My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Whazzup Next?

I’m closing in on completing Fern — I’m on the last sleeve. Yahoo! I’m looking forward to wearing this sweater, if the weather will cooperate.

But that brings me to a dilemma. What to knit next?

Sometimes this is not an issue. I know exactly what’s next in the line-up. But this time I’ve got too many choices. Eeeeek!

There is Alouette from Rowan Vintage Style.


I’ve got the yarn to knit this (Rowan 4-ply Soft) in the colors called for in the pattern.

I’ve also got Rowan 4-ply soft in Expresso (a nice chocolate brown) that I bought to knit Fleur, but think I want to use it for Agnes instead.


I’ve got Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk in a lovely golden tan that I bought to make Freida, but think I’ m going to use it to make Magnolia from Rowan Vintage Style instead.


And then there’s the Kureyon.

I’ve got Kureyon in color #128 to make “Butterfly” from the Jane Ellison Noro Book.


And I’ve got Kureyon in color #147 to make “Lindebo” from the Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Book Two.


And I can’t decide which I wanna make.

So help me decide. Vote on your favorite!

WendyKnits Poll
what should Wendy knit next?

Kitty Bed Update

I’ve started knitting my kitty bed. It’s looking . . . uh . . . interesting.


To Stash Or Not To Stash

That is the question.

The question I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. In 2004 I’ve been on a kick to get rid of stuff. Half of my cowboy boots and at least two-thirds of my clothes went to the Salvation Army last spring. I have too much stuff. I have too much stuff. I have too much stuff. This is what happens when you live in the same place for more than ten years and are lazy.

I have too much stash. I’ve got some stuff that, to be honest, I have no idea what it is, except that it’s wool of some sort. I’ve got bags of yarn that I bought with no fixed idea of what to make. I’m considering getting rid of everything that is not earmarked for a specific project. Or close to everything.

I made a good start last week. I sent out a bunch of feltable wool to kitty bed knitters. But I think I’m going to start going through the rest of the stash and putting stuff up for sale, either on eBay or privately.

What will I do with the money I make? Buy more yarn, of course.

No one ever accused me of being logical.




  1. i see the dilemma. those are all such great patterns. i can’t even decide at the moment which one to vote for. and you go with the sorting. i starting arranging my stash this weekend too. thought about putting patterns with yarn so I will know what I bought the yarn for at a latter date. going through it i saw at some point i was doing that and then just started stashing in the yarn. your post has inspired me to keep on trucking and go through every bin. have fun deciding on your next knit. i can’t wait to see what the votes weigh in on.

  2. Why not sell the yarn for charity? Or donate some of the mystery skeins to charity knitters, then sell the ones you know people will snatch up?

  3. Hi there!
    I notice that Lucy needs to go to the spa for her sun-tan !
    Well, about having a stash or not, good question ! At home, when i consider the whole room, entirely dedicated to wool and knitting magazines, i feel a little ashamed : it was supposed to be a bedroom for friends or members of my family…..When they come at home, i leave my own bedroom to them, and i sleep in the sofa !

  4. Katie, as soon as I posted this, I realized someone would make that suggestion.

    I just sent out a huge quantity of yarn for the kitty bed charity, to knitters who either could not afford the materials or were unable to find feltable wool where they live. I give something away each month in my blog contests, and I donate prizes to all the charity knitting projects I am involved in.

    The mystery skeins will be given away.

    But I reserve the right to try to make a little money for myself on selling some of my yarn!

  5. It’s really funny, Wendy! Just today I was thinking about making a poll in my knitblog, since I am unsure what to knit next….
    You really got rid of the half of your boots? I was so impressed by your huge collection… but I know what you mean. when you store a lot of stuff for years you’re kind of fond of it – but when you get rid of it, you feel more free.

  6. I voted! It was tough. So many beautiful projects, Miss Wendy!

    I’m envious of your Fern. I must finish my husband’s gorilla arm sleeves so I can start mine, already.

