My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Full Circle

I bought the new Rowan 36 at Knit Happens on Tuesday. I was lucky enough to have been there when Jimmy the UPS Guy carted in the box o’ Rowan. Kristine opened the box, and we took a moment to sit down at the table and look through the magazine, reverently turning the pages and “oohing” when we deemed it appropriate.

And then I got to put the price stickers on the magazines! Wheeeee! If you buy your copy of Rowan 36 at Knit Happens, know that the price sticker on it was personally placed there by moi. No extra charge.

Yeah, there’s stuff I wouldn’t want to make, but there are several designs that do call out to me. A couple by Kim Hargreaves, and one by Marion Foale.

I was delighted to see designs by Marion Foale and a profile of her in the magazine. I’ve long been an admirer of her work. If you search my archives for her name, you’ll find photos of several of her designs that I’ve knitted from Marion Foales Classic Knitwear, one of my all-time favorite knitting books.

A few weeks back someone asked me in the comments if Kristine was turning me into a Rowanette. The truth is that I was a closet Rowanette years ago.

Back in the olden days, pre-Internet, I bought all the Rowan books and knitted a number of the designs. I’ve always loved Rowan. I just strayed away from the fold for a few years, concentrating on traditional knitting.

But what goes around, comes around. Full circle. Freaky, huh?

Klaralund Update

More info from Cornelia. (I think I’ve pestered her via email enough to put us on a first-name basis.)

Here’s what she says:

Here are the measurements as they should be in the book.


BUST: 34 (36, 38, 40)” / 86 (91.5, 96.5, 101.5) cm

LENGTH: 21.5 (22, 22.5, 23)” / 54.5 (56, 57, 58.5) cm

I will be adding sizes 42, 44, 46 in the coming week. Hope that soothes the pain . . . I’ll post them to you directly and they will be out on my errata page on the website.

So, as soon as I get the info from her on the additional sizes, I’ll post here. Thanks, Cornelia!

As for amounts needed for larger sizes . . .

I don’t know if Corneilia will be posting amounts for the new sizes. But I think it’s pretty easy to get a ballpark figure, based on the amounts shown for the sizes given. I’d buy an extra skein, just in case, over and above what you figure, at any rate.

Easy for me to say, right? I have 14 skeins of Silk Garden in my stash and am making a smaller size. So I’ll have leftovers.

Froggy is planning on making some knitalong pages over at her site, so stay tuned for that.

Speaking of Klaralund . . .

The very talented Eklectika made us a new button for the Klaralund-Along!


Much better than my lame attempt. Doh!

Speaking of Cornelia . . .

I started knitting L&#246vlund from her Book 2 on Tuesday. I’m making mine in black Hana Silk.


I know that knitting a black sweater is very blog-photo-unfriendly. But fellow knitbloggers who are knitting in black have inspired me to say: “To hell with blog-photos! Full steam ahead!”

Yeah, I’m a Bad-Ass Knitter.


I took Lauren to Knit Happens last night. Woooo . . . bird’s eye view!


Woooo . . . bird’s eye view of Holly!


Kristine tried Lauren on and struck a supermodel pose:


Kristine, could I please have your jawline?

Kristine and Lauren had a touching good-by scene when Lauren had to go home.


Woooo . . . bird’s eye view of Lucy!



  1. Wendy, I have a question. I can buy Silk Garden only via internet here in Germany, since there is no LYS in my sorroundings which carries it. So my question: is the yarn scratchy? I would like to know for sure before I afford to buy it for the Klaralund knitalong. I have aked Froggy, too, and she told me it doesn’t feel scratchy at all for her. Someone else told me the contrary, so I would like to know your opinion. Thanks a lot in advance!

  2. For a black sweater I think the picture shows the detail very well. I am sure that it will be quite elegant when it is finished.

    I love the colour of your Lauren tank. I wish I could wear those shades of green without looking…funny.

    Lucy looks so long and lean in her overhead shot! Just like a supermodel kitty!

  3. I absolutly went bonkers over the lace poncho in blue made from Kidsilk Haze in Rowan 36. Just wish they had charts, but it’s too beautiful not to knit!

  4. Very cute photos Wendy. BTW, can I borrow Lauren for my golf game on Saturday? She’s looking real fine! LOL

  5. Good morning, Delicato! I will gaze in proper adoration of the newly tagged Rowan 36’s!

  6. Does Lauren miss me? Me miss her. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Lauren looks lovely, and your LYS looks like a lot of fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Oh, the lovely parting shot of the Limey Lauren was Just Perfect. I wish I had the six hours to drive to Knit Happens today….looks like The Place to BE a Knitter!
    Sandy Poodle says:
    *here, kitty, kitty….nice Lucy…come see me in My New Sweater!*

  9. Last night I was lying in bed and could not get the words “Klaralund Along” out of my head. I blame you, wendy.

    I will also be thinking of you when I do my (GASP!) first steeks next week. I’m working on the sleeves of my first Dale of Norway baby sweater and it is HARD!

    How do you deal with working the sleeve increases into the pattern? I’m managing, but I’m wondering if there’s a secret to it?

  10. Whole lotta knittin’ going on there, Wendy. Looking good! ๐Ÿ˜€

    BTW, I sent you an email this week as promised. If you didn’t get it, I’ll resend. (I know you get a LOT of email, so another email asking if you got the first one didn’t seem like a constructive idea.)

  11. I’m just completing the lovely Klaralund and to my surprise, I only used seven skeins of Silk Garden. My gauge is spot on, too. I knitted up the second size. Another note, the model in the book must be quite petite as the sweater appears generous on her. On me, it is more fitted which somewhat explains the error in the sizing of the pattern. The Silk Garden isn’t scratchy at all and I will definitely knit it again!!!! The next time, I will make the body a bit longer than what the pattern says. Have fun on your knit-along!!!!!

  12. I love that Lauren–though I see there’s a line to admire that item! Great color, and so flattering for the red-ish heads in crowd…cough..cough…

    Maybe we should have Cafe Press makeup some Bad Ass Knitter Tshirts and thong panties, and the proceeds could go to charity, perhaps encouraging tattooing in non-bad ass knitters?

  13. Aw, Kristine is adorable. And Lauren is beautiful!

  14. As per Silvia’s remark…guess I should finish up that design I showed you, Wendy, eh?

    and *blush* glad you like the button! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. do you every knit cableknit sweaters?
    i just love the badassknitter profile it made eveyone I showed it to laugh and they said that it was me . my friend put it on the wall in her store and everone reads it.I think that LUCY is a special cat and has quite the personality

  16. Must. Not. Knit. Klaralund.

    If I keep seeing that lovely design without drooling over the colors of SILK GARDEN everyone is getting I’ll go nuts.

    I’ll resist.

    So the latest Rowan is really that cool, huh? I can’t wait to receive my copy.