My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea?


Meet Spongebob StashPants. The new official Stash Spokesperson here at WendyKnits.

Miz. Emdash is right — he just looks so freakin’ happy to be near the yarn, doesn’t he?

(Don’t worry — Lucy is still the SpokesCat and as such outranks Spongebob.)

New Projects Are So Uplifting

Yes indeedy, they are. Two new projects on the needles and I’m merrily knitting away.

The yarn that Spongebob is showing you at the top of the blog entry is the purple Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora that I am using to knit “Ice,” a design from Rowan magazine 27 (which is supposed to be knit in All Seasons Cotton).

This is my new commuter knitting. My gauge with the Cotton Angora is spot-on for the gauge required in the pattern, so merrily I knit along.


The Glam Shrug is coming along too. Glam is not particularly nice to knit with — I’m knitting it on US 13 needles and have to pay attention so as not to stick the point of the needle through the middle of the ribbon, particularly on decreases. And this pattern has lots of decreases. Still, it’s a quick and easy pattern and being modular, is knit up a little bit at a time so you feel as though you are making great progress as you finish each widdle square or triangle.

I finished a side front easily in a couple of hours.



Why is it that I am suddenly having epiphanies? From where I’m sitting, I can see the half-century mark (though it’s still off in the distance a bit), yet I am just now figuring out some stuff about myself. Doh!

The Epiphany du Jour?

The type of stuff I’ve been knitting for the past ten years or so is not necessarily the type of stuff I want to wear.

I’ve been knitting very traditional stuff — fair isles, arans, Norgis. I love them and I love knitting them. I also have a cedar chest and a closet full of them and don’t wear them very often. Most of the time it’s too warm indoors to wear heavily textured wool knits or stranded color designs. And because I have a full-time job in an office, that’s where my sweaters get worn most of the time.

Mebbe I should just hang them on the wall and call ’em art, eh?

So anyhow, I forsee some cotton and cotton blend designs for winter in my future . . .

A Funny Story

Last week, someone lifted my Bad-Ass Knitter Manifesto and posted it to some knitting lists. She was notified by several people that it was taken from a website with a copyright notice clearly displayed (mine!), and not credited.

The offender emailed me to apologize (stating that a “friend” had sent it to her without giving the source). The thing that I find funny is that this individual censored my writing and removed what she thought was objectionable language. I believe she changed the phrase “Bad-Ass Knitter” to “Big Bad Knitter.”

I ask you . . . how much of a Bad-Ass Knitter can you be if you can’t bring yourself to say Bad-Ass Knitter?

I’m just saying.



  1. Bridget says:


    I’ve seriously thought of hanging some of my sweaters on the walls as art. I’ve made some nice ones as well as bought some killer ones over here in Europe. It seems so sad to hide that art in the schrank! I’ve seen Hermes scarves hung on the walls as art, why not sweaters?


  2. Jocelyne says:

    I have already done this with several items i created. I have put them on an old wooden sewing manequin, in a corner of a room. It was good looking, and it also gave me other knitting ideas : going farther in a technic, or doing the same, but changing color, or using the same idea with different shape …….
    Lucy’s “bad-ass” posture is great !

  3. that is a funny story. its so cool that knitters are lookin’ out for others and let her know what she was doing and where it came from. and very interesting epiphany. you’ve got me thinking about the fact that I knit and have some knitted garments but never really have any that I wear. now do i start wearing them or knit to wear. hummmm.

    and when am i going to stop laughing at that sponge bob. Miz. Emdash is definitely right he looks so happy to be around that yarn. you are going to wake up one morning and he’s going to be wearing a scarf he knitted during the night, lol.

  4. LOVE the shrug. And the story cracked me up.

  5. Dude! I got a shout-out on WendyKnits! I love the shout-out. Of course, Lucy will always be the official Site Spokescat, as well as the glamorous WIP/FO spokesmodel. I just now noticed that Spongebob Stashpants (wow, out of context that’s…ew?) is *holding* the yarn. I *adore* you.

    I can see it now…Eve Ensler’s Bad-Ass Monologues.

  6. The Bad-Ass Knitter and Bad-Ass Cat story will have me in stitches all day. Thanks for sharing. BTW, I love the new Sponge Bob mascot.

  7. Actually, that would be Eve Ensler’s Big Bad Monologues because you know, she’s all about not offending people’s preconceived notions of things.

  8. Roseanne says:

    Wendy, I’m looking for advice. I want to start a light weight shawl/stole. I found some patterns I like that call for Smith and jamieson’s jumperweight yarn, but I think that is too heavy for the look I’m going after. Also I’m looking for something a little softer. I looked through your completed projects and see you’ve used an array of yarns for your shawls. What do you suggest for mine? Fingering or lace or cobweb weight? Wool? Wool and silk? Any brand recommendations? Thanks.

  9. Last night while talking to Claire of the yarn cozy we mentioned about the beauty and unwearability of most fairisles. I thought we should just take the patterns and make pillows. Fun to knit, a pleasure to look at, and no steeks. Also, no time to get bored with a project.

