My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Mmmmmm . . . Fudge!

Not the delightful yet caloric treat, but I what I did on my Ice sleeve cap.

While my stitch gauge for the Cotton Angora is spot-on for Ice, the row gauge is off — I’m getting 5 rows to the inch and the pattern states 6 rows to the inch. The design has set-in sleeves, so of course one must knit the sleeve cap to fit properly into the armhole.

Clever little wench that I am, I figured that with my row gauge off, I’d need to make some adjustments to my knitting of the sleeve cap.

The right way to do it:

Figure out the total number of rows to be worked in the sleeve cap according to the pattern directions, divide by the stated row gauge. Mulitply that number by your row gauge to get the total number of rows you need to knit, and figure out at what intervals to do the decreases based on that number.

The wrong way to do it:

Guess how often you need to do the decreases and hope it turns out right.

Anyone want to hazard a guess about which way I did it?

Lucky for me I’m a good guesser, because my sleeve cap fits nicely into the armhole.


Lucy still prefers to supervise.

I did actually finish and put together the sweater last night. Pix later.


A good weekend was had by all! I taught someone how to knit!


Identity withheld by request of the new knitter.

We went to Kristine’s house for a most excellent party, to say good-bye to Christina and family, who are moving to Alabama shortly. We none of us want Christina to go, but I think we said good-bye with style!

And I got some work done on the Noro Gisha scarf that I’m knitting as a shop sample for Knit Happens.


I think it’s quite pretty!


  1. I know who your new knitter is….!!! Interestingly, our hobbies do rub off on others. Have a good day.

  2. Us crafty wenches have to stick together! Sandy saw the picture of Lucy and now wants to supervise any and all knitting by testing the *nap*factor for me….I can’t wait to schedule a trip to DC so I can finally see Knit Happens and your fabulous shop samples….wow!

  3. You crafty Wench, you!

    Wow, if I was that new knitter, and *you* were teaching me how to knit, I’d be yelling it from the high Heavens, I’d be so thrilled! No anonymity here!…but that’s just me. :o)

  4. I love that color for Ice, Wendy. Can’t wait to see it finished. How fun to see a new knitter progress! I’m sure you are an excellent teacher.

  5. A FINE name you’ve chosen for your Calmer shrug design! 🙂

  6. Are those man hands I see? Teaching a man to knit gets you at least 10 extra points! (oh, and if those are a woman’s hands, many apologies. )