My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Poor Ingeborg

I sadly neglected Ingeborg last weekend. I barely knit on her at all.

This is partly Lucy’s fault. She is usually very good about sleeping in my lap while I knit. But this past weekend, she kept trying to chew on Ingeborg. And I kept pulling it out of her reach and telling her “No!”

Lucy does not appreciate being told “no” about anything, and she got quite snippy with me. So to keep the peace, I put poor Ingeborg away for a while.

So I pulled her out and did a few rounds last night. I think she appreciated the attention. I guess at some point I need to find buttons for her.


And Lucy spent some time under her sun lamp in the Kitty Day Spa.


Lucky Tank

My newest WIP is my Lucky Tank.

The bottom lace is an edging that is knit sideways. I then picked up stitches on the long straight edge and am knitting up from there. The body is a 12×2 rib. Just trying to save myself from the utter boredom of a sea of stockinette stitch.


I love the Jaeger 4-ply silk I’m using. and I love the color — dark chocolate brown. I feel as though I’m knitting with chocolate mousse. Hmmmmm . . . it makes me hungry just thinking about it.

Luanne Test Knitting

Anyone feel like test knitting Luanne, the tank pictured in yesterday’s blog? I need a knitter for the 35.5″ size and for the 44.5″ size. You’ll need to supply your own yarn between 500 — 800 yards (I reckon) DK weight — gauge is 22 sts and 30 rows to 4″. Email me using the “Contact Me” link from the sidebar if you are interested.

**Update** — I’ve got all my test knitters, thanks! 🙂

Critter Knitters Update

I neglected to mention yesterday that Liz updated the Blankets Received page. Wow! There are a whole lot of fabulous blankets there! And thank you Liz, to you and your kitty spokesmodels, for doing such a lovely job of documenting their arrival!


  1. Wow, you certainly are on a design roll! The bottom edging on Lucky is gorgeous.

  2. You could also be on the trail of the next dieting craze — knitting with the food you crave! I suppose we could call it a ‘high fiber’ diet!!

  3. The silk tank is *yummy* – I bet it’s as soft as mousse, too! I love the Kitty Day Spa! My tuxedo, Itchey, curls up behind my laptop to get the warm air blown out by the fan! And don’t I feel bad when it’s time to turn off the computer!!

  4. jazmine says:

    Hi Wendy – I wrote in a while ago about the snags on my cotton sweater (asked if Lucy had claws). I’m happy to report that a bit of fiddling with a needle and then a reblock did the trick! Thanks again for your advice! You saved my gift and I really appreciate it.

    You know, the tops you are designing are absolutely gorgeous! Ever considered a writing a WendyKnits book!? I think your eye for design would make for a wonderful book of patterns!

  5. allyson says:

    Ingeborg looks lovely! Can’t wait to see the buttons you choose. Next time you post a picture of her, could you show where the steek will be?

  6. Wendy:

    I think a wendyknits pattern book would be GREAT!! Think about it! It’d be a lot of work, but what fun for us! $$ for you and a charity??

    Two questions: is the Jaeger silk slippery like some cottons or just soft? And what type of needles are you using for it?

  7. 11:34PM and I’ve just gotten home from work. Its my first chance to look at your site in two days. And I say “Wow” and am humbled.

    If you ever want to put a book together like Jenny commented, I would be happy to donate my layout skills.

    Lucy is lovely as always and your works simply inspire. Can’t wait to see the finished patterns!

  8. The dark chocolate color of that yarn is beautiful. I’ve gone bonkers recently at getting yarns in that color. Let’s see…Calmer, Licorne and Phil Ruban. That color is definitely among my favorites for this year.

  9. I LOVE how LUCKY is looking. Will want to try that out one day. EXELLENT color.
    Just a thought: When babies are born we are told to give them black, white & red drawings to look at because it helps their focus. We are also told that Bulls respond to the red color when it moves. It occurs to me that INGEBORG which is looking lovely btw, has all those 3 colors and perhaps these colors and it’s bold pattern is irking Lucy.