My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Good Day Sunshine

That’s what yesterday was. Even though I had to go to work Even though I had an hour-long conference call that I was secretly wishing I could knit through, but needed to keep my hands free to take notes.

And even though on the train home I found myself in the middle of what looked like a gang war. I made myself as small as possible and sat quietly and knitted, and was glad I had my Addi Turbos rather than bamboo needles. I figured the Addis would make better weapons if I needed to defend myself.

But no one killed me and I made it home safely. And driving home from the train I even had a moron run a red light but survived that, due to good reflexes.

Do you ever fear for your life on public transportation? That may seem a little dramatic, but I have had a few instances (fortunately very few!) where I was definitely uncomfortable if not downright scared on the train.

Hey Mom, if you’re reading this (which I doubt because you are in Spearfish, South Dakota this week and I very much doubt you have internet access while you’re away and I hope you don’t read back entries when you return home) — it’s okay! Stuff like that almost never happens.

But anyhow.

My reward was waiting when I got home.

I’ll say it now: I love Dena!

For Dena sent me this:


Wait, let me spread it out for you:


(Do you like how I use my stove for display purposes? Cooking? Huh? Whazzat?)

Dena read my blog entry last week about wanting to learn to spin, and she very kindly offered to send me some fibery samples. I got the box and opened it and . . . Wowie, wow, wow!

The photo does not do this justice. There is some beautiful, beautiful fiber in here. As well as some Kool-aid, to tempt me to dye my own! And a beautiful distaff!

Dena also sent me an email documenting in detail the contents of the box, and giving sources for where I can get more of this gorgeous stuff.

Again, wow.

Huge thank-you, Dena!

And guess what else I got yesterday?


Meet Betty. Betty is my new Bosworth Midi spindle. I think I love her.

Kindly note that Betty is reclining seductively on a 1 kg. block of Valrhona baking chocolate. Some of you know what that means — Valrhona brownies!!

Kristine? Amelia? Are you reading this? Heh heh heh.

Anyhow, I got me lotsa sample fiber, I got me a lovely new spindle. Now I just gotta figure out this spinning thang. I fiddled around with it some last night (with Lucy watching intently) but I think I’m gonna wait to really try it out. For I will be spending the first weekend in November in the company of a spinner extraordinaire (cough :: L-B :: cough) and I’d rather have some in-person instruction. I am a visual kinda gal.


I started knitting the right side front of Eloise. I started it on the train yesterday morning and was blithely knitting along when I remembered, just in the nick of time, that I needed to make buttonholes in this side. To quote a great contemporary American philosopher: “Doh!”

So I’m all buttonholed up. Here is a nice artistic shot of Eloise that shows you nothing important:


I did finish the right side front last night, so I promise you better photos tomorrow. There’ll even be the start of some sleevage, honest.

(Y’all come here for the sleevage, right?)

A Noro first-timer, Carol is knitting Eloise as well, in the same colorway, #6. She asks if she should attempt to match the stripes. I say no. Blossom seems even more random in its striping sequence that the other Noro yarns I’ve used. Attempting to match would drive me insane.

Random Q&A

Jacinta asked if I heard back from Rowan about the discrepancy I allege is in the Fern pattern. I did, and they claim there is nothing wrong with it. However, I knit it according to my adjustments and it came out perfect. So . . . go figure.

And Eilene asked if Butterfly is heavy. Yeah, pretty heavy, I’d say. I think it’ll make a great outdoors sweater for cool mornings now, and may morph itself into an indoor sweater in the dead of winter.

Cuz they say it’s gonna be a cold one this year.

“Meow. Bring it on!”



  1. I SO know what you mean about wanting to knit on conference calls – we call them audio’s for some reason – audio conferences? Anyway, last week I knew I had a particularly boring one for a couple of hours so I went and sat in my car and used the hands free and got through big chunks of Logan’s new sweater….. and no one knew! he he!

  2. Congrats on your new spindle. I am loving my new one. I recommend making a wrist distaff. Am pretty that Elaine (Urbanspinner) has a link for making one. Watch out… before you know it, you will be purchasing a wheel!

  3. Cool stuff…I hope you manage to bring some of that along tonight. I’ve had some scary experiences on public transportation. It’s not often gang-style clashes, usually it’s a creepy guy on a nearly empty train. Glad you got out safely!

  4. Mazel tov on the spindle! I’ll be looking for one at Rhinebeck. Blossom is very pretty (but I think you should also make Bubbles and Buttercup now).

    Getting profoundly uncomfortable on public transportation? Cha. Comes with the territory.

  5. Great spindle choice. You will have fun. Well, maybe not for the first couple of days… but the first time you spin the thing all the way to the floor you’ll want to jump up and down.

  6. Worst D.C. MetroRail experience? The time my sister sat in pee. Yes, someone else’s.

    I need some blossom now.

  7. Here in Dallas, the train is pretty safe-feeling; mostly businesspeople and tourists and moms taking their kids to the zoo. But the *buses* . . . now that’s another story.

  8. Brownies? Did someone say brownies?

  9. I know what you mean about the public transportation. I commuted from the North Bronx to Manhattan for 20 years and that is something I sure don’t miss. The worst was when the subway would break down and we’d all have to hit the street in a questionable neighborhood and be left to fend for ourselves. You grabbed onto the nearest sane-looking person or persons and shared a cab if you were lucky, or, if you weren’t carrying sufficient cash, hopped on a series of buses that got you home in under three hours. But we all have our “flasher” experiences, not to mention crazies, vomiters, and the occasional chain-snatching or purse-lifting (my 110 pound 60 year old mother-in-law slapped someone’s hand once and said,”you put that wallet back”). So yes, I feel for you with the fear for your life thing; if you believe in a higher power, there’s a good time to put in some prayers.:) Since I moved out to the country, I can actually go to an ATM and breathe free. The downside is that I am not in the city anymore!

