My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Wendy’s Mom



To all of Wendy’s knitting friends from her Mom. Seems I volunteered – or more accurately – was pressed into service to be the “substitute du jour”!

Photo Revelation

I notice Wendy always has her picture with the number of days since her last haircut. Today’s photo shows her as a babe in pre-haircut days . . . still a babe, nevertheless!


Daily Check

I read the blog every day to see what they (Wendy, Lucy, Spongebob etc.) are up to. It’s fun to see your comments. I loved the photos of your beautiful kitties enjoying their knit cat beds!

Does Mom Knit Too?

Not much any more. I’m busy gardening . . .



. . . love to cook & bake, sing in a choir. However, I’m working on a pair of Norwegian mittens – a kit Wendy gave me. I selected the smallest size for women – Honestly, if Bigfoot has hands . . . Oh, well.

Years ago I knit suits (4), coats (2), many sweaters, hats, mittens, gloves etc. I still enjoy wearing the coats.



The whole family loves cats! Wendy’s beautiful Lucy has become a regular model on the blog. Not to be outdone, KoKo and Sami eagerly (HA!) agreed to pinch hit for Lucy today.


I’ve loved “visiting” the blog today! May all your knitting projects turn out beautifully!


  1. Great substitute, Wendys mom.
    Love the cabeled coat!

  2. hi wendy’s mum

    I love’d the coat with the cables and your siames(?) cats. not to mention the photo of wendy’s pre-haircut days:-)

    so you’re into gardening now. does that mean that we can expect wendy to pick up this intrest to??

    you’re doing a great job blogging for wendy:-)


  3. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree, did it, Wendy’s Mom! Thanks for the blog entry and showing those lovely coats.

  4. Hi

    Wow,It’s so nice to see that Wendy is a chip off the old block – very nice to meet you too, Wendy’s Mom! Great job blogging! and I love that white cabled coat…

  5. Hello, Wendy’s Mum!

    Wonderfull coats, plants, and cats! Need I say more? I loved your entry 😉
    Bonjour de la Belgique, Love,

  6. Hi, Wendy’s mom! Wendy sure hasn’t changed very much since that picture of her was taken, except that her hair is a bit longer.

  7. Wow! Now we know why Wendy is such an awesome knitter. Beautiful, beautiful coats!!!

  8. Great substitute! And those coats ARE beautiful.

  9. Hi Wendy’s Mom!
    Now I see where Wendy got her wonderful knitting ability. Beautiful kitties 🙂

  10. Hi Wendy’s Mom. What’s the medal you are wearing in the first picture?

  11. Wonderful coats! And nice photography!

  12. Love the coats, love the cats!! Are you going to post a pic of those mittens when you get them done?

    You know, you might consider getting your own blog – you’re good at this!

  13. Delightful! Thank you for sharing! Gee, seems Wendy’s whole family are talented!

  14. Hi Wendy’s Mom! It’s clear where Wendy gets her beauty. Leave it to Wendy to come up with something fun like this. What a joy to meet the important people in Wendy’s life. Your knitted coats are beautiful. Thanks for giving us a peek into your life, your gardening and the kitties.

  15. Loved seeing Wendy’s baby picture. She was a pretty little munchkin, wasn’t she?

    I’d love to know more about your cats. Are they littermates? Male of female? Age? Names?

  16. love those pics! your coats are amazing! thanks for the great post wendy’s mom.

  17. What wonderful pictures! Your knitting is gorgeous, and the cats are right out of “Lady and the Tramp.” What is it about knitters and gardening? Even Jean Moss has a “Knitting and Gardening Tour” across Scotland and England! Maybe it is the relationship between creating beauty and tending to detail.

  18. Wow! Which is more beautiful, Mom in the lovely, gorgeous coats, or the adorable Cats!

  19. Hi Wendy’s Mom ~ Amazing coats!

  20. Thanks for sharing pictures of your beautiful gardens and coats!

  21. How did KoKo get his name? Are you a Lillian Jackson Brown fan?

    Fantastic coats!

  22. This is WONDERFUL!

    Hello, Wendy’s Mom. I see where Wendy gets her knitting and writing talent, as well as her wit. I’m very much impressed by those coats [!] you’ve knit. One word: WOW.

  23. Wow-ee, such a treat to get to meet Wendy’s mom! Such a delightful surprise. I see where Wendy gets her multi-talents. Thank you for sharing part of your life with us.

