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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone

Hi all. I am today’s guest blogger at Wendy Knits! I am Kristine, also known to some as the owner of Knit Happens, or as Cindy likes to call me, a yarn addict’s crack dealer. ๐Ÿ™‚

I must admit, writing in lieu of Wendy, who I am SURE is SUFFERING HORRIBLY in San Diego…land of palm trees, low humidity, and men in uniform (Navy and Marines…ahhh!), is a daunting task. I mean, (a), she posts at dawn, and (b), she is wickedly funny and (c), a knitter par excellence. And then I had to follow Ian and Mom. I can only imagine your horror to read today and find you are stuck with….me.

Ok, let’s get the necessary out of the way first….Lucy photos! It IS what you all come here for, right?? ๐Ÿ˜‰

But, since I am Axel’s mommy, and Wendy loves Axel, and vice versa, I must share my little buddy too!

Now time for mail call. Wendy, I got mail for you at the shop today. A postcard. See?

All the way from Australia, nonetheless! Wow, you sure are popular! I never get postcards from Australia… ๐Ÿ™

Finally, usually Wendy shares some of the Late Night Wednesday fun at my shop. But she wasn’t there tonight….so I guess it is up to me.


WE MISS YOU WENDY! Ain’t no sunshine when you’re gone!


  1. Ah,Kristine, you brought me good luck with your blog-day—all of our power is restored! ๐Ÿ™‚ Looks like I have lots of new faces to meet when I come up!

  2. I’m impressed! No silly, not with Kristine’s entry. It’s perfect as I knew it would be. I’m impressed that’s it’s so early!
    Missed Wendy at late night!

  3. Isn’t Holly’s hat just lovely? (It’s back on her desk now.)

  4. could that be a cockerspaniel. well, anyone with such a buddy must be regarded as an excellent blogger and a wonderful stand-in. besides I read the knit-happens blog on a regular basis, so I already know that you’re great:-)

    glad to meet you as a guest blogger at wendy’s. but how come you don’t show any pics of your own knitting??? maybe next time:-)

    heidi – in sweden

  5. Ha Ha! What fun! I’m sad that I came late last night and missed the shout-out to Wendy.

  6. Love the group photo!

  7. fame for Wendy. Check out the Home Section of the Washington Post today!

  8. Wendy we missed you last night, but hope you get to see the write up in the Post! And props to Kristine for getting MORE ink around town!

  9. indeed! here’s the link to the article(s), which feature both Wendy and Kristine/Knit Happens!

  10. Fun post, Kristine! We miss you, Wendy! And Liam looks fab-o in the WP photo!

  11. Hi, Kristine! Excellent entry, and the group photo is just perfect.

    Barb – There’s another article in today’s Washington Post entirely about Wendy, at:

  12. Hi Kristine! Nice guest-post, and reasonably early, too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Good blog entry today, Kristine!! When is Knit Happens going to go online for long distance shoppers?? Would love to order from you.

  14. Is there a way to access the articles without registering with the Washington Post?


  15. Look! My crack dealer’s Wendy’s guest blogger! Excellent! AND she was quoted in the Washington Post. It’s going to be a good Thursday.

    Wendy and Kristine, will you both autograph my copy of the Post article?

  16. What a great entry!
    Kristine, your dog is beautiful. Love the message at the shop to Wendy!
    No wonder people love going to Knit Happens!

  17. Seeing the article in this morning’s Post was a joy! Congratulations to Wendy and to Knit Happens (I’m on the top side of the Beltway, so I may never make it there, but it sounds lovely!)

  18. You guys are great! I miss you all!

    Rest assured I printed out MY article in the Post and am going to force anyone I can here at the conference to look at it!

  19. Great job Kristine, and congrats on your highlight in the Post…Love the pic…notice that Amelia was the only one that didn’t stick out her tongue! Wendy, congrats on your FEATURED article too! Wow! We missed you last night! And to all reading…please come and join our happy group for a knit some time!

  20. Karen – It takes just a minute to register, and they don’t send a msg to confirm, so you can give them any user name and any e-mail address. I actually gave them a good Yahoo disposable address, and have not received any mail from them and have not received any spam at that address. Once you register, your computer will have a cookie that the Post will use to recognize you as a registered user.
    Again, that URL is

  21. Ha Ha! Now we know how old Wendy is! I gotta tell you that you look alot younger than me and I’m 42! I just love getting older. I get smarter and smarter as each year passes.

  22. Great guest post and, most of all, that sweet Axel is one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen.

  23. axel and lucy are too adorable. love the post, kristine. i read your your blog a lot and need to do some mail order from the shop sometime. that group shout out is great. wendy is a lucky woman to have such cool friends.

  24. Wendy is so lucky to have friends like you! I have to admit though, I’ve always wondered how anonymous gifts actually get sent to Wendy, I never thought of sending them to Knit Happens!

  25. As a resident of San Diego, I have been on the lookout for someone walking along with knitting needles in hand….so far, no luck! And unfortunately, it is very muggy and hot here this week, yuk!

  26. how cool is all this? didn’t mean to omit the wendy-centric link; i figured folks would click to it themselves, but all the better to go straight to the top! i’ve never met wendy, though i also haunt knit happens and have chatted with kristine and the gang there many times. maybe someday!