My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Sasha Kagan

Yesterday I attended a color workshop given by Sasha Kagan at Knit Happens. What fun!

Sasha started out with a slide presentation, showing photos of her lovely home in Wales and the surrounding countryside, which provides inspiration for many of her stunning designs.

We then had a hands-on workshop where we chose colors we liked and ones we didn’t like so much, then put many of them together in knitted swatches.

Much hilarity ensued, and Carol and I made it a point to torment poor Phyl-Phyl, who was a good little soldier and didn’t cry, even though she might have wanted to.


And of course we made fun of her swatch.


It’s because we love you, Phyl-Phyl!

Sasha showed us swatches and sample sweaters.


She demonstrated her two-color knitting style.


And we tried on sweaters!


Wendy: “I’m much happier than I look here, honest.”


Kristine: “Ooh! I’m happy because this is so pretty!”


Phyl-Phyl: “I’m happy because Wendy and Carol aren’t picking on me right now!”


Lucy: “I’m happy that Mommy finally came home and fed me.”

Yeah, I’m a bad Mommy — got home late because we went out to dinner with Sasha after the workshop. But Lucy forgave me when she heard what a good time we had.

I did finish the Lauren tank yesterday morning. Photos when I get a chance!


  1. Hi Wendy, I never knit intersia project before. Nobody teach it here (Hong Kong). I try a few times by myself but the result is not good enough. Then I gave up the project. I wish I can join a workshop one day !

  2. Sasha was wonderful – I wish I could have stayed to actually attend the workshop! It looks like you had a blast! 🙂 Yes, you must post pics of you in the Lauren tank – she is too divine for words and the Alchemy Silk Purse is absolutely perfect for it!

  3. Lauren looks like an acid trip. While I would never wear it, the coloring of the Silk Purse is incredibly intriguing. And, somehow, Phyl-Phyl’s swatch ended up in my bag. How did THAT happen?

  4. Wendy…you are so funny. I sit here, reading and grinning :o)

  5. WE love you Phyl-Phyl! 🙂

  6. Hey y’all! I had such a wonderful time. Sasha’s workshop was great fun and very informative. Her designs and ability to combine colors in a pleasing manner are amazing! As you can see, I’m missing the color selection and combination genes. Thankfully Kristine, Wendy and Carol are there to guide me. (That’s after we all stop laughing!)
    The picture of my swatch looks so much better than in person. Wendy, great photography!
    Carol, I just don’t know how that swatch jumped into your bag. You may keep it!

  7. Hey! Your hair’s growing out nicely, miss!

  8. Tell ya what, Phyl-Phyl, I’ll pin it up in my office with a big sign that says “This belongs to Phyl-Phyl.”

  9. You guys are too much! It looks like you had a blast!

    Phyl-Phyl that first picture of you is one for the books!!!

  10. I’m confused now about how much Silk Garden I’m going to need to buy for Klaralundalong. Will there be some forum so that we can discuss it, so that we can be ready to start knitting on September 1, perhaps an email group?

    Sasha Kagan is an incredible designer. I’ve made her pullover called Splash in the orange colorway, and the Poppies cardigan. These sweaters were a lot of work, but so much fun for this intarsia-loving knitter!

  11. Oh, envy envy! I wouldn’t mind going to a Sasha Kagan workshop.

    P.S. The face you’re making in that photo is priceless.