My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Lara Update

I’m plugging along on Lara here — see?


I am on the fifth skein of the Alpaca Silk and I am pleased to report that so far that are no knots or anomalies of any sort in the yarn. It is smooth and consistently spun all the way through.

You’ll want to make sure that your nails are filed and you have no rough spots on your hands before knitting with this yarn. It’s very soft and will catch on any snag.

That’s why I’m knitting it on Addi Turbos — I wanted to use my smoothest needles. Also, I happen to have a 40″ Addi Turbo in the proper size, which is very useful when you have the whole body of the sweater on the needle. I started out on a 24″ needle, then switched to the 40″ once I had added on all the body stitches.

Kitty Bed Gallery Updates

I’ve finally updated the kitty bed gallery with the photos I’ve been sent over the past couple of weeks. Thank you all for sending them! I love seeing the photos of your kitties relaxing in their beds!

Klaralund Question

From the comments:

I have a question about Klaralund. I’ve been searching through your earlier posts to see how you determined what size to make the sweater since there were so many problems with the original directions. I’ve been unable to find how you determined what amount of ease was need to make the sweater look so good on you. I know I can recalculate the pattern to fit my size, but without a schematic and accurate directions it’s difficult to know what measurements to adjust to.

I don’t think I discussed anywhere what size I was going to make . . . so your search was in vain! I made the 40″ size, and it’s exactly 40″ around.

What size should you make? The answer is . . . it depends. How much ease do you like in your sweaters? It the widest point of the front porch I’m 38″ around, but I have a small waist. Because Klaralund is a boxy sweater, I didn’t want too much ease because I thought it would look too big around the waist. I’m very happy with the resulting sweater and am looking forward to it being cool enough to actually wear it. I think my colorway is going to look great with a denim skirt.

I’ve Been RAOKed!

I got home yesterday to find a package in the mail, from Margene.


An adorable little kitty notebook, and a Tea Tree/Sage Cuticle bar (just the thing for keeping your nails and cuticles smooth and snag-free for working on Lara).

Thanks, Margene. You’ve RAOKed my world!

Lucy Sez:


It’s all primping and preening here at Wendyknits.


  1. It’s early. I haven’t had my coffee yet. And I was up really late last night. So you can understand why I might have looked at the photo of Lara and thought, “What th… is that a THONG?” :-)She does look lovely, though.

  2. Hi,
    Ok, I have my yarn – but a question about Lara.. is she easy enough for a fairly new knitter? I haven’t made much more than a few scarves, shawls, bags, that type of thing..anything tricky in Lara’s directions before I go buy the book?


  3. Those pictures of kitties in their beds really made me laugh! A good start to my day ๐Ÿ™‚ . I have to make one now!

  4. Don’t feel bad, Lisa. I had the exact same malfunction. Maybe I need some more sleep.

  5. Ha ha! I overslept today (so I had plenty of sleep), but, Carol and Lisa, that was my initial reaction too!

  6. Diana in NJ says:

    Thong! *lol* You knit at light speed Wendy! I just got my forst pair of TURBOS after learning on Bamboss and they feel really weird. I hate the noise they make … but I guess you have to use them for silks and such.

    LOVED the cat bed pics! Glad that you and Lucy are pampering yourselves … and hopefully, staying off that nasty ankle.

    Amazing progress on Lara. You rock, Diana

  7. Hi Wendy,

    I just mailed a package directly to you, hope your foot is better soon. If you receive the package and you open it, dont be afraid LOL It may look like I like bondage or something *gg* But once you untape it it will reveal all its beauty (in MY eyes, hopefully also in yours!! :o)) Good start on Lara, I visit every day. :o)

    Yours SP2

  8. I think I’m using the same color for Lara. (The e-tailer called it “light brick” but there is no name on the ball band.) I *just* received the yarn, so I’ll be good and wait for the official start. (Also that should allow me to finish Audrey first.) Yours looks great! And Liam is truly beautiful. Congrats on a great design.

  9. You’re welcome, Wendy and hope your ankle is healing well. The cuticle bars are so nice! I’m totally addicted. Enjoy you RAOK.

  10. Um, I had the same thought about that picture…glad to know I’m not the only one! (And tell Lucy that Ayla says that primping and preening is exactly what she should do.)

  11. I *love* that notebook!!

    And what a bunch of beautiful cats on the gallery page! You must be so proud to know your pattern has provided hours and hours of lovely naps. ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. I want to know your secret. How can you knit this fast?? It’s not fair! Do you kint at work? Do you have four hands? Do you have a maid to do all your house work? Or may be you’ve stopped sleeping???

    When I see your list of completed objects I’m totally shocked. And it doesn’t help that most of the designs are very complicated or at a fine gauge, not many quick knits.

    Please, let us in on your secret. Is it magic???

  13. Thanks for addressing my question about ease on Klaralund. It looks great on you and the fit is definitely worth emulating. Now I’m anxiously watching your progress on Lara. It’s another design that intrigues me, but it looks as though it could be a difficult pattern to adapt to different sizes.

  14. whats this??? started the lara kal *early*?? I do hope that this means you’ll have worn it a few times before 1st October, and can advise how it wears (I’m a bit doubtful about side-to-side knitting). I have the yarn, so nothing please about pilling, and I’m trying to copy your super fast knitting speed and finish a sock and a (just started) short sleeved top before the OFFICIAL start of the KAL

    Dawn ๐Ÿ™‚ just kidding…

  15. i was looking at the lara pic and thinking “dude, wendy’s TINY!! or maybe that yarn stretches a whole lot…” until i (duh) figured out that you were actually knitting a sleeve first. duh duh duh.

  16. This isn’t related to your entry today but rather to your fascination with Spongebob. Do you need Spongebob checks? Mariko has a link on her blog to a site that has these cute little guys.
    Just an FYI. I’m going back over there to see what else they have. I still haven’t changed the address on my cheques since I moved three months ago so I figured I might as well get some purty ones in the process.

  17. I would like to try the felted kitty bed. hould I sign up or just contact Sara at when it is ready?