My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Has Anyone Else Noticed?

I have not used the words “fair isle,” “norwegian knitting,” or “aran” in weeks?

What’s with that?

I have no idea. I have been seduced by summer knitting, that’s my only explanation. And I’m not complaining. But of course I’m placing the blame elsewhere.

I blame all the bloggers I read for blogging about their summer knitting. I blame the Audrey knit-alongers. And I blame Knit Happens. When I was in there the other day I was drooling over Noro Hana Silk and a skein of it actually said, in a pleading silky voice “Knit me! Knit me!”

I’m sure you’ll all be amazed to hear that I walked out of Knit Happens unaccompanied by any Hana Silk. But we all know it’s just a matter of time.

Speaking of Knit Happens, I didn’t tell you what I bought there. Now, brace yourselves — I didn’t buy any yarn. But I did pick up an adorable Elizabeth Austen bucket bag. See?


It’s a smaller size — just right for toting my commuter project to work. I have been stuffing Audrey’s sleeve in a plastic bag and shoving it in my purse. How inelegant! Audrey deserves better.

I also bought a copy of Vintage Knits by Sarah Dallas. I’ve been meaning to look at this book since it was published and finally saw it in person. By the third design I was drooling. So I had to buy the book, you know? I’d drooled on it, for gosh sakes!


The official start of the Ingeborg knitalong is tomorrow! I shall cast on then! And you’ll be hearing me talking about Norwegian knitting again. Lucky you. But Ingeborg is going to be my secondary project, so don’t expect a lot of progress. I give you fair warning.

Fiona Bag

I’m afraid I’ve ceased knitting on this for the time being. My hands are not up to knitting with the Mission Falls cotton just now — after less than a round they start aching. So I think it’s best that I set it aside for a while. Even though I don’t wanna. Sometimes it’s not easy being a delicate flower.


My Audrey will soon have two sleeves. I’m into the armhole shaping on the second sleeve!


Actually, I finished the sleeve after taking that photo.


Knitting the neckband now, thank you.

May Contest

Don’t forget — the deadline to enter is today at 4:00pm Eastern Time. Scroll down to Monday’s entry for information on how to enter. I have gotten over 1,000 entires for this contest and will be picking the winner at random. But you never know — it could be you! You gotta play to win.


Happy Birthday, Dad!


  1. Happy birthday Wendy’s dad !

    Audrey is looking rather elegant and sexy ! I hope you have a suitable outing planned for her first public appearance.

  2. Love that new bag. The pattern is great. How come my LYS doesn’t have it? I’ll have to have a word with Granny at her shoppe. Audrey looks great. As always, Lucy is adorable. And Happy Birthday to your Dad too. Whatdya knit for him?

  3. Dear Wendy, it has been wonderful to see you enjoy the banquet of knitting that we enjoy in the States. Aren’t we fortunate to have so many great fibers to explore – they seem to go on without end. The great variety in knitting shops, coupled with the ability to reach around the world in search of exotic fibers and challenging projects through the internet make knitting endlessly engrossing.

    God help you from full Koigu immersion! I have been propelled into that vortex and there may be no exit for a long time.

    While I wallow in Merino luxury, I regard my digressions as recharging my Fair Isle batteries for those long, cold winter nights. Cheers.

  4. Hi Wendy. you will love vintage knits – I already have yarn for THREE of the sweaters! Your audrey looks beautiful!

  5. Happy birthday, Wendy’s Dad!

    Hanna Silk – mmmmmmmm. Haven’t yet given in, but I’ve got a summery wrap in mind. Have a great weekend!

  6. I too, am charmed by your expanding repetoire. I knew you had it in you. Winter is only half the year, after all, unless one lives, as I do, in New England, where cats snuggle radiators for sometimes eight months out of the year.
    Koigu is a dangerous beast: stay away!

  7. Happy Birthday to your dad!

    You got a good shot of Miss Lucy’s tail – how elegant her coat looks.

    Your Audrey is lucious.

    Have a nice weekend.