    I was wondering why you don’t resell your yarn more often. If I have stash yarn that I’m pretty sure I won’t use in the near future but is still readily available to me, I put it up for sale so someone else can use it. I like to give away some, but I can’t do it all the time. If I did that I’d probably end up walking around wearing a barrel.

  7. I like to think of eBay as one big yarn swap. I use it to destash all the time, but the problem, of course, is that I always find more yarn to buy when I’m cruising around up there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I almost spit out my coffee when I saw what your choices were for your next project. I too, was in the same dilemma as I am a day or two away from completion of my current project. (rogue hooded pullover). I spent some time over the weekend looking at my stash and decided on…drum roll please…Butterfly by Jane Ellison. With Noro Kureyon. Color 128! I never thought the day would come when I thought like Wendy! Should be interesting to see what you decide! Can’t wait!

  9. Just a mo’ to justify my poll response…despite the hurricane-influenced fronts that have caused summer temps to linger on and on and on and on, fall is imminent and you need more long-sleeved items. If I were making this choice, I would save Alouette for the deepest darkest days of February, as a reminder that warmer weather is approaching.

    Dang, I gotta order that book.

  10. Au contraire–I believe selling your stash to re-stash is COMPLETELY logical! Makes perfect sense!

    Thanks for your warm welcome to Knit Happens comment! See you there Wednesday night?

  11. Gosh, Wendy,

    I just want to say that is going to be one lucky CAT! What a lovely bed:)

  12. You will be SO happy you did Lindebo first when that crisp fall weathers hits (which it WILL, rest assured!)

  13. Katie had a very good idea. Just curious, could you sell your yarn in your WendyKnits Store?

  14. If there’s any pink — some of us are putting together a ponk auction to benefit breast cancer research. Let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll keep you updated on the details. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I applaud you for trimming down your “stuff.” I also have too much stuff, and I’m working on getting rid of some of it. And I agree that you should make a little money back from it (so you can buy more). Good yarn is like money in the bank!

    (p.s. I voted for Butterfly. Fall is here!)

  16. Lapis Lazuli says:

    when I want to get rid of yarn (usually because I didn’t like the way it knitted up) I donate it to the grade school or the local girl scout chapter. You might consider that for odd balls and single skeins.

  17. I’m in a serious de-clutter mode myself. From now on, all yarn purchases must be with pattern in mind and in hand or on order. ๐Ÿ™‚ No more buying ’cause it’s pretty. All other yarn is outta there! Ebay auction here I come! Followed by a serious shopping spree at Knit Happens, of course. Perhaps we could consider it our contribution to helping the economy? ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Day!

  18. Gee Wendy,

    It’s too bad that some *s*t*u*p*i*d* people make you feel you have to justify what you do with your own stash. Anyone who has their eyes open can read for themselves what you do for charity. And if you want to make a little money back for some of it, Hey, isn’t it YOUR yarn, for which you spent your OWN money???? Let’s file those people under your stupid button.

    No matter what they say, you still inspire me.


  19. sell it – and then buy some more:)

    oh, and having decided that I will not start any new projects until I’m done with the one’s that I’ve started I suddenly felt an urge to do the butterfly…

    decisions, decisions:)


  20. I voted for the kureyon coat because I want to see that 147 in action (I want to use it for Butterfly and can’t find it anywhere to meet it in person–those little internet swatches aren’t doing it for me).

    And congrats on the clean up. I’m doing that right now because we’re being forced out of our tiny place because of too much stuff. I’m counting my progress in garbage bags–and I’m finding it very soothing.

  21. Wynn Strahle says:

    I loved today’s blog. The idea of polling everyone as to your next project made me laugh out loud, first thing in the morning. Only Wendy can make me laugh at that time day. I thought it was a great idea–and cast my vote.

    Two-thirds of your clothes??? I often think of paring down–I have this vision of living a zen life in an emply white room. This vision bears absolutely no resemblance to the way I really live. And I have been trying to free myself of some of my possessions. But I am in absolute awe of your ability to get rid of that much–and jealous too.

