My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


A Blogger’s Disclaimer

I stumbled upon this in my online wanderings over the weekend: A Blogger’s Disclaimer.

This is something everyone who reads and comments on blogs should look at and think about.

We knitbloggers are more of a community and our blogs are somewhat interactive, so I don’t think all of the blog rules there apply completely. But there were a lot of points that rang true.

Here’s one:

Never contact the writer for more details on events or personal information than what they have already provided on the site.

With the emphasis on personal information. Information on works in progress and yarn, etc. is fair game, I think.

Here’s an important point:

Ex-friends, lovers and estranged family members who have been cut out of the writer’s life should refrain from reading their journal. If the relationship has ended, there is no reason you should get daily updates on the person’s life. If you simply can’t help yourself, do it quietly, and never repeat what you read or use it to hurt the writer.

One more, then I’ll move on:

Never assume a writer owes you any response. They may receive from a few to hundreds of messages per day.

No, nothing specific has happened and I’m not pissed off. I just thought this was a good thought-provoking piece of information.

As I said, we knitbloggers are a pretty interactive group. we have exchanges and knitalongs. A sense of community. But the bottom line is that a blogger is a total stranger to 99% of the people who read his/her blog. On my blog I share a teeny tiny slice of my life, and that’s as much as I’m willing to share.

Does This Look Familiar?

Eklectika sent me this link last week. Does this remind you of anything?


I got my Inge-buttons in the mail. Not from the original vendor, who never sent them nor responded to my email inquiry about order status, but the second set I ordered. This is the poifect Inge-button, I think:


So I sewed them on the Borg, made i-cord button loops. La voila:




I made a bit of progress on Ingrid:


And a close-up:


Lucy sez . . .

The heck with Ingrid! Lizzie makes a wonderful kitty bed!



  1. Hi Wendy,
    I like the name, and the looks, of you new Swedish sweater! My daughter’s second name is Ingrid, and it also runs in the family.

    Being Swedish myself, I’d like to give you some links on Swedish knitting. Unfortunately a lot is in Swedish, but I am sure you can use the email addresses to get more info.

    Jorun mentions bohus knitting in her blog:
    Bohusläns museum:

    Knitting in Halland:

    Two end knitting is a special technique:
    Anne-Mai Ling has written a book in English on two end knitting:

    I hope you find something that you like!
    /Liisa in Uppsala, Sweden

  2. oh-oh-oh-OH Ingrid! I’m trembling and drooling!

  3. Jocelyne says:

    Hi Wendy
    You know, i think you should ask for copy right to Lion’s Brand.
    I don’t have a blog myself because of that sort of thing. I’m creating most of the garnments i’m knitting, with very particular technics, on which i worked hard, to obtain special textures and surfaces. And over here, stealing ideas and patterns is a nationnal sport. Sounds to be the same in US !
    Ingeborg is fantastic!
    And you know, i can’t leave a knitting without findding a cat upon it when i come back !

  4. OMG, Wendy! I can’t believe that link with the cat bed. Un-freakin-believeable! I’m in shock. It’s just wrong.

    On a happier note, Ingeborg is stunning!!!! Love the buttons.

  5. Wendy- Ingeborg is the nicest fitting sweater I have seen on you in the 18 months or so that I’ve been sharing this lil slice of your life! 🙂 It looks really beautiful on you!!

  6. Beautiful Job on Ingeborg!

    I was just reading this weekend on how to do I-cord loops for buttons (courtesy of the Big Book of Knitting)!

    Definately drop Lion Brand an email…sheesh!
    🙂 happy monday!

  7. Barbara says:

    Ingeborg is absolutely beautiful! What an inspiration to all of us.

  8. Reading “A Blogger’s Disclaimer” led me to do some philosophical questioning of the feelings I’ve developed for some bloggers and their furry buddies. For all I know, all the feelings of admiration, respect, appreciation, and even love (It broke my heart when Izzy passed) engendered could be sorely misplaced. Much like the characters in a good novel, I feel like I really know you – and sometimes want to know more than what is blogged:<( But you all could just be a figment of someone’s imagination and clever cyber graphics. I questioned, “Am I just a stalker?” But then I remembered that it was from reading these blogs that I’ve been able to connect with real life people who share this passion for fiber and furry buddies.

  9. I have an ex-bf from 3 years ago who still reads my personal blog every day. He’s had another relationship since we broke up, and yet, everyday, I can see his IP address in my blog.

    And then once, my current boyfriend ex-gf found my personal blog, where in one tiny post I giggled about a weird birthday present she had sent him. Didn’t mention her by name, no identifying information, and she completely and totally flipped out.

