My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


I Hate Crystal Palace Bamboo Needles

What is up with them?

Last week I pulled a brand-spanking new set of Crystal Palace dpns outta the package (when finishing up my bucket hat) and the very first time I inserted needles into yarn, two long splinters came off one of the needles.

Then on Friday, a splinter came off the tip of a new Crystal Palace bamboo circular that I had been using (and carefully storing) for five whole days. Huh?

I have some Clover bamboos that I’ve been using, oh, forever. No problems.

I’ve fixed the point of the circular with judicious use of an emery board. The dpn splinters came off the shaft of the needle, not the tip, so they don’t affect the knitting. So I won’t bother to return them. But the damned needle has a groove in the shaft now and looks bizarr-o.

Crystal Palace, you have gotten on my last available nerve.

AbFab News

I finished my second throw, this one in the sideways stripes pattern. I’m quite pleased with it!


This was my own made-up colorway. Some Velvet Bilberry and some Monet Colinette yarns, and some non-Colinette mohair (Plymouth Outback).

The fringe seemed to take forever!


I matched the fringe yarns to the stripes rather than use the fringe yarns randomly and I think it looks really nice. The finished size of the throw is approximately 45″ by 60″.

So now, I’ve returned to the Liam pullover for a while. I’m tired of seeing it in my list of WIPs. hopwfully I can make some progress, though I’m not very far along on it.

Knitting Calendar

I picked this up over the weekend.


Lots of fun little patterns in there. My toe-up sock pattern is in there as well. On the first weekend in April, 2005. πŸ™‚

Critter Knitters Update

Liz worked overtime this weekend and updated the blankets received page. Wow! I know what a huge undertaking this was. Go check out all the very cool blankets!

Klaralund-Along News

The lovely and talented Froggy (yes, she is both, and apart from that, she has the biggest-ass knitting bag I’ve ever seen — tee hee hee!) has made a Yahoo Group for the Klaralund-Along! Go here to sign up for the group.

Lucy Sez . . .


Happy Monday!


  1. I recently got a pair size 6 of Crystal Palace bamboo needles (single points) and I used them for one row of my sweater and then put them away for good. I swear I can feel the grain of the wood in the tips (like little speed bumps or something) every time I stitch and I don’t like it one bit – drove me nuts! I will say I also have a pair of size 15s that were just fine but I got those a few years ago, these new ones are enough to make me not want to buy them again!

  2. wow, the knitting calender…. ooooohhh I want one. Can you give me a hint for where to buy it?

    I knit a pair of toe-up socks right now, it is a great pattern

    Have a lovely day and give my regards to Lucy


  3. Congratulations, Wendy! As if I didn’t have enough interesting things to knit already – 364 new items may be a lifetime supply. Plus, nowe can call you “Miss April” πŸ˜‰

  4. oh, i have had similar problems with crystal palace and now have to have a little emery board and clear fingernail polish on hand for those needle repairs. it’s odd when it usually happens, it’s on a pair that i just opened instead of ones i have been using forever. in addition to that i have had a pair of cp circs come apart at the metal part and make a mess of my yarn as i try to salvage the join (but there’s no repairing that). i’ll have to give those clovers a try when mine retire. i thought it was just me. ugh!

    and the abfab is gorgeous. love how you worked the tassels to match the stripes.

    and thanks for much for the compliment. is my bag really that big? it so stuffed i think i need more room, lol! i must say i have tried to organize it a bit, so next time i drop phyl-phyl’s seaming needle(that she so graciously loaned me) in my bag, i won’t have to just give her another one cause that one fell in the bermuda triangle located in the center of my bag. think its time to tame that monster bag!

  5. I’ve never had problems my Crystal Palace bamboo circulars, and I prefer them to Clover because the metal caps joining the bamboo to the plastic don’t catch on the yarn as much. I’ll definitely think twice about buying more, though. I’m really an Addi Turbo girl anyway.

    I love the stripes on AbFab!! And congratulations on the pattern in the calendar — looks like you missed being an April Fool by one day. πŸ˜‰

  6. Yep, perhaps unsurprisingly, I am also a metal girl.

    The AbFab throw is stunning! Good call on the fringe.

    I’m going to have to pick up that calendar as well. Way to go!

  7. I bought but have never used a pair of CP bamboo circulars. Interesting. I generally don’t use bamboo except for cotton yarn that won’t keep its gauge on Addis.

    I’ve never used Pony Pearls, but I take it that folks either love ’em or hate ’em. Any thoughts, commenters?