    Yarn is a problem. I don’t like to give it to charity–I buy nice yarn and I don’t think many recipients would appreciate it. I have sometimes given yarn that “ceases to delight” to The Strawberry Tree, a Denver yarn store that has community knitting night once a month. They use the donated yarn to make items for charity organizations. it’s a thought. . .

    At any rate, you have given me laughter and inspiration this morning. Thanks for the gifts.

  22. Do you have a copy of the Rowan Vintage Knits Book?!? I was stalking it at my LYS, but was told it hadn’t been printed yet…hmmmmm…

    I, too, have been thinking about de-stashing lately…I don’t know about you, but I find that my tastes have changed since I first started stashing…I’m not into novelity yarns anymore, so I’ve been thinking about getting rid of those. Maybe you should do the same…keep what still “fancies” you, get rid of stuff you’ve grown out of!

  23. Have a garage sale – I’m sure everyone of your readers within a reasonable distance would come and help you destash!

  24. Yet another Melissa says:

    Yesterday you asked “are cats colorblind?” and I was going to refer you to a post I saw about this. And then I thought, now where exactly did I see that post? Oh yes, now I remember. It was IAN!! guest-blogging for Wendy when she was in Calif. So, here’s the reference to where you can find the answer to that question: your own blog. (Where else? Don’t we all turn to Wendy for information about everything?).

  25. Ah, yes. I know the ol’ binge and purge routine. Can’t quite get enough, you buy, you buy until something in you is satisfied, and then, oh, no, I’ve got too much!!!!! What was I thinking? Ebay is an excellent opportunity to load up as well as unload.

  26. Ebay, private sale i’m in! My vote has been cast, can’t wait to see who’s been voted ON to Knitters Island!

  27. Love the colors in the kitty bed. It’s glowing and bright and soothing at the same time.

    Is this where having hippy parents is showing? Only I could think that bright varagated colors are *soothing*…

    And I think that butterfly is winning because everybody has *heard* of it. I think that the Lindebo is just amazing. Granted, I’m partial to long coats, as I’m a recovering goth (I’m wearing my black death head 4 year token), but I think it’s interesting.

    Question: you often mention that you just happen to have enough of a yarn to make a particular sweater. Is this because you find a yarn you like, even if you don’t have a specific purpose for it, and buy a sweaters worth? And do you usualy make the colorway in the pattern?

  28. I think it makes perfect sense to get rid of stuff in your stash you’re not going to use and buy more yarn that you WILL use. It’s easy to amass stuff, especially lovely looking and feeling yarn! But if you’re not going to use it, the yarn will be happy going to a home where it will be played with, don’t you think? I love the Rowan Vintage stuff.

  29. Wendy – I am desperately searching for a skein of Noro Tubu in #53 or something with reds and pinks. If you have it and want to get rid of it to lighten your stash load I will buy it.

  30. I read somewhere that pre-schools and day care centers would be happy to take donations of yarn for the children to make things with. You might want to give some to them…

    Or of course, you could sell some of to me! Muwahahahaha! ๐Ÿ˜›

  31. can’t wait to see what treasures you have in your stash – i for one think would be proud to buy some of your yarn!

    although im decluttering as well, i am loathe to pass up a bargain on good quality yarn! i just need to get rid of the clothes i cant wear anymore or wont because of fashion and make room for my yarn…. ny apts being small this is a challenge!

  32. Gotta love eBay! I try to bi-annually go through STASHZILLA to weed out the stuff that at the time I HAD to have, but have since lost their, erm…luster, LOL? I’m a total packrat too, so I need to do a good purge twice a year or so! I’ll be joining you on eBay soon…

  33. Cleaning up stash feels so good. I did the same thing and have only yarn that has a ‘purpose’ (mostly anyway). I’d love to see that coat! What a great pattern. It’s very stricking and unusual without being over the top.

