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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Happy Lucy-versary


Today is Lucy’s anniversary. One year ago today she came to live with me.

I told this story right after getting Lucy, but I’m telling it again, because it’s a tale worth telling.

I found Lucy online, at a local rescue shelter, through

This poor little kitty found herself in a shelter because her previous owners had her declawed and let her outside. She was attacked by a dog and was badly bitten because she couldn’t defend herself. Her owners didn’t want to pay her vet bills after the attack, so they dumped her.

(Note: I’d like to find these people and put them in a cage of hungry tigers so they could see how it feels to be defenseless against a larger animal with teeth and claws.)

I emailed Lucy’s foster mom about her, and we made arrangements for me to meet her at an adoption event at a local pet store. Of course I fell in love with her as soon as I laid eyes on her. The adoption was finalized and a volunteer brought her to my home for a combination home visit/delivery.

The organization I got Lucy from is Capital Animal Care, in Arlington, Virginia. Their list of pets available for adoption is available from their website. If you are in the Washington DC area and thinking about adopting a pet, I encourage you to check out their listings. They have beautiful cats and dogs, and some smaller furry animals too. And you couldn’t deal with a nicer group of people. Lucy’s foster mom, Barbara, was wonderful throughout the process, and her love for, commitment to, and bond with the animals is obvious.

This is an example of why I support animal shelters and rescue organizations. I don’t want to think about Lucy’s fate if it weren’t for them.

So there you have. Your excessive cat sentimentality of the day. Happy Anniversary, Lucy! I think I’ll keep you. ๐Ÿ™‚


Audrey’s first sleeve grows. See?



Fiona is growing too, albeit slowly. I’m trying to take it easy on my hands right now because I’ve had a bit of pain, and the Mission Falls cotton is sort of hard on my hands. So just a few rounds per day!


Colinette “Comfort” Book


I picked this up when I was at Knit Happens last week. It’s got patterns for throws, shawls and scarves using Colinette yarns (of course). But it’s also a great jumping off point if you want to use different yarns. As long as you know the gauge and type of each of the Colinette yarns used, you can use your creativity to branch out. The sky (and maybe your stash) is the limit!

May Contest

Yes, all you have to do to enter is to send an email to the address posted in yesterday’s entry. Not limited to U.S. residents — anyone anywhere can enter.

WendyKnits Minion T-Shirts

By popular demand (tee hee hee), I’ve put WendyKnits Minion t-shirts up for sale in my Cafepress store. The link is in my sidebar — “Shop the WendyKnits Store.” No doubt I’ll get criticism for putting a markup on the price. If anyone were to actually buy one, I’d make one dollar per shirt. Crass commercialism!

Please note that no one who said they would is under any obligation to buy! If anyone actually does buy anything, I’ll use any profits I get to help defray postage costs when I mail out prizes for the Critter Knitters project.

Speaking of T-Shirts

This one’s for you, Rachael. Mmmmwha!


You can get your own “Knitting is Sexy” merchandise in Rachael’s store.

New Blog Photo

I put up a new photo of myself in the ol’ sidebar because I was getting sick of the one that was there. I would like to point out to Cat that when this photo was taken I was wearing Laura Mercier Rose Glace lip gloss. See? I know how to take good advice!


  1. Happy anniversary Lucy! Such a luck you found a lovely mom after haveing been treated like that. Hopefully you have forgotten your previous owners by now.
    Wendy, I like your new pic!
    And as usual I cannot believe you knit that fast. You are as far as I am with Audrey, but I started about one month ago ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Happy Anniversary Wendy and Lucy! And many happy returns.


  3. vanessa says:

    happy lucy day ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hi, Wendy-I love your story about Lucy. Last year my daugter found an abandoned kitty, that had also been declawed, outside her boyfriend’s apartment. Since we have a Lucy of our own who is an only cat, we took this sweet kitty to our local shelter here in Richmond. We were assured that she would be adopted quickly because she was already declawed and neutered but some nights I wake in the middle of the night and worry about her. Your story gives me great hope that she is now living in a home of her own. Jane

  5. Hi Wendy, Happy Anniversary ! I don’t understand why ppl easily give up their pets. I have a little dog. I bought it from a man at the street. Obviously, he didn’t desex his dog. After the baby dogs born, he just want to sell them out. There were 3 on that day. We couldn’t afford all so only pick one of them. First time to have a dog (before we have a cat and was pass away few years ago). My family and I really gain happiness from it. We’ve build up mutual trust relationship with it in short time. We also promise each other never abondon the dog no matter what happen.

