My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



What’s the significance of that number?

That’s the number of blankets that Liz has received for the Critter Knitters Knitathon.

Liz reports:

We’re still expecting two or three eligible [sent before the July 31 deadline] packages — one from Finland, two that had missed connections with me.

Wow! I mean wow!

If you have blankets finished, but didn’t mail them, and would still like to donate them, contact Liz (contact info on the knitathon page) to get an address to send them too.

We’ll let you know when the names will be drawn for the raffle. There’s still a lot of adminstrative details to work through before that happens!

August Contest

The winner of the adorable little stash savings jar, donated by Joanne, is Margaret in Manhattan. Margaret, it’ll be on its way to you today. Enjoy!

As always, thanks to everyone who entered!

Weekend Update

Wow, what a nice weekend, weatherwise! Too bad I was sick as a dog all weekend. Probably a mild food poisoning due to a dodgy salad I had for lunch on Friday. Note to myself: do not order lunch from that place ever again.

However, I did finish Lovlund. Ta-da!


Please note that I made the smallest size, which was listed as 33″. I knit exactly to gauge, and my finished sweater is 38″. Which is what I wanted it to be. I did my math before I started knitting.

I’m very pleased with the resulting sweater. It’s knitted using 4 skeins of Noro Hana Silk and the pattern is in the Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Book Two.

So, I started an AbFab throw. Not the “Nightfall” throw pictured in Friday’s blog entry, but one in the “Sedona” colorway that I had in my stash. And just to be different, I’m knitting it in the blocks pattern, one of the variations offered in the AbFab pattern. It seems as though everyone does the scalloped throw, so I thought I’d do something different.

I’ve got six out of twenty blocks done.


Lucy Sez . . .


“Absolutely fabulous, dahling!”


  1. Hi Wendy, I really love your black Lovlund. Also, I am glad to hear it require 4 skein of Noro Hana silk only. I may have a chance to make one for myself.

  2. lovlund looks great! i really have to start cranking out the math on things for size specifics. My garments are typically on the big size and your lovlund was a perfect example of how that could happen even if you are getting gauge. unless you’re smart enough to do what you did. the blocks are awesome. i love how the color works out. and lauren is as luscious as i knew she would be. i have to get my hands on that yarn.

  3. Lovlund looks LOVELY on you! And I hope the food poisoning’s all out of your system now. Bleck!

  4. I love lovlund! The black looks perfect and lovely on you!

    But, question: why did it come out to 38″ if you knit exactly to gauge on the smallest size? I just got the book recently and I read about the problems with Klaralund. Is all the math messed up? ๐Ÿ™ I’m a 32″ and would like to get 33″ without messing around with a smaller gauge because the hana silk looks divine the way it is.

  5. I haven’t gotten all my coffee down yet, so this may be one of the lamest questions ever posed, but at the moment I’m just puzzled how to do the math on those chevrons. Knit gauge square and measure on the diagonal?

    Even with a half-dead brain, the sizing is wonderful and makes that top a real winner.

  6. Lovlund looks fabulous. She looks like she could really dress up an outfit. Very pretty! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Lovlund looks great! You do such nice work. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I’m sorry to hear you had food poisoning this weekend. Loveland looks awesome and so does the Ab Fab throw!

  9. Lucy is, of course, Correct as Usual!
    So sorry for the stomach woes…do get that checked out, as the latest salmonella *news* has been linked to dodgy salads….
    The Lovlund is Glorious!

  10. Argh! Never a good way to feel, especially on a beautiful weekend. Hope you are feeling yourself again.
    Lovland is beautiful!

  11. Wow Wendy the lovlund sweater is fabulous!!!
    It looks like a night out might be just the thing to christen it!

  12. Sorry to hear you were sick, Wendy. Someone told me recently that food poisoning takes a couple of days to incubate, so it usually isn’t the *last* thing you ate. (But maybe you considered that.)

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re feeling better. What yarn was Lovlund written for? I’m also interested in the gauge change. It is counter-intuitive. But the sweater is beautiful.

  13. Love love love that sweater! It’s really something special. I didn’t expect it to be so sheer (but maybe that’s something that shows up when it’s photographed), but it’s quite fancy. The colorway for the throw is wonderful.

  14. Wow, Lovlund is loverly! You are so fast.

    Sorry about the dodgy salad. Food poisoning is never fun. Hope you are feeling better this morning!

    And 1583!!!! Whoa. That’s amazing. You guys really did an awesome thing, Wendy. All the schmoos thank you!

  15. Just a note on food poisoning — it takes about eight hours to hit. So a salad on Friday and sick over the weekend sounds about right.

    Your work is lovely, as always. I’ve found I’m doing a lot more texture, lace, etc. right along with you — wonder how much of that is just me, and how much is me loving your stuff? ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Lapis Lazuli says:

    Totally off-topic
    I have a question for the Rowanettes. As a relatively new knitter (2 yrs) I’ve never used Rowan yarns. Now, I’ve become interested in making the bottoms up bucket hat in Rowan Denim. Is it reeeeeally like denim or is it just blue cotton yarn?

  17. Look at you WORK that Lovland. Damn, that’s some fine knitting. Very elegant; I’m in love with the stitch pattern paired with the color.

  18. At first glance, I read “doggy” salad, and wondered why anyone would eat enough of a doggy salad to get sick, and if you got sick because it was not meant as people food. I have spent the weekend pulling my sister’s beagle out of the fridge, and that might have influenced my misread, since all the food in the lower half is now “doggy.”

    I am always so impressed with the speed at which you get things done!

  19. Wendyknits, how do I love thee? In so many ways…

    But before I tell you that, can you tell me about the AbFab throw? Are you designing the squares yourself, or is it from a pattern? I’m seeing a winter knitting project here…


  20. I am a moron, and I know you must have answered this a million times, so I’m sorry to be asking again, but I’d love to do the Klaralund-a long. How do I sign up? Wendy, your blog is a joy to read. Thanks for sharing with all of us. OH! And you have inspired me to do my first fair isle this winter. I’m doing the Dale Lotus in a pale blue. Can’t wait.