My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Big-Ass Bucket

Yesterday Lizzie was waiting patiently to be seamed and neckband knitted. Ingrid was draped seductively on the coffee table, just begging to be knit. And the Lana Grossa tank? It’s been sitting in a forlorn heap on top of the microwave. Ignored for days.

So what do I do?

Knit a bucket hat, of course. And not only do I knit a bucket hat, but I knit one in an oh-so-totally inappropriate yarn that makes me have to make serious adjustments to Bonne Marie’s most excellent pattern. Which of course was written for sane people to follow.

The Big-Ass Bucket Hat

Miz Big-Ass Bucket accompanied me to work yesterday. I gamely knit the bottom band on the train going into work, with surprisingly little trouble. I gamely knit on her during lunch, and gamely knit on her on the train ride home. As I mentioned yesterday, the Tabitha yarn is a slubby cotton/rayon blend and it knits to a gauge of 3.5 st/inch on a 5mm needle.

When I got home I ignored my worthy WIPs and finished her.

So here she is in all her slubby (that’s slubby, not slutty) glory, still damp from blocking.


I quite like her. Official on-head portrait to come when she dries out (the lush!).

And then I gave in and knit poor neglected Lizzie’s neckband.


I bet there’ll be an FO picture tomorrow . . .

A Story

Once upon a time there was a good little knitter named Wendy. She only bought yarn for her next project when she was halfway through her current project — she never hoarded yarn. She knit one project at a time. She finished everything she started. She was a good girl.

Then the internet came along.

Our knitting heroine discovered that there were people out there who stashed yarn. So Wendy started to stash yarn. She now has yarn everywhere. Her guestroom is filled with yarn. Yarn stuffed in bureaus, yarn stacked on shelves, yarn stored inside coolers. Her linen closet houses even more yarn. There is a cabinet crammed full of sock yarn in her master bedroom. There is yarn in the wall unit in the living room, yarn on top of the microwave in the kitchen, yarn in hanging baskets, yarn in a gold wire cage on her coffee table. Yarn dangling seductively off a sofa table. And yarn in a pretty porcelain milk pitcher on her dining room table.

And still, she buys more yarn.

And that one-project-at-a-time deal? Out the window. Wendy now starts knitting new projects whenever the heck she feels like it.

I feel so . . . so . . . naughty.

What’s the point of this sad story, you ask? I dunno. I guess that I’m a bad-ass yarn hoarder and I like it that way.


By the way, I laughed out loud at Jenifleur’s comment yesterday:

Ingrid is going to be all mint chocolate chip ice creamy! Yum.

Because everytime I look at Ingrid I think “Mmmmmmm! Mint chocolate chip ice cream!”

Great minds, eh?

In answer to a coupla questions about Ingrid over the past few days: she will be a long-sleeve pullover — the collar band and cuffs will be the same as the bottom band.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. For now.

Yes, I’m in an odd mood. If you’re lucky, it will pass quickly.


Allyson asked in yesterday’s comments if I take a new picture of Lucy every day or choose from a gallery of photos.

I do take a new photo every day. Actually, I take several photos every day and select one from those. I keep all Lucy photos, no matter how lousy they are. As you can imagine, I have quite a few by now! I think it’s time to start archiving them off on CDs!

Lucy sez:


It’s exhausting being an international supermodel. You think Naomi Campbell gets mobbed on a photoshoot? Honey, she ain’t got nuthin on me!


  1. That’s it! (Light bulb comes on) It’s someone else’s fault that I have a yarn stash as high as the house (well, it is hidden in the loft, so technically it is as high as the house). I am powerless against the pressure of the internet. I feel better now, I am not alone. Where’s that ‘buy it now’ button gone?

  2. Hey! I didn’t know about the coolers! What’s lurking there? And don’t forget about your tower of needles!

  3. Wendy,
    Lily Chin, the designer and compleat yarn stasher once wrote about where to put your stash. She said you can use your oven and microwave. You can take the stuffing out of zippered throw pillows and place it with yarn. You can rent rooms in an air conditioned, open 24/7 self storage facility. Since you store stash in the oven you won’t need pots and pans, so you can use your kitchen cabinets. And oh yes, since you won’t be cooking you don’t need to put food in the refrig or freezer, so that a good place for stash as well especially for angora or mohair.

