My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



Remember the lovely cone of green yarn pictured in Friday’s blog entry? It’s not wool, it’s 100% cashmere! I should have figured that out, given its incredible software, but it took an email from Jun to set me straight. Here’s a close-up:


Hmmmmmm . . . I’ve been having some fun, thinking about what I can use this for!

Lucy and I had fun together on my day off on Friday. Here’s what my hair looked like:


And here’s what Lucy’s hair looked like:


Obviously Lucy has a better beauty regime.

The Best Chocolate Cake in the World

Is this:


I used a recipe from the “Chocolate and Zucchini” blog — here.

I used Valrhona baking chocolate. I am a firm believer in using the best quality chocolate possible, and I really really like Valrhona baking chocolate. You can mail order it in the U.S. from a number of different places — do a Google search to find a place.

That was Lucy’s daddy’s birthday cake.

Which reminds me: Jenifleur asked in a comment on Friday:

I’m confused and I can’t be the only one. We are familiar with Lucy’s dad, but I think some of us would like to know how he is Lucy’s dad. Don’t mean to disspell the mystery or anything, just curious!

Lucy’s daddy answered that question:

That’s kind of an odd question. She should be able to figure out that I’m simply the male authority figure in Lucy’s life, so she considers me her daddy, particularly since she is adopted and all that, eh?

I mean . . . y’all knew that Lucy was adopted, right?


I did finish the Laura sweater on Friday — see?


And I returned to working on something I put on hold last summer.


Lucy sez . . .

Your tv choices are boring me!



  1. i’ve been waiting to see that sweater worked on again! hehe. i’m personally not big on fair-isle, but BOY do i dig the look of the black/white one… the name of which is escaping me right now.

  2. lovely sweater ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. You are so lucky we didn’t know that was cashmere on Wednesday because you never would have made it out alive.

  4. Wendy, I love your hair and your humor!

  5. LOL
    Yes, but does Lucy know she is adopted?


  6. Does Lucy know? And how old should they be when you tell them?

    I have two that don’t know. I don’t know if they are old enough. . .

  7. Ah, Norgi knitting on a gloomy Monday morning! Thank you, Wendy! Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. “I should have figured that out, given its incredible software”…. you geek! Yes, you can always tell cashmere by it’s nifty software. OK, I’m a geek too, and that was definitely my AM chuckle. Thanks so much for all your inspiration and fun each weekday!

  9. I had to laugh at your adopted comment. I bring up that same point when I call my cats brother and sister, and my DH asks how.

    Laura looks so nice; what a perfect fit! Oh, and I love the fur on Lucy’s paws. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Dear Lucy. I have shown my person the picture of you taking control of the remote. She still refuses me my rightful feline access. I’m stuck with cooking shows and Jon Stewart….boring. Please tell me your successful remote-stealing strategy.

    Forever grateful,


  11. My heart rate just increased tremendously! Do I see a return to your exquisite Fair Isle work?
    I admit that the sweaters you have shown recently have made fabulous additions to your wardrobe, but I miss seeing your Nobel Prize Level colour work.
    Maybe Alice and Jade can now come out of mourning.
    By the way – I emailed the Wella hair products prior to a trip to the ocean this Summer. I detailed the condition of my hair (makes yours look like a good hair day). The responded with a list of products, which I found at a beauty
    supply place. They did the job. I now have smooth hair, every day.

  12. travelita says:

    Ugggh I made a c.z. cake to impress about 15 yrs ago and it was raw inside…the frosting was nice, though. Pretty apricot sweater.

  13. It is hard to believe that Lucy is adopted since she looks just like you… I mean, except for the hair. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (BTW, my hair looked like your picture this morning. I actually wetted it and dried it a second time out of desperation.)

    I am glad to see the FI is back too!

  14. i LOVE the laura sweater. the fit is perfect on you – the drape is elegant without hiding your figure. but what i really LOVE is the style – this sweater will never go out of style, it’s a classic.

  15. What a classic example of a well-fitting sweater! I must admit it looked kinda boring to knit but the result looks fabulous. I guess after knitting ten zillion sweaters for yourself you’ve gotten a knack for fitting yourself. Someday I’ll stay the same size long enough to be able to get a fix on my measurements. (sigh) Great job as usual.

  16. Your Lucy photo + caption made me laugh so hard I nearly fainted. I love your hair shot, too. Seeing it transported me back to the days where I would put in an entire bottle of mousse in my hair every morning and scrunch it up so I looked like Madonna in “Lucky Star”.

    Laura is gorgeous on you!

  17. Laura looks like the kind of sweater you would wear often…comfy, simply elegant and cozy. Great design! I’m glad to see Ingrid back, too.

  18. Dear Igor – you must NEVER malign Jon Stewart. Cooking shows-pah! I’m with you on that one.

    Lucy seems to be the perfect girly bit cosy. I have never seen a cat that relaxed-hilarious.

    Cashmere huh, how about Clapotis from Knitty?

  19. Hi Wendy,

    Just discovered your site. I am from Shetland in Scotland and think you are great. I am attempting to be a Baddass knitter and have since forewarned my friends.



  20. Ah, beautiful Lucy.

    I think you’ve got it backward – she adopted you, or maybe it’s adapted …


  21. Looks like the site has been hacked since I don’t for a minute believe you would stop blogging just like that, with bad grammar even. Damn this world is sad sometimes.

  22. Jacquelyn says:

    Hello to Wendy, Lucy and the “wendyknits” community.

    Enjoy reading your blog daily – gob-smacked by your prolific output – sub-themes are cute too – kitties, cowboy boots (are you moving out of cowboy boots or just making room for more?) & community spirit – my knitting output of 1 large and a few small FO a year is NOT in your league.

    Community spirit? I’m looking for a pen pal in Scotland for my upcoming 12 month trip to Scotland, from end of 2004 (I’m a Scottish-born Australian and have decided to toss in job security to take my family of 6 to Scotland for a spell). Tempted to reply to Stephanie above, but a bit rude. Any response from your knitting regulars? JJ

  23. Hello from another Wendy! I do hope that quitting note is from a hacker… I love your site, visit everyday, and figure I owe you a note. Your knitting inspires me, and you amuse me tremendously!
    Thanks for the blog,

  24. Please don’t go.
    I can only imagine that someone/something has hurt you.
    You are loved.
    We will all miss you.

  25. Please don’t quit blogging. I love reading your blog and seeing your beautiful work!!!!