  24. Hi, Wendy’s Mom!
    Thanks for the lovely post! I really like your gorgeous coats. KoKo and Sami are so “royal”!
    Happy Hump Day!

  25. Thank you for guest-blogging for us today, Wendy’s mom! You gave us a very interesting and entertaining post, and look how the masses are clamoring for more! I must concur with your reading public — the coats are gorgeous. Enjoy your day!

  26. On my way to the computer this morning, and remembering Ian’s hint yesterday, I thought “who will it be, Wendy’s Mom or David?” Glad to see I’m learning to think along Wendy’s lines, even if I can’t knit as well.

    Loved the coats, especially the cabled one. Very impressive.

    Have a lovely day.

  27. Beautiful Coats…Perfect Knitting. Glad to meet you Wendy’s Mom. Have a wonderful day…

  28. I love the coats and your gardern. I was struck by the stamina you must have had when knitting those coats. I am on the last piece of an oversized Aran knit cardigan right now and am struggling to stay focused to finish it. I can’t imagine how you must have felt making those wonderful coats since they are so big. You must have been an inspiration to Wendy.

  29. Fabulous! The garden and coats are amazing and your kitties are adorable. You’re a super guest blogger! Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  30. Hi. I am a novice knitter, a working writer and a cat devotee. I am also a HUGE Wendy fan.She’s pretty inspirational on a lot of levels … I was delighted to find you (Mom) here today. (Now I see where she gets it …) You are wonderful. Your coats are magnificent. Your cats are fabulous and you started my day GREAT! Thanks. PLease come back and pinch hit for Wendy again soon — and thanks for the uber-cool Baby Wendy pic *lol* Best to you, Diana

  31. Dear Wendy’s mum! Thank you for writing and shareing the bautiful pictures. I am really impressed by the coats you knittid, wow! Have a beautiful day and come back again soon!

  32. Thank you for your wonderful writing. Your gardening and knitted coats are loverly. And, as a cat lover and owner myself, I thank you for the photo of your beautiful cats.

  33. Yikes! It figures Mom would sneak a baby pic in there. 😉

    Great blog post, Mom!

  34. Ditto to all the above…but Koko and Sami take my breath away!

  35. Wonderful entry – you should be a guest author more often! Great outfits, garden, and kitties!

  36. Wendy in CA says:

    Hi, “Wendy’s Mom!” Wow, your knitted coats are superb. I can see from whence Wendy gets her knitting prowess:).

    Thank you for guest blogging today. Your cats are adorable! I’m sure Lucy doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight with her cute kitty cousins.

  37. Wow, beautiful coats, beautiful flowers and beautiful kitties. Honestly, those are three of the best things in life:) Nice job!

  38. Great job, Wendy’s Mom!

    Love the coats and the flowers. I see where Wendy got her knitting talent from.

    Very cute kitties. They remind me of the cat my grandmother had, Ting-a-Ling.

  39. Wendy is very lucky to share with her Mom the love of cats , woolies and gardens. My Mom doesn’t share these with me at all…have often asked if I was adopted but apparently this is not the case. Go figure.

  40. I love that white coat. You do look great in it!

  41. Huh…I had a vision that Wendy was born wearing cowboy boots and carrying bamboo needles….guess I was wrong. I echo everyone’s comments here — terrific posts and beautiful coats!

  42. Hi Wendy’s mom,

    Did you really knit suits? I have some vintage pattern book that have suits in them. Seems like that stuff would take FOREVER to knit. Are you a speed knitter like Wendy?

    You were a GREAT substitute!


  43. Ruth D, in Houston says:

    Wow ! Wendy’s Mom, you have inspired me to put a coat on my TO-DO/KNIT list. What great looking coats you have. Thanks for sharing — even if you were “forced into labor”. ;-D

  44. Hi,Wendy’s Mom! I’m drooling over your Aran coat! Beautiful knitting! But the lavender one is definitely your color! I hope Lucy didn’t get jealous over your guest kitties. I loved seeing them! At this rate, we’re hardly missing Wendy at all! [Ssssh! Don’t tell her I said that ;-)]

  45. I agree with everyone! The coats are beautiful, the flowers lovely, and the cats are choice. But to tell the truth, the thing that impressed me the most is that you are so computer savy and can do a blog entry with pictures and everything. I can’t think of very many other mothers (at least of my generation, but then I’m a lot older than Wendy looks in her blog pictures)who are so accomplished in computer/blog land. Thanks so much for your entry today, and also for being Wendy’s Mom. A lot of us out here look to her for inspiration as well as the comfort and familiarity that is established over time.
    Loving Wendy’s family,

  46. I’d repeat everything said above about the knitting, the computer-saviness, the cats… but I just want to know if Koko’s a detective???

