My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


We Interrupt This Blog for an Important Announcement

Lucy’s internet privileges have been taken away.

Clearly, I can’t leave her unattended with my laptop too long. Sorry about that.


She feigns indifference. I know better. I’m watching her.

State of the Wrist

It seems to be gettng better. Judicious use of wrist brace. Severely curtailed knitting. I did meet up with the Wednesday Night Irregulars at Knit Happens the other night and knitted a bit there.

I also knitted a bit at the Thursday Lunchtime Knitting Group (used to be the Tuesday Lunchtime Knitting Group but we moved it).

I’m into the front neck shaping on Ingrid. Following my usual modus operandi, I am steeking the neck, like so:


I’ll steek the back neck too. Just because. You wanna make something of it?

If you are interested in how I do neck steeks on Norwegian sweaters, you’ll fnd it documented in my blog archives here and there. You can search for “neck steek” using the “Search” option over in the sidebar to find other places where I’ve described the process on the blog.

But no doubt I’ll talk about it again when I cut the steek.

Stash Enhancement

Whilst at Knit Happens the other night I purchased this:


A skein of Noro Transitions. Isn’t it glorious? Kristine had just gotten it in that day. In four colors, if I’m not mistaken. It’ll make a really yummy scarf, I think. I wound it into a ball last night. By hand, not with the ball winder, just so I could fondle it.

Have a good weekend, all. Will Wendy survive a weekend with curtailed knitting? Will people who come in contact with Wendy survive the weekend? Will Lucy take over the world?

Tune in next week.


  1. Dear Wendy,
    good to hear/read that your wrist is getting better … these things take a long time to heal, unfortunately. Curtailed knitting, uh-oh. As long as you can still knit a little bit …
    Have a good weekend (and Lucy too)!

  2. glad to see that you are able to do a bit of knitting…and that lucy, gotta keep a eye on those kitty cats or they will take over the world. have a great weekend…

  3. hi wendy! i find that my wrists and hands hurt a lot less when i knit with thinner yarn, like jumperweight and laceweight.

  4. Glad your wrist is doing better.

  5. Wish I would knit while wearing my wrist brace. I think it would help.

    Lucy, you need to humor your human right now. She’s hurting and gonna be grumpy and needs lots of TLC. I know you can do it! Take care of her.

    Oh, you might want to “borrow” her camera and take a few pictures of her to counter the ones she posts of you.

    I think I better hide now. hehehehe

  6. Great that your wrist is getting better. Take it easy!

  7. OK, good. I guess I can take your site off the Feline Parental Control list now. Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Hi Wendy,
    I’m really glad you are feeling better. I truly enjoy checking in with you in the morning, so thanks for being out there in DC/cyberspace.

  9. Well, now I know why I had three cats “helping” me make my daughter’s costume yesterday! Maria sat on all the tissue pattern pieces, Pippin took over the fabric that was already cut and piled neatly, and Galadriel treated the spread out uncut fabric like a raceway to get to Maria and play pounce! But tell Lucy her plan was foiled, because I am still bigger than the cats, and once I put Galadriel, the ringleader, in solitary confinement (oh, it wasn’t cruel, she had all her kitty toys!) , the minions fell asleep nearby, instead of on top of, the project. But yes, they did slow me down so much I did not knit one knit or purl one purl! Wascally puddytats! Glad your wrist is feeling better so fast!

  10. Glad to hear that your wrist is feeling better. I too have noted that knitting with smaller needles seems to be less stressful on hands and wrists so it may be a combo of rest and little needles. I can’t wait to see the finished Ingrid. A Norwegian design knit with Koigu is a great idea.

  11. Love the Lucy blogging – reminds me of “Pinky and The Brain”

  12. I join the loyal Wendy blog friends in saying: Hooray that your wrist is doing better and you can do a little knitting!

    RE Lucy taking over the blog, I was wondering why my cats were listening to the Beatles when I got home from work last night. How did they find the White album, I asked myself. How did they put it on the turntable? How did they get a turntable? clearly, lots goes on in my apartment while I’m at work. And it seems like lots more fun.

    Have a great weekend. Your sweater looks loverly and, I for one, will be checking your blog archive re neck steeks. I’m working of a Mostly Merino pattern “Trees” and was wondering about doing steeks for the neck. As always, many thanks to you Oh Great Leader….

