My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Hot and Hazy and Humid

That was the weather yesterday. And very poor air quality. Hard to breathe.

Washington was eerily quiet most of yesterday. It was very strange to glance out my office window from time to time and see virtually no traffic. I guess a lot of people took to heart the warnings about not attempting to drive downtown and stayed home. The federal government was on unscheduled leave but, intrepid little civil servant that I am, I soldiered my way into work.

Before they closed the roof of my building for security, I went up and took a photo of the Capitol. Look at that haze!


And here’s another photo with something you rarely see in the foreground: Constitution Avenue at midday with no traffic.



I did work on Ingeborg’s sleeve last night, so she is feeling a bit more loved. Compared to the body pattern, the sleeve pattern is dead simple. And it’s quite a pleasant knit.


My Sweater Designs

I’ve gotten a few questions, in the comments and via email, about when my original patterns will be available for sale. My answer is still: at some point in the future. Lucy and Luanne are being test-knitted and I’m waiting for the comments from all the test-knitters before proceeding any further. Then I’ll need to tweak the patterns as needed. And Lucky is still in pattern development stage.


Lucy Sez:


Life’s too short to be dignified all the time. Play with a bendy straw!


  1. Wendy, thank you for sharing the pics of the Capitol. I unfortunately have never been in the US and love to see where people lik you live and work.

  2. Thanks for the interesting shots of the Capitol. I’ve been to DC many times but it’s cool to see from a different perspective. Your roof could turn into a tourist hotspot. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can understand why they closed it yesterday, though. The weather sure was uncomfortable. I felt sorry for the crowds and the military personnel.

  3. Could you give a guess on how many balls of Silk you will use for your latest tank top? Looks like another must-knit design!

  4. Washington,D.C. looks so serene. Those pics are keepers! A big hug to playful little Lucy!

  5. Thanks for the D.C. mini-tour. It’s cool seeing someone else’s work setting.

    Lucy reminds me that sometimes its the simple things in life that can bring the most pleasure.

  6. D.C. sure did look serene. Your camera takes great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    Kitty Lucy looks so happy and content in her pic. She has such a good mommy.

  7. THAT’S YOUR VIEW? Dang. I can see City Hall from here. Would rather not.
    Digit sends purrs and Adah’s just annoying. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Lapis Lazuli says:

    I have a completely off-topic question. Is ribbon yarn suitable for ribbing? I’m a book taught novice in need of the big advice. Help me, oh sage of stitches.

  9. You should have gotten a picture of the streets *after* the funeral procession. The metro was inundated, and boy did those people look hot! I had watched the parade from a very air conditioned conference room facing the Am. Hist. museum, so I was in no position to complain. (We did see a soldier taken out of the lines for what looked like heat exhaustion.)

  10. Are you going to do a *book*, Wendy? If so, I would buy it!

  11. Nice pics of DC. Did you have to evacuate yesterday too? Nothing wrong with taking time with Ingeborg. You’re making the lovely experience last longer!

  12. WOW! that’s a nice view! I’ll tell my DH to have a look. We toured Canada/USA ere in 2001, but b/c of 9/11 our whole scheduled was changed our arrived at the US was delayed and the most important thing for us was to see all of hubby’s family, so we never made it to the capital, though DH really wanted to go, now who knows when we’ll make it again. Oh well.
    Ingeborg sleeve is lovely just like Ingeborg.

  13. Knittykim's kitties says:

    I’ll tell ya’, Lucy, those bending straws are addictive. One minute they are taunting you, the next curling up to hide. Paper wads are wild too. Just make sure they aren’t from Post-Its ™-they stick to you!!

    Totty and Cindy

  14. Holy smokes. Hazy days of DC summer. It’s finally gotten sunny here. We get morning fog which burns off by mid-day.

    Can’t wait to see Lucky all finished. How I covet that Jaeger Silk! Smooches to Lucy.

  15. Lucy shows us that Bendy-straws can be *very* dignified!

  16. debbie kay says:

    It was plenty hazy here in the Heartland (Indianapolis) yesterday as well. Complete with ozone alert!

    I lived and worked in DC for a number of years and had a similar view of the Capitol. Where is your office located?

  17. Oh, thanks for sharing the pics! I love getting a little visual tour of someone else’s day.

  18. Uhhhm….I’m willing to bet that you took those photo’s when everything was “locked down” because of a small plane’s violation of the airspace. Turns out it was a false alarm. Can you tell I leave NPR on all day?<<gg.

  19. Ann Marie says:

    I did it! Ordered a hat kit from Bea Ellis! Two-color knitting, here I come… deep breaths, deep breaths….

    And my husband finally looked at your blog tonight. Geeks that we are, we often sit in the evenings in a “duelling laptops” kind of arrangement, and I sent him your URL. He gave it the “oh, hmmm” treatment. I sent him a link to a gallery picture. A few minutes passed. From behind his screen, I hear this thoughtful voice: “Did you see that one called Na Craga?” A few minutes later: “Did you see that one called St. Enda?”

    Got him.

  20. Wendy,
    Are you in the DOL buliding? Just wondering because the view is really familar to me.