My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Just Say No


Here ya go. My mantra.

Thank you all for your positive comments and emails I received in response to Friday’s entry. I attempted to answer all emails received, but I got so many, that quickly became impossible.

I did receive one odd email from a total stranger. (It is interesting but probably not surprising that people who have something nasty to say do it via email rather than in my comments.) Several of you suggested that I ought to post the negative comments here. For those of you who would like to read this email, I have linked to it here. If you are tired of this topic, you can pass it by. I found the message interesting in a bizarre way. I did not respond to it.

The mis-spelled words and errors, by the way, are those of the writer — the only change I made was to “x” out her name and email address, and my email address.

One more thing — I was so happy to see so many comments and get so many emails from people who told me they are long-time lurkers. Please — feel free to comment whenever you want! I love hearing from you guys.

(BTW, Shirley in PA, I attempted to respond to your email on Friday, but my email to you bounced back as undeliverable.)

Okay. Nuff said.

May Contest!

I promised something yummy for May, and here it is.


Seven skeins of laceweight shetland wool, 30 grams and 252 yards per skein, in a lovely light heathered greyish blue. Enough for a good-sized shawl, I’d say.

And all you must do to enter the drawing to win it is to send me an email at the Official Wendyknits Blog contest email address — Click on the link to send your contest entry. Please do not send entries to my regular email address — use this one.

Send an email to that address by Friday, May 14 at 4:00pm EST to be entered in the drawing for this yarn! Please note the ending date — I was still receiving entries for my April contest on april 30!

Weekend Knitting

So what did I knit this weekend?

I finished the Not-Colinette poncho in the Official Knit Happens colors. Yay!


I posted the photo on my Official Poncho Page, along with a listing of the yarns that I used, so kindly visit there if you’d like to know what the yarns are.

Here’s a close-up:


The blue you see in the photo is from the t-shirt I was wearing when the poncho photos were taken — see?


Lucy looks on, unflappable as usual.


And I worked on the lovely Audrey. I have the front and the back done.


And I started a sleeve.


Ingeborg Knit-along

The Ingeborg Knit-along is slated to begin in a few days — on Saturday, to be exact. Some knit-alongers have already started, some have not. count me in as one of the yet-to-start Ingeborgers. I’ll start on the starting date, or near to it. So if you thought you might want to knit along, you still have plenty of time to join us.

A couple of people posted messages to the Ingeborg group (the group is linked from the button in my sidebar) expressing mild concern at keeping up with me in the knitting. There’s no requirement to knit to my speed, but I do understand wanting to keep up with the group.

So I’ve decided to knit on Ingeborg part-time. I’m not trying to say that I’m so much faster than anyone else, because I know that’s not true. But I want to give some of the less-experienced color knitters a better chance at keeping up, if they want to. So if fear of keeping up was keeping you from joining, please don’t let that stop you. I’m not gonna whip Ingeborg out in a month and then abandon the group.

Of course, there’s an ulterior motive for me as well. I have succumbed to the siren song of summer knitting, and there are a million and one things I want to knit. Right Now. So I am more than happy to make Ingeborg my secondary project and happily knit away on fun little summer sweaters.

This attitude is such a departure for me. I’ve never been so excited about summer knitting before. I have other people to thank for this.

First off, many great bloggers. Well, just look at my list of blogs I read and you’ll know who I’m talking about. For example, the knitters who post thoughtful entries about what they are working on and why they love the yarn and the pattern, the knitters who host fun knit-alongs, knitters who design wonderful, fun patterns and offers them to us. And many, many more. I salute you all with a twenty-one skein salute.

Second, my new favorite LYS, Knit Happens. I’ve mentioned before how I’ve never really frequented an LYS in the past. That is so much a thing of the past since Knit Happens opened! I love going there! There are so many beautiful yarns and patterns but the best part is the atmosphere. Kristine and Liz have created a haven for knitters — warm, friendly, and creative. I wish I could quit my job and move in.

Fiona Bag

Speaking of fun patterns and knit-alongs, I started my Fiona Bag!