  8. Yes, I feel your pain. It is not easy being a delicate flower. HA!

  9. Now I am drooling over your Audrey…if I drool on it in person, does that mean I have to leave with it, just like you did with Vintage Knits? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Wendy, Long time lurker…1st time commentor. We would be anxious to hear what you think of things you actually do knit from Vintage Knits. My daughter has found alot of pattern mistakes…it is alittle discouraging.

  11. Lapis Lazuli says:

    I’m in progress on my first Vintage Knits project currently. I started with the striped short sleeved sweater because the color pallette was sooooooooo striking. Let us know what you pick first.

  12. Dear Wendy, AKA Delicate Flower,
    A very happy birthday to your Father and a great weekend to you! Love the knitting bag – I definitely need to check out Knit Happens.

  13. Renee in CO says:

    Hi Wendy — What I find interesting (and a little disturbing) is that now *I’M* suddenly more interested in summer knitting. I just bought some Calmer off e-bay and am having Noro Lily fantasies.

    I’m incredibly influenced by whatever you’re doing. I guess it’s just motivating to see all the cool sweaters you’re creating.

    Keep up the great work and keep using your power for good.

  14. Your Audrey is looking beautiful — I love the color, too! I am always so amazed at the speed of your knitting. I think we began Audrey about the same time, and I am still on the back. Sheesh!

    I’m looking forward to watching Ingeborg progress!

  15. It might be all the purling on Fiona that gets to the hands. I’m leary about it at this point but it’s so darn cute! Maybe if Ingeborg is your secondary project others will be able to keep up…like a golf handicap?!

  16. Stylish bag you got there. You know, you’re lucky I don’t live over there otherwise I’d become one of those friends who wants to borrow your accessories all the time. Hee!

    Incidentally, I am a wee bit jealous of your Audrey’s near finished state and will now indulge in a few specialty Lyonnais chocolates to make myself feel better, thank you.

    And happy birthday to your Dad! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. What a lovely bag! I love the colors & the paisley pattern. It’s very provencal with a twist. Everywhere I turn these days I am seeing these Elizabeth Austen bags. Why are they so popular for knitting? Audrey is beautiful! It’s a very lovely color for spring.

  18. I, too, have recently been sorely tempted to acquire some Hana Silk and somehow managed to resist at the last moment (though I still yearn…)… LOL…

    Hana Silk…*Homer Simpson gurgle*….

  19. Audrey looks fantastic! I’m coveting Calmer now . . .
    And I love your new pic.
    I just purchased one of the lovely minion t-shirts as well as one of Rachael’s sexy ones. So now I’m set for knitting wear for a bit. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Have a great weekend!

  20. Do you step on Lucy often? I’ve noticed how well she coordinates with your carpet, especially tummy up. We’ve a brown tabby, Tweed, (rescued) that blends perfectly with both the carpet and tiles.

    Is it something in our sub-conscious that we choose pets that coordinate with our decor? But wait, I didn’t choose my flooring.

    Audrey is lovely. Sorry about the sore hands, I bet it’s all the purling too.

  21. I did it. I’m an official minion now. I’ve ordered the t-shirt!!!

  22. janet d says:

    Audrey looks beautiful & I’m looking forward to seeing her completed by Monday. I’m still trying to catch up with you! by the way, check out your Vintage Knits copy as some copies are missing the keys for the patterns on the fair isle projects — e.g. page 100 in my copy the key squares are blank (if you want to knit the same colorway as ms. sarah).

  23. Happy B-Day, Pops!! Audrey is looking SO lovely! I just love that color. And I LOVE that new pic of you. Purrrrfectly gorgeous!

  24. Wendy's Dad says:

    Thanks to all the knitters who wished me a Happy Birthday – it was!

  25. Wendy, I’ve just seen a photo of you in Audrey. The sweater looks fabulous on you. Congrats once again. Love the neck line.

  26. love that bag and i must get on to my audrey. seeing it come together so well makes me want to pick it back up again.