  10. Eloise is lookin’ good. Glad you remembered the button holes in time! I just had to frog and reknit the right front of a sweater. I knit the first button hole and then went into a zone and knit the rest of the front without them. Dang! Of course, the pattern instructions (Rowan!) omitted the part after the two button hole rows that should say something like “repeat these two rows every X rows five times”. I guess I thought I could just knit staight on until the armhole shaping. So not only did I have to frog and reknit, but I had to calculate button hole placement too. Live and learn.

  11. Blossom and Butterfly are both gorgeous! I look and want to knit and then I remember that stripes do not flatter me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sorry bout the scary subway experiences. Being a NY’er I TOTALLY understand. The worst wass when I had to take a train very late at night ’cause my boss kept me and I didn’t have the $30 cab fare to make it home. I looked around and realized that I was the only woman on the subway car and that the five other men on the car all seem to know each other. Leering commenced for a while until some other people got on three stops later.

  12. Ah, fun Metro experiences…had a few. My favorite, the guy that was trying to inch his hand up my skirt without me knowing it. Freak.

    I got a drop spindle this year from the MD S&W Fest this year…I so need to figure out how to use it properly. All I know, is I sure as heck not doing it right or with any grace whatsoever! Maybe I’ll have to pull it back out again!

  13. Many years ago my sister commuted on the DC subway from one of the Capitol Hill stations. There was a very creepy guy who she dubbed “The Looker.” He had one of those preppy canvas tote bags that he would set down next to a woman wearing a skirt, a light would shine up, and he’d be able to see up the skirt in a mirror he had in the bottom of the bag. She and a co-worker saw him several times. The really scary thing was that she could never get a Metro cop to do anything about it.

  14. I dont often fear for my life, I have been uncofortable once or twice on a Metro or train though. Additionally I do draw the crazies here on the Metro. Dear god do I draw the crazies!

    Very Pretty Spindle, but Vahlrona brownies, the TORMENT…

  15. you know.. thats not fair! hah. it’s kind of like, how as celebrities get more famous, they get more free stuff, even though they NEED it less. and no, i’m not saying you NEED to spin less! i just find it really funny that a. you’re an internet knitting celebrity, and probably in real life too! ๐Ÿ™‚ and b. you mentioned wanting to spin and right away you got this gift sample pack! hehe. meanwhile i mentioned it a few times, and so far i’ve gotten lots of support in comments!

    again, no, this is NOT me being negative, just in case (it’s hard to read tone over the internet). i’m just… well, VERY amused. hehe.

  16. Vicki Moore says:

    Dear All
    Look what I found – – they’re having a Rowan sale! I’ve never used them but it looks good if you know what you’re after!

    Dear Wendy
    Thanks for your blog – thanks for you – thanks for Lucy

    Love Vicki

  17. Ooooh! Wendy! That’s a great looking spindle. Wherever did you get it? (on-line, I hopeIhopeIhope) Gorgeous fleece! I can’t wait until next Friday for the TKGA marketplace. Gonna pick up some of that squishy stuff for myself, and a spindle of my very own. Enjoy spinning, it’s hypnotic, and VERY addictive. Wendy should love it too!

  18. errrrr…I mean Lucy….LUCY should love it too! That’ll learn me not to comment before coffee!

  19. I will not learn to spin, I will not learn to spin, I will not learn to spin…yet!

  20. I can’t wait to see how you like spinning. I took a class in spinning a few years ago, and did spin a bit of okay looking yarn. However, I found it took up too much of my precious knitting time, and I haven’t spun a turn for quite a while now. Hope you will enjoy it!

  21. I’ve felt the same way about spinning,Kristy. I set my wheels aside after all of the gorgeous yarns began surfacing, but spinning up Lucy’s fur set me off to spinning again!

  22. Wow – I’m glad you’re OK! Would have me freaked out for sure. Better to always carry your Turbos, JIC! Puuurdy spindle – too bad I don’t spin [yarn that is, lol]!

  23. I HIGHLY recommend the fiber that Monnsqueak Monica turned me onto –

    YUM. That is all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Good luck with the spinning!

    Eloise is looking so pretty — such a vibrant colorway. I like Butterfly, too, by the way. She looks perfect for autumn! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. This is a great spinning website – cool videos that will help you see what you need to do.

    Happy spinning!

  26. Wendy – I hear ya about fearing for my life on the public transportation. I even got jumped once (looong time ago). Good thinking, keeping your Addi’s ready if needed.

    By the way, Lucy looks like she could kick some major booty if you needed backup.


  27. Thanks for answering my question on Blossom stripes! I may be able to finish the back of my Eloise tonight after work (Presidential debates are good knitting time, I figure). Considering how little time I have to work on it, its a fast and fun project.

  28. I’ve just bought a spindle too! It was sooo pretty. I have very little clue of how to use it – maybe you could share some of your experiences once you start to use it?
    liz ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. I hear that they are doing good deals on flights to the US. Keep a brownie for me!! It’s morning here and Weatabix (my only breakfast option) does not feel appealing after reading about brownies… a. x

  30. You’ve inspired me to try spinning too. Where did you get your spindle? Is there anywhere local or is it online?