I’m using colors 302 and 203 of Mission Falls 1824 Cotton for my bag (a moss green and a purply-pink). I want to say a big public thank-you to Brooks for offering this great free pattern, and to Kristine, for hosting the knit-along!

One More Thing

A number of you have asked me where I got the pattern for Tina. It’s a free pattern available from the Berroco website.

some of you already know this, but for new readers I’ll say it again. While I’m working on a project, information about pattern, yarn, and needle size will be posted in my WIP list over on the right in the sidebar. Once I’ve completed a project, it will be linked to from my main knitting page (also linked to in my sidebar), with all pertinent information listed on the page for the project. You can find out where I got the pattern for something with a few simple mouseclicks.

Critter Knitter News!

Check out the blankets received!


  1. Strange e-mail indeed !
    Ace poncho !
    Have a great week and enjoy lots of happy summer knitting.Dangerous place,that Knt Happens. :0)

  2. Forgot to say how fab Audrey is looking.You ARE fast !

  3. Jillian says:

    What a bizarre e-mail. Please keep up the cool blog, it certainly inspires myself and a lot of other knitters out there! Thanks!

  4. I love the pink/green poncho, it looks just like the colouring of the pink flowering horse chestnut trees out in bloom in the UK now!
    I agree strange post, I do hope it will not discourage you; there are so many more people, including me, who love what you do and who are inspired by your work and enthusiasm.

  5. Wow, I’m a minion. Oddly, I thought it was a fairly spontaneous outpouring of support rather than minions stroking and sucking up. Really weird e-mail. I know you’ll enjoy Fiona; it’s a pretty easy, enjoyable knit.

  6. First off, I was so excited to find out that I could syndicate your blog into my LJ (knittobesquare) Friend’s page! Now I can read every day without clicking all over.

    Second, that poncho is gorgeous! Can I have the pattern? JUST KIDDING! Not about the gorgeous part – it is SMASHING. I’m a newbie knitter, but hope to create things like that someday.

    I’m late for work (per usual) but will read the bizarro email when I get there.

  7. Ooooooooh! Love your non-Colinette poncho and its lovely springtime colors. I am most impressed with your fast knitting on Audrey, too. Not surprised, but still impressed. [Okay, I’m envious, too. I admit it! But in a good way. So you won’t be getting any bizarre-o e-mails from me ;-)]

    Countless Minion

  8. Jocelyne says:

    Well, as we say in french : e-mail “bizarre”!
    How can she knit “charity knittting”, being so selfish and aggressive? What is given is given spontaneously, only in the name of our passion, knitting.
    I almost finished my poncho, with french yarns (Phildar, Anny-Blatt, etc), and NO PATTERN !
    And i’m going to begin Fiona, with a coton thread from Pingouin (not sold any more). Yours looks great ! and Audrey too!

  9. Barbara says:

    I noticed that a couple of your summer knits have seams! SEAMS! I can’t do seams and avoid them whenever possible. Sometime, when you have the time, would you do an instruction sheet on seams? Do you set up by slipping the first and/or last stitches? What method of join do you use? I feel woefully inadequate when it comes to seams and can use all the help I can find.

  10. Nannette says:

    Wendy, I don’t think I could start my day without you! You inspire me, and I love to see what you’re working on. Your speed does not intimidate me – it just means you have more new things to share. I have a hard time understanding all the negative comments; it’s not like you are a telemarketer invading these people’s privacy – they choose to read your blog! There are blogs I don’t choose to read because they just don’t “speak” to me. Why do these negative people keep reading yours if they get so upset by it? I’m probably just wasting my time trying to understand it …
    I am SO looking forward to starting Ingeborg!

  11. Aubergine says:

    Strange email indeed- it’s got that sort of “Pat you on the back, slap you up-side the head” flavor that usually leaves me feeling nauseous.

    Love the fiona look- I may have to do one meself!

