My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Blossom, Baby

Yes, my pets, it’s been all Blossom all the time here at Wendyknits.

This yarn is truly fabulous. Emily summed it up quite nicely in a comment the other day:

Blossom is like the recycled silk yarn, but without all the dust and grit and weird smell of the real thing!

That’s it in a nutshell. It really, really does look like recycled silk, but it’s actually very soft and easy to knit. I think it’s going to make a very comfy sweater.

Okay, here’s a comparison. If recycled silk yarn were a woman’s voice, it would be Selma Diamond (may she rest in peace).

Blossom is Lauren Bacall.

And Eloise is coming along nicely.

Here is her body, all nicely laid out. (Eeeeeew, that sounds weird.)


And her first sleeve.


Help! I’m on sleeve island! Becky, on your way off the island, please send the cabana boy over to take my drink order, ‘kay?

Why, yes, I do know that I have no business whining about my Eloise sleeves. They are not gorilla sleeves. They are dainty little things. And I’m making them shorter than the pattern directs. I really really like “bracelet length” sleeves. As written, they look like gorilla arms to me. Perhaps I just have short stubby arms.

Some Notes on Lara

I wore my Lara to work yesterday and lemmee tell ya, she is one soft and cuddly mama! I love her.

I was wearing her over a brown silk dress (Laura Ashley, bought off eBay for next to nothing, thank you very much) and noticed that Lara and Laura did not really play well together. In fact, they fought all day. Lara kept trying to get away from Laura by sliding off my shoulders. I was wearing it open, sans pin, like a Chanel jacket.

So in future, if I wear Lara over a silk dress, she shall be pinned closed. Firmly.

Wanna see what I looked like at 3:30 yesterday morning? Photo in the mirror shot!


Yes, this is what we at Wendyknits do when insomnia strikes. We get up early, get ready for work, and photograph ourselves.

What — doesn’t everyone do that?

Miss Lucy thought I was wacky. She had gone back to bed in disgust by the time I left for the office.


And just for grins, here is what the sky looked like at 7:03am yesterday morning. (Monica obligingly turned out the office lights so I could get a good shot out the window, thereby freaking out one of our contractors who had innocently entered our office suite. Never let it be said that we don’t have fun at the office!)


And this is basically the same shot at 1:54pm.


Why, yes, I am barely coherent. Why do you ask?


  1. Wendy, you are getting sleepy, very very sleepy, close your eyes….

  2. Dressed,blow-dried ad made-up at 3.30 a.m. ! Blimey !
    Eloise is looking lovely.Blossom is gorgeous yarn.So soft and light.

  3. Wow gorgeous sky shot! Ugh, know what you mean about the insomnia. I hope you caught up on your sleep last night.

  4. DC sky at 7:03 AM. Pretty!! Would make a lovely Noro colorway, yes?

  5. You crack me UP! And I might add: You look good that early in the morning. You’d probably run from my blog screaming if I posted a photo of myself taken at 3:30 a.m. I can’t get up before 7:00, and when I do I walk around with sandbags under my eyes and a swollen “me so sleepy” face for hours afterward.

  6. I just want you to know that I had to run out yesterday & get some Blossom. Thanks Wendy! I bought the #4 for Eloise of course. I just love the fitted cardi’s. This is one gorgeous yarn!!! Yours is looking fab! I can’t wait to see her finished. 😉

  7. I wore my Coral alpaca silk sweater yesterday, too, and LOVED wearing it! Mine is a funnel neck pullover so no tugging was necessary. My Lara in berry/grape is going to be completed by the weekend — can’t wait.

  8. I was lucky enough to knit up Kemp (a small handbag) with Noro Blossom. (Shame I couldn’t keep the bag!) It is gorgeous yarn. Eloise is looking fabulous!

  9. You and Jane Ellison are making it increasingly difficult for me to keep some Blossom out of my stash.

  10. Ah that Lara, she’s a sneaky girl…

    (must. resist. blossom.)

  11. Thanks for the laugh this morning. Hope coherence finds you sometime during the day!

  12. You know, Wendy, I’ve always been a bit intimidated to comment in your blog. I think it is because you know so very much more about knitting than I do and also because you get so very many comments. Today I am commenting in every blog I look at though. Trying to share a little of the nice feeling I got yesterday.

    I think Eloise is gorgeous. I would love to have some blossom myself but first I plan to save up for some alpaca silk. Your Lara has inspired me. I must have one for myself because it is so lovely and looks so very soft and nice.

    I hope you have a great day and find a way to get some good sleep tonight.

  13. heehee — see now, what *I* do when I get insomnia is knit, which usually facilitates a morning full of ripping-out, but the repetition is sort of hypnotic and sleepy-making sometimes. (Just do a whole lot of garter stitch. Same thing, over and over and over and over…. you get the picture.)

    And what a gorgeous sky. Sunrise is always one of those times that inspires me — I’m forever trying to catch those colors in some kind of dyebath and it never comes out just right. Gorgeous.

  14. My sympathies on the insomnia and we missed you last night. I also have some lovely blue merino fleece for you from when I decided I wanted to learn to spin (and got right on over it).

  15. The sky is beautiful. Why do wonderful mornings turn into gray days?
    Eloise is beautiful and Lara (despite your dazed look) is fabulous on you. I bought the Noro book yesterday. You’re a bad (in that phat way) influence.

  16. hahah scaring the contractors, I love it and I still love Lara, me want!!

    But that whole 3:30am thing, you are on your own for that one.

  17. I am late to the party but….nice spindle!

    come to the dark side…..its fun to play with fluff…..

  18. You and I are the only ones in the office today.
    Seems everyone else has left for Rhinebeck.

  19. Hi Wendy! Thanks for the shout-out! The Eloise is looking good. I think you are right about not trying to match the stripes on the fronts of Noro cardigans. It would drive you nuts. But it works to knit a Noro cardigan with the steek method and then cut it open for perfectly aligned stripes. If you want to get all right brained (left brained?) about it.

  20. You kill me Wendy *lol* honestly, thanks for the laugh, I was having a miserable day at work here …

    That blossom colorway is awesome. It looks like daybreak … as you can attest to firsthand.

    Get some rest.

    Telll Lucy Orion is celebrating his 2nd anniversary today living with Dire BEasties (diabetes) We are having his friends over for Tuna Martinis and steamed shrimp. He wishes she lived closer.

    C’estla vie. Sweet dreams to you both, Diana & Orion

  21. Wendy;

    What gorgeous work you do. I’m new to the whole bloggin thang, but you’re definitely inspiring me.

    May sleep be your friend soon.

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  23. Hey! I dated that Cabanna Boy last summer!! I had to leave Sleeve Island after a really ugly breakup….and now I am Nocturnal Island, where poor souls like me who like to sleep are forced to toss and turn all night. Are we in the same hotel? Trust me, Sleeve Island was much nicer.

  24. I’m a day late, but I do want to say you look awfully good for being up at 3:30 in the morning! I hope your insomnia goes away soon.

  25. That’s a very good description of Blosssom. I held on to my one sjkein for 6 months until I fnally realized that there is plenty there for a hat. Yours is coming out very nicely.

  26. Dear Wendy,

    I have 2 beds finished plus one (the one with some hemp content, which may or may not felt) If the little British kitty would like one of them, I would be glad to donate it. I should be able to finish another for before November.