  4. Speakin’ of bad-ass, have I told you lately you’re a bad-ass designer? Well, there. Now I have. xo

  5. I had to laugh at your story! I’ve never been much of a yarn hoarder until I started reading your blog! Yes, Wendy, you are an enabler!! Aren’t you ashamed? : )

  6. The cooler ~ What a great idea! And all those pitchers I have displayed on the shelf. Thanks for a couple new stash locations, Wendy.

  7. (oops, I mistyped my own name. Where’s that cuppa tea?)

  8. Yarn stashing is a NOBLE pursuit, not a naughty one. I am saving money by buying my yarns whenever they are on sale. All prices go up. That’s an economic inevitability, so I am saving now by not having to pay a higher price in the future. My yarn will go to deserving others when I die, so I won’t need any expensive funeral; they will all have something to remember me by. I am spending money to help the economy. Yarn purchasing is NOBLE. Just tell yourself this everytime you buy more. It works for me.

  9. Don’t forget the books. To assuage some of my yarn-guilt, I’ve turned to buying pattern books. (They’ll help me use up the yarn, right?) I just got 2 more in the mail this week — Two Sticks and a String, and one of the Jo Sharp books (Inspirations in Color, or something like that).

  10. Hi Wendy – I liked your “Stash Confession”! The only rooms in my house where I do not have yarn are the kitchen & the bathroom … considering that I hardly use the microwave, I could put some of my stash in there :-)).
    Long live the internet for yarn sources. And e-bay, of course!

  11. Lapis Lazuli says:

    I, too, am a shameless yarn harlot. I have tons of yarn and multiple projects on needles. However, I have resolved that as of today, I will not buy anymore yarn until my stash is depleted. It’s part of my new discipline.
    ….okay, unless cashmere goes on sale again. that’s different, ya know.

  12. Wendy, I have always hoarded yarn … and fabric, needlepoint canvas, threads, etc. But I have become a good little girl and am getting rid of some of my hoarded statsh. The fabric, threads, and needlework stuff has go go for the most part because I need more room for yarn. Of course, I am getting rif of some yarn. What was I thinking buying enough Lopi for 2 sweaters when I live in the DC area!!!! And as my knitting has improved and my tastes have gotten better, I need to get rid of some of that yarn I no longer like. But I will be replacing it with more yarn. As soon as the other stuff is gone, I need to make a trip to Knit Happens. And you are partially responsibile!

    I have modified Bonne Marie’s BUB to fit my yarn selections. And seeing you lovely BUB reminds me that I still need to make me another one using a white cotton and pink Eros.

    And of course Lucy always looks pretty. I think that she is wanting her Mommy to pay more attention to her. After all Mommy is the most important person in the world next to her.

  13. OK, y’all, repeat after me: “My name is _____ and I am a yarn/book/needle/knit-aholic”. And of course you know the saying “denial is not a river in Egypt”. We now must consider not just going on a yarn/book/needle diet, but a ban. A total ban. We can do this. One day at a time. At least until Elann has something we absolutely can’t pass up, so that we can use up that $50 credit. Yesss!

  14. Isn’t it just comforting to a knitter’s heart and mind when there is a huge pile of yarn in their grasp? I find my yarn stash is soothing to me.Sorta of like lit candles and lovely scents. I not only want it – I NEED IT!

    Love your Big-Ass Bucket..

  15. Yes, the Internet did it to me. Not much of a stasher until the last few months…it’s not quiet as “bad” (that’s using bad as the good word) as yours but I’ll most likely get there. Had to by some Debbie Bliss on sale locally, mostly because of you! I’m thinking Luanne. Blogs, yarn, books…it’s all addicting.

  16. Hooray for all the photos of Lucy – request: 2005 I Love Lucy Calendar.

    Hooray for your stash – Hoorary for all our stashes. And you don’t need to justify yourself to anyone. My only concern is remembering what I have – I really went all out at MD S&W yarn and kit-wise – so, doing some kind of inventory would be a good idea (I’m talking to myself here).

    As someone who has worked so hard to be a “good girl” all her life, I’m not sure that a stash is a bad ass or a noble pursuit, but, I’m glad to have turned a new leaf – being a good girl is so much work and I’m mighty glad to have company stash-wise – besides, who among us mortals can resist such wonderful yarn and the creative ideas/projects that they enable us to pursue?