  12. Wendy, The poncho looks beautiful – the colors are great. (And your weight loss competition looks like it has been successful – you look very trim!)That e-mail was beyond wierd – thank goodness you don’t let it discourage you. The vast majority (me being part of it) love your blog and hearing about ANY knitting you do. Have a great week. Martha (PS: I have to remember to e-mail you a photo of our 80 pound Dalmatian attempting to lay in (err, on)the knitted/felted knitty bed (the one designed by you – whata hoot!)

  13. way to go wendy!!! lol,, i like the new button sarcastic moi? indeed, and i love the colors on the new poncho pink and green , looks delicious, the audrey looks dreamy too, and remember way to go!!
    take care

  14. Tres weird e-mail. Nuff said.

    The poncho and Audrey look fantastic! I really do wish I could knit as quickly as you…


  15. Maybe you could add a t-shirt to your Cafepress store that says “MINION?” I’d buy it. ;-P

  16. I love the beautiful poncho.


  17. I’m amazed you haven’t gotten more irate with morons like those! For every one of the idiots out there, I’m sure there are plenty of lurkers like me who think you are a fantastic knitter, and a fantastic resource to the knitting community.

  18. *cackle* “Minions of Wendy” on the front of the shirt and “Someday I’ll knit that fast!” on the back. Too funny… I’m envisioning a tiny army of knitters armed with needles of various sizes, marching door to door to eradicate the Flaming Menace.

  19. Kim Rue says:

    That poncho just screams for a pair of pink jeans – is a shopping trip in your future?

    It just rocks – congrats on a great combination!

  20. Yeesh, like I said last week, don’t these people have anything better to do? (Like knit?) I’d buy a “minion” tshirt – it’s so appropos for so many parts of my life. I think I’d even wear it to work (on a Friday)!

    I love reading your blog, and finding the links to other readers’ blogs, too. There’s so much knitting out there in cyberspace, and life’s too short to bother with that negativity. Knit on.

  21. Well – I sure hope the letter-writer is getting her money’s worth for her college education. (with tongue in cheeck)

  22. order the new boots Wen in pink and green!

  23. oooh. Quite an odd picture flashed through my head when I read that first bit. “Way to” shake it off, girl. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Wendy – Glad to see the negativity is not getting you down! Count me in as a minion!! You’ve inspired me in so many ways, including starting my own blog. Can’t wait for the Ingeborg start. I’m one of the ones that has started already. I think I am physically incapapble of buying new yarn and not casting on right away! LOL But I have put it aside and am working on a lace shawl until Saturday when I will pick up Ingeborg again.

  25. Hey Wendy:

    That poncho colorway is lovely. Fits you perfectly. Audrey is coming along quite nicely.

    That e-mail – makes you wonder what would be going through someone’s head that would write from one extreme to the other. What do they call that in medical terms?????????

  26. That was a very weird email. And I’d just like to say that. Don’t do as she say and don’t drop the attitude! Attitude rocks! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Anyway, I love the poncho and Audrey is so pretty!

    Keep up the great work wendy!


  27. I’d buy the “minion” shirt too…but in the fan community, some people are using “squishie” (from “Finding Nemo” where Dory decides the baby jellyfish is going to be her squishie). ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d rather be one of your squishies than one of your minions. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Deb McMeen says:

    (*singing*)I’m a minion, she’s a minion, wouldn’t you like to be a minion too?

    Seriously, how weird. I don’t understand why people don’t just stop reading if they don’t like what is posted. And, oh by the way, it’s not like everyone who posted supportive comments is going to be looking for a “Wendy Knits” check in the mail. If your “fan” in Ohio is reading this, supporting one another through discouraging times IS WHAT FRIENDS DO. And though Wendy, or anyone who posts comments here, wouldn’t know me if they tripped over me, I look forward to a visit here like a visit with a friend.

    My only quibble with your blog, Wendy, is when you say that “you don’t knit faster than others”. I’m still wiping the coffee spray off the monitor.

    Have a very smurfy day.

    Deb McMeen

  29. Gosh, I’ve always wanted to be a minion, but I’m too much of an introvert to deal with the crowds. Thank heavens for the miracle of the Internet. Now I’m looking forward to the t-shirt. What will the colors be? Pink and green?

