Anton LaVey

    Have a great weekend Wendy and KNIT ON!!

  34. Marlena says:

    I can’t believe anyone would have the audacity to criticize you for your choice of yarn. I envy you for your substantial Colinette stash, sure. But that just makes me work harder on my own. πŸ˜‰

    I love your blog, both for the quick turnaround on projects (makes my head spin), and for your refusal to take any crap from strangers who take issue with anything pertaining to your craft.

  35. I do not think I have much to add to the nice things people alreday wrote here. This poncho issue gave me a lot to think about, so that I dedicated to it a post in my blog today. If you have time, come and read it.

  36. Wendy,

    Just keep being you. There are many who adore what you do and are especially happy that you share a piece of your life with us daily. Those that don’t understand this should take a flying leap…

    Thanks for being a part of my morning coffee ritual.


    P.S. Kudos to mouse on the lovely button.

  37. Well, I for one wish that you’d stop making such lovely objets d’art with costly yarns, nd would really like to see you go back and make sweaters like the Pink Floyd sweater you showed us once… or the original blue sweater made for your brother. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

    Just imagine – if you did that, all the gripers and whiners would stop reading your BLOG to see your newest production, and we could all get back to life as normal.

    I still can’t believe that you have your e-mail address IN ADDITION TO the comment section. How rude people can be when they are denied things that they KNOW they shouldn’t be asking for.

    Once again, I apologize for the rudeness of the masses, and hope they leave you alone.

    Cheers to the weekend! Update us to the situation on Monday!

  38. Ouch.

    As another recipient of regular nastygrams, I’m not surprised that you get them too. The sense of entitlement those notes embody is equal parts astounding and repugnant. You have every right to use and to write about whatever you wish, just as I have every right to host reviews for incredibly expensive yarns side by side with the bargain basement ones. (People whine about this too!)

    Plus I have the utmost respect for your stance as an upholder of copyright. It’s pillars like you that have kept the knitting community as an entirety from the wholesale debasement that has killed off pattern publishing and creativity in several other popular crafts. Thank you for your moral leadership, and for helping to keep knitting on the high road.

    Side comment: When I was a beginning knitter and had more time than money I would seek out things I hadn’t a prayer of being able to afford. I just wanted to look at them to see the textures, colors, drape, shaping, style – what have you. The inspiration I got was priceless but always free, even if it was harder to come by in the pre-Internet days. If the self-centered morons writing to whine would get past feeling sorry for their inability to get the world to hand them life and riches on a plate, they’d see that you are providing free public access to information of inestimable value.

    Even today I make choices that relegate something like a Colinette kit to unaffordability. But I can appreciate its style and colors; and find your running commentary about it makes your project into one I can participate in, albeit vicariously. I for one am enjoying peeking over your shoulder.

    So damn the torpedoers, full steam ahead!

    Kim Salazar, rarely great but usually fair to middling <- reviews here

  39. I knew there was catnip in the bag!!!!

    Wendy – the last thing you have to do for ANYONE is to explain yourself. What you do and why you do it is nobody’s business. PERIOD.

    You are a caring, kind-hearted person that shares all her talents to the world and we are damn lucky to have you. THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE!!

  40. I have been reading your blog for a while now, and if anything your work inspires me to be a better/faster knitter. People are insanely jealous of others. I cannot believe people have the nerve to email you and ask for the pattern. It wasn’t free for you, so what makes them think theirs should be? If anything, they should be so lucky that you are telling them the details you are, so they don’t have to go searching like crazy for it. If I was a poncho wearing person, and this project got me chomping at the bit to make it, I would be grateful for the info you posted. I really HATE people like that – but 37 people? Unbelievable. And to make matters worse, you had to post something negative on a site that is fun, enjoyable, etc. Sorry – I am going on – but man, the audacity of these people really pisses me off. (Can you tell I run into people like this as well? Hit a sore spot for me? Good for you – tell them like it is!!!!)

  41. Wendy – it’s all been said already, but I couldn’t help adding my support as well. We all have the right to make choices in life. I for one read your blog every day and am inspired to raise the bar in my own knitting. I like reading your reviews on yarn and can benefit vicariously from your stash without spending a dime!! LOL And that’s the bottom line – you give me a lot of pleasure for free. I am so sorry for the idiots that complain and want more freebies than you already give us. Stick by your guns. I admire you for not violating copyright and keep on buying luscious yarns. As a premier knitter, you deserve them.

