My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


My Knitting World

I went to the center of my knitting world last night to hang out with the other Bad-Ass Knitters.

I helped Kristine pick out some colors for her to knit a shop sample poncho out of the new Blue Sky Bulky Alpaca and Colinette Point Five.


I briefly thought about hitting her over the head and running with the yarn, but that would be Wrong.

SpongeBob StashHo would like to show you what I bought:


Jo Sharp DK tweed. Drool along with me.

Ice Pullover

Or rather, Blue Ice Pop (thanks Elisabeth!). From the heading, you have probably managed to figure out that I’m knitting Ice as a pullover, not a cardi. Tina left a comment yesterday saying she was knitting Ice as well. What’s yours, Tina? Pullover or cardi?

Here’s the progress on the back. It’s really purple, not blue — honest. And what a fast knit it is!


This, gentle readers, is the WendyKnits Office Knitting Environment. Book (Days Without Number by Robert Goddard) propped open with a stapler and tape dispenser so that I can read whilst I knit. I love to read and knit, and have been doing it for years. Oooh, I multi-task!

Claire left a comment about the Cotton Angora, that it sheds badly. It certainly is doing little or no shedding while I knit it, though I suspect it will shed a bit more during wear. This does not bother me — I don’t plan to wear this sweater under a blazer, as I’m making a long sleeve sweater.

This yarn is machine washable — perhaps running a garment made from it through the wash a time or two would cut down on the fuzziness? Just a thought.

I quite like working with it. It’s lovely and soft and knits up nicely. I don’t think I’d use it to knit something I consider a summer sweater — worsted weight cotton seems too heavy to me to be worn in summer. Ice will be an autumn/winter sweater for me.

I didn’t knit on the shrug at all yesterday — it’s fiddly and required attention to the pattern. Not the best WIP to bring along to work on while you are showing off interacting with others at your LYS.

After I started the shrug, I remembered that I had purchased some Rowan Calmer to knit the Iris shrug (from Rowan 35). I bought it in the color coral. Now, I don’t really need a brick red shrug and a coral shrug, do I?

So I whipped up a pattern for a little top for my Calmer. I plan to do an all-over 2×2 rib (because I love Audrey) and have a boatneck and short sleeves. Mebbe I’ll start on it after I finish the shrug-in-progress.

Speaking of the shrug-in-progress, the pattern directs you to use a single 3/4″ button as a closure. I think instead I’ll do i-cord ties. Just because.

Southern Knitbloggers Webring

Kindly note the addition of a new button in my sidebar — for the Southern Knitbloggers Webring, started by Rachel. I’m a New Englander by birth but have lived in Virginia since junior high school, so I’m happy to proclaim myself a southern knitblogger. Y’all join up now, hear?

Don’t Answer This

Does it make me weird that I derive great pleasure from posing Spongebob with yarn? No, don’t answer that. I already know the answer.

But I felt so . . . so . . . happy when Emdash noticed yesterday that Spongebob was holding the yarn in his little hand.

Because I was out for the evening, I gave Lucy the night off. Instead, here is a rare action shot of me ‘n Lucy, taken by L-B a month ago. Lucy looks thrilled, doesn’t she?


I blurred my face because while it looked acceptable in the original photograph, it looked incredibly dorky when I scanned it. I think my scanner is possessed by an evil spirit.

After all, I look a bit strange in this photo as well.


The observant among you will note the row of little Spongebobs on top of the bookcase behind my head.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.


  1. I don’t need to drool over your Jo Sharp Silkroad DK because I have my own! And I started a sleeve last night too!! Yummy stuff.

  2. You just couldn’t be any cuter in that (second) picture with Lucy….

  3. Wendy, I really love your humor! As I read that you briefly thought to hit Kristine on her head to get the yarn, I had to laugh so much!
    And the spongebob is fun. No, I will not answer your question :-))

  4. And,oh,how I love to knit whilst reading Wendyknits before settling into my work! No stapler needed. The second photo–did I take that before or after the margaritas? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. The Jo Sharp DK tweek looks downright scrupmtious. As for Southern Knitbloggers — I don’t know that anyone south of Fredricksburg considers anything north of there to be “Southern”. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. My mistake with with the Cotton Angora was thinking I could wear a light color under a black jacket. I tried the machine wash and dry routine and it bloomed beautifully but didn’t help the shed probelem. I even tried bushing it with my de-cathair brush and got a big ball of soft white angora. I think it will shed until all the angora is gone. I still may use it again but I’ll have to give careful consideration to the style and color.

