My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


More About Lara

A question from the comments:

Ok, I have my yarn – but a question about Lara.. is she easy enough for a fairly new knitter? I haven’t made much more than a few scarves, shawls, bags, that type of thing..anything tricky in Lara’s directions before I go buy the book?

Good question!

I would consider Lara an appropriate project for an adventuresome beginner. You need to know how to cast on and cast off, knit and purl, increase and decrease stitches, put sections of knitting on a spare needle, and most importantly, follow directions.

Lara is knit side to side in one piece. It’s important to pay close attention to the directions as they explain how you go about constructing this sweater. So far, I’ve found no problems in said directions. Everything is explained in a very straightforward manner.

If you read ahead, you might get a bit confused. But things make sense as you get to them.

And here is my Lara. I’ve got the left front on a spare needle, and am working on the back right now. I only wish there were more knitting hours in the day.



The other day Kerstin posted about Bloglines, a subscription service that lets you know when your favorite blogs have been updated. Go check it out, and be sure you read their “What is Bloglines” page if you’re not sure what this is all about.

I’ve had a Bloglines account for a while now. Yesterday I put a one-click button in my sidebar so that if you are a Bloglines user, you can subscribe to my blog at the click of a button. No fuss, no muss.

Washington DC Knit-Out

The annual Washington DC Knit-Out is this Sunday, but I’ve no plans to attend. I don’t think I’m up to standing up that long.

This will be a weekend of propping up the foot. The ankle is getting less swollen, but it still hurts.

Have a good weekend — see ya Monday!


  1. Hope you are getting better during the weekend. Sit down, don’t move and knit a lot, I think this is the best method… but I guess you know it already. Have a nice weekend!

  2. I’m glad your ankle is improving – the silver lining has to be the extra knitting time. That Lara looks to have a beautiful sheen – nearly as glossy as Lucy.
    I’m sending many thankyou vibes across the ocean to you at the moment for your toe up socks tutorial. Thanks, thanks…..

  3. Ok, I’m inspired! Thanks for answering my question.. now just one more? I ordered the book and got the yarn all set.. but I’m using my *own* alpaca yarn, which turns out is a little less than worsted weight (which is what the pattern calls for).. I haven’t swatched yet, but I’m afraid if I go up a size in needles to get guage it might be too loose.. what do you think?

    Thanks for all your help


  4. I didn’t get to check in yesterday, but Liam is so cool! I think I might like it best of the wendyknits line. Lara is looking good too!

  5. Thanks for the clear explanation. I recently started some tiny sweaters and hats (knitting in hopes of grandkids) and they made me want to finally start a project for myself. This might be the one! The color on yours is mouth watering. And so attractive on Lucy!

  6. I just finished a sweater in the alpaca silk in the Coral. It is very nice to knit, has a beautiful sheen because of the silk, etc. Just a word, though. The yarn in the balls looks coral because the light can shine through the yarn strands, but when it is knit up, it looks more pumpkin. It is still very pretty, but very orange. My sweater is heavy and feels like it will be very warm. (I used the same number of skeins and the identical gauge as Lara.) I am going to make Lara in purple/berry/grape color (Color #12)!!

  7. I’m curious to know which cast-on you chose when it came time to add the body stitches.

    Your Lara looks beautiful–I’m very inspired.

  8. Wendy,

    Someone sent me a link to the Infinite Cat project,

    I believe that Lucy must participate.


  9. Hi, Wendy! I hope your foot behaves and gets well soon! Can you threaten to rub it with bad yarn if it doesn’t start cooperating?

  10. Thanks for the blogspot heads up. You’ve saved me so much time keeping up with my blogger buddies 🙂