My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Klaralund-Along Kick-Off!

Tonight is the long-awaited highly anticipated kick-off for the Klaralund-Along at Knit Happens. Hoo-ray!

I hope those of you in the area will stop by. If you’re too far away, you can knit along in spirit.

And speaking of spirit, I got into the Klaralund spirit yesterday by knitting a swatch:


Coincidentally, the swatch I knitted yesterday worked out to the exact measurements of the back of Klaralund. Huh. Imagine that. Just to be doubly sure of my gauge, I started a second swatch in the exact same size as the first swatch.

I felt free to swatch, because I finished all the pieces of Liam late Monday night:


At some point I’ll put the pieces together and knit the neckband.

But I spent the day at Knit Happens yesterday, and I am now the proud owner of a Knit Happens hat!


Not the best of photos, but it’s a lovely hat! Mine’s pink, but you can get one in white as well.

After the shop closed, Kristine and Amelia came over to my place. Lucy was quite intrigued.


I think Miss Lucy was quite overwhelmed by the number of people wanting to pet her. She made her choice:


Amelia very quickly reduced Lucy to a mass of purring kitty love. Lucy asks that you come back for another visit soon!

Spongey Goodness!

And look what came in the mail!


These spongey gifts from the marvelous Margaret in Manhattan. Look at the back of the socks.


I am verklempt. Margaret, I’ve misplaced your email addy, being the disorganized slob that I am, but please know you’ve made my day!!


  1. Wow, that is soooo nice of Margaret to send you those Spongey gifts! Aren’t you lucky.

    And isn’t Miss Lucy lucky to be soooo popular with the girls. I know she’s popular with me, and I’m on the west coast!!

    Love the hat. Is there a Knit Happens hat contest in the future???????????

    Sorry, didn’t get the picture of Asio with Sponge Bob today. I’ll try for tomorrow.

    Kitty kisses to Lucy!


  2. Oooh! Second to comment, and just getting ready for bed on the West coast! ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to see more of the Klaralund “swatch!”

  3. Nice swatch! and Liam looks great too – that central cable is fabulous.
    How much yarn did you use for the “swatch”? A bunch of us Klaralundalongers are finding it takes less than 2 balls for a back sized swatch so I’d be really intrigued as to how hungry yours was.
    I love how Kristine and Amelia are both wool in hand on your couch!
    Thanks, Sally

  4. Jane Pollard says:

    Hey Wendy, my Lucy the cat has been looking at me very angrily for a while and I think she knows I never got around to knitting a critter blanket…I’d love to send a donation to help with postage if you’d e-mail your address. Thanks for all you’re doing. Jane

  5. Great lookin’ swatch Wendy,lol! And Liam looks great of course. You cruised through those sleeves. Sleeves always slow me down for some reason. Guess I better get to knittin’. I may be the last Klara finished.

  6. hey there – soggy margaret here in manhattan – glad you liked the stuff – couldn’t resist! of course, there’s a little store in my nabe that has most spongey things (though not all :()
    got some earrings as well, but somehow somewhere remembered that your ears ain’t pierced – if that’s not true, then let me know and I’ll rectify that situation!
    klaralund – doing it in #84, or maybe not … we’ll see –
    enjoy, mmm

  7. Lucy….I still love you…::sniffle:: even though you choose Amelia over me. Was it the accent? I have seen women turn to mush when a lovely English accent is whispered their way…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Have a ton of fun tonight, Wendy and everyone. I’m not a klaralundalonger, but I just ordered yarn for Lara, so I’ll be with you on that one. (If there’s a cast-on party, could it not be on a Wednesday? Just wondering.) I got to try on a Lara sample at a LYS last week, and they could barely get me to take it off. It was incredible! (And that pink hat has been on my to-get list ever since Kristine announced them!)

  9. I am currently knitting a Vittadini pattern (Volume 19 – Carmela 8), but I’m subbing DB Alpaca and Silk. It called for cashmere held double (like, I’m sure!!). I have never knitted with anything so soft and fabulous in my life! I am definitely going for Round #2 in alpaca-silk and making Lara. I was going to make the shrug Wendy “made” (UFO), but decided that Lara looked more like a sure thing.

  10. Oh, don’t mind me. I’ll just sit here and die with envy over the fabuloso Klaralund you will be knitting, darnit!


    Okay, that felt better.

    I’ve discovered that they show Spongepants Bob over here, dubbed in French. Every time I see him I think of you. Hee!

  11. Hm…I do think you’ll be needing one of the new Klaralundecheater buttons…LOL…(you can download one off my site – you’ll see that it animates now…)

    Huzzah to the fellow Klaralundecheater (but Blue Blog Alison’s got everyone beat – she is the UberKlaralundecheater!!!!)

  12. Love the Liam! As a new knitter, I’m in awe. Will you be making a pattern to sell? Also, I’d like to know where the Klaralund pattern comes from. Your colors are gorgeous. But still love Liam more!

  13. Your swatch looks perfect Miss Wendy! LOL
    I love the hat…I might have to get one for when I get my Convertable…one day!

  14. I took one look at that “swatch” and said, “Uh..excuse me?” Looks like you swatch the same way I do. hehe The “swatch” tends to just coincidentally always fit somewhere into the actual garment. Looks fab.

  15. nicole/sweden says:

    liam looks superb; it’s one of your own designs, right? i’m shaking in my boots offering an observation but it is soo lovely i can’t stop my impulse. although the cable eats up alot of stitches how do you think a saddle shoulder would look? i mean if you shortened both armholes and front/backs to accommodate a such a wide and strong cable as the extended saddle shoulder, well in all my pattern reads i don’t think i’ve seen one like that. just an idea inspired by your ever astounding productivity. i probably do no more than a few rows on whatever i’m working on for each entire project you complete soo beautifully. that’s maybe the best part about your blog for me, i never feel guilty anymore about how much i knit.

  16. Those socks have me smitten. I have socks like them but none where Spongebob is sticking his tongue out. Too cute.