    LOVE the ab fab throw! Beautiful colorway!

  8. I can’t stand crystal palace circs either – the metal join always drives me nuts. I swear, it evilly plots to catch every single one of my stitches. I must prefer Bamboo, but I’d rather have metal of any time, generally.

  9. Your throw is absolutely gorgeous, dahling!

    You do realize that you’re going to get a *ton* of questions about where to get the knitters calendar…or was that the idea? ;0)

    OK, so where (and when) can the rest of us knitting peons get our paws on a copy of this nifty calendar??

  10. Wow Ab Fab looks gorgeous — and I don’e even like fringe but I love it on your throw.

    Fess up, where can we get the calendar?


  11. Love Ab Fab – love your coordinating fringe with stripes colorwise. Love Lucy. Love the Calendar – where oh where is it for sale?

  12. You are definitely enabling AbFab purchases all around the world! I think I need to put one of these on my Christmas present list. Yours is gorgeous.

    I’m not a big fan of CP needles either — I’ve had problems with the joins and with the smaller needles breaking under pressure. But the joins are what make me the craziest. They seem to catch on everything and generally impede knitting progress.

  13. Cheryl F. says:

    I have one pair of Crystal Palace DPNs, and they never impressed me. I like the often overlooked Plymouth bamboos. They are reasonably priced and don’t splinter-hold up well.
    I actually tried the pony pearl DPNs once and had the tips of them chip! Talk about weird. Wow-what a Monday, I’m making a comment in the comment window laying over your blog page, and all I’m seeing is Lucy’s hindquarters–freaky!
    Have a great Monday, you enabler you!

    Cheryl in AL

  14. Mental note *don’t buy Crystal Palace bamboo needles*

    Love the afghan! Those are my colors!

  15. Your AbFab throw is gorgeous! Love the colorway, especially with the coordinating fringe!

    I must get that calendar. I need 365 knitting patterns for 2005!

  16. I have also had problems with snagging with CP bamboo needles. I thought maybe I was just destined not to use wooden needles, but I see now that it might just be CP. Huh. Who knew?

  17. Greetings from sunny(ish) California. I had a bamboo circ that broke at the join — it may have been cp, but the name wore off from use, so I really don’t recall. I’m also pretty devoted to Addi Turbo.

    Love your throw — the fringe in pattern is a great touch.

  18. Actually Crystal Palace are my favorite DPNs…I love them for socks and I love the circs too (and I have LOTS of needles including addi’s, pony pearls, bryspuns, denise, brittany’s and skacel
    {bamboo and metal}!…hello my name is debi and I’m needle addicted :)…my CP’s are about 2 years old so maybe it’s something in the newer needles?

    PS – Ab fab throw…me likey :0)
    and I *need* that calendar!!

  19. I *heart* that Ad Fab of our color choices…great job! CP DPN are some of my favorites! However lately the tips seem to get snags rather easily! Wonder…what’s up?!!

    I’ll be looking for that calendar…love the whole concept of a project a day.

  20. Every single pair of Crystal Palace circs I’ve ever own have come apart, and I had to hot-glue them together. Granted, I felt smart, because I knew where the hot glue gun was, as well as the glue, but I was still angry that I had to do that. I haven’t been a Crystal Palace fan since.

    Oh, and that faux AbFab throw is fabulous (hah)! Love the colors…

  21. I’ve had the same problem with Crystal Palace dpns and don’t use them anymore. for smaller sizes, i really like the pony pearls. once you get to a size eight or so, though, the points aren’t very sharp. still don’t have a favorite for larger sizes, probably Addis if someone put a gun to my ahead, though I don’t like them as much as I love the Addi circulars.

    the throw looks fabulous!

  22. I wonder if those were from the same batch and was just a bad bunch of bamboo?

    Ab Fab part Deux looks great!

  23. Ann Marie says:! Ah, Google, how do I love thee?

  24. Wendy, I’d stick with clover needles for bamboo (or plymouth). Crystal Palace has been having serious problems with their needles for a good six months now. It’s not just your bad karma! (I work at an LYS – we returned our shipment).