    BTW, the person who wrote obviously doesn’t read your blog on a regular basis or she would never have asked you about knitting for charity or other people.

    OTH maybe she just doesn’t pay any attention.

    Audrey is looking fantastic; I can’t wait to see it modeled.

  30. Roseanne says:

    Wendy, For years now I have been able to afford good yarn, but was too cheap to buy it. After finding your blog and the others I read regularly I have the courage to spend on the beautiful fibers that really showcase the hobby I love so much. I feel empowered.

  31. hmmm… “minion” “squishie” or “in Wendy’s army”?? Either way, I definitely think a t-shirt is called for. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy Monday!

  32. Wendy … I read your blog daily but never comment. But sometimes you just have to speak up.

    I think it’s ironic that this person felt the need to chastise you, yet she obviously had no idea who she was writing to. “My question is:
    with all the knitting you do for yourself…Do you do any charity knitting?” Yeah … ummm … *rolls eyes*

    Anyway … just wanted to add my minionic support, and let you know that *those* emailers are in the tiny minority.

    *Love* the ponchos you’ve done, by the way …

  33. oops — that should have been “in Lucy’s army”


  34. Your poncho is gorgeous! You have a wonderful eye for yarn/color combinations.

  35. Hi Wendy

    My wife Michelle and I read your blog every day, and enjoy it muchly. We’re both amazed at the complexity and quality of your work.

    And we’re both stunned about the weird email lady being so offended over your use of “bite me”. Hmm. I take it this lady never read The Knitting Curmudgeon? We loved the Curmudgeon, too, particularly for her bracing humour, but I’m guessing this lady’s head would explode on contact with it.

    I think we’d be minions, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Um, we would like you to move in too! ๐Ÿ™‚ Gosh, I NEED to watch your technique next time, you knit that Audrey so fast!

    Bite me! (sorry, couldn’t resist). I think we should make that the official motto round these parts…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Your ever loyal minion,

  37. Sign me up for “minion-hood”. I am dead seriously going to make up a T-shirt that says “Minion of Wendyknits” on the front and “Someday I’ll knit that fast” on the back. Too bad I’m not into cross stitching with waste canvas anymore. That would make a nice shirt! I’ll probably use fabric paint. I’ll send you a photo when it’s done.

    Do you knit for charity. (falling off my chair laughing). You’ve only mentioned the blanket charity in EVERY post since that blanket drive started. (eye roll)

  38. *Happy to be a WendyKnits Minion*

    I can’t always afford the yarn. I can almost NEVER afford the time. But reading your blog keeps my knitting excitement going and engourages me to dive into projects whenever I can. My knitting skill has grown more since finding this inspirational site than it had in the previous five years. So nyah! to the email-writer.

  39. And, really, sometimes “bite me” is just the only thing one could say!

    I guess the email writer missed all those hugely successful charity knitting projects you’ve sponsored, eh?

  40. Guess what? I Googled for ‘dale daletta yarn’ to look up the yardage, and one of the ‘sponsored links’ over on the right side of the page said, “Knitting Ingeborg?” and linked to a shop that sells a kit for Ingeborg. Word must be out that Ingeborg is hot right now.

  41. Colette says:

    People never cease to amaze me. While I may not be able to afford the kits you do….we are different people at different places in life. I enjoy reading your blog and watching your progress on the many beautiful projects you undertake and complete.

    You go girl…..


  42. Hey Girlfriend – – Love the Non-Colinette, Knit happens-colorway poncho!! Pinks and greens are the absolute BOMB for Spring ! (Red hair-friendly also) Knit-On – – – Anne

  43. Barbara Sylvia says:

    I have been a lurker since 2/03. As a knitter in a world of nonkniters, I NEED your (and other) blog for stimulation and information. Do not get discouraged.

  44. Yeesh, Wendy, sorry you had such a rotten experience with the Envy Bunch! I always enjoy seeing the current project you’re working on and don’t give a hoot how you spend your money. It’s strictly your business. Love your new poncho — the colors are delicious.

    p.s. I also stop in for my daily Lucy Picture ๐Ÿ™‚ What a little diva she is!

