My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


What’s In My CD Player?



It’s the new CD from Share’s band, Bubble: “Rock n Roll Hell.” And it totally rocks!

You can buy your own copy here. Go on, now. You don’t want me thinking I’m better than you because I own it and you don’t, do you?

Alchemy Hat

I finished my Bottoms-Up Bucket hat in the Alchemy Resevoir yesterday. Here it is, in its pre-felted state.


Why, yes, I am a dork.

And here it is, after felting, before blocking.


And here it is, blocked.


I am beyond happy with this hat — it’s the best felted bucket I’ve made. It fits me better than any of my previous attempts. This is great yarn for felting! It took about one and a half cycles in the washer to get it down to the proper size for me.

And just for grins, I started my matching scarf in the Alchemy Synchronicity.


Oh my gosh and golly. Is this yarn ever great to knit! It’s 50/50 wool/silk and it is heaven on needles. Fer shure!

Lara-Along Group
Kristine has created a Yahoo Group for the Lara-Along. Go here to join!

I’m a Bag Ho

For Suzanne, here is a photo of my suede Coach business tote. I love bags, purses and totes of all kinds. Can’t get enough of them.


I’m an Office Toy Ho

Lest you think Spongebob is the only personage who graces my cubicle.


I’m not just a dork, I’m a geeky dork.

AbFab Update

I’m a little further along!


The Japanese Lantern Scarf, She Is Finished!

Being modeled by my lamp. She’s purty, ain’t she?


Knitted from just one skein of Alchemy Japanese Lantern, she’s over 66″ long, not including the fringe.


Lucy just wanted to try her on before she goes to live at Knit Happens.


  1. Hi Wendy, The bucket hat is lovely. I like the colour of Alchemy Synchronicity. It surely match with the bucket hat perfectly. BTW, you are tempting me to start my own AB Fab throw (not using Colinette yarn, handdyed from others). Hope it can work out nicely like yours.

    Happy knitting !


  2. Your bucket hat came out very nice! It will look lovely with your lacey scarf. … and I too am a “bag ho”–I have sooo many totes/purses/clutches/backpacks…

  3. Awesome Bucket Hat!

  4. Move over,Vogue! Wendy has real style! That bucket hat and matching scarf are outstanding! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I’m with you – I love knitting with wool and silk . I am currently knitting the Diamond Pullover from Vogue Knitting with Cherry Tree Hill Silk and Merino DK — WOW. My other favorite merino/silk is a little heavier weight: Mulberry Silk by Muench GGH.

    I agree that this bucket is your crowning glory!

  6. Wendy, The scarves and hat are outstanding, as always… Lv2knit …I am working on the EXACT same project with the EXACT same wool now also?!!
    It is a dream yarn and the little diamonds are working up beautifully and quickly.

  7. VERY yummy bucket hat!!

  8. Wow, that yarn looks amazing felted up. And your bucket hat looks perfect! And the Coach bag!!! Acck. I can’t handle it…too many pretty things to look at…

    That scarf is SO Lucy’s color.

  9. Oooh – I can’t wait to see the scarf when she comes to live at KH! ๐Ÿ™‚ The hat is totally fab – and I know the scarf will be wonderful too.

  10. Question: How many stitches did you cast on for the Japanese Lantern scarf?

  11. Gorgeous! All of it! The bucket hat is really wonderful.

    I collect little toys too. For a while it was the Homies that come out of gumball machines, but my neighborhood stopped carrying them.

  12. Your felted bucket hat rocks! (And the captions to your photos, as always, slay me.)

  13. Are those…Serta Sheep?!? I believe that I’m now feeling sheep deprived…

  14. Lapis Lazuli says:

    It’s Shawn from Wallace and Gromit’s ‘A Close Shave.’

  15. Hilarious—I have Shawn at my desk, too, along with Wallace. But no Gromit! The search is on….

  16. Wendy!!! The Bucket et Scarf combo is tres super!

    Beautiful felting job!

    Ahwhat’s it like – 90 degrees in Viginina!? I tip my bucket to you for felting in AUGUST! I’m still working on stuff I started for SUMMER and it’s almost Fall… :


  17. That Bucket hat is gorgeous. I love the color and the matching scarf will look great.

    Thanks for the bag picture, umm, suede. I love bags, too and can’t stop adding to my collection. I do clear it out eventually and a friend usually gets the orphans.

    I think Lucy may want her own scarf or just may like to be a model.

  18. OOO the bucket hat turned out absolutely divine!! i lovelovelove it! i must get me some alchemy, indeed. Hey, is that the sheep from Jakers on top of your cubicle? Sure looks like him!

  19. I love you Wendy! I think we were separated at birth! My desk at work looks like a 14 year old girl sits there! Cracking toast Grommit!

  20. Knittykim says:

    Beautiful Bucket! I feel inspired with all your loverly yarnsy goodness.

    I MUST find a Shawn and Gromit. On to the internet…

  21. I’m a big fan of bags and totes, too. That one is surely wonderful! Alchemy Synchronicity looks very cool in that pattern and will be a lovely scarf..the hat looks very fun, too. Now I’m going to check out Rock Chick.

  22. Oh my goodness! Your package arrived yesterday. I was speechless. Gorgeous Soy Silk! And in my favorite color too! You’re awesome. Thank you so much.

  23. Wendy, you are constantly a great source of inspiration. GREAT bucket hat, it is the best I agree that you’ve made! (that we’ve been able to see ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). The scarves are so pretty, too.

  24. I love the hat!

    Kitty looks very… unimpressed… with having her photo taken.

  25. Your bucket hat looks fabulous! Beautiful colors. Is that the hat that is knit in separate pieces or in one piece.
    A girl can not have too many bags and totes, can she? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. I love the look on Lucy’s face in that photo…it’s a cross between “Thank you SO much for knitting this scarf for me”, and “Just try to take it away from me, buster!”

  27. *squee!* Shawn and Gromit figures! Where on earth did you find them? Must…not…surf…Ebay…

    The bucket hat and scarf look gorgeous–as does Lucy, as usual. I love her facial expressions.

    Oh, and better to be a bag ho than just a bag. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. The bucket is lovely, I wish I looked good in hats so I could make one.
    I have a big bag/tote/handbag obsession as well. I just learned how to make buttons, so I made a “Handbag Harlot” button tonight, that is on my blog.