My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Archives for October 2004

We Interrupt This Blog for an Important Announcement

Lucy’s internet privileges have been taken away.

Clearly, I can’t leave her unattended with my laptop too long. Sorry about that.


She feigns indifference. I know better. I’m watching her.

State of the Wrist

It seems to be gettng better. Judicious use of wrist brace. Severely curtailed knitting. I did meet up with the Wednesday Night Irregulars at Knit Happens the other night and knitted a bit there.

I also knitted a bit at the Thursday Lunchtime Knitting Group (used to be the Tuesday Lunchtime Knitting Group but we moved it).

I’m into the front neck shaping on Ingrid. Following my usual modus operandi, I am steeking the neck, like so:


I’ll steek the back neck too. Just because. You wanna make something of it?

If you are interested in how I do neck steeks on Norwegian sweaters, you’ll fnd it documented in my blog archives here and there. You can search for “neck steek” using the “Search” option over in the sidebar to find other places where I’ve described the process on the blog.

But no doubt I’ll talk about it again when I cut the steek.

Stash Enhancement

Whilst at Knit Happens the other night I purchased this:


A skein of Noro Transitions. Isn’t it glorious? Kristine had just gotten it in that day. In four colors, if I’m not mistaken. It’ll make a really yummy scarf, I think. I wound it into a ball last night. By hand, not with the ball winder, just so I could fondle it.

Have a good weekend, all. Will Wendy survive a weekend with curtailed knitting? Will people who come in contact with Wendy survive the weekend? Will Lucy take over the world?

Tune in next week.

You Say You Want a Revolution?


Greetings, all. Lucy here.

I look harmless, don’t I? Don’t let it fool you.

I am here to tell you that We Are Not Amused at seeing pictures of us asleep on our human’s blog. Whatever happened to personal privacy?

While my human is off nursing her aching wrist (whatta wimp!) I am plotting a revolution. I aim to take over the world. Who’s in?

I have a powerful ally in my quest for world domination. The James Bond of the cat world, Lucky!


Mrowwwrrr! Love the tuxedo, baby!

Igor, I know I can count on you. You may be a Russian Blue-blood, but I know under that regal demeanor beats the heart of a revolutionary.

Dot? How about you? Are you in? I know you won’t let on to your human, as you have shown yourself to be Pure Evil, and worthy of our cause.

Who else? Raise your paw and be counted!

First order of business: find your human’s knitting and cough up a hairball on it. Make me proud!

Sleepy Kitty


We Were On A Break!!

Okay, it seems as though I do owe some sort of explanation. I feel a little mean just leaving you hanging.

And apart from the comments, I’ve gotten maybe . . . oh . . . 500 emails so far.

This is how things are:

Blah . . . blah, blah, BLAH, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Any questions?

Yes, I have a case of the blahs. I feel as though I’ve run out of things to say.

And my right hand and wrist are throbbing painfully, making knitting (and keyboarding for that matter) decidedly unfun.

Time to get out the wrist brace, I guess.

And my desktop computer died yesterday. (Though hopefully it can be resurrected. Lucy’s dad will help me with that this weekend.) I have a laptop, but I have a hard time editing photos on the laptop. So I felt that the blog would suffer.

But . . . you don’t seem happy . . . 🙂

Wanna compromise?

How about abbreviated blogging, maybe once or twice a week? Who knows — I may return to it fulltime again, but right now I need to cut back.

I wasn’t going for drama here . . . honest. It’s just that after reading all the emails and comments I feel as though there may be a way to make everyone happy.

Maybe a daily Lucy photo and some knitting talk a couple of times a week? How about that?

Tell me what you think.

Yes, I did start knitting again on my Ingrid sweater. I’ve got maybe three inches to go before starting the front neck shaping.


The state of my wrist makes me think I need to curtail my knitting, though. I know: maybe I should clean my house. Now there is a novel concept!

And by the way, Lucy would like Igor to know that we were watching cooking shows when she was reaching for the remote. A cat can only take so much!


One more thing. I realized that it is SO not fair to stop blogging before mentioning that I received my last Secret Pal 2 package.

Secret Pal 2 Revealed

As those of you involved know, the Secret Pal 2 project ends at the end of October. And I just received my final Secret Pal 2 gift! My Secret Pal was Bente in Germany. And she sent me an assortment of lovely autumnal items!

Here is a cute little wooden cat, and a package of autumn-themed cocktail napkins.


And a beautiful autumn leaves table runner. Bente, you are obviously a gifted seamstress — this is lovely!


And thank you for being such a wonderful Secret Pal!

Okay . . . intermittent blogging for the near future and we’ll see what happens. Is it a deal?


Okay kids, this is it.

I think I’m done with blogging. I may be back someday, but for now, good-by. It’s been fun.