My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



I was up past my bedtime last night. That’s what happens when I drink Starbucks at night. Last night was late-open night at Knit Happens. So I came home all wide awake and buzzed and happy and stayed up too late.

I did indeed finish Lisa’s second sleeve at lunchtime yesterday (though I do still need to do the neckband and finishing), so I immediately cast on for my new project — the Lauren Tank, using my Alchemy Silk Purse. And I worked on that at the shop last night.

Oooooh, aaaaah!


The photo so does not do it justice. There was a lot of Silk Purse fondling going on last night and one incident of Silk Purse theft (cough::Carol::cough), though it was done in fun.

This is going to be a simple vee-neck tank. I’m doing a twisted rib at the bottom to give a bit more stability to it, as the silk is very very soft.

By the way, the Alchemy website is here. Peg asked yesterday where I got my yarn. I mailordered it from somewhere, but heck if I can remember. The Alchemy website has a list of vendors that carry their yarn. And Kristine did order some Alchemy yarn for Knit Happens. Yay! ๐Ÿ™‚


Last night the wonderful and ever-so-thoughtful Rossana brought me prezzies! Here is a close-up of the bag:


And inside, a magnet and a pin!


Thanks Rossana! You’re a sweetie!

New Button Alert!

I would like to direct your attention to an adorable new button in my sidebar — scroll down until you find the Kitty Bed Knit-along button. Say it with me:


This button was created by Bets, who has a very handy-dandy page o’ knit-along links here.

The Kitty Bed Knit-Along is an unofficial one. The button links you to the kitty bed gallery — photos of beds knitted from my felted kitty bed pattern (the pattern is linked from the gallery page). If you haven’t been there recently, have a look-see — lots of photos of cute felines lounging in their beds!


I got a number of emails asking how many balls of Silk Garden the Klaralund design takes. So here is the information from the pattern:

34″ — 400 grams
36″ — 450 grams
41″ — 500 grams
44″ — 550 grams

Silk Garden is put up in 50 gram skeins. You do the math.

Okay, I’m thinking you could make this sweater in pretty much any yarn that knits to the correct gauge (4st/inch on US 8 needles). But I think you’d wanna stick with a self-striping yarn. Therein lies the beauty of the piece.

In my eyes, at least.

But I am also pleased to say that I put the official WendyKnits seal of approval on three Klaralund Knit-Along Silk Garden purchases at Knit Happens last night. Kristine has the photographic proof.

Once again, Lucy could not care less.


But hey! I found my Silk Garden stash! I’m a good girl. So now I know what color I’ll be making mine in:


Color 74.


  1. thanks for the yarn info for the Klaralund. Hmmm…do I exchange my Diamusee yarn birthday gift from husband or just get some Silk Garden…

    I like your color. I have a multidirectional scarf in that color.

  2. what a great button! and that alchemy silk purse is beautiful. loooove the color and how its knits up. if that pic doesn’t do it justice, i can’t wait to see it up close. can’t wait ’til kristine gets it in. the magnet is too cute! hmmm color 74, i like that color. my klaralund has already been pegged by another color, but that would be a fine color for another silk garden friendly knit.

  3. I found some of the Silk Purse at Purl (website: and I’m coveting the Deep Sea color!

  4. Awwww, the Lucybed button is just.too.cute! The coffee logo merchandise, WOW! Gotta go dig through my stash for the Silk Garden….hmmmm, I know it is here SOMEWHERE!

  5. Sorry to see you hated your shrug. Did you ever consider the Iris shrug in Rowan 35? If you really want a shrug for your wardrobe, it looks to me more tailored than the pattern you used. I’m doing Audrey next in night sky (medium to dark blue).

  6. Excuse me, that was not theft; that was taking the silk purse for a walk. Theft would have been grabbing and running (yeah, right) out the door where I would have succeeded because y’all would have been laughing too hard to run after me.

  7. Thanks Wendy for letting us know how much Noro we need ๐Ÿ˜‰ That Silk Purse looks yummy. Even in the picture I see the sheen. Just beautiful! Love all the Bad Ass stuff. Cute.

  8. Bad Ass Coffee originated in my hometown. I had no idea they’d franchised. The things I learn here…

  9. Carol’s right, I would’ve been on the floor HOWLING with laughter had she skipped outta there last night with “THE PURSE”!!!
    Does Lucy like to pick up pieces of her food from her bowl and scooch them across the floor? Does the food taste better that way??
    Have a fab day!

  10. For those in the DC area, I know that Woolwinders had some Alchemy yarns in stock a few weeks ago. I’m not sure if they had the Silk purse, but they had a few different types. The colors are really AMAZING- I had to stop myself from buying them all.

  11. Aunt Pam says:

    I have a new favorite word…KLARALUND-ALONG. It does truly just roll off the tongue, and sounds vaguely like something you wouldn’t want to catch. :>
    “Oh doctor, help me! I’ve got Klaralundalong.”

    Anyway, I’ve got some Silk Garden feeling lonely and neglected so count me in! I’m trying to get my sis to come down with a bad case of Klaralundalong with me. (she’s the chick with the toliet full of yarn) mwah!

  12. still chortling over the Coffee Company, and I have a tee-shirt on its way. (Hey, it will fit with our Friday Hawaiian Shirt theme.) All about the Naughty Donkeys, of course!

  13. I love the Kitty Bed Along!! My cats have been bad this week, so they get nothing, but should their behavior improve, I shall be knitting beds for them.

    There’s a Bad Ass Cafe in Dublin, but I haven’t got a thing with the logo on it. Every time I go to Ireland I try to remember to buy a T-shirt there, because the shirt also says, “A Nice Pizza Ass” in addition to having the name and logo on it. I haven’t remembered to get the shirt yet, most likely because this cafe also serves alcohol!!

  14. I’ve got yarn for a kitty bed at home, but have been getting distracted by other projects. I’ll get to it one of these days! (Never mind that I’ve got two more to do once the first one is done.) And when I do? I’m nabbing that button, for it is too too cute.

    Also, my Klaralund will be in colorway 8, which I believe is what’s shown on the model. I love love love those colors, and MUST have my Klaralund in it.

    Also, the more I type the word “Klaralund”, the more I love it.

    Those that don’t have yarn yet – check eBay! They’ve got lots of 10 skeins of Silk Garden in a few different colors.

  15. I think it was last week that Wendy made the comment about her “front porch”. I seem to have a front porch issue with sweaters. I love the Klaralund sweater, but it looks a little empire waisted and I’m afraid if I made it big enough for my front porch, I’d swim in the rest of it. Does anybody else have this problem?

  16. Referring back to what you said yesterday about liking to make things and send them out….who do I need to bribe to get Wendy as my Secret Pal???! Klaralund looks wonderful…

  17. I love that silk garden color! i’m currently working on a sweater of my own design in the same one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Hey, I have a front porch issue too – I haven’t seen the pattern yet but I’m hoping it will accommodate some short rowing to accommodate the front porch if you see what I mean!
    When we’re all alunding along, we should be able to work out a solution between us. The pattern is too nice not to have a go – a perfect showcase for the yarn.
    Thanks so much Wendy and Froggy!

  19. I *heart* Alchemy yarns. Am now going to look for Silk Purse vendor instead of sleeping…

  20. Sign me up for the Klaralund Along. Got the pattern yesterday & am working on getting the yarn now. Can’t wait to start. Would it be cheating if we casted on early? TA-TA