  10. I too, have Ice on the needles right now, in Jaeger Cadiz in pale pink. It will be nice to watch your progress on it as I knit mine. Are you doing the cardi, or the pullover?

  11. thanks for the morning chuckle!! and you are absolutely right — if you can’t use the vocabulary, you can’t be in the club! check out zeneedle she has a very funny entry today — I am thinking of my own take on it!

  12. Kudos Wendy – Love being a Bad-Ass Knitter and Lucy’s picture shows her booty and her sentiments on the subject I’m sure.

    Love your new projects!

  13. I love Lucy’s picture today.

  14. Hmmm, not so strange to use the garments as art! I had a friend who collected antique kimonos and had them hung on dowels throughout her home in strategic spots with beautiful lighting. It really looked wonderful.

  15. Is the Krusty Krab hiring?? I wanna buy more yarn! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Indeed. If you can’t say it, you can’t claim it. Everyone shout out with me now: I AM A BAD-ASS KNITTER!

    Lucy knows all about it.

  17. For those of you who live in warm climates, I sympathize with you (not really!). We get so much grief living in Minnesota — about how it must be 50 below all the time. Not true, but we do have enough cold weather to justify sweaters. I wear my fair isles, etc. all winter long (key word is LONG) and even have to layer them up occasionally. So next winter when you hear about our windchill factor, picture us wearing our beautiful artwork. Thank goodness for all of us that they make gorgeous yarns and patterns for both summer and winter.

  18. Ann Marie says:

    Debbie’s idea is great – Fair Isle pillows. There is no way, even in the depth of what we call winter, that a double layer of wool is wearable here in South Texas. If I ever get the courage to try Fair Isle, a pillow or a bag it will have to be.

    And what’s a schrank? A closet?

  19. Lucy’s picture and the Bad Ass story made me laugh out loud! Thanks!

  20. Funny story! Glad this copyright theft was quickly handled.

    How do you like working with Cotton Angora? I just recently enchanced my stash with it–soooo soft!

  21. I recently used Cotton Angora in pale pink to make Tina. I had intended to wear it to work under a black jacket but it sheds Sooo much it was a mess. It took forever to clean off the jacket. I liked working with it and it’s a nice top but I don’t know how I’m going to use it. It’s sleeveless and too heavy to wear alone on a hot day.

  22. Funny! Clearly not bad-ass! I love your stash spokesperson! Maybe SpongeBob needs a sweater? ๐Ÿ™‚ I really like Ice. Since I live in CA, cotton and cotton blend sweaters are perfect for me. It hardly ever gets cold enough here to wear wool!

  23. Oh, for the love of Pete. That is just “beyond beyond,” as my friend would say. There is nothing that irritates me more than dubbed language in movies, (i.e., “forget YOU!” or “you FAThead!”) but this has to take the cake! Signing out: Big Bad Norma, at your service.

  24. Thanks for joining the Southern Knit Bloggers webring!
    Yay!! I was worried that if I threw a party, no one would come!! Here’s a virtual “HEY!!”, a casserole, and a welcome from the neighborhood! Remember, be patient with me!

    I agree, those knitlisters are *so* prudish. No wonder why knitting gets such a bad rap! Your badass knitting button is…well, badass.

    Welcome again,

  25. Oh, heck. At least (s)he didn’t change it to Big Ass Knitters.

  26. It’s just seems so strange that those who are to holy to say ASS are not to holy to steal!! Glad she was outed. Thanks for the button for we Bad Asser’s in blogland!

  27. Wendy! 119 days without a haircut??!!! I love your haircut, so sophisticated and chic. Not that I should talk, for my haircutter has just advised me that he will not cut my hair for another six months, AT A MINIMUM!!

    Now, I am thrilled to see that you are knitting up ICE from Rowan 27! Is Kristine converting you into a Rowanette? I knit ICE last summer, in a funky shade of orange stripey Rowan All Seasons Cotton. I love it. I call it “Creamsicle the Sweater.” Looking at your version I am reminded of a blue ice pop. (you know, the squeezie ones we all begged our moms for during the heat of summer!!) That said, I think you should call your version, “Blue Ice Pop, the Sweater.” Something to consider.

  28. I don’t know why but the “Bad Ass Knitter” story reminded me that yesterday when I was in my local Ben Franklin someone on the aisle next to mine said,”look, they even had a pattern for a felted cat bed” and I had to explain to everyone around me that if they wanted the ORIGINAL felted cat bed they should check out your site. Wonder why that offended me? I just loved the cat bed so much when I first saw it(even though my Lucy cat doesn’t have one yet) that I felt protective of it. Made me sad I didn’t have my pointed sticks in my hands!!! Jane

  29. I know we are not supposed to use bad language on our blogs, but I think we can get away with saying…
    Yes…I’m a Bad-Ass Knitter

  30. I confess that I sent the address for the Bad Ass Knitter to a Texas list I’m on, but you got full credit for it — no taking it out of copyright or anything like that. By the way, they loved it as much as I did, thought the language was perfect.

    Does this mean that Wallace and Gromit don’t live there anymore? I always liked them.