My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Critter Knitters Update


Liz reports that as of yesterday, we’ve received 702 blankets! You can check them out on the Blankets Received page!

I would like to take this opportunity to send a huge public THANK YOU to Liz for all her work on this project. I love scrolling through the photos of all the beautiful blankets you’ve sent and thinking about the comfort they will provide to animals in need. There’s no way this project would be half as successful as it’s turning out to be if it weren’t for all the work that Liz has put into it. I know she’s spent hours receiving donations, cataloging them, sneding out thank-yous, answering email inquiries, organizing knit-out events, and coordinating getting the blankets to the critters.

Liz, you are a hero! I’m proud to be working on this project with you.

Hot & Humid

Tuesday and I have the bloggy blahs. Blah, blah, blah. It’s hot and humid, my knitting bores me, and I want to sleep . . .

I guess the bottom line is that I’m tired and cranky. (Oh, and my hair looks like crap, too. Growing out is painful.)

So here’s a progress photo of poor Ingrid, who I have been neglecting horribly. I took her to work yesterday to knit on the train and at lunch, so she got a little attention.


But there’s still about five inches to go until I can do something interesting here — the front neck shaping. So I’m yawning.

And here is poor sweet Liam, also sadly neglected recently.


I tossed both Liam and Ingrid aside last week to make the Smoochy Pagan tank. I was wondering if I should put both these deserving projects to one side and knit some little things until cooler weather. Even indoors in the air conditioning, knitting on a lapful of wool is less than desirable.

So What Would the Bad-Ass Knitter Do?

Why, start a new project, of course.

Last night I started knitting the Shrug Me Tender shrug. I picked up the pattern at Knit Happens last week, along with this yarn.


Crystal Palace Glam, in color 2136, a brick red. It’s a 36% acrylic, 35% rayon, 15% wool, and 14% nylon. It’s a ribbon yarn that has one matte side and one shiny side. It’s got a surprisingly soft hand for what I consider to be a novelty yarn.

I chose this from among my many many projects in waiting because I have at least three dresses that will look wonderful with this little shrug.

I started this last night and quickly realized that it’s too fiddly to knit on the train. So, Bad-Ass Knitter that I am, I started smething else, too, for commuter knitting.

But I’ll talk about that tomorrow.

Hana Silk Tank

Thanks for all your nice comments about the tank. Especially since I couldn’t get a good photo. There’s something about it that defies a decent indoor photo. Kristine and Holly, I’ll either wear it or bring it to Knit Happens tomorrow night so you can see it in person.

In person? In tank?

Eileen asked to see the bottom edge. Extreme close-up! Wooooo-hooooo!


I was trying it on with a linen skirt — I think they go well together.


  1. your tank looks great with that linen skirt. and i’m with you on the picking up a lighter knit. its soooo humid. i am going to cast on for a tank too. i don’t remember it being so humid last summer. take care and stay cool!

  2. Woo Hoo! Wednesday night knitting!!! I’m bringing my new cotton patine project.

  3. Jocelyne says:

    Hello !
    Over here, it’s humid too, but very cold. We had 9° this morning (i don’t know how much it is in farenheight °).It’s what we have during fall!
    I’m finishing a several earth tones moss stitch tank, but i’m thinking of mohair and angora !
    Your sweaters look great, but if you’re tired i can understand that they are boring you. When this happens to me, i go outside, and walk in the countryside, or in a park; after that, it goes better.

  4. Thanks for the Extreme close-up. It’s purdy!! I love the color. Looks great with your linen skirt. You know, I’m getting really sick of all this humidity also. Thanks again!

  5. Wendy, I read you every day and live vicariously through some of your projects (mine are small, these days — I don’t get enough knitting time), but nothing cheers me up more than the knitting Spongebob. I have a big crush on Spongebob.

  6. I’m with Jen. I would like to politely request that Spongebob become the WendyKnits’ Official Yarn Spokesmodel, where his primary responsibility will be to pose with whatever new purchase you choose to display. He just looks so freakin’ happy to be near the yarn.

    The Hana Silk tank is just gorgeous. Looks awfully sinful and fabulous.

  7. Wow Wendy! That tank looks great with your linen skirt. I know how it is when you can’t put your hands on a summer knitting project – too hot for wool.

    Spongebob is cute!!

  8. Well whether the color in the photo is accurate or not, I love it. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

  9. Yes, it’s hot and humid. Bleah. Lucky me, to have so much work to do that I never leave the building. :\

    I love the Hana tank!

  10. Wow, the close-up is gorgeous! You really notice the texture and depth of the color in the tank with the skirt!

  11. I immediately ordered the shrug pattern. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for something to go with a particular dress and the style is perfect. I may use mohair for a winter shrug — Minnesota, y’ knoow, ya suure!

  12. I think too. It´s a fine combination. LG Gina

  13. Oh yeay! I still have time to send in my blankies! Not much, but I thought I’d missed it! Thanks for the reminder…

  14. Hi Wendy,

    First off I wanted to sincerely thank you for the really sweet words concerning the Knit-a-Thon. I really appreciate the thank you and wanted to let everyone know that you have also been instrumental in getting this thing rocking along.

    Second I wanted to say “Drool!” over your Hana tank. I’d purchased a few skeins for a gift scarf once and absolutely loved working with it. Your tank is gorgeous!


  15. Oh, the texture of Hana silk is just beautiful! It’s hot here but we had 10% humidity still takes your breath away to walk outside when it’s 99.
    Wendy…get a hair cut! A good stylist can help you grow your hair out effortlessly!
    PS…love Ingrid

  16. OK, can I just say how cute Lucy looks doing that Travis Bickel impression? (Are you talkin’ to me? Are YOU talkin’ to ME?)

  17. hehe…. everyday when I stop I think “how can she stand her hair without a cut” Keep going!

  18. First: Sponge Bob will NEVER replace Lucy as the official site spokesperson. Er, spokesmammal. Er, spokesthinksshe’saperson.

    Secondly — I couldn’t help notice the book open in front of Ingrid. Are you really so talented that you can not only whip out fair isles like omelettes, add designing to your already full plate, *and* read a book at the same time?!

    Any tips for those of us who want to learn how to knit and read? My life would improve a lot if I could learn to do both simultaneously.

    Many thanks for endless wit, humor, and entertainment–