My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



Back to work. Back to normal.

Going back to work yesterday after being away for 5 days was tough. It wasn’t until I got to the security checkpoint at the office that I realized I wasn’t wearing my ID. First time I’ve ever forgotten it. Let me outta the office for a few days and I completely forget how to get ready for work.

At least I caught up on some blog reading yesterday morning in the wee hours (that insomnia thing) — I hadn’t really read any since last Thursday. So I feel like I’ve caught up a bit with the knitblog world.

And it looks like several of you have the bloggy blahs. Me too. I am finding myself totally uninteresting these days. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz . . . huh? What? Oh, sorry, I dozed off whilst writing this.

So I’m just chugging along on my projects and it doesn’t make for very exciting blogging.

And the weather doesn’t help. We got bitch-slapped with humidity earlier in the week and for the next couple of days it’s supposed to be unbearably hot. At least my sinus infection-thingie is just about gone now.

Lucy’s chilling in the a/c, though.


Doesn’t she look as cool as a little sealpoint cucumber?

On the Edge

And I do feel as though I’m teetering on the edge of some very cool projects. So things will liven up soon.

The Lucky tank will be done this week, and I’ve got a new very cool design I’ll be starting to knit after that.

And poor Ingeborg. I’m heartily sick of her, but she’ll be done at some point in the near future too. I knitted on the longest piece of lace on the train yesterday, so that’s done. It’s really quite pretty.


And I sewed the edging around the hem of Ingeborg’s body. And I’m quite happy with how it looks.


I still have a sleeve that I’ve not cast on for yet, but as soon as I get started on it, I can get the sleeve done in a week or so, knitting on it part time.

But first I’ll knit the rest of the lace edging.

I think I’ve hit on why I knit so fast. To try to avoid getting sick of what I’m knitting!


  1. The lace hem does look lovely.I wasn’t too sure about it,but it doesn’t look as ‘girly’ as I thought it might.The dark colours seem to balance it.Knitted edges on shawls etc. do get to be too much like work.It’s always so satisfying when they’re done though.
    Hard to feel motivated about anything when it’s hot and humid !
    I’m enjoying seeing you branch out into less traditional territory,as well as watching Ingeborg growing.

  2. The edging is really nice. Didn’t think I was much of a lace edging kinda girl, but it looks great! Didn’t realize this sweater had sooo many amazing details.

  3. While the lace may be a pain in the buttski…
    It looks very beautiful!

    It reminds me of putting borders on quilts. Ya just want to finish the project…but then you see a gloriously done border and you realize that it is worth the extra effort.

    Your lace was definately worth the effort!

  4. Barbara says:

    I agree, the lace looks great! Any chance you would let us see the “back side” of the lace border? I would like to see how you attached it.

  5. Ingegorg is such a beautiful sweater. Looking at your progress pictures has made me want to knit it myself. If I ever see this pattern I think I will get it. I think it’s the colour combinations that are so striking, as well as the design. It’s funny how when you see a pattern you might not think you would want to knit it but when you see someone else doing it, it really motivates you!

  6. Something to write about until the knitting blogging blahs go away….Last week you mentioned you use a digital SLR to take the pictures on your blog. I too have a digital SLR (Canon D30) and a variety of lenses ranging from 17mm – 300 mm. I have tried various methods of taking pictures for my blog and am rarely satisfied with how they look. Yours always look great, clear, good color, no blown out highlights, no too-dark pics. How about giving us Wendy’s Tips for Taking Great Knitting Pictures?

  7. I’m glad to hear that I am not the only one who gets sick of a project right before it gets completed. Usually it ends up involving KAI (knitting another item) before the other project is done just to keep my sanity. Ingeborg is lovely. I had really wanted to ‘borg with you, but I couldn’t at the time. It is lovely to live vicariously. Thanks!

  8. I agree with the knitting to not get bored thing. I sometimes find myself halfway through something and decide I’m done with that project and move on to something else. I have a huge number of UFOs in my work basket because of this.

    I do wish I could knit as fast as you. I used to be able to knit very quickly but carpal tunnel has nixed that for me.

  9. Ingeborg is just lovely.

    When I get bored with any project – I turn to lace knitting. It stimulates my mind (which is a challenge) and then I can’t wait to get back to color knitting.

    Miss Lucy is cute…

  10. Oh, so blahed out on my Dale baby sweater. It’s the curse of the second sleeve. In the mean time I finished my Charlotte’s Web last night. I just have to do some sort of edge treatment. I was so happy to have that off the needles that I immediately swatched and cast on for Luanne!

  11. What a beautiful edging! I hadn’t noticed that in the pattern pic. What a difference it makes on the finished piece. It looks so much more feminine. Looking forward to the finished pictures!

  12. Your ingeborg is looking great.

    I’m almost trucking along on my first dale, Bjerk, from the same book. I’ve fallen in love with tiny needles (from a girl who liked 18s and 35s) and am deciding if I want to knit Isfordjen or Frogner (from 109, the other book I have) next.

    Thanks for inspiring me to be a better knitter, and stop with the obsessive scarf knitting.

  13. Beautiful! I can’t wait to see the finished sweater…definitely hasn’t been blah lately to me!

  14. Ingeborge looks awesome. Are you worried at all about the red bleeding into the white when you wash it? Dry clean only?

  15. I was admiring the yarn you bought (an entry or so back). I bought some Tess’s Silky Locks, a lot like the Interlacements Montana you got (you can see it in my stash pictures, on my blog, if interested - ). I have been trying to decide what to do with it. What are you thinking of doing with the Montana?

  16. danmakine says:

    hello there

    I was thinking you could use some more L-names, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Since you are designing so much and you might run out of names *laughs*

    Well there’s
    Lene (F)
    Lars (M)
    Lone (F)
    Line (F)
    Lara (F)
    Louise (F)
    Lise (F)

    Uhm.. there are all nordic, as it is ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good luck with your designing.

  17. hi, noticed you have listed under WIPs your elastico tank. can’t wait to see some photos.

  18. I’ve definitely been hit by the blogging blahs too. None of my projects make interesting photos right now–second sleeves looks just like first sleeves if your lucky!–and on my coast we’ve been socked in by fog for two days. Doesn’t make you feel like knitting summery tanks when you’ve been wearing the wool.

  19. You do seem to knit amazingly fast. And I must say you do nice work.

  20. Did I miss something? Is Luanne available or is Nathania testing it for you? I’ve got all that cotton cashmere just sitting there…

  21. Lapis Lazuli says:

    Danmakin, don’t forget LaToya and Laverne. Maybe you should start naming them after famous people’s children: Banjo, Apple, Coco, Pilot…

  22. Gasp! That sweater is fancy-schmancy!!! Whoooo!