  42. It saddens me that some people feel compelled to flame someone who has given so freely to the knitting community. You give us so many good tips, share your own patterns freely. Shaking my head at the ignorance of some people. I laughed out loud at the button. Now if you could just have an automatic email system that could weed out all the pattern beggars and flamers, replying automatically with message #32, or 28. Hee! Then you could spend your valuable time reading and responding only to the emails of interest.

  43. Autumn says:

    Don’t listen to those jerks! They are bitter, bitter people! I’m a long time lurker here, and I read your blog every night when I get home from work. For years I could only afford the store brand acrylic yarns. Things are getting better, and now I can buy some of the softer yarns. I’m not to the point where I can buy the yarns you buy yet, but I’m getting closer. My kids are finaly grown (youngest will be 20 in August), and I’m moving up in the company. I learned about the yummy yarns by reading your blog, and I can’t wait to get my hands on some. πŸ™‚

  44. Hey Wendy–Great post. It is amazing how people don’t *get* copyright. As someone who will make her living with copyrighted material (not knitting related) I appreciate your respect of the laws and the principle.

    And I love that button! I can think of some many other little knitting questions you could add to it.

    Funny thing is, with a bit of swatching and all your pictures it wouldn’t be that hard for readers to design their own poncho. Oh, but that would take initiative and work wouldn’t it?

  45. jocelyn says:

    People need to get over thinking you owe them something,I LOve that stupid button,I love the ponchos and Happy moms day enjoy your weekend

  46. Ayiyi… people can be such goobers. You may them no mind, missy. Your blog is endlessly inspirational!

    As for the copyrighted material issue, I make my living as a writer and so applaud your efforts to educate people about this. It’s a pity that some folks just won’t learn…

    Have a fab weekend!

  47. Deb McMeen says:

    I too read your blog daily, Wendy, and am amazed at the amount of beautiful work you are able to produce in a short amount of time. That you have the time to respond to anyone at all is equally amazing, but that you should be criticized for the yarn you purchase made my jaw hit the desk. My ONLY complaint is that I go out and buy some of the lovely things you buy, start some lovely things of my own, and by the time I can get them done you are on to something else that I MUST HAVE, and I go get some of that, and my stash of both yarn and UFOs is growing….and growing….and growing….. πŸ˜‰

    Seriously, I think the sense of entitlement that appears to be rampant in our society is one of the sadder, and more alarming, things about our world. What is the mind set? “I ask, therefore I receive”? When the Lord said, “Ask, and all things shall be given unto you”, he wasn’t talking about the fruit of other people’s labors! (And yeah, I know I probably got that quote wrong)

    Sorry, I’m rambling. Just keep doing what you’re doing, remember that ultimately you do the things that you do for your own enjoyment (including blogging), and the parts that are unenjoyable should be deleted (or frogged) from your life.

    Your anniversary with Lucy is coming up soon, isn’t it? Happy Mother’s Day!

  48. I am one of the many who just like in everything have to budget for things…yarn included (I have a delish rowan habit!). I dont WHINE and berate people because of it! I just save my duckets! no biggie!

    I would never presume to ask anyone for something for nothing. I saw the poncho, called Knit Happens for the price, and decided to save up for it! I really think so highly of you for being honest and HONORABLE in your convictions. I would have said No! too.

    Hello Copyright! I BUY bonnemarie’s chicknits patterns! I for one, love to see companies and people profit from such a wonderful craft!

    Bravo, Wendy! I love that button!

  49. Good Lord to people who just cant watch and enjoy. Reading your blog is like Christmas. Watching you enjoy your knitting and the beautiful yarns you knit with is like watching people open gifts and them knowing you were really thinking about them. *Warm fuzzies all around* Oh and since I havent commented before , Hi Hi I’m Moose. Thank you so much for your informative blog. You have helped me a lot with my knitting.

  50. Wendy, I echo all the sentiments above. Funny that the flames come through private email, rather than in the comments section where they would be outed as the ignorant fools that they are. People sure do have some twisted issues. Glad you’re taking it in stride. mouse’s button and post are truly priceless!

    Lucy looks snoozy. I still have the urge to rub her belly, ever so gently… What a lovely girl.

  51. Great speech, Wendy! I would not be surprised to learn that at least some of the people who criticize you for buying expensive yarn are owners of expensive cars or expensive something-else and that’s why they can’t afford the nice yarn! Well, I have more thoughts on this but I will use my own bandwidth.

