My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


July Contest Winner!

In no particular order until you get to number one, Top Ten Unusual Places to Store Yarn:

10. Inside the piano: as in inside the cavity, down amongst the strings. It was during the school holidays and my little Liberaces are skilled at managing to wiggle out of practice during this time so I knew I was safe for five weeks. (Ann)

9. In a wine rack – the little holes are perfect for skeins of yarn – and it’s pretty! (Lori)

8. The craziest place I have ever stored yarn was in the bottom of my baby’s Exersaucer. It has a nice dish effect that could hold a lot of yarn. However, I had to move it because my kitty, Cleo, recognized that the saucer had grown “yarn-fur” and began to attack it. (Joan)

7. Skeins of yarn stuffed in old panty hose and tacked to the wall of the cedar closet . . . I still have to laugh, thinking of all those “legs” of yarn. . . but it was great storage . . . wish I still had that cedar closet. One of my sons once ask me what happened to the rest of the “bodies” (Sue)

6. I actually stored yarn in my daughter’s stuffed dog. (Lucrecer)

5. Well, I’m storing yarn right now in an unused fireplace and the little wood-keeping spot bricked in right next to the actual fireplace. (Melisande)

4. I store my yarn for colorwork hanging from the rungs of a ladder โ€“ so I can see all the colors and be inspired. (Amy)

3. One day I had a bunch of stuff out-lace weight bits and pieces — and I wanted to keep them upstairs, so I stuffed them into an old umbrella that was opened, closed the sucker up, and then stashed it into the big pottery urn we have for holding stuff like that. (Deb)

2. I used to have one of those glass lamps with removable bottoms. You could remove the bottom, fill the lamp with whatever clever decorative items you wanted. I used small balls of yarn from a dye experiment. (Janice)

And the winner:

The most unusual place I have stored yarn: (requires some explanation) I was redoing the upstairs bathroom, and as I hate change and fear problems with my repairs/handy-woman work, I had all the items I was replacing in the upstairs hallway for 3 or 4 months. The new toilet was unpacked and pristine-shiny white; I decided that it couldn’t just sit there that way, so I put beautiful blue and purple yarns in the bowl section, with novelty yarns in the top spilling ever-so artfully over. That way, every time I walked to the bedroom, I: a) saw yarn I should be using; and b) saw the toilet I should be installing! (KnittyKim)

Congratulations to KnittyKim! The lovely prize package generously donated by Nanette will be winging its way to you soon.

And thanks to everyone for participating. I loved reading all your answers!


A Hana Silk question:
How’s it knitting up on the size 8’s? Did you use a larger needle for your Hanna scarf? I’m planning a lacy wrap (nothing fancy, probably just a feather and fan stitch) but am not sure what sort of gauge I’d want to go for w/ this yarn. (Recommended needle size is like 10.5 or 11, which seemed huge when I looked at the yarn.)

It knit up nicely on size 8s. I did swatch for this because the pattern calls for All Seasons Cotton, which is so completely different from a silk ribbon, right? And to my surprise I got gauge on the same needle size called for — US 8.

It’s not a tight fabric on size 8s, but it’s not too loose, either. (Could I be any more wishy-washy?) It’s ju-u-u-u-ust right.

Lucy agrees.


My Hana Silk scarf? What size needles did I use? Durned if I can remember. And I didn’t write it down. Certainly no smaller than US 8, and possibly a size or two larger.

The bottom line is that I like it knitted on 8s. Though if you were knitting a lacy pattern you could certainly go larger.

Oh, and I finished the tank.


Spongebob’s Stash

Spongebob would like you to know that the yarn pictured in his photo from Friday is all Spirit Trail Fiberworks yarn.


The blue is Bluefaced Leicester wool and the green is 50/50 silk/wool.

Am I the Only One Who Thinks This is Just Wrong?

The domain name is owned by an architectural firm.


  1. great top ten list! soo funny! and your tank looks great. color is wonderful on you. spongebob is very lucky to be around just nice yarn, lol. he seems popular with the fiber. and funny about the arch firm. wonder if anyone in the family knits, lol?

  2. The owner is someone with the unlikely name M.J. Knitter.

    I sure hope that s/he is one!

  3. THANKS for taking the time to tell me about Hana! and the tank looks absolutely fab — both on you and under Lucy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Another thought on….Knitting and architecture really have so much in common. I know two architects that are expert knitters. They structure and design the most amazing garments.

  5. Sponge Bob is too funny. Reminds me of my sister-in-law, a woman of a certain age, who describes herself as Sponge Brain, Wet Pants.

  6. Could the tank *be* any more perfect? I wanna see it in person!

  7. Smoochy-Pagan looks fine, fine, fine. I’d love to see a close up of the bottom.

  8. The tank looks gorgeous on you!

  9. That’s my sister with the toliet full of yarn! I’m still trying to figure out if she actually placed the yarn in there “artfully” or if she tossed it in as she walked by. Sometimes the result is the same. ha!

  10. The toilet story is truly hilarious! Talk about a day brightener! Wow! All of the yarn storage stories were funny and I feel inspired to do something a bit more creative with mine rather than just stuffing it in plastic bags and tucking it wherever I can. Darnit! It’s tough living in such a tiny house with lots of musical instruments and computers. Egads! I just try to keep the guitar strings out of the yarn!

    The wine rack storage is uber cool and since I don’t drink anymore….hmmmm. Methinks a trip to Ikea for a groovy albeit cheapo wine rack might be in order. Think of all the ideas one can get when one can actually SEE one’s yarn! (said in Royal Family accent, of course.)

    Anyway, as always, I adore your blog.
    I needed a dose of that special “Wendy” vibe.

    The tank looks beautiful and I hope you have a great week!

    Knit on with fiber love across the cyber network.

  11. Spongebob With Yarn is kinda freaking me out. Pretty yarn and all, but I think I’m spongebobophobic.

    I am not, Hanasilkophobic. Tank looks great!

  12. Your tank looks great on you and brings out the color of Lucy’s pretty coat. Such talent. Look forward to all your new suprises.

  13. The top is wonderful. I’d like to see it in person as you can’t really see any texture but know it is there.

  14. I was wondering are Lucy’s eyes crossed or is it when you take her picture she has the “goofy cat looking at the camera” look like mine do? I really enjoy seeing pictures of Lucy she is a beautiful cat.

  15. #1 is hands down the most outrageous place to stash yarn! You made me spill my hot chocolate on my top, Wendy! (Just another good excuse to buy yarn to knit a new top with.) Gorgeous Hana Silk top, you are one incredible knitter!

  16. I would never have thought of any of those places… how funny (and creative)! ๐Ÿ™‚ I LOVE the Hana Silk tank on you – it looks lurrrrvly! I can’t wait to see it in person… Wednesday, perhaps? hehe…

  17. Great contest idea. You sure “flushed out” the best places. Love the tank.