  7. The spongebobs are multiplying! Run!

    I can’t wait to work with Calmer…I just ordered some to do audrey.

    Lovely shot of you and Lucy.

  8. My ice is also a pullover! And a very quick knit indeed. I cast on for the front yesterday, and was about 80% done before i realized it. This should be a done deal by the end of the weekend!

  9. As a fellow Spongebob lover and a knitter, I salute you! There can never be enough Spongebob in the world – how can you not smile at that face??? And combined with yarn, that’s heaven on this side of earth. Thanks for spreading the wealth.

  10. Obviously you have a great sense of humor tied together with your artist abilities. Spongebob is such a happy tyke.

    Your pic with Lucy – just lovely.

  11. You’re not alone, Wendy, but I suspect you knew that already. I derive great pleasure from seeing SBSP with yarn, especially when it’s the color of the ocean and it appears as though he’s bob bob bobbing along…I’ll stop now.

    I *love* the second picture of you and Lucy.

  12. Well, I guess I’m the only one who’s creeped out by SpongeBob. But I like your knitting too much to get all caught up in it, Wendy. After all, you inspired my current Dale kick. I am really loving working on their pattern (Norge 2000).

  13. You look ever so English in that second picture! Just like a very affectionate, kitty-loving Dutchess. Such a cute pic! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Allyson says:

    I have a SpongeBob blanket pattern in my head…eventually I will knit it up.

    [typing while wearing SB band-aid]

  15. Did you notice in the photos of ice in the magazine that the ribbing on the cardie is done in twisted rib? At least I’m pretty sure it is. It looks unintentional because the knitter only twisted on every other row. I liked it so much that my ice has twisted ribbing as well. Thanks for the great blog.

  16. Afraid of you and the lovely Lucy – nope. You all give me hope in this stressful world… All the Best to you, Lucy and the many Sponge Bobs!

  17. Hmmm, I’d have to say, that in the second picture, you definitely have that soap-opera-evil-diva-thing going on there.

    Happy knitting,
    knitting therapist

  18. You’re a Spongebob lover, I’m a Hello Kitty freak…but she absolutely refuses to get involved in my knitting. GIve it time…..

  19. Knitting while reading (which I figured out last month, after reading about the possibility in one of the Elizabeth Zimmerman books) is better than anything. DH, a mild-mannered European, surprised me by becoming quite offended when he heard me enthuse about the wonders of this combination of activities to a girlfriend. Somehow, he seems to think that it is *not* better than sex…

    …men are so odd!

    (Oh, and I love-love-love your blog. Hi! I’m Dena from Washington (state) and I’ve just gotten back to knitting this year, after a having-kids hiatus. My big boy is 13; my girl’s 6. That was a LONG time without needles. I’m glad to be back!)

  20. You are right. That would be wrong. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. I’m also having the shedding problem with the cotton angora. When I run my hand over the body of the cardigan I’m making out of it, I feel like I could take all the fluff and spin it into more yarn! It’s all over my carpet and my bed. It also covers my clothes and even goes up my nose, leaving it itchy long after I put down my knitting. I know that some is to be expected with angora but I’m kinda disappointed, especially after seeing the yarn praised left and right.

    I think the picture of you and Lucy is really adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Wow! Reading AND knitting at the same time?!?! I’m impressed. I can barely watch TV and knit. Where did you get those SpongeBobs? I need to get one for DH!!! He’s so adorable.

  23. Just had to say, the picture with your face blurred gave my the creeps when I first saw it. It took me a mintute to figure out why. The reason is, it reminds me of the movie “The Ring”. I haven’t watched it in quite awhile, but it still gets to me some times.

  24. Spongebob rules. As do you.

  25. Ann Marie says:

    Wendy, I just wanted to let you know that I’m past the moss stitch border on the back of Maidenhair and into the pattern, AND I’m “air-cabling” fearlessly as well! Thanks for the tutorial and the encouragement. I’m using Colinette dk in a lovely solid claret color.

  26. Knittykim says:

    I have a smaller version of SpongeBob StashHo. He’s a keychain, and hence with me at all visits to crafts stores and LYS. Some LYS he likes and will allow me to buy from, and some he despises and will jump from my hands in the parking lot hoping to discourage me from entering the store. Don’t listen to detractors of SB; he is quite a valuable knitting companion. Wonder if I can find SpongeBob needles??