  34. God bless ya. Keep talking about decluttering, wouldja? It might sometime get me OFF this couch that I can’t quite seem to move from. Watch TV or getting rid of books? TV. So far.

  35. It’s funny. Spring cleaning in the fall. It must be catchy. This weekend I went through my stash (not as big as yours so I was able to do it in a few hours)and got rid of all my old acrylic yarns and left over from projects and gave the yarn to charity. I also have yarn set aside for both stash reduction projects which realy doesn’t reduce ones stash by much. I have told myself no more until I use up some, but then this weekend I went to Threadbear and to a wool and fiber fest. Oh, well I guess we only live once and have to have some vise. Your choices for next project I feel you can’t go wrong with any of them, but I did vote. Nancy in Dearborn, MI

  36. None of the above Wendy – I’d like to see…

  37. I’ve been going through the same “stash management” project. I give away yarn, trade yarn, sell yarn,and I buy more. But lately, I hardly ever get new yarn without getting rid of something I won’t use, so the actual proportions of the stash seem to stay about the same (which is why I call it stash management rather than stash reduction!)

  38. annoyed at the thoughtlessness says:

    My god, I can’t believe people are actually suggesting Wendy donate all the yarn instead of sell it. Did you notice the part where she said she already donated some of the stash yarn to other knitters for a charity project? And 2/3rds of her clothing? Did ya? Guess that isn’t enough. Shame on you Wendy, you should have donated ALL of your clothing, what were you thinking?

    Look people, this is Wendy’s stash yarn, if you want to donate to charity then donate your own yarn and lay off the guilt trip. Get a grip! Wendy has done more charity work/aid in the last year than most people do in 10 years — yet it isn’t enough for some people. Unbelievable.

  39. I’m (im)patiently waiting for my yarn to come in the mail so I can start my kitty bed….drat!
    I also ordered some extra in a different color to test out a doggie bed for my Schipperkes. I will have to wait and see if it gets slept in or played with/eaten. If the latter, I will be donating 2 kitty beds! ha!
    anyway, keep us posted on what you decide to do with your stash! I would L-O-V-E to get a look at what you’ve got and buy some of it. All in the name of helping out a fellow knitter. That’s right, I’m so self-sacrificing. :>

  40. Must be something wrong with my browswer because when I tried to vote I got the response that said, “You can’t vote repeatedly.”

    I’m sure whatever you knit will be beautiful. It was a hard choice for me so I imagine it’s much tougher for you. My choice is Butterfly.

    Can’t wait to see which one you knit.

  41. nicole/sweden says:

    you crack me up wendy. i ALWAYS feel soo much better when i visit your blog. my yarn stash isn’t the worst i’ve heard of anymore and i definitly don’t knit too much every single day and i’m not obcessed by the creative process at all when i compare myself to your productivity. what a relief!
    i might add, you give back more to the knitting community and the animal shelter community and lys kh, and well who knows how many others places. i’d venture to say, you give back as much as you collect. so there.
    kbye, nicole/sweden

  42. Hi Wendy,
    I read your blog every day but haven’t made any comments yet. I was amazed to see that 985 people had voted. Call me crazy but that’s so many people in one day! What a fantastic community we are in.
    I am a not-very-wealthy knitter (as in I don’t make enough money to knit large projects like any of your wonderful poll suggestions) and I would love to see some of your stash on ebay or buy it from you. You do a lot for charity so I think you deserve to make some money ๐Ÿ™‚ I get my fix just reading about your stash!

    So thats my two cents, and hi from Sydney.

  43. My goodness! I didn’t mean to insult anyone! I just thought that pre-schools can always use these sorts of things. I know that Wendy is extremely generous… ๐Ÿ™‚ Lucy is a lucky kitty because of Wendy’s open and caring heart.

    I never said for her to donate -all- of it. I thought maybe some of it. A ball or two that were not complete and might be hard to sell.

    But yes, eBay is also a great idea. I’m sure it would easily all get sold. ๐Ÿ™‚