  52. Lapis Lazuli says:

    slightly off-topic, but I’ve just recently experienced the joys of Phildar magazines and wanted to know what you think of Sandra magazine. I can’t find anywhere that allows me to preview the magazine to get an idea of what its like. Could you give me an overview of Sandra?

    Thanks, Lapis

  53. Suzanne says:

    Sorry you had to go through all that this week. Sometimes people just amaze me.

    I’ll admit, I loved the poncho. Went through all my patterns as I made a similar shaped one for a child a few years ago. I ended up giving it to a co-workers child as I knit it just to see it knit up. I also had some Colinette in the stash from a swap years ago, found a similar shaped poncho in another pamphlet, bought some accent yarn and am winging it myself. I have a few more inches to go and hopefully it will turn out right otherwise it will become some type of shawl. Being unemployed for 2 years and only working part time retail right now, I would have bought the original kit if I was working but for now, figuring it out myself is gratifying. It isn’t rocket science, it is a poncho. And all of your ponchos are beautiful, by the way. Love the colors. Can’t wait to see it finished.

  54. I’ve gotten a few of those “how can you afford the yarn” questions myself (and found it to be the subject of one bloggers blog post). I wish that everyone in the world could have all the yarn they wanted. But that doesn’t make it right for people to run around and think that they are entitled to a say in what anyone else has.

    It is the ultimate in rude to tell anyone how to spend their money. Enjoy your fiber and your personal success!

  55. Just like you, I’ve had to do without and now can afford just about whatever I want to knit with. In my poor days I was a cross stitcher and I used to cross stitch shop models in order to work with fancy fibers and fabrics. I couldn’t even afford a piece of 14 ct aida myself, so I set myself up to GET PAID to play with other people’s fancy stuff. hehe It’s all in the attitude. I didn’t knit back then but if I did I would have LOVED your blog. It’s a great character gauge. Good people are INSPIRED. Selfish, bitter people are JEALOUS. People who think that you are obligated to give them something or to HIDE your well earned prosperity just to make them feel better are deadbeats. I vote with a previous commenter: They need to GET A LIFE.

  56. Can’t believe people can be so rude! Guess I should’ve get used to it, but I probably never will.

    You are absolutely right! You can by any yarn you want (of course!!! how can people even think otherwise?) and you should not copy any patterns.

    Anyone who wants to do something similar: Buy it yourself, or learn to design!

    Love the button!

    Keep on goin’. I love reading your blog!

    Marika in Sweden

  57. It really is ridiculous the way people are acting about this. I would never expect someone to send me a pattern that is available for purchase, I would only ask where it is from! I look forward to the day when I have more disposible income and can knit some of the beautiful kits like you do. For now I live vicariouly through your blog. These people seriously need to get a life.

    There was a link to a poncho pattern generator on the Knitlist e-mails yesterday. I thought I would share it with you so to give them a place to go for their own pattern.

  58. Jessica says:

    Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your blog. And I am mortified by my fellow readers who don’t understand a gift when they see one.

    It remind me of the old adage: No good deed goes unpunished.

  59. Add me to the list of those who support you, Wendy. I love visiting your blog every morning. I had hoped to join in the Ingeborg knitalong as I’d like to try a fair isle piece. However, my husband lost his job last month so I’ve scratched that plan for now. Here’s where you would usually see someone asking for something for nothing, right? Ha!

    Silly me, I actually knit what I can afford to knit. Don’t that these whiny people bring you down. In fact, post their emails in full so we can mock them at will.

    Thanks for all you do!

  60. allyson says:

    Next, they’ll complain about your talent and knitting skill! Sheesh!

    I love the fact that you describe your experience with different yarns. Helps me decide where to invest my knitting budget.

  61. Wendy, I think you are very generous indeed. You hosted the mouse and blankie contests and contributed heavily to the prize packages. You don’t have to defend yourself to anyone.

    As for copyrights, who do these people think they are..asking for something and willing to contribute nothing?


  62. Alicia Parker says:

    Oh honestly! You do give them something: this great blog which they are welcome not to read if they don’t like your spending habits. Those people can go unravel a thrift store sweater if they want cheap yarn. Sheesh.

    All the best,

  63. Beth S. says:

    Oh Wendy… you owe these head cases nothing. Not one thing. And you know that. So, ’nuff said! Except that I love, love, love your Audrey… lovely color, lovely pattern! If I had the figure to wear that, I’d make it too. πŸ˜‰

  64. Wendy, I read your blog every day without fail and wish to add my support with the others. Your work and words are inspirational. I have recently returned to knitting and proudly finishing my first pair of socks. The wealth of knowledge that is shared by you and so many others is truly appreciated more than you can ever know.

