My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


A Rowanette?

Is Kristine converting you into a Rowanette?

A question asked in my comments the other day by Miz CurlsandPurls.

It may very well be true. When I was in Knit Happens Wednesday I spied a Rowan sample hanging up that I hadn’t seen before. This:


That is “Red Hot” from Rowan 33, and is knitted in Calmer. Good golly, Miss Molly! I’m in love!

This is a totally impractical sweater for me — I would never wear it to work, not with a neckline like that. But I must have it nonetheless.

I have a bag of Calmer in color “coffee bean” which is a rich dark brown. I may use that. I figure I could always wear the sweater with a black tank under it, right? That might actually look cute . . .

And I have a brown/black silk skirt that would look fab with it!

So there you have it. Call me a Rowanette.

Actually, I’ve loved Rowan for years and there are a few Rowan sweaters in my past. I strayed away from them in the past ten years or so when I became obsessed with traditional knits. But because I’m more interested in making things I’ll actually wear, I’m returning to Rowan.

What Have We Here?

Spongebob was quite excited when I brought this home.


This is Noro Gisha, a microfiber/cotton ribbon yarn. I’ve got two skeins of it here to knit a shop sample scarf for Knit Happens. I’ll have to break it to Spongebob very gently that it won’t be staying long . . .

Uh-oh. He heard that.


Ice Me, Baby!

I finished the back of Ice, and have a fair bit done on the first sleeve.





Puppy Lucy

Meet Lucy, who recently went to live with my co-worker Monica.


Say it with me now: “Awwwwwwwwwwww!”

My Lucy acknowledges that Puppy Lucy is WAY cute. Even if she is a dog.



  1. Gorgeous sweater! And if I can ever finish Audrey that would be another good reason for me to grab some more calmer. Rowanette, that’s funny! And there is nothin’ wrong with that. I love Rowan mags. I think I have every one that I could get my hand on.

    And I was in the shop yesterday and saw Lucky in the window. Even more beautiful in person. Can’t wait to knit it! Ice is lookin’ good. Cool sleeve shape.

    Can I stop laughing at SpongeBob? No, cause now he has a different expression. Too funny! And puppy is so sweet. But Lucy is the reigning queen of sweet and sassy of course.

  2. Will Spongebob be visiting Knit Happens to play with Bobbi Bear?

  3. Love the sweater. Are you sure you have the collarbones for it?

  4. I love that sweater from Rowan, I fell in love with it too. Alas I’m a short waisted girl, and I know it wouldn’t look good on me.

    Looking foward to seeing yours1

  5. Ice is really coming along–real purrrrr-deee!

  6. Ice color is pretty — don’t you love the Cotton Angora?

    Is Lucy the dog named after Lucy the cat?? My cat Pete is named after a friend’s dog. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a great weekend!!

  7. That sweater caught my eye too, long before I became the addict I am. I’m short-waisted too, but I’m wondering if I can manipulate the pattern to make it seem otherwise. Because, hello, Calmer? *drool* It will be stunning in coffee bean.

    And, OK, I was *not* expecting the change of expression. Good thing I was done with my coffee.

    And I couldn’t resist–I found my own cartoon spokesmodel for yarn pix. Hope you don’t think I’m stealing thunder! You’re right–it’s waaaaaaay too amusing.

  8. hee! SpongeBob! Good friday fun, W!

  9. I’ve always been drawn to that sweater, Red Hot indeed.

    Hi, Spongebob!

  10. Have a great weekend. Your blog so makes my day!

  11. I fell in love with “Red Hot” as well. I have some Calmer in the burgundy shade to make this sweater in and I am trying to be disciplined about not starting it until I finish something currently on the needles. Puppy Lucy is absolutely adorable — as cute as Kitty Lucy is beautiful.

  12. re: “My Lucy acknowledges that Puppy Lucy is WAY cute. Even if she is a dog.” I’ve seen cats & dogs that love eachother: somewhere, I think I have a drawing I did of my old dear & departed Roo & Oliver titled “cat pillow” or something like that… if I find it, I’ll scan it.. also, when my Yoda (tortie) was a kitten, our dear departed great Pyrenees would slurp her ears & she would look totally blissful…(Po’Bear would hold her down with his paw, too…) unfortunately I never had the camera handy.. but it was quite a sight! LOL

    Love that Noro Gisha…it reminds me of a yarn I have, Katia Scala…some in a weird tan-pink and some in rust…I’ve swatched it, but haven’t decided what to make with it yet, probably a poncho using a SpinCraft pattern that I have on my website..
    Sponge Bob’s funny… my 3 year old ALMOST picked Sponge Bob underwear, but decided (VERY definitely) on Bob the Builder instead… have a nice weekend!

  13. If that is Lucy’s look of love, I’d hate to see her look of hate. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Interesting and very cool transition over here from traditional knits to fashionista clothing. Knit on!

  14. Oh, that would look great with a little black tank under it!

  15. OMG SpongeBob’s expression changed LOLOLOL

  16. Awwwww, what an ADORABLE puppy!

    The sweaters look nice too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Janice in GA
    dog lover
    (nothing against cats, though)

  17. I was eyeing that Noro at Fabric Place the other day. It’s beautiful, but pretty pricey. You should make the Rowan sweater and just adjust the neckline so it’s a little less shallow…no?

    Have a great weekend!

