My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Meet Liam

Thanks for all the nice comments about Klaralund! They inspired me! To do what? To complete Liam.


Being confined to the couch with my foot elevated, it seemed like a good time to knit the collar and do the finishing on Liam. And so I did. Here’s another view:


I’m quire pleased with the way he turned out. I need to finish writing up the pattern, then it will be available. Soon. Honest.

So. Liam’s done. What to start on next?

Because I’m a cheater, I decided to . . .

Start Lara Early!

Yes, I started Lara. I’m a low-down dirty cheater, what can I say? The knit-along does not start until the first of October, but I could resist the siren song of the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk no longer. I bought the yarn at least two or three weeks ago (at Knit Happens, of course), and I am weak.

This design is knitted from side to side. Here’s the first sleeve, before I cast on the stitches on each side to start the body:


Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk? Holy Guacamole, I am in love. This yarn is beyond yummy. A loosely twisted two-ply that knits up quickly and easily. Beautiful sheen and incredibly soft!

Lucy gives it Two Paws Up!


Did I mention that I bought more Alpaca Silk (at Knit Happens, of course) to make Freida (the cover sweater from the new Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk book)?


No, I didn’t think I had.

Speaking of Knit Happens . . .

I’m going to have to miss late night at the shop tonight. Sob! I’m going to work today because I’ve got a lot to do, so going out afterwards is just not in the cards. I’ll miss you guys . . . sniff . . .

(That should give you some idea of how bad my ankle hurts.)

Here’s the state of my ankle last night after anti-inflammatory meds and staying off it all day:


Dunno if you can see from the photo, but it still looks like I have a doughnut around the ankle. Part of the problem, see, is that I had that ankle crushed ten years ago in a pretty horrific accident (anyone remember when the escalator collapsed at Camden Yards in Baltimore?), and it’s been weak ever since. Every time I’ve twisted it since then, it’s ballooned up. This injury isn’t as bad as the ankle-crushing one, but it’s bad enough. I guess I need to take it seriously. Don’t wanna, though.

One result is that it’s gonna take me even longer to get the Critter Knitter prizes mailed out. I need to match up prizes with the list of winners, package them for mailing, and take them to the post office. All things I can’t do lying down with my foot elevated. But I’ll mail out a few every week — promise! And I’ll email people whose prizes I’ve mailed as I mail them so they’ll know when to expect them. So they’ll all get out eventually — promise.

Okay, enough with the whining!

Lucy’s just glad I’m going to work. She was exhausted after lying on me for an entire day yesterday.


Sometimes it’s a tough job being a kitty.


  1. Both Liam and Klaralund are gorgeous.Klaralund is an interesting design,that works so well with the yarn.Liam has fab texture !
    i’m not the least bit surprised that you bought more Alpaca Silk.We all need some unabashed luxury in our lives. :0)
    Take care of your poor ankle,which looks dreadful.

  2. MMMmmm. I certainly understand why you started early on the Alpaca Silk – it looks scrummy. None has been sighted in New Zealand yet….

    Your ankle still looks terrible – I hope you aren’t pushing it by going back to work too soon.

    Liam, of course, looks stunning. One of the tihngs that impresses me most about your knitting is how you achieve such perfect fit.

    Look after yourself.

  3. hope that ankle heals soon, wendy. continue to take it easy! and liam is gorgeous. love the center cable, but the ones on the arm are just fantastic!! just beautiful. and that silk alpaca, mmmmm! i still can’t decide on a color!

  4. yikes! hope your ankle feels better soon!

  5. Love Liam and just had to buy the cornelia Tuttle book…One of the things that I appreciate so much about your blog is that you mention so many designersand expose your readers to so many different people. Thanks for that! Hope your ankle gets well quickly. I hate ankle stuff…hate it hate it.

  6. Hey, take care of that ankle — don’t you let them run you ragged at work. Ouch!

    Liam is loverly!

    And I’d be cheating right now, too, except that my LYS had to order more of that dark garnet color of the alpaca silk for me when I stopped in on Sunday; hope it’ll be here by Oct. 1.

  7. ๐Ÿ™ we’ll miss you tonight! but it’s definitely important that you get better, and (as any good kitty will tell you), the best way to get better is to spend as much time as possible making a lap for snuggles. ๐Ÿ™‚ So hopefully your day at work won’t be too terrible, and you’ll be able to go home and get some more rest. Feel better soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Poor Wendy. I promise, I won’t miss you too badly tonight. Oh, and check out the time for this comment! They decided I’d had enough sleep and called and woke me up. But the good news is that I’m here about 14 hours earlier than yesterday. I’d offer to miss you tonight, but I’ll be missing me too.

  9. Liam is wonderful. I love the proportions of the cable “stripes” and the plain background. Very nice indeed.

    Get well soon!

  10. Feel better soon! That ankle looks like it is *painful*. I broke my right foot two years ago and had to have surgery on it. Because I broke my “gas and brake” foot, I was unable to drive for weeks and mobility was strictly limited. I know how hard it is to be required to stay off of your feet. Take care of yourself, though- we’re thinking about you!

  11. Your sweaters look great!! I was just wondering- how do you find all the time to knit? I know you work and then have a regularly updated blogger- perhaps you don’t sleep! Ha! Hope your foot feels better- hugs- Cora

  12. Both sweaters look great – I love Klaralund!!

    I hope your ankle is better soon!!


  13. You did a superb job on both Liam & Klaralund (love the colors!)…and the Alpaca Silk…wow…just saying those two words together sounds decadent!

    I hope your ankle gets back into shape quickly – lying around all day is a great excuse to knit, but not when you’re in pain.

