My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


The Kindness of Knitters

Once again I am overwhelmed by the kindness of knitters.

When I went to Knit Happens Wednesday night, there were two packages waiting for me! For me!!

And not just any packages, but packages from far away: New Zealand and Japan.

The New Zealand package contained these:


Wallace & Gromit knitting patterns. How fun! These were sent to me by Sally, along with a lovely note written on an extremely cute notecard.

The Japan package contained these:


Three beautiful Japanese knitting magazines. And a cone of lovely fine green (my favorite color!) wool. AND two skeins of yarn that looks a lot like Noro Kureyon, but isn’t. I love the colorway and think it’ll make a lovely scarf. All these goodies were sent to me by Jun, who also enclosed a sweet note — on an adorable Knitters Review notecard.

Thank you both, Sally and Jun!

Wensleydale Longwool Kit

The hat and scarf kit I showed in my blog the other day says that it’s from the Wensleydale Longwool Sheepshop. Their website is here. I think I’ll be knitting up this kit over the holidays.

I like to knit small things over the holidays. Last year it was hats, scarves and kitty beds, as I recall. I’ve got lots of fun new yarns for scarves right now, so perhaps this year I’ll come up with a medley of scarves!

Warning: Sleevage Ahead

The first sleeve of Laura is complete. I slopped it down on the carpet and took a photo.


And I started the second sleeve. Here’s a close-up of knitting through the back loop:


And of purling through the back loop:


Critter Knitters Prize Update

As of this moment, I have six prizes yet to be mailed out. Some of those (as many as I can carry) will be mailed today, some early next week. My goal was to get all the prizes mailed out by the end of October, and it looks like I’ll be meeting the goal.

I started out by emailing recipients when I mailed, but that quickly became too labor-intensive. The mailing of the prizes has been an overwhelming task. I now know just how long it takes to package up 70 prizes and just how expensive it is to mail them all out. Thank you to those of you who contributed money towards the mailing costs. It was very much appreciated.

And thank you for your patience with me. If you haven’t received your prize yet, you should be getting it soon. Lightweight packages were sent first class or priority, heavier ones parcel post. Books were sent via media mail.

Lucy is guarding the boxes here.


Okay kids. I have the day off work! I have the day off work! That means I’m posting shortly after midnight, then going to bed and sleeping as late as I can. Then Lucy and I are going to make a birthday feast for her daddy.

Have a good weekend all!


  1. I’m confused and I can’t be the only one. We are familiar with Lucy’s dad, but I think some of us would like to know how he is Lucy’s dad. Don’t mean to disspell the mystery or anything, just curious!

  2. wow, those wallace and gromit knitting patterns are great! and i just love the knitting magazines from japan! thanks for the link to wensleydale yarn. that closeup of knit/purl through back loop really shows how gorgeous the yarn is. cool ribbing. have a great weekend!

  3. I was wandering how you can get up at 4:30 (is this your usual time?) and go to bed after midnight…. mistery solved, you have the day off. I was thinking of you as I got my new job in Munich, because I will have to get up early (not so early as you do!) and go to work by train. How do you do that? I am scared by that!
    Anyway, I wish you a wonderful weekend – and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ian!

  4. I read your disclaimer and am fearful I’m asking a dumb question…. Oh well, I just spent 40 minutes searching and couldn’t find out WHERE to buy my own Wallace and Gromit knit pattern… Help? somebody? please? Thanks.

  5. Happy Birthday Ian – with a whole day (after the lie-in) to prepare, your birthday feast should be wonderful … enjoy!
    Have a lovely day off as well as a great weekend, Wendy. Tickles to Lucy.


  6. Dana, the W&G patterns were from our local (NZ) online auction site – I have never seen them for sale anywhere else. They were produced for the English Women’s Weekly over 10 years ago. E-Bay would be your best bet for finding any more. Sally

  7. hope you have a lovely snooze ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. The Japanese Knitting magazines had the loveliest lace in them. It was absolutely amazing!

  9. Hooray for sleeping in! And happy birthday to Ian!

  10. Happy Day Off, Wendy!!

    Thanks for the Wensleydale link. Also for the uber cool closeup of the “back-loop” work. That yarn is really yummy.

    Hey, can you actually follow a Japanese pattern? Can we see one?

    Have a very happy celebration with Ian. My vote is for making the always amazing chocolate hazelnut cake from the first Silver Palate book. Never misses.

    We love Lucy.You too.

    TGIF, sweet dreams — Diana & Orion

  11. What wonderful goodies you received! Thanks for the pictures of knitting and purling through the back loops – I haven’t had much experience with either of those yet, but now I know where to find reference pictures.

    Lucy is such a good watchcat. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great day off!

  12. Happy Bday, Ian! And I know the feast is going to be so tasty! Wendy, you have too many talents. Please leave some for the rest of us! =)

  13. I’m almost sure you’ve answered this question before, and maybe another commentor can answer ’cause I’m just curious – Lucy is so pretty, what kind of cat is she?

    Enjoy your day off!

  14. I enjoyed seeing your reference to the Wensleydale Longwool sheep shop (surely the web’s longest URL ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). I had the pleasure of visiting the shop last April when I was in England. Really wonderful wool, I’d order more of it anytime.


  15. Lapis Lazuli says:

    Wensleydale always makes me think of Wallace’s favorite cheese…

  16. Thanks for the pic on purling through the back loop. I hadn’t been able to get my head around that one before!

  17. If you want more of that Japanese yarn that you got, one of my LYS is the only US distributor of it. You can visit them at

    I’ve seen some of this stuff knit up and it’s really beautiful stuff.


  18. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who spent that morning googling TBLs for explanations. Thank you for the pictures! My credit card company thanks you for the extreme close-ups of the DB yarn. *sigh*

  19. A big happy birthday to Ian!!
    Enjoy your day of sleeping in and relaxing.

  20. I have always enjoyed your “stash enhancements”. Shared your thrill at great finds and gifts.

    I am jealous of your “Wallace and Gromit” patterns. e

  21. now we are all jealous and want our own Wallace & Grommit patterns!! I am off to do google searches!

  22. I hope Ian has the happiest of birthdays. Enjoy your day off! And thanks for mailing out ALL THOSE PRIZES. The knitathon would not have been the success it was without you.

  23. I was at this Wensleydale shop in the Dales 2 years ago when on a Jean Moss Knitting Tourwonderful friendly place—and we had tea and cookies inside the kitchen….they were so welcoming and I brought fiber back for the well known Lisa of BlogDog…..from Janet

  24. I am SO thoroughly jealous of your Wallace and Grommit patterns!!! What NICE friends you have!!

  25. Aaah! Must have Wallace and Gromit patterns! Must! *sigh* Have a wonderful birthday feast!

  26. Great goodies you received (you are so lucky). LOVE the Wallace & Gromit patterns! Too bad they don’t sell them in the US.