    Best regards to you and Lucy !


  6. Shirley, in PA says:

    Dear Lucy – what a wonderful home you found yourself in – and the best mommy you could have wished for. May you have many happy anniversaries to celebrate and many lovely kitty toys and beds of your very own.

  7. Hey Wendy, love the new pic in the sidebar. And the button. I’m just catching up on my blog reading and boy did I miss some fun over here! Of course, your response to the poncho pattern requests is absolutely right on and your response to those who won’t accept your response is totally justified. Good for you for saying your peace and moving on! And what a way to move on – I don’t want to sound like I’ve got project envy or anything, but man, do you have some lovely things on and hot off the needles right now. You go, girl!

  8. Just de-lurking to wish you both a very happy anniversary. We have had all our cats from the Cat Protection League here in the UK. They now see us a soft touch and successfully duped us last time we went to them. We picked out a feisty looking ginger tom. Just before they were due to bring him round we got a call to ask if we would take his brother as well, just for a short time as they were running out of space at the foster home. Hmmmm, we smelt a plot but said yes to the very nice lady. Two weeks later they called to say that they now had a spare CAGE for his brother. Yeah, right, like he hadn’t already inveigled himself into our affections. Cage? As if!
    New photo is gorgeous, very vogue.
    Who doesn’t get this de-clawing thing. Cats are cats, after all.

  9. Pete and Foley say, “Happy Anniversary, Lucy!”

  10. Happy Lucy & happy Wendy.Lucky to have found each other.

    I really like your new photo !

  11. Mike, Jack, Della, and me say many happy returns on the dayโ€”โ€”live long and prosper! (polite WOOFS)

  12. Love the new pic. Gotta get a Wendyknits Minion t-shirt.

  13. Beautiful kitty, wonderful story! Happy anniversary.

  14. Happy Anniversary Lucy. I know Mommy will treat you to many many goodies now and through the coming months.

    I find clat de-clawing cruel actually. I think that proper training and affection will teach a cat not to scratch and if they ever get loose, they still have the ability to defend themselves — something poor Lucy was deprived of. Off my soapbox.

    Wendy, is the font you used for the Minons shirts “Minion” by any chance. It vaguely looked like it to me and I thought it would be very funny if it was!


  15. Cheryl F. says:

    Happy Lucyversary! Cool new pic in your sidebar–Very “Dieter-ish” (ala Mike Myers in Saturday Night Live).

    Signed, a minion
    Cheryl in AL

  16. Dear Wendy and Lucy,

    I wish you both a happy catty anniversary, and my best wishes for a lot more years of mutual happiness of being together. I can’t understand how some people can be so cruel with weaker being, and esp. our domestic animals who really depend on us, as we have bred them so. Lucy’s story has a happy ending, but she’s had terrible times. I’ve been volunterring in an animal shelter lately, and it’s just heart-breaking not to be able to help them more.
    Long live excessive cat (and dogs, and so on) sentimentality!
    Aaaand I love you piccy on the side bar ;-).

  17. Happy anniversary, Lucy and Wendy! A match made in heaven, if ever there was one.

    I could never de-claw a cat, but I’d be happy to adopt one that already was (after the current crew, that is). My claw-ed cats are only almost 6 years old, so it’s probably going to be awhile before we adopt anyone new. (3’s a crowd already, so 4 would really be unmanageable!)

  18. Happy anniversary to you and Lucy! I spent years as a board member for the local SPCA, as well as a foster home for orphan kittens (basically I was bottle feeding around the clock for about 4 years straight). I’ve got seven cats of my own – all of whom are oh-so-helpful when it comes to knitting – and I cannot imagine life without them. But being involved with a rescue organization like that, I saw things that would just make me want to weep at how truly awful some people can be. Your Lucy was lucky you found her.

  19. Happy Anniversary to Lucy & Wendy!


  20. Hi Wendy and Lucy:

    Lucy is the most beautiful kitty I have ever seen. She is very lucky to have such a good mom and couldn’t ask for a better one. You warm our hearts.

    Happy day to both of you.