  45. Another happy minion checking in – love *love* the greens with the pinks or purpley pinks in the poncho and in the bag. I’m getting poncho fever myself, but I know in my climate it will serve no wardrobe purpose until fall, so vicarious poncho thrills are doing me a world of good. ~Linda

  46. janet d says:

    you keep on a truckin Wendy — your blog, knitting, teaching skills and Lucy are fabulous! Love your blog. I knew you’d be the speed demon on Audrey……my back & front are done too, but see, you’ve already started a sleeve!! guilt is setting in…….my hat’s off to you!

  47. Hi Wendy! I’ve only made one other comment here, but I really enjoy reading your blog. I’ve got to agree – the email was pretty weird, to be nice about it. Hey, I thought “bite me” was a pretty decorous response. That poncho is beautiful – I really like the color combo.

  48. Bizarro…. Life is too boring and too short to be without a sense of humor.

  49. Wow…a minion. It’s always been my dream….

    In the imortal words of William Shatner “Get a life!” (your emailer, not you…)

  50. Another lurker checking in…I really enjoy your blog, Wendy! That poncho is lovely and those colors are fab! I recently visited Knit Happens when I was in town for a wedding and am envious of you having it as your LYS. I’ve learned a lot from your blog, Wendy. Thanks for sharing all your knitting (& life!) wisdom for FREE! ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. WOW! Wendy those colors really do work for the poncho….and Audrey indeed is just lovely.
    Thanks for the answer about Tina…I’ll keep your wips in mind…I did find it there and printed it out also…sometimes my brain isn’t totaly on when I surf the net.

  52. jessica (minion) says:

    That email is too much… mwahh.

    I hope to god that person doesn’t breed.

    By the way – with all thats going on in DC and the World I am glad to have your blog to read. Keep it up chickie (‘it’ being whatever the hell you want ‘it’ to be).

  53. Hi, Wendy!

    It is so strange that someone would write something so negative to you regarding your own personal blog and the beautiful creations you make. And then to ask if you ever do charity knitting??? Do they know that you are one of the people responsible for getting the word out there to so many wonderful people who have already made 186 blankets and counting?!!! Do they realize how much work you have put into making the Knit-a-Thon a success? Or last year’s Mouse-a-thon?

    How much charity knitting have THEY done, is what I would like to know?

    And your own projects are just divine. I knit vicariously through you.

    Thank you for all you do and for the person you are.


  54. Hey, fellow minions – check out the Cafepress shop.

    Wouldn’t life be boring if we only talked to people who are exactly like us? I read a few blogs because they inform me, and a few because they entertain me. Wendy does both. I don’t waste my time on those that do neither.

    Don’t let the b******s wear you down, girl.

  55. I am an occasional lurker but went back and caught up on the poncho fiasco.

    What a strange email. A blog is personal and so are your morals. If people don’t like it, they shouldn’t read it. Personally, I love reading blogs like yours – you find so many great ideas for yarn, patterns and projects, not to mention hordes of great tips!

    Your poncho looks wonderful btw ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. What makes people send emails like that? Obviously that person has not read your blog very carefully or they would know about the great charity knitting programs you & Liz have organized. Thanks Wendy for sharing your great blog with the rest of us! Mary

  57. You know, I never really understood Ohio. It sort of seemed like this odd little place, maybe it didn’t really exist because as far as I can tell, there’s not much going for it.

    The commenter didn’t help Ohio’s case at all. I’m just sayin’.

  58. Hi Wendy! I’m a lurker and I really appreciate all the work you put into your blog.

    The poncho is fantastic! Now, it may be over-accessorizing to the extreme, but are you interested in beading at all? has some strands of stone chip beads in rhodonite (pink) and jade (green) that would look amazing with that. I know this because I just bought a strand of each to twist together for what I predict will be my favorite necklace this summer. It’d either be over-sacharine or to-die-for with that poncho.

    Thanks again for sharing all your knitting experiences with us!