    In contrast, knit blogging seems drama free. 🙂

  10. Barbara says:

    Is Ingrid a new design you are developing or a printed pattern? She sure is beautiful! Don’t wanna get hooked on another sweater (to add to my list of WIP) but, I just might have to! Wendy, you are a dangerous woman!

  11. Wow – Lion Brand owes you big time – try contacting Nancy Thomas at Lion Brand – I think she is the Creative Director or something like that. By the way, ‘la voila’ should be ‘le voila’ 🙂

  12. i didn’t really like the sweater, it’s not really my style it’s more of my grandmas. sorry i’m not trying to be rude but my style is more colorful!

  13. There’s a pretty similar kitty bed in Debbie Stoller’s Stitch ‘n Bitch book.

  14. I absolutely love Ingeborg! I’ve been reading your blog for about 1 1/2 years, and this is my favourite yet.

  15. Gosh, I guess there are fewer slices in my life! I work full time and have a 1-year-old, but knitting is my no. 1 hobby, and that’s what I can be found doing whenever I have “free” time. And I’m not a tenth as productive as you! sigh :o)

  16. Great job on Ingeborg! The lace makes it for sure! Super button choice yet again!

  17. A Bloggers Disclaimer… So true, so true!
    Ingeborg looks fabulous. Ingrid is interesting. Can’t wait to see how she’s going to turn out.
    Your very talented. How long have you been knitting? When I grow up, I want to be as talented as you!!!

  18. Ingrid is so pretty!! It looks like you knittig it in the round. Yes? Will it be sleeveless, or with sleeves?

    Have a good day -Lucy looks good.

  19. I thought of you when I saw that cat bed in Herrschners’ catalog. Ingeborg is beautiful.

  20. Ingeborg is fantastic! Any chance of a closeup of the button band and i-cord loops? I can’t quite get through my head how this works.

  21. Ingeborg is beautiful and fits you well. Can’t wait to see more of Ingrid!

  22. thanks for the blogger’s disclaimer link … my site traffic is no where near what yours must be (and thanks for the many referrals from your site btw!!), so I am not having any blogger ‘issues’ per se, but it does make for thought provoking reading! as always, another great entry!

  23. Interesting and thought-provoking content, Wendy. That part about ex-friends, lovers, etc. not reading caught my eye, though. I have seen so many instances of people being embarassed (or otherwise put out) by someone else seeing something they voluntarily posted on the internet, aka the World Wide Web. Whether it’s a case of someone accidentally finding a post on a messageboard, or someone deliberately checking a blog or other journal, if someone puts information on a public website, it’s Public. If it’s “personal” information, then email it to the people you want to know about it, or post it on a members-only website.

    This doesn’t mean that I think “spying” on an ex through the internet (or anything else) is right. I think it’s kind of pathetic and sick. But I don’t think the blogger has any reasonable expectation of “privacy” on a public website.

    Great job on Ingeborg!!

  24. WENDY! Just when I need some philosophical salve you find this Blog Missive on Manners by Midge…


    I especially like the part about using others graphics – I’ve been flamed to high heaven – even called the *B* word and other names ONLINE because I requested that someone respect my copyright. The link to is required reading.

    In the spirit of maintaining the wonderful community we *live* in, I will be posting Midge’s README button on my site tonight and link to the Disclaimer.

    BTW – Ingeborg is SO beautiful – it is very chilly here today – do you really need it in steamy DC???? 🙂

  25. charlotte says:

    For the record. I had seen and knitted and felted a version of the cat bed (for a smallish dog) about 7 years ago. The pattern was floating all over Minneapolis and so I don’t necessarily think it was your invention or that Lion brands pilfered it. (And yes it had fun fur and other possible embellishments.)

  26. Ann Marie says:

    Andrea, you are so right. Once it’s public, it’s public – you can’t have it both ways. Of course, you can use pseudonyms or no names at all, and hope that people behave civilly in return. But creepy exes with computers, sort of like in “Field of Dreams…”

    “If you publish it, they will read.”

    And I really like Ingrid – the heathery look is from the variegated yarn, right? I wish my monitor showed the colors better.