  18. For all you short waisted woman out there (for which I am proudly one), Red Hot by Rowan is a fabulous sweater! I just finished knitting it in a funky “silver” colour, and I love it. It has become my favorite sweater. All I did was shorten the length between the end of the lace and the beginning of the low neckline for a very sexy fit (it leaves you’re belly and lower ribs peeking through the lace). It’s a very flattering sweater. Try it, you’ll like it!

  19. I’ve admired “Red Hot” for a loooong time! It’s so sexy, so salsa, so caliente! Maybe SpongeBob needs to dive into a pile of yarn…. Puppy Lucy is soooo cute! Is Lucy going to meet Lucy? ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Is the puppy a golden retriever or lab? Going to be BIG DOG LUCY one day.

    How are your knitters coming along with your patterns? Still would love to purchase when available.

    You and your lovely Lucy have a great weekend.

  21. That sweater is gorgeous! It’s totally something I would wear. Hmmm…So much knitting, so little time.

    Pets named Lucy are the best…I have one, too!

  22. What a gorgeous sweater that is (Red Hot). Yes, a little low-cut for work, but either a tank or a modified neckline would be okay. I bought some Calmer for Audrey, but won’t make it for a while at this rate.

    That puppy is too cute. Yellow lab, I think. What big paws she has!

  23. I’m doing this same Rowan sweater after trying on one a friend made and making two backs to avoid the low front. I LOVE Calmer ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. It’s okay SpongeBob – there’ll be many *many* more yarns to horde…LOL…

    That cracked me up…

  25. Ooh, you’ll love it Wendy! I’ve finished knitting my Red Hot aka Slow Merlot, and still have one sleeve to sew in–though admitedly I’m stalled a bit on the sewing because its just too warm to wear it now–but I’m *that* close. ๐Ÿ™‚ After I got the one sleeve in place and was trying it on I realized it would make a great tank too. I guess I should have left the sleeves off for summer and sewed them in for Fall!!!

  26. Oh, I’ll miss the ‘traditional knits’ but Rowan is a good sub. I’ve been wanting to knit with Calmer and that just might be the right design. I can see it with a turtle neck (around here it is cold enough) or a tank for evenings and warmer days (or during a good hot flash). Off to the LYS as she has some calmer…might be copying you.

  27. Do you think Rowan will give me free yarn for converting? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Have a good weekend Sponge Bob, and stay away from the Valhorona…it is MINE! ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Ohhh, laaaa, laaa on the red hot salsa sweater. Now, of course you are not going to wear that sweater to work! You are going to wear it salsa dancing!! Props to you, Miss Wendy, if you can knit while Salsa dancing!!

    Oh, and one more, has anyone told you what the super secret Rowanette Handshake is?

  29. It wouldn’t be that hard to raise the neckline a few inches, and you could leave the wide neckline for some sexiness. That would make it more wearable. I do agree, however, that it would look great with a little strappy tank. You could even go with a dark brick red if you’re using the coffee color Calmer.

  30. Oh my, Spongebob’s frowny face made me laugh so damn hard.

    And that sweater is sassy. I know you could pull it off.

  31. MaryH in Pasadena says:

    Okay, that first picture of Spongebob reminds me of a yarn sale I weas at with a friend of mine recently…we were on opposite sides of a display, looking through yarn, and I called her name while she was rummaging through a basket of skeined yarns and muttering to herself…she looked up, and THAT was her expression!

  32. I’m a rowanette, too. It’s a compulsion. And the more impractical, the better, I say. I’m currently knitting Anabelle from Rowan 35, and I’m ignoring the fact that I’ll have to go braless to pull it off.

    Thanks again for the plug for the Southerners Knitbloggers Webring on your site. I’m reaping the fruits of your labors, or rather, the ring is. Welcome to the South! I lived in New England one winter. One. Like I said, welcome to the South!

  33. Wow, that is one *seriously* cute puppy! Must restrain self…from getting…a puppy! As soon as hubby and I buy a house though, a puppy is in the near future!

  34. Ann Marie says:

    Just my opinion, but DON’T raise the neckline!!!! It’s the “oomph” that makes the sweater. Go with the black tank – after all, you’ll have years and years to wear high-necked blouses and long sleeves. Flaunt it while ya got it!

  35. dumb question from an expat: where can i buy myself my own spongebob? i think i’m in love. it’s ridiculous how much that thing cheers me up and reminds me of all the millions of things that me glad to be american. i mean i think one has to be american, to understand mr. spongebob and that boosts my self esteem. if i can get one of those things in my home in sweden, i’ll be reinforced. a friend on mine is currently visiting california, i know you’re WAY busy but if you have a min maybe you can direct me to where i can direct her to find one for me over there? big thanks/n

  36. Rowan has great yarn! Period!!!! I love that Noro. The colors are fab!

  37. Awwwwwwww. I just adore Labradors and Goldens, and all puppy’s and kittens, isnt she just lovely.

  38. Hey Wendy! This is the girl that emailed you about making the beds to sell for the shelter I volunteer at. I just finished the second one tonight and they’re really cool. Thank you very much again for letting me use the pattern!

    PS- We were at a cat show today, and although I saw many Lucy look-alikes, none were quite as pretty as her!

  39. Ah! Ms. Wendy! I have my coffee bean Calmer slotted for that sweater. I think it’s the perfect design for that color!

  40. I love that sweater! You’re right, it certainly is boobalicious. Hehehe. ๐Ÿ™‚