  21. Happy anniversary, Wendy and Lucy! My pups, Sadie and Diego, send butt wiggles.

  22. Happy Anniversary to you
    Happy Anniversary toooo you
    Happy Anniversary dear Lucy and Wendy….
    Happy Anniversary to both of YOU!
    And many more!!!!

    As the owner of four cats and one bunny, I want to say HOORAY to both you. My cats are: Daffy whom I captured as a wild kitten, & 3 who belonged to an elderly friend – Max & Jazz, 2 tuxedo cats from the same litter and Sam, a Maine Coon Cat. My bunny I saw one day near Christmas in a 3rd/4th grade DC public school class where I was teaching knitting(!) I told the Teacher that I wanted him – and after diplomatic negotiations with two of the students, I took him home that day –
    My love to Lucy,

  23. jocelyn says:

    Happy lucy day lucy now go and enjoy all that kitty life brings you,i might have to look at some of those shirts hmmm….

  24. As others have said, “Happy Lucy-versary!” She’s a lucky girl to have found a caring forever home.

    You might also like the Colinette “Toast and Marmalade” book (if you don’t already have it) that has throws and pillows in it. There’s one made solely of Giotto that has my name on it some day. And a loopy Point 5 pillow that looks like a lot of fun (and an excuse to buy Point 5).

  25. Happy anniversary Lucy! You found a wonderful Mommy and you are such a pretty cat ๐Ÿ™‚
    Dear Wendym I love the new poncho, I just looked at it and it is very pretty! But I do like you prior photo better than this one, you look so mean on it *LOL*, Smile :-))))
    Toodles, Nicole

  26. Deb McMeen says:

    Happy anniversary to you both!! We got our cat, Spike, when we found him as a kitten, meowing piteously in our neighbors yard. Someone had dumped him out, first thoughtfully taking the time to cut his whiskers off to about an inch or less. Poor little guy was scared and starving…we took him in and fed him because my hormones were on overdrive, and three days later our first child was born. The child is almost 21, and graduating from a two-year college on Sunday, and Spike is getting really creaky, but he’s still with us and louder than ever. I’ll give him a hug from you if you’ll give Lucy one from me.

    Have a great day!

  27. Happy Anniversary to you and Lucy! My daughter loves to see her pictures and today she said that Lucy was a funny name for a cat. But in the same breath, she also said that Lucy has eyes like the sky.

    And I know that I don’t have the time right now, but your account of knitting Audrey has me comtemplating it. I’m afraid to go on the Audrey website!

  28. Happy anniversary, you two.
    Love the new picture.

  29. Happy anniversary to you both! We have a similar story with our dog, Emma, and we celebrated our first year in February. There is nothing like giving an animal another chance! WTG!

  30. Happy Anniversary to you and Lucy. She is a beautiful and very lucky kitty. I volunteer for Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue and the horror you hear and see, it’s so awful. I’m glad Lucy found such a wonderful home.
    Love the pic.

  31. Happy Anniversary to you, Wendy and Lucy. It’s marvelous that you found each other this way. You’re both very lucky. Scout says “meow” in an inflection I believe means, “you did good with your human, Luce.” Is it ok if he calls her Luce? He’s a bit of a cad.

  32. hahahahaha!!!! I LOVE that Stupid button!

    And Happy Anniversary!

  33. Connie Martin says:

    Am I the only one not getting the new sidebar? It is completely empty, no new picture, not buttons. Help!!! I want to see, too.


  34. Lucy certainly is a beauty!! Just goes to show that you can find lovely kitties at the shelter. Our furry friends are from The Humane Society of Greater Dayton – – for your Ohio readers.

  35. Wendy-
    Happy Lucy Day! I too have a rescue cat. The SPCA couldn’t tell me anything about her, but I instantly fell in love with her charming personality. Now I think I know why her previous owners gave her up- if I ever leave a bit of clothing or something else with my scent, on the floor, she pees on it! I’m getting neater.
    Your new pic is way cool and enigmatic.

  36. Connie Martin says:

    Guess it does pay to whine. I have the sidebar now. Don’t know what happens, but at least I get to see the new picture, too, plus all of the other things. Love your blog!


  37. Happy Anniversary from Lily the rescue dog!

  38. Bless her furry little heart! Happy Lucy & mommie to have a Lucy! Love the new pic – looks like “you want a piece of me??” Grrowl! Get ’em! :o)

  39. Wow! I can’t believe it’s been a year. I still think of Izzy first, and Lucy as the new girl. She’s a beautiful new girl, and seems to have settled so well into your home and given you a lot of love. Hooray for Lucy’s success story!