  27. heather says:

    the bloggers disclaimer makes some decent points, but most of it looks like sour grapes from someone who can’t accept the responsibilities involved in blogging. i absolutely have to agree with the comment above that the internet is public. public, public, public. no blogger has any reasonable expectation that their site will be treated like a secret diary tucked under a mattress. if that’s what you want, you should get a secret diary and tuck it under your mattress. problem solved.

    anything that you post on an unprotected site on the internet can be read by anyone and there is no reason you should expect otherwise. this includes people who have been “cut out” of your life. if you wrote a newspaper column, would you demand that your ex cancel his/her subscription to the paper when the relationship ended? your readers also have no obligation to identify themselves. that may be the polite thing to do, but if we’re going to go that route it would also be proper for bloggers to ask permission from anyone they write about, and we all know that doesn’t happen.

    anyone who seriously believes that their blog/livejournal/etc. is a good place to record their deepest personal secrets needs to go buy a clue. internet = public. and if you write about other people in your blog, no matter how innocuous you think it is, you should understand that in all likelyhood it’s going to come back and sink its pointy teeth in your tender backside at least once. these are the risks implicit in blogging and no “readme” page can absolve you from the responsibilites of choosing to write in a public forum.

  28. Kamarria says:

    i’ll second what heather said. the internet is not a private party. you either deal with that or you don’t blog. period.

    lion brand doesn’t own anyone anything. you can’t copyright utilitarian items, so unless they used wendy’s pattern word for word, they’re clear. agree or disagree, that’s the law.

  29. Hi Wendy,

    Ingeborg looks beautiful (and so does Ingrid), but is that skin I am spoting on the front of Ingeborg in the picture? Just wondering, because I wouldn’t like a breeze through a cardigan.


  30. Knittykim says:

    The Borg is beautimous. I hope you two will have many years together.

    re: cat bed: I almost choked going through me mail when I saw the Herrshners catalogue. Such a whimpy, flat, palid imitation of your original!!

  31. Your ingeborg is gorgeous, as per all your knitting! I have to say, though, this is one of my very favorite Dales you have knitted.

    Ingrid is lovely, as well. I like the positive/negative patterning.

  32. As much as I love Wendy, etc., and think whichever nameless person did the design for Lion (presumably a work-for-hire under the company name) was vermin, I kinda think anyone who publishes ideas on their blogs is kinda setting themselves up for some kind of ‘steal me’ problem or some kind of parallel development misunderstanding. Wendy, don’t get me wrong, etc., we’ve corresponded for ages and I know you for what you knit and what you contribute to the community (which is TONS!) — but people who don’t know you or see you that way (and others who might wanna make a buck) can always walk off with a good idea and get it ‘out there’ faster than you can since it’s your avocation and not your vocation.

    Sure, we get to lose because there are predators amont us — i.e., because whatever alleged ‘designer’ sent that pattern to Lion was really really potentially copying information freely available on the internet without attributing source, but I’d rather protect people with good ideas (and go without the public process notes, which I enjoy very much) than to reward people who steal, even if it’s only a ‘small idea’ like a really great cat bed.

    (PS, no ideas are small…)

    I hate to say it, Wendy, but keep your really best ideas to yourself (or be prepared for the rip-offs, because there’s always someone who sees your insight and has the minimal talent and/or money/time/help to get there faster than an individual (or, in my case, faster than a small lab or slow/small health care provider).

    Hate to say it, there has been plenty of stuff originally put up on blogs that has later turned into some designer’s coup du jour garment. Just that I don’t think we were prepared to listen at the time.

    Caveat [generous person] because not everyone has your generous heart 😉


  33. As usual, Wendy, the speed and precision of your knitting leaves me awestruck 🙂 Ingeborg is just lovely, and I know you’ll enjoy wearing it this winter. I’m sorry about your kitty bed pattern being hijacked — the perils of being such a public and well read blog, maybe? But still a rotten deal and ethically stinky.

  34. Ingeborg almost makes me want to sit with a lapful of wool in the summer. Just beautiful, I think,

    The Blogger’s Disclaimer is very thought provoking. I did like the comment “tell someone if you read their blog and they didn’t tell you about it”.

    At one point I asked my husband if he ever read my blog. He told me no, it was my personal space, and he didn’t want to barge in unless invited. So people can be respectful of public places if they want to be.

  35. Ingrid looks like a 60s print mini skirt…very Nancy Sinatra…

  36. Wow. Another gorgeous FO by Wendy. Loving Ingeborg. Great job, as usual! 😀

  37. I came upon that disclaimer a while ago, and found really interesting the bit that reads someone along the lines of “if you don’t like the person behind the blog, why read it?” So true. What I don’t get is when people who dislike me for reasons of their own continue to peek at my blog. Hello….no one wants you there, and why do keep coming in???

    P.S. I never answer personal questions sent to me via email from people I don’t know. And some are so direct! I guess having an interactive blog sort of sets up the blogger for the scenario, but it still makes me uncomfortable.