    The way I see it, we all walk this road only once, and the choices we make are our own. Kudos to you for being true to yourself and protecting the rights of others and their talents and property!
    (stepping off my soap box now)

  65. Unbelievable….did they take the time to think that you pay for this blog out of your own pocket, and have competitions, and organise charitable knit-alongs? It’s startling what people expect for nothing, hmmmm and not only expect but demand! Screw them!

  66. I find it extremely shocking that so many people asked you to send them that pattern for free. HELLO!

    Oh, and I like the color you chose for Audrey. I’m making it in Peacock, but I was very drawn to Pool as well. Calmer is amazing.

  67. jen in orange says:

    I say BITE ME BITE ME BITE ME to all those ya-hoos!!!

    I was just telling my husband yesterday “dang I wish I could buy all that yarn Wendy is buying! We’ll get there someday!”

    He totally loves all your pictures. So do my kids.

    You be an inspiration for the rest of us. The other twerps can go to ummm…. yeah.

  68. Shelley says:

    Hang in there Wendy. You are such an inspiration, your generosity is provided by your knowledge and the time you devote to sharing it. I love reading your blog every day, and I love your kitty.


  69. I discovered your blog a few months ago and love it. I am amazed at the speed and quality of your work.
    As someone who makes a living in the garment industry. I’m doing what every garmento does, knocking things off. That is why every season fashion has a similar look. Everyone is out there copying, with modifications, what others’ have done. As long as there are differences, it’s legal.
    So I had bought a number of yarns for a poncho, some collinette, others not. At the store I was told that the pattern only comes with the kit. NOt in colors I wanted.
    But of course I could look at the finished sample.
    They were happy to give me the dimensions of the rectangles.
    So now I am sitting here with my knitting pattern book, choosing a few different lace patterns and I will work up my own poncho.
    Similiar but different from the collinette.
    I get inspired by something, I take the general idea and make it my own, and with a poncho, that is a pretty easy thing to do.

  70. A day cannot go by that I don’t check your blog or your latest progress in the a.m. and the p.m. Your site, your knittng, and Lucy are the bomb! Do not let this petty poncho business get you down.

    A knitter’s greatest sin is to buy poor quality yarn.

  71. No matter how much money the requester has (or does not), or whatever the sob story, the pattern is under copyright and it’s illegal to copy and distribute. Period. End of story. Good for you!

    Thank you for taking *your* time to share all of your wonderful knitting adventures with us. I don’t remember reading where a blog was *required* of knitters….

  72. Some people can and will be Boneheads all the time. It’s part of the herd mentality: whenever one of the herd starts to look like they’re getting above the rest, the rest of them try to bring that one back down however they can. A lot of us have ‘been there, done that’ and understand that it’s OK to succeed even while the rest are still struggling. You just hang in there girl, don’t let the herd get you!!

  73. Wendy, I started knitting only a couple of months ago, and I look forward to reading your entries before I go to work. I love that you use beautiful yarn and talk about your projects, and it inspires me to knit even more and save, save, save for great yarn! Forget those pests–block their addresses, post their e-mails (see what Margaret Cho did)–and keep on with the awesome projects. Know that you have lots of supporters out there.

  74. Oh, this is such blatant me-too-ism, but:

    people are nuts. I can’t beleive that they’re asking you to do something unethical and illegal for them, and then complain that you knit things they can’t have. waa waa waa.

    I was a poor grad student once, now I’m a not-*quite*-so-poor professor, and I don’t begrudge anyone having the bucks to spend on good yarn. Besides, if I can’t have Colinette, at least I can enjoy watching someone else enjoy Colinette…

    To once again use the motto of one of my grad school chums:

    It doesn’t TAKE all kinds, there just ARE all kinds.

  75. Wendy,

    I read your blog because it’s interesting. Your knitting is beautiful and has really inspired me to become a better knitter. So, thank you.

    Also, my husband is an intellectual property attorney and he keeps me on the straight and narrow with respect to copyright issues. It’s too bad that so many people ignore these issues, but I guess it keeps him employed!

  76. To the negative ones:
    1) get over yourselves
    2) STOP reading this blog — not required by law, religion, etc. Leave it for those of us who appreciate it.

    To Wendy:
    Continue your beautiful knitting and blogging. To h**l with them all!

