My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


The Stash Room

Yesterday Michelle made a good point in the comments:

You know, I realize I am about to make some enemies here, but I don’t
think you should post a picture of your stash room, or the Sock Yarn
Cabinet (of Shame? Shame for the Stash? Blasphemer!). I think not
seeing it adds a layer of mystery–no matter what our collective
imaginations could come up with, it’s probably nowhere near the reality of your
stash. At this point, your stash of yarn has reached mythic proportions.
It’s enough to know that you have a Room, and that…THE ROOM IS NOT

Now, a picture of your Spongebob collection…is an entirely different

The Stash Myth. As a medievalist, I like that. Like the Grail Legend.

Besides, if I show any part of my stash, it will so detract from the stash room tour for which Becky is willing to pay good money.

People, I’m not stupid.

But because I love ya, Michelle, here’s is a photo of the Spongebob collection.


But please note, it’s not the whole collection.


Lucy spent the day relaxing in my desk chair.


Three-fifths of my AbFab relaxed on the couch.


Wendy relaxed at Knit Happens.

Kristine’s mom sent her a Knit Happens clock!


Then the Alchemy Yarns order came in.


Words cannot adequately describe it. Some of it did come home with me, along with other stuff, which will be blogged about on the morrow.

And Wednesday night was show your sock-in-progress night!

First up, Erica!


Then we have Holly!


And Shelley!


We were teasing Shelley about wearing a short skirt and sticking her leg up in the air. But I guess she showed us, huh?


“Get a grip, people, there are shorts under the skirt!”

And here is our dear Phyl-Phyl, with her swatch from the Sasha Kagan workshop. She is using it as a coaster.


You gotta love her. You gotta.

And a big thank you to my Secret Pal, who sent me a note via Kristine. How delightfully sneaky of you!!

Stash report tomorrow, ‘k? Spongebob was off-duty when I got home last night.


  1. Debbie Minden says:

    If you use a private tour of the stash as the top prize for the next good deed knit project you can top the Kritter-Knitter Knit along.

  2. Oh, multiple Spongebobs make me happy. Thank you! And this is the first time I’ve been quoted here, which really makes me feel like mohair (you know, warm ‘n’ fuzzy). Cool!

    Scout was chillin’ on my desk chair for most of yesterday, too. Weird.

    Love the socks-in-progress pics. I think I have all that yarn–I know I’ve made the same socks Erica is. How funny. And that Alchemy Yarn…*drool*

  3. The Stash Myth. Perfect. If we’re not careful, though, soon we’ll all be posting blurry pictures that we swear are proof of a rare sighting of The Great Stash Monster breaking the surface of the yarn pile at dawn, shaking out its Noro-colored locks…

  4. Oh, those Alchemy yarns look amazing. The colors are so vibrant, I need sunglasses!

  5. The idea of a roomful of stash that then flows out into the hall, and other rooms, and more somewhat boggles the mind, mostly because I think my husband would turn blue at the thought of me having so much yarn. So I live vicariously through you, Wendy–you go, girl!!

    I do have a stash related question, however–when you see a pattern for something that you just must knit, do you typically go to the stash room to look for a suitable, wonderful yarn or do you buy something special just for that pattern?

    And if you are buying to feed the stash, how much do you purchase of a yarn? I mean, I know that for a pair of socks I typically need two skeins of most fingering weight yarns, but only one of Opal, so I would buy what I know would work. But if I don’t know what I’m going to make of some luscious fiber, I’m reluctant to purchase for fear I won’t get enough or get just a little too much–enough to make a garment with two skeins left over and be unable to use those two skeins for anything.

    Or do you purchase wonderful yarns for the sheer joy of living your life surrounded by them and never mind an ultimate purpose (which is a perfectly valid choice, in my humble opinion, though probably not my husband’s)?

    You do realize you are becoming the den mother for a whole lot of knitters, don’t you?

    Have a great day.

  6. That picture of Shelley is classic. Thanks so much for the sweater help yesterday.

  7. yep… bigger, better and more… our Wendy’s got it … but then no one’s forced to read her blog, right?

  8. A Den mother eh?…hmmm I have to admit I have learned a lot from you. I have only been knitting for a year and have been reading your blog daily for a few months now.

    I must admit all this talk about stash…and those pics of the Alchemy …. make me very jealous. For one my LYS doesn’t seem to carry it and as a starving Uni Student I can’t afford all the yarn I dream of having. Ahhh but I can still dream and dream I do!!

  9. Look at all those Spongebobs! And is that…could it be…a Spongebob wearing a pair of RABBIT EARS? The house is officially rocked, people.

    P.S. I await info on those tours, missy!

  10. I can’t wait to hear about the Alchemy! I love the name (I used to be a materials scientist in my pre-baby life) and I’ve seen their ads. I think it’s something I’d be more likely to buy if I could see it in person. Maybe I’ll have to go visit my inlaws in DC so I can shop at the wonderful Knit Happens, too!

  11. oh, the Alchemy. So beautiful and shiny and colorful, how I love thee. I can’t wait to see what came home with ya.

    Those socks pictures are making me jealous. I’m about to embark on my first sock knitting experience, using your toe-up pattern. *Gulp*. Is the first sock the hardest?

  12. Oh, how I’m glad that I didn’t preview that pic yesterday and got the surprise today…hilarious, what a good laugh. Yarn girls gone wild!

  13. Judy Hammond says:

    Has anyone else noticed that since Wendy has stopped knitting her patterns Virtual Yarns has not had any new Alice Starmore patterns? Is there a connection here? Hmmm?

  14. I am soooo jealous that you got to take home some Alchemy last night!! Can you bring it to KH so I can gaze lovingly at it and fondle it? (Yes, I know I’ve got a ton there I can fondle, but it’s not the same, lol…) It might just be another Yarn Girls Gone Wild trip, hee-hee! 🙂

  15. I was wondering how big the square abfab afghan is? It looks pretty small in the photo.