  47. I am in awe! Wendy’s mom, I don’t know which bowled me over more, the coats you knit or those absolutely gorgeous wedgie head cats!!! My office neighbors came in to see what was making me go “WOW!” out loud over and over again. How on earth long did it take to make those amazing coats – or are you, like Wendy, able to drop into some sort of Tardis-like timewarp and find knitting time and speed the rest of us only dream of? Thanks for the great guest post, Wendy’s mom!

  48. Hooray for moms!

  49. Beautiful coats, Mrs. Wendy’s mom! Thanks for sharing them with us. 🙂

  50. Wow – it starts off with that medal (Is that an OLYMPIC medal?? If it’s not, it must be a medal for knitting), shows us your gorgeous azalea bush and then saves the best for last – those coats!!!! Not to mention your other noteworthy accomplishment – raising the inspirational knitter, Wendy! Thanks so much for visiting us today.

  51. Wendy's Mom says:

    Dear knitters all,
    Thanks to all of you for your very kind comments. To answer a few questions: that’s not an Olympic medal for knitting! It’s from a cruise line for so many cruises taken! No, I
    don’t knit as fast as Wendy. The cats are 8 years old – brothers. Wendy set up and entered my blog, but it’s all my writing. Lots of fun! Wendy’s Mom

  52. Wow! Wendy’s Mom is a babe too!! Gorgeous knitting and pretty kitties too! Thanks for filling in!

  53. Hi, Wendy’s mom! I just wanted to say that the lavender coat is one of the most fabulous things I’ve ever seen in my life. Absolutely fantastic. 🙂

  54. Hey Wendy’s Mom, check out those knitted coats!!! As someone we know would say, “Wow! Wowie wow wow wow!”

  55. Hello Wendy’s Mom!

    Wow! What gorgeous coats!!! They are awesome! That is where Wendy gets all her knitting talent! And your cats are cute as can be! Thanks for standing in for Wendy today!

  56. Hi, Wendy’s Mom!
    Your coats are gorgeous!
    You did a great job blogging today!

  57. Nice to meet you mom! You are a cool lady! Your cabled cardigans from years gone by are outstanding!! Thanks for filling in. 🙂

  58. What a talented mom Wendy has. hmmmmm – wonder where she got her talent from?? cats are darling and so mischievious looking. I love this place!

  59. hmmmm, now I don’t feel so bad…I see the talent runs in the family

  60. welcome, Wendy’s Mom!

    I gotta say it: Wendy’s Mom rocks! Those coats warrant their own little feature–truly stunning work. And my half-siamese kitties Dusty, Sparrow, and Zoe send nose-bumps and songs to the beautiful and sweet KoKo and Sami.

    Perhaps a regular “column” from her would satisfy all of us new Wendy’s Mom Fans?

    Wendy, we love ya, honest we do…but with a Mom that awesome, you can’t blame us for saying: MORE MOM!!! She rocks!

  61. Those coats are superb. I am so impressed. What a great skill you have. Thanks, Wendy’s Mum, for sharing with us and I look forward to more news from you. (a UK reader)

  62. Hi Wendy’s Mother!

    Last year during the mouse-a-thon Wendy mentioned in an email reply (where I mentioned I had Siamese kitties) that you had two also. I’ve read all the Cat Who books and am very much a Siamese fanatic. Koko and Sami are beautiful!!

    Best regards and Meows,
    Corinne, Brown “Sugar” Magnolia(sealpoint), and Lilac (lilac point)

  63. It was a lot of fun to read your blog and see your handiwork. Thanks for posting for us. I hope you’ll do it again, soon!

  64. Dear Wendy’s mom,
    I see now where Wendy get’s her knitting talent…amazing coats, must take lot’s of patinece. KoKo and Sami are very handsome.

    Wendy, you were a gorgeous looking baby =)