  14. Good god, you were in an elevator accident? I hope you didn’t see the finale of Six Feet Under this week….
    Here’s to feeling better, stat!

  15. Both Liam and Klaralund are beautiful! I’m drooling over that Alpaca Silk…it’s really luscious ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope your ankle heals up quickly.

  16. Liam is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Can’t wait for you to publish the pattern (when can we expect that? ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve got to have some of that Alpaca Silk! The color you are using is beautiful. Take care of yourself and don’t try to do too much on that ankle.

  17. Wendy,

    I absolutely adore Liam! You are amazing, not only are you the queen of knitting, but you are on your way to being the queen of designing knitwear. I am a huge fan of Arans and Liam is one of the sharpest designs I have seen. I can’t wait for you to publish the pattern.

    I hope your ankle heals quickly.


  18. We’ll miss seeing Liam’s finale in person…but we’ll miss you more! Take care and heal fast!

  19. so liam is a he! I wonder if what I am working on is a he or a she.. I know one sweater is for a guy but i am mod’in it for me.. but will i refer to it as a he or she? I think mostly I refer to them as “it”.

    Maybe somethin is wrong with me!


  20. Both Liam and Karalund are lovely. And you should win a prize for doing all that seed stitch between the cables!

    Whenever I get sick my three furry boys do their best to take good care of me and help nurse me back to health. Looks like Lucy has those instincts, too!

  21. Diana in NJ says:

    HEy Wendy. Good for you staying off the mess of an ankle yesterday.

    Thanks for showing a completed Liam. I am so in love with that sweater! I am a beginning knitter and I am thinking I may just have to learn how to cable to make myself a Liam … really, you are so inspirational!

    LOVE Lucy’s pic giving the DBAlpaca Silk two paws up. SHe rocks. I have a little firepoint Siamese adolescent puss (Finwe) that thinks he must hunt all skiens of yarn … and proudly walk around with them in his mouth announcing his “kill” … much to the mortification of my very dignified big black 12 year old cat, Orion, who just can’t believe his energy …

    Happy knitting. Regards to your KnitDiva Mom and her furbabies, Diana

  22. Liam looks fantastic and so does your Lara. Yummy yum yum!

    I want to cheat on Lara also but I have to wait for my yarn to come in. Alas, its a sub, but its the best sub I can get at the moment so I’m sure I will be happy. I also liked Frieda but I loved Consuelo. If I actually get through Lara I may actually tackle that sweater.

    Keep off the ankle and get plenty of quality rest and kitty time in!

  23. Liam is wonderful. As are you. Get well SOON! Love to Lucy!

  24. Liam looks great!

    Take care of that ankle…

  25. Ouch, best wishes for that ankle to heal up. I hope you’re well enough to come to the DC Knit Out on Sunday, if you’re so inclined.

    As sucky as you must be feeling, I hope you’re heartened by the beautiful knitting you’re doing. I think Klaralund and Liam are two of my favorite items I’ve seen you post. I”m not a particularly big fan of cabled sweaters, either but the fit and design of Liam are gorgeous. I’ll be anxiously awaiting Lara.

  26. Wow, Liam looks so nice and cozy! I didn’t think I liked cabled sweaters, but I’m impressed! (Not that I expected anything less than impressive!)

    Take care of your ankle. It looks ouchy! ๐Ÿ™

  27. I wish I could knit that fast! Jeez! Liam is a beauty! Can’t wait for the pattern! I have been checking out your finished stuff. Who gets all of the shawls? Man! I want to be your best friend! They are sooooo pretty!

  28. Liam is lovely. Lara looks lusious. Freida will be finished fast, if your speed stays steady.


    Oww on the ankle.

    RE: the escalator accident;,1413,36%257E23827%257E1493723,00.html

    … You wern’t the woman with all the skin taken off your foot, were you??

  29. Hi Wendy,
    I’m a little slow, but I have a question about Klaralund. I’ve been searching through your earlier posts to see how you determined what size to make the sweater since there were so many problems with the original directions. I’ve been unable to find how you determined what amount of ease was need to make the sweater look so good on you. I know I can recalculate the pattern to fit my size, but without a schematic and accurate directions it’s difficult to know what measurements to adjust to.
    Hope the foot feels better soon!

  30. Liam is lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  31. Liam is outstanding. And you designed it? I am very impressed. Great job! I hope the ankle gets better FAST!

  32. Love the DB yarns-they are all so textural and touchable…not to mention, stash-able!

    Having broken my ankles 2 and 3 times each, I would recommend chondroitin, glucosamine and MSM. The MSM will take care of the swelling and the others are just support features. Another help might be a magnet bootie. The magnets are the size of a dime and can be placed all around the joint. This is supposed to increase blood flow, there for stimulate healing.

    Ice it! Frozen peas are the best! Ice it again! Keep it elevated- and knit!

    Wish I could help from the west coast,


  33. I love Liam, especially how the cable pattern extends for a large span on the arm!

    Please take it easy on your leg and ankle.

    I used to work in an orthopaedic office and was told foot/ankle injuries need to be taken very seriously.

    Hope you heal quickly!

    By the way, the gold alpaca silk looks like it would have been hard to resist.

  34. I would love to see you knitting in person – you must be the fastest, most even knitter in the world.

    As for your foot, I cringed at your mention of the escalator accident having just written a piece on escalator safety for parents. An escalator is 6000 tons of moving machinery… Hope you’re current injury heals quickly.

  35. Hey, I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while. Out of lurkerdom, I say. I’m Kasey by the way.

    Your knitting is absolutely gorgeous and a great inspiration for someone like me who’s getting into knitting.

    Take care of that ankle though. And Lucy is such a cute little kitty.