  25. Huh…I’m using some CP circulars, and some DPNs right now, and so far I’m not having any problems. Although the circs are fairly new, as is the project, so now I’m fearful they are going to come apart on me! I must say I like the bamboo itself on the CPs, but it sure sounds like they’ve got some quality problems. Note to CP: Don’t piss off your loyal knitters! πŸ™‚

  26. The Crystal Palace debate really struck a chord with me so I had to add that I have bought two new pairs of CP dpns within this past year, and BOTH had snaggy splinters on the tips straight out of the package. Glad to know it’s not just my bad luck…

  27. CP did indeed have several bad months with their bamboo circs — but they’ve fixed the problem (they say). However, I’m sure lots of the old needles are still on various LYS shelves.

  28. Ugh. I had a similar issue with a set of Crystal Palace Circular Needles. The end needle kept popping out of the metal holder on 3 separate sets. After replaced the needles twice, they ended up suggesting i keep them at no charge and try glueing them in.

    I think the thing that annoys me the most, is that there is no contact information on the Crystal Palace website, so that the only people you can complain to are the retailers…which never seems fair.

  29. I simply adored my crystal palace sticks.. I got some clovers and they where a bit to sticky for me but I got used to them. I knit tight so i like a slippery needle. I love even the way the crystal palace ones look.

    Then i got some 15’s.. eyelash split the top.. traded em in for new ones (FYI crystal palace will ship you knew ones if you ship them the old ones (the store you got them from should swap them out for you) and Crystal palace likes to have you email them and desrcibe the problem. So I went through all that to swap out my 15’s. Didn’t use anymore eyelash.. was working on some other fuzzzy stuff.. the bag was in my car for a few days (may have been nocked around a tad) and when i took the 2nd pair out, the whole entire little tip was gone from one of them..

    how nice..

    So i threw them out and got some plastic lions brand ones (can you say SUCKY?) and then just got some clover ones. I feel one of them has a split head already. God save me from the horror of size 15 bamboo needles, but I so love the feeling of knitting with bamboo.. I am cursed! No problems with ANY of my smaller size needles Clover or Crystal.

    I only like to get addi tubro’s for circs.. they are the bomb. Nothing snags.. ever.

  30. Please post where to order the calendar. what a fab idea.

    Also do you have a link to the feather and fan pattern

  31. I prefer Clovers too.

  32. If anybody happens to read this far down the comments — I picked up a copy of that calendar at barnes & noble in sioux city, iowa this past weekend, and if IOWA has it — your town is SURE to. Trust me.

    Love the posted throw, Wendy — really amazing fringe. πŸ™‚

  33. Wendy,

    Love the AbFab Throw!!!

    Also, I saw the Knitting calendar this weekend at my local Barnes and Noble.


  34. I prefer Clovers too.

  35. I tried Pony Pearls – they were ok. I recently got a pair of Pony metal single points and I do like them… reminds me of the old metal needles I inherited from my grandmother.

  36. Wendy your AbFab throw is so pretty. The colors are beautiful and it looks so cosy…that I figured Lucy would have found it by now and snuggled up on it! πŸ™‚

  37. My favourite sock needles are a set of size 0 Crystal Palace DPNS. I tried Brittany Birch, but I broke one the first time I used them. I have Clover in a size 1, but I seem to keep going back to the CP’s.
    Mind you, they’re the only CP needles I have – AFAIK they aren’t available in Australia.
    And please tell where I can get the calendar!! πŸ™‚

  38. Hi Wendy, I love your throw. The colour looks great. You are tempting me to start a throw again. I will make one after mt Karis complete.

    Sorry to hear your problem with Crystal Palance needles. I think Clover bamboo needle are the best. Most of my needles are from Clover except some big needles from Addi.

    Happy knitting !


  39. Crystal Palace circs have been getting on my nerve. That little join between the needle and cord CONSTANTLY snags on my knitting. This doesn’t happen with my Clover or Inox bamboo needles.

    You’d better hide that AbFab. I’m considering hopping a plane and snatching it from you. Gorgeous!

  40. Tips for your next throw. (if there is another one) Cut the yarn after each row to desired length. knot/tie together as you knit say about every 6th row. Then you have the fringe ready when you have knitted the last row πŸ™‚
    IΒ΄ve made many shawls about the way you did your throw and came up whit this soulution for the fringe.

  41. I purchased two sets of Crystal Palace bamboo circs. The first time I went to use them they came apart! Apparently they had not glued the metal caps to the bamboo needles.

    I emailed the company I purchased them from, who forwarded me on to Crystal Place. They asked me to return them, and they would replace them.

    I did. I had to remind them a couple of times by email about my replacements. When the replacements finally came, they were defective too!

    I am done with CP needles. I love Addi, Clover and some I got from WEBS(their label) that are a fantastic hard wood.