  40. Crystal says:

    Happy Aniversary Lucy!!

    I know how good it is when you finally find home.

  41. Happy anniversary, Lucy! Our beloved girls and boy came to us from the Animal Defense League here… one of the finest groups of people I’ve ever known.

  42. Happy Lucy-versary! I have adopted my very best friends through rescue groups. I have a Plott Hound that would never be able to hunt, and was therefore abandoned with lots of medical problems. I have had her for 5 years, and she is the greatest dog EVER. By the way, I just want to say that I find it funny that there is a pattern named “Audrey”. Since that IS my name, I always feel like everyone’s talking about me. I guess I should probably knit it, eh?

  43. Rossana says:

    What a momentous day indeed! Happy Anniversary!
    And it just makes me want to cry to think of the cruel hardships poor Lucy had to endure, but she’s in a wonderful home now. May your lives together continue to be full of warmth and joy!
    P.S. Wendy, I hope your hands feel better soon!

  44. Wendy,

    LOVE the new pic. LOVE it.

  45. I like the new sidebar pic, tres arty…

    Happy Excessive Cat Sentimentality Day to you! Glad to see you whizzing on the Audrey–I’m on the fence with that sweater so I’m quite interested in your results.

  46. There are a couple of good places to go to keep your hands and arms in shape.

    So many of us knit to the point of pain and we should heed the warning signs. Stretch often and take breaks.
    You must keep knitting…we enjoy seeing your progress!

  47. Happy Anniversary to you both. LOVE that new picture. It reminds me of those “Photo Booth” photos. hehe

  48. Wendy,

    I must have found your blog just after you had gotten Lucy. That was such a sad story. Those people will get their turn.

    Both you and Lucy are lucky to have found each other.

    Like I told you many months ago, Lucy looks like the male cat I had, Mi Gato (original huh). Unfortunately a neighbor who was moving took him and I never found him. :-<

    Kitty kisses to Lucy and hugs to you for saving her. You both make the blog a joy to read.

  49. Happy anniversary to you both from Sparky the bob-tailed wonder cat, formerly kitten, and Miss Penny, both rescued from/by St. Francis Animal Hospital in Tamaqua, PA.

  50. Have some catnip Lucy, go nuts!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE The new photo! And good gloss. I need to know more about this….

  51. Happy Anniversary to you and Lucy. We are awaiting news on a pug rescue. Many happy years to you and Lucy.

  52. Happy Anniversary to you and Lucy! And many more!

    If you ever find the dumbasses who dumped her, send them to me, I can supply the tigers. ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. HAPPY LUCY-VERSARY, from one of your biggest fans!

    Lucy is the luckiest girl alive to have been rescued by you, and you both deserve many happy years of love together.

    Thank you for saving a shelter animal’s life and for being such a caring, wonderful person.

    Was over at Liz’s tonight and am speechless at how beautiful and exquisite the cat and dog blankets are from the Knit-a-Thon. Thank you both so much for organizing this, and thank you to everyone here who has put so much love, energy and time into making such special blankets. Many, many animals will live more comfortably while waiting for their forever homes on your extraordinary blankets. I love you all!

  54. Heartwarming Lucy story! All of our (four!) cats are rescues. Hubby also has an office rescue. I jokingly call him the “cat chump” because he’s the one who can’t turn a hungry feline away… especially the pregnant ones! Can’t count how many kittens we have placed. ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. My little dog Piccolo, was found on a little over a year ago, after my Penny died. We drove from Chicago to Detroit and back to get her! I recommend that site to any one looking for a rescued pet. Happy anniversary!

  56. Girl, on you, knitting IS sexy. And Lucy? Oh, give her a big ole kiss from me, and Digit and Adah send wishes of naps and cuddles. (I just realized they didn’t get me anything for Mother’s Day. Do you think a spinning wheel would be too much to ask for? Retroactively? Like for the last six years that Digit has missed my special day? Hmmm. Ask Lucy for me, wouldja?)

  57. I have a cat myself and I’ll NEVER ever abandon her. Such a cruel person to do that to Lucy. Luckily she has you now, that’s why she’s so fat ;)and happy!

  58. That’s a nice story about your Lucy. She’s much better off with you. I like the new photo, it’s cool…though why so serious?