  77. Cheryl F. says:

    “We love you, man!” I think Kim S. hit it on the head with the entitlement mentality of some of these folks. Hello! You’re letting us look in on YOUR life at your OWN time and expense, and you seem to always have time to answer many e-mails, questions on the comments and are much nicer than I think I would be. If you didn’t run your blog, you’d probably get a lot more knitting done!! How you choose to spend YOUR money is YOUR business. Just because you have a site on the internet doesn’t mean you’re public property.
    Next time someone wants something for free from you, send them samples from Lucy’s litter box!!

    Feelin your pain,
    Cheryl in AL

  78. What everyone else said ! I love seeing the yarn you buy and what you knit – and the same goes for all the other bloggers I visit.To share such a passion is a delight.Best to ignore all the low lifes.Enjoy your knitting,live your life and knit on ! :0)

  79. I’ve been reading you for a few weeks and I love coming to your blog every morning! I love seeing all your wonderful progress on all sorts of amazing knit items. I love seeing the gorgeous yarns and your experience with them. I think living vicariously is great! Stupid people are probably just jealous. Unfortunately, there are many stupid people out there. So we’ll just have to laugh at them and move on. πŸ™‚

  80. Reading your daily blog is how I check my computer every work day morning to make sure it is working. Well, perhaps not, but you have definitely brightened many a dismal day. Your blog is a treasure for, among other things, the photographs of yarn and works in progress and for the way that you have made the blogs you read regularly accessible. As I have written you before to thank you for your blog, I do so again.

  81. I love your blog. It’s great to read about a topic I enjoy, especially when written by someone who loves the craft. I’ve learned a lot from your blog, and I’ve enjoyed myself immensely while doing so.

    Just wanted to say thanks, and keep on blogging! πŸ™‚

  82. Wendy,
    I also read your blog on a daily basis – in this world of war and terrorism, you have brought beauty, joy and your creativity into my life on a daily basis and asked for nothing in return. As you said, life has its ups and downs. I’ve come to realize that one hangs around long enough, one gets some of each. One’s life is also a spiritual journey. It has been my pleasure and honor to have met you along this road. You have such generosity of spirit. You have given so much of yourself in so many ways to us, your loyal blog readers. Others have talked about your knitting talents and your generosity in sharing them with us. What those flamers don’t comprehend, is that you have given them much more than they could ever ask for but it is they who cannot see it. Thank you for sharing this experience with us.
    Thank you so much for much more,
    My love to Lucy,
    Your Friend,

  83. Wendy,

    I’ve never emailed you before but felt I had to weigh in. I am a new knitter and I know that I will never be much good at it; certainly not as wonderful as you are. However, I find it to be so enjoyable that I knit none-the-less and have a fabulous time doing it.

    Pish-posh to all those selfish people who take advantage of your time with their sniveling, whining, and complaining. Better they were to never read you again rather than bother you with their pity-parties. I too have worked for everything I (we) have and know that sometimes you can afford to indulge your passions, sometimes you just have to make do. Well, I say do the best you can with what you have, and feel happiness for others who are blessed with more resources than you have. Someday, with any luck, you’ll be splurging too! Thanks for all you do, I enjoy your blog every morning. It inspires me. Plus, you have a wicked sense of humor that I just love. Keep up the great work!!! πŸ™‚

  84. Hi Wendy,

    Add me to the list of people that read your blog and love it. You rock lady, you rock! And people who complain about you not giving out copies of patterns obviously never worked hard in their meager selfish lives. They probably steal at the grocery store too…

    You work those kick ass projects!


  85. Wendy, you should attach a music file to your page. I think Donna Summer’s “She Works Hard for the Money” would do just fine. πŸ˜‰ Cheezits! Maybe if these people hadn’t voted for the current president, interest rates would be higher and they would be motivated to save for their own Colinette stash.

  86. I just can’t believe the nerve of some people. Why the hell is it their business how you spend your money. Tell them all to go F*$# off.

    Love the button – doesn’t it match your tatoo?

  87. I too second (and third and fourth!) what everyone has said here. I am amazed that anyone would criticize you for spending your own hard-earned money on yarn or whatever else you want. As someone who has spent her share of time being flat broke and who has spent the past year and a half working diligently to pay off enormous credit card debt (don’t ask…), I suddenly find myself in a position where I too can buy Colinette kits and other fabulous yarn if I’m so inclined. I love to read blogs like yours to help me discover what sorts of gorgeous things are available out there. I wish instead of being angry at you for spending money, people would employ a little creativity — design their own poncho, recycle yarn, find cheaper ways to get their yarn fixes (hello, anybody ever heard of eBay? anybody realize you can get Rowan yarns cheaper direct from England, even with the expense of shipping?)