    I now refer to my one bedroom apartment as my yarn storage space or warehouse or knittng studio, depending whom I’m speaking with…it’s home to my cats and a knitting working space to me – cooking? ha! cleaning? ha! entertaining? ha again! My real friends know that I’ll dine out with them any old time. I got wonderful yarn storage (AKA plastic file) cabinets from a hardware store in MD and now I need to get more…

    Have a great 4th! Happy Independence Day! All the best to you and Lucy!

  17. I thought that was what the spare room was for…all my yarn ho & fabric ho acquisitions…no? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. I second Peg’s motion for a I Love Lucy calendar!

    Not that I don’t love to read your blog everyday, but I’m always thinking “what’s lucy got to say today!”

    I Love Lucy!

    Thanks for all your work posting Wendy,


  19. LG in WV says:

    Oh Wendy….you don’t have to worry, ALL knitters are big-ass hoarders. I take that back – just all the knitters that I know.

  20. Boy, Wendy, you could have been writing about my good intentions regarding yarn, WIP, and knitting in general when I first started. I made the mistake of declaring to the world (in the middle of my LYS) that I will buy yarn for only two projects ahead at a time. The laughed in my face. Now, I’m like you, got it stashed everywhere, even in the unused shower stall at the office. Isn’t it good to know that we’re not the only ones?

  21. I will never stop buying yarn, because it makes me happy. I won’t feel guilty about the yarn that I own, as I have decided that it is not a stash, it is a “collection”. that’s right, I collect yarn, and I like it.

  22. Hi.
    Next month it will be 6 years since I had a professional hair cut. I just do it myself, it’s in a shoulder length bob, no bangs. Are you growing out your hair or is it time for a trim?

  23. I stopped stashing (tons of) yarn when I visited the home of an Internet knitter (who shall remain nameless) while traveling out-of-town. The perspective I got scared the hell out of me.

    I’m leaving a fake email address as Wendy’s blog is so popular my friend probably reads it every day and I wouldn’t hurt her feelings for the world.

    (Wendy’s smart enough to know who I am from my IP anyway!)

    This woman was probably in her 60’s and she was sweet. She did have yummy yarn but I kid you not – every room in her house had yarn spilling out. She also had projects started on nice needles all over the place. I saw so many that I almost started counting to myself. I realized how rude it was (even if I wasn’t sharing my thoughts) and kept wondering why it mattered. They didn’t look like they were doing without. And it wasn’t any of my business. She was nice and wasn’t trying to force her lifestyle on me. So why did it bug me and why was I so uncomfortable?

    I thought about it driving home and realized that if I let that happen to me, I’ll never be able to knit it all up in a lifetime!! I LOVE to knit and when I get too much, I start to feel like I have to clock in and knit it all up. I hate that feeling! I also want to own some nice furniture. When I quit buying sewing things that I didn’t need or use, enough money was freed to make my beamer payment. Now I want to finish furnishing my home in the style I want to be accustomed to (heh heh!) I still knit and I still sew and believe me, I use the good stuff! But I make sure I don’t have more than about 10 projects worth at a time.

    Everyone has to figure out their own balance. I can’t bear the thought of living without being able to start a new project in the middle of the night! So I’ve found my balance. I ALWAYS have yarn for the next pair of socks, the next mindless knitting project and the next challenging sweater. But I won’t tie up thousand’s of dollars in dead inventory that is going to sit there making me feel guilty.

    And I thank my Internet friend who allowed me to visit her stash and get a better perspective on my own needs.

  24. I am working on my hat, have worked on it for a few DAYS now… did you double strand your rim? I am a new knitter though.. not to fast ๐Ÿ™

    are you located in VA? I am getting married in VA next month, i was raised north of richmond.

  25. OWWWHHHH Wendy! As we say in Chicago, who’s your BigAss Momma?!!!!!!!!

    Cant’ wait to see this Bucket! Or should I say BAB!

    BTW, stash is goooood, stash is OK….. Stash is my friend….

  26. I come by my stashing naturally… my mom had TONS of fabric stashed away. Granted, it all got ruined when the roof leaked – which just taught me to keep it in plastic bins!

  27. Stash some yarn for me! Stupid tight budget….

  28. I loved “The Story”!! Probably because it sounds just like me. I used to be a one project, stick to it person years ago, then I learned how to spin………..and weave………and that it was not a sin to have more than one project going. The barn has filled up with fiber and the house is filled with baskets of yarn and needles…..LOL!!

    Happy Knitting!!!! I love Ingrid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!