My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Meet Klaralund

Here she is!


Specs: Pattern in the Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Noro book 2. Size 40″ knitted from just under 8 skeins of Noro Silk Garden (colorr #74) on 5mm needles. Started September 7, completed September 12. She’s a fast knit.

I made the sleeves 2 inches shorter than the pattern directs. After much measuring of arms (Shelley can attest to this) and thought, I decided the sleeves knitted as directed would be too long and would annoy me. They’d hang over my hand and get in the way of my keyboard, and you can’t push up bell sleeves and make ’em stay. So my sleeves hit just at the wrist bone and I’m happy as a clam with them.

Sewing Klaralund up was a snap. I sewed the sleeves to the front and back first, then did the sleeve and side seams. I believe the directions tell you to sew the sleeve seams first, but I like sewing my sleeve seams and side seams all in one. I carefully back-stitched as per usual. As I’ve mentioned before, I prefer backstitch to matress stitch as I think it gives a stronger seam.

I seamed up the back as directed, and seamed just a quarter inch up the front “split” though the directions didn’t say to. That front split seems like a stress point so I figured that a wee bit of seam would give it some strength there.

So there you have it!

Stash Enhancement

I did enhance my stash during my unscheduled trip to Knit Happens on Saturday. I bought a copy of the new Rowan Vintage Style book and fell in love with half the designs in there.

I bought some Rowan Kid Classic to make “Fern” from Rowan 36.


The color is “Royal.”

And I bought Rowan 4 Ply Soft to make “Fleur” from Rowan Vintage Style.


Here’s what I bought — the color is “Expresso.”


But I’m toying with the idea of using it for “Agnes” instead.


No doubt I’ll change my mind a thousand times between now and the time I knit it.

And I’m also strangely drawn to “Alouette”.


Knitting Day

Went to the doctor about my ankle yesterday and as a result am spending the day at home with my foot elevated. That translates into a knitting day, I think.

I think we’re dealing with just a sprain here, but don’t have x-ray results yet.

Lucy is all ready for lap duty!



  1. Hi Wendy,

    Klaralund looks great on you. Nice sweater. Rowan kid classic is one my favourite yarn. Purple is my colour too. Looking forward to see your Fern come out !

  2. Klaralund turns out beautiful! And Fern is one of my ‘to-do’s too but at my speed, I don’t know when I can start.

  3. Fastest. Knitter. EVER!

    It seems like yesterday you were swatching, and now you’re already wearing this beautiful sweater! It’s very flattering on you. Good thing I’m not over there, or I’d snatch it off your back.

    Take care of that ankle!

  4. Ooh, scrummy, yummy colour choices for the Rowan knits – and Klaralund looks great too. I made the same decision about the sleeves – don’t want them falling in to my cereal! I’m seaming tonight and will follow your approach. Highly recommend a ‘nest’ approach to your day – have everything you need close at hand for maximum ankle elevation. Take care.

  5. Ooh, I love your Klarlund! You seem to be reading my mind where your Rowan choices are concerned. I like those very designs,too!

  6. Wendy, it never fails to amaze me how fast you knit. You just started that and your done! Must be so nice! One day I hope to be able to knit at least a quarter of your speed! It looks great!

  7. Klaralund is gorgeous! Great fit. I may need to follow your lead on the sleeves. I think I will be able to mop the floor with my sleeves while wearing them if I don’t shorten them, lol.

    Hope your foot is back to normal soon. But looking forward to seeing what what your “knitting day” produces. And I love those picks from the new Rowan. I think that I may be over the 4ply fright soon and have to buckle down and make some of those gorgeous knits(even though they get 100 st/10cm) Take care!

  8. Take care of yourself today! Or have Nurse Lucy help. ๐Ÿ™‚ Klarlund is gorgeous!! And I like Fern, so I’m looking forward to seeing her.

  9. Oh, what beautiful colors! For everything. I think now that I’ve seen Klaralund modeled by someone I know, I’m more willing to make it – that front vee doesn’t go down as far as I’d feared.

  10. Klaralund is beautiful. Great Fit!! Feel better, rest and relax.

  11. Love your Klaralund! That’s an interesting thought about the sleeves, I agree I’d hate to have them drooping into everything I do, but I also really hate sleeves that are too short on me. I may have to rip back though, if I decide the Klaralund sleeves are too unwieldy as is!

  12. Oh yes! Alouette…after my heart too, and I’m not quite sure why. Love the colors in the one shown in the picture. And I adore the beaded details of Fleur. There are so many interesting designs in Vintage Style.

    Klaralund looks fantastic on you!

  13. Sending healing energy your way.
    Klaralund is very nice. Very nice indeed!

  14. I trust that the ankle pain won’t interfere with all that lovely Rowan knitting? I thought not…..


  15. Wendy, Klaralund is gorgeous! Hope the ankle feels a lot better soon. Have a fun knitting day. Anxious to see what “gems” you come up with in your blog tomorrow.

  16. Klaralund is most excellent! Good call on the sleeves. I like the way bell sleeves look, but they can be such a hassle.

    And now I must claim a copy of Rowan Vintage Style for my very own. I ooohed at all of that.

  17. mia in maryland says:

    Wendy, I certainly hope that you get the results fo the x-rays back soon. Speaking from experience, a broken ankle is no fun. But it does provide you with lots of time to catch up on your knitting and reading. I also love your new sweater choices.

  18. Klaralund looks fab!! I wasn’t sure how I’d like it, but now that I’ve seen it on you… it looks great!

  19. Klaralund is gorgeous…and I like the sleeves! Can’t wait to see it in person. SO GLAD you went to the doctor! (Little miss stubborn) Enjoy your day!

  20. Get well soon! Your Klaralund is indeed beautiful – Bravo! My love to Lucy and have a wonderful day of knitting!

  21. Klara sure is a knockout. I’m wondering though, if the pattern could be altered slightly to prevent that little bit of ride-up in the front. Do you think short rows could correct that? I’m sure the designer meant it to do that, and it looks wonderful on you, but if I made it I’d like to have it hang straigher across the front.

  22. Yay Klaralund! Though I see you managed to match up at least the bottom of the sleeves for the stripe pattern, you sneaky thing…LOL…

    Stay off that ankle…good thing you don’t knit with your feet! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. Does ice help? Be well, knit well!

  24. Wow, all I can say is WOW! I am in love! with the sweater, of course. It is truly beautiful! I may have to make that one!

  25. Klaralund is beautiful! You are such a fast knitter, it amazes me.

  26. Diana in NJ says:

    HEy Wendy. A much belated welcome home! Klaralund is awesome. Incredible colors. Looks great on you too. Stay off that ankle and get started on Fern. Lucy has the idea … Healing energy to you. Happy knitting. BEst, Diana

  27. Betsy Kleger says:

    I hope you are happy with yourself Wendy. I just got back from my LYS where I got the Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton book 2 and 9 skeins of silk garden and I just signed up for the Klaralund-along. I just had to make it cuz it looks so good! you have inspired me to enhance my stash and to knit projects that I otherwise would not try. I hope your ankle is doing better…

  28. First, please to note the time I’m posting this. I’m JUST NOW getting around to reading my daily Wendyknits. You know, the blog I start my mornings with? Yes, it’s true. Second, I love both Fleur and Agnes and Holly can attest to that because I was definitely drooling over Fleur with her standing there. I do like the sleeves on Agnes, but Fleur does it for me, so if it’s open to a vote, I’m voting for Fleur.

  29. Take care, Wendy. I hope your xray results are good. (See, what’d I tell you?) Klaralund looks very flattering on you. Well done!