    Keep up the good work, Wendy, and thank you for all you do! I’ve actually long thought you were too generous, paying for all the bandwidth we avid readers must certainly hog up. With that, I’m off to browse the WendyKnits store…maybe it’s time I did my share of supporting you!

  88. Mariann Waldbillig says:

    Wendy: I read your blog all the time. I agree about costly yarn. I have knit with everything, but now that I can afford better stuff, why not. It is my only weakness (except chocolate chip cookies). I also agree about copyrights. Keep up you wonderful work.

  89. Hi Wendy. I’m a faithful (but usually silent) reader, and I just wanted to say a hearty *right on* for telling it like you see it. That’s all we ask. Or, well, that’s all we *should* be asking for.

  90. Like a lot of others I start my day off reading you blog and then link over to others on your list. I wonder if some of the people asking for copies of patterns just don’t know or understand the rules about pattern copyright (although I’m sure some DO know and don’t care). When I was a new knitter I bought some sock yarn and needles and the store owner gave me a copy of a published basic sock pattern for a dollar fee. I obviously didn’t really understand at that time either and she should have known better. Now that I’ve been knitting and reading blogs for a couple of years I know better.

  91. As one who worked in publishing in both DC and NY and has had to do legal battles on copyright infringement, I offer my kudos, Wendy. And I find it interesting that those flaming would-be copycats send you emails instead of putting their comments here where we could all read them. They must realize that what they are asking (or saying) isn’t very nice (not to mention legal). To me, that makes it even more egregious.
    Good for you for doing the right thing!

  92. I agree with the rest. I don’t think I could say it better than it’s been said already.
    Thank you for sharing all your experience. I love it that you post about what you are working on and with. I use so much of the information that you post to decide if I want to use a certain yarn or make a certain pattern.

  93. Miranda II says:

    I have to Ninety-Third what has all been said above, with an extra special, Thanks Wendy!


    Miranda II
    who can’t STAND snivellers

  94. Jennifer in Dallas says:

    I can’t imagine people giving you a hard time about anything you post. Heck, I’m thrilled you don’t charge us to read the blog. It’s a huge amount of work for you, and very satisfying to read.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  95. I’m noticing a whole bunch of positive comments with nary a negative one. Isn’t it just too bad that all the negative people are too cowardly to stick their heads out from under their rocks and stand up for themselves? Or not.

    I love vicarious knitting.

  96. sandra says:

    Love the bag. Love that the cat loves the bag, too. Always a plus. Don’t love that people who have more balls than a government mule think they should get a free copy of a pattern that comes in a kit of luxury yarn. No person has a right to aggress on another in that manner for not getting what they want. They should stop banging on their high chairs!

  97. You’re such a spunky redhead, I love that! I agree with the previous 100 posts and tell em to F*CK right off. Have a cosmo and a green apple martini chaser while wearing the coordinating poncho and put your feet up baby!

    Mouse is a star! That button rocks!

  98. My gosh Wendy… I haven’t been commenting on your blog for awhile and now I must break the silence. It makes me so mad that you even have to explain yourself or justify why you buy
    “expensive” kits and yarn. It is none of their business and if they can’t afford the pattern or the yarn you buy, I guess it’s time to get off their butts and learn to be creative. I have been in your position before while in college(eating noodles with oil and salt everyday after I had to pay my tuition), and wanted the nice things in life. I got creative, went to thrift shops, and got crafty. I can afford many of those things now, and damn proud of it. But if I see a beautiful sweater that costs $500, I am sure as heck gonna try to make it myself for less! The poncho doesn’t seem too hard to make just by looking at it. Maybe they need to invest in a stitch book and get knitting.

  99. Wendy,
    My only complaint is that I have purchased not one, but two Colinette poncho kits. πŸ™‚ You are my favorite knitting influence. I decided I would go on a food diet rather than a yarn diet and I’m much happier. My ass still looks big, but not as big with such a lovely poncho covering it.

  100. Ann Marie says:

    As my dear old grandmother used to say, those idiots can bite my left tit. I once had a teaching colleague ask me to make her daughter’s prom dress. When I told her how much I would charge, she replied,”But you only work half-time and you drive that car! It’s not like you need the money.” I just turned around and walked away. People can be so stupid. And Mouse’s blog entry cracked me up!