  13. Wendy~ This is the first time I’ve ever commented on your blog, but I just want to let you know I read it regularly and I’ve shown your gallery to friends with the comment, “This is the knitting goddess whose talents I only aspire to have a fraction of!” I am glad to hear your wrist is getting better, and although curtailing your knitting will be no fun, better that than doing yourself permanent harm. I appreciate so much that you share your projects and comments with us, you inspire me! Thanks!

  14. glad your wrist is better, but I really enjoyed Lucy blogging:-) and I had a really good time reading all the comments:-))

    so why don¨t you invite other guest bloggers to write on your blog? especially since your previous guests did such a good job. in that way you get away with very little blogging, while healing so that you may be back as soon as possible, while we can enjoy your friends blogging again:-)


  15. There are 2 felines here ready to join Lucy’s revolution. They are sure that it is my fault that the temp dropped to 30 F and the leaves are falling!
    In regards to wrists & knitting: I spent 4 years in splints on both wrists, extracted from all quilting and knitting by the docs. What helped was smaller amts’of time knitting, changing muscle groups by doing something else, heat and ice, anti-inflammatory meds and doing sanity knitting by doing smaller,lighter projects with dbl pts, or circular needles. I started with a timer set for 5 min. Now I am back to regular
    sweater projects and I stop and rest when I begin experiencing cramping or ache. Physical therapy has helped teach me to stretch out certain muscle
    groupings also. Better to stretch than ache. Tough for a Nordic heritage woman to learn and live to!

  16. Glad to hear that your wrist is doing better. Just curious, though, are you using a brace bought in a store or a custom-made brace? I had a bad case of DeQuervain’s (sp?) tendonitis a few years ago in my hand and wrist, and it took a physical therapist to design a brace that held my thumb still for everything to heal. But once I got the brace, the pain went away within a day although it took a while to regain strength in my hand.

    Just thought I’d mention… 🙂 Enjoy taking it easier for a while.

  17. Glad your wrist is feeling better and your back to knitting. Take it easy though! 🙂

  18. Evelyn McClennen says:

    Dear Wendy
    I love your blog and all your pictures. Are all knitters cat lovers. I know I sure am. I’m a new knitter and I’m flabergasted by your beautiful sweater that you are now knitting. I have one questions. How do you keep your wool from sliding off the needles when you are knitting with 4 double point needles? Do they make a little thingie to slide onto the needle to keep it from unraveling?
    Thanks for your help and inspirations.

  19. Wendy, I am wondering about the yarn you are using for Ingrid. Your sidebar says Koigu KPPPM, but from the pictures, it looks like black and white. B&W in that pattern would be very striking, but I am guessing that it isn’t really black. Could you show a close up so we (I) can see the pattern over pretty koigu? I like the idea of subtle variegated yarn and plain used in the pattern like that. (Take it easy on your knitting – I threw my elbow out of whack this week trying to do speed socks.)

  20. Maybe a little spinning would be easy on your wrist?

  21. Greetings and hope your weekend is pain-free and filled with hand movements 🙂 I visited the blog today to get the pattern for the knitted mouse cat toy to make for a co-worker’s cat. Looking forward to giving it a shot!

    Your Ingrid sweater is absolutely gorgeous. But don’t kill your hands knitting it. It will be done in its own time.


  22. Hi Wendy! I hope your wrists feel better. I was told to rest 10 minutes every hour when you knit to protect your hands. Anyways, I’m behind reading your blogs but wanted to tell you it’s normal to feel the blahs especially at this time of year. You bring so much fun and cheer to so many people- so know you are appreciated!!. I haven’t even knit in months since my mother died and I read your blog because it makes me happy. I’m going to try the knit along Liz is running and hope I can make the lace shawl. Just relax and smile and know that you are loved. -Cora in Connecticut

  23. Grrrlll…the hair.

  24. Wah! Call the salon, Wendy — it’s time for a haircut!!

  25. Oh dear, I posted on the wrong thread before! Must be the early hour. What happened to Wendy? She must be a huge Tony Clifton (???) fan to have herself transformed into his likeness!

  26. egads!!! maybe 228 days is the limit?


  27. glad your wrist is better and i just love that color of Noro Transitions. and cool to see ingrid. its such a great design.

  28. Thanks for the close up – it’s very pretty – much more interesting than plain. Maybe the move back to fairisle is better for your wrist than the plain stocking stitch action you’ve been whizzing through lately? Let’s hope so. Sally

  29. i love your blog. i am only hoping that my 2 cats are not reading about Lucy. i don’t want them getting any ideas. as i far as i know they don’t know how to work the turntable and aren’t interested in the Beatles. i have found them petting the laptop however.