My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



(Another one of my blindingly brilliant blog entry titles)


Tuesday night I taught a beginning lace knitting class at Knit Happens — it was great fun. I only hope the students felt the same way about it. Everybody left having mastered, I think, what I set out to teach, so that’s a Good Thing.

And I managed not to grab the Koigu Kersti out of the hands of the two young ladies who were using it for their lace swatches. I might have gotten some drool on it, though. For that I apologize.

So guess what? I’m still knitting the first Ingrid sleeve. Yada yada yada.Yup. The same first sleeve. Can you stand the excitement?


Knitting is only being accomplished in fits and starts here.

But on a happier note, I did manage to take a pic of my mohair sitting next to my uber-cool Plassard ribbon yarn.


Now tell me: don’t they look like they were meant for each other?

Here’s a question for you:

Do you associate pieces of knitting with what was going on while you were knitting them?

On Tuesday night I brought some of my knitted lace to Knit Happens to use as visual aids for the class. I have a shetland lace stole, knitted from cashmere that I made four years ago. I haven’t really touched it in four years. (Yeah, all my knitted lace lies fallow after I knit it. I am a heartless bitch, ignoring its lacy sighs and whimpers.)

When I took out said cashmere shetland lace stole, I remembered exactly when and where I was knitting it. And it occurred to me that I can recall this about most of my knits. My mind is a scary, jumbled place.

Carol, who stopped by Knit Happens for a bit after work, very handsomely offered to take the cashmere shetland lace stole off my hands, lest the memories it invoked bother me. Carol, you’re a peach, but I think I’ll hang on to it for just a tad longer.

And In The “Could You BE A Bigger Moron” Department

Our friend from the comments, “S” strikes again. She is now identifying herself as “q” and left this lovely missive in the comments yesterday:

I don’t care if you did get the thing from It doesn’t make you a saint, and it still makes all your ridiculous cat pictures just that–ridiculous. It’s a cat. Not a human. And certainly not that great.

“q,” because you have commented using an invalid email address (oooh! you are so clever!), I am unable to reply to you directly. My suggestion to you is that if my blog causes you such distress, don’t read it. Duh.

I have other suggestions too. Betcha can’t guess what they are.


  1. Ahem.

    I enjoy going through my previously knitted items and finding things I forgot about. That alone should be enough. But you’re right about remembering what you were going through while you were knitting something, too. My purple beanie makes me remember how much of a dork I was to knit it during the summer in 104 F weather.

    As for ‘q,’ the same ideal appears from tv. Lots of people get up to complain, and if you don’t like it, change the channel. And I don’t think you were trying to portray a saintly image anyway. The daily Lucy pic is appropriate because this blog depicts your life, and as a cat mother, the cat is a key point in most owner’s lives. In fact, if it’s not, I’m ashamed.

    AND (this is it, I swear) Petfinder is good because it helps place animals that would be otherwise euthanised because of age.


  2. jen in orange says:

    so… is there not any way you can block certain IP addresses? Though, it’s probably not even worth the effort of figuring it out.

    My favorite Lucy pix are the ones of her on her back with her big ol’ belly showing!

  3. Ever changing, I went for a new letter today. I get email from everyone else with out incident, so perhaps the problem is on your oh-so-perfect end.

  4. I think Lucy is lovely. A friend of mine lies above a woman who owns a siamese (named Ricky). Ricky is the sweetest thing ever and I’m sure Lucy is just as sweet. And I would probably tell nay-sayers that adopting a pet doesn’t make anyone a saint, but solace and love come in many forms and pets are definitely one of these forms.

  5. Y’know, just a note here, from someone who had a fairly popular online journal back before -everyone- had an online journal/blog/whatever they’re calling it here:

    Trolls like your lettergirl? Vastly unhappy people. Bored, too, if they’re able to take so much time to be annoyed by you and your “oh-so-perfect” life.

    They’re hard to ignore, though. I had one from the UK who took great pleasure in tormenting me through several incarnations. Turns out she was an all-around nasty person, but is, thankfully, gone. Hopefully rotting in that seventh circle of hell somewhere. (Did I say that out loud? Ahem. Pardon me.)

    Ignore them, they generally go away. Resurface a while later with the same vitriol. Like herpes.

    However, it’s a sign you’re doing something right. These kind generally prey on those they’re jealous of, so no worries. Knit on, blog on, and let the troll implode herself later.

  6. nicole-sweden says:

    perfect idiocy… no wonder most of the world thinks americans are stupid.

    is there anything else electronic stalkers have to do other than create new single ‘letter’ signatures? these sorts of amerikkkans make sponge bob look smart and i for one am not related.

    but maybe they’re not american? who cares.

    isn’t there enuf polarization going on without trying to provoke a knitting blog into useless combat? talk about some people who live in a hell-handbasket of their own making. yuk.

    lucy is gorgeous. this blog is my cup of tea so THANK YOU wendy for managing to disregard lonely people with nothing better to do than try to disturb & provoke this blog into giving them attention. may i recommend we resist the temptation.

    now for a few rows of peaceful knitting to reorient my own energy.

    at the moment i’m doing a 4ply version of an old rowan book12 pattern named sugarplum. it rewards me with meditative joy. i very much enjoy the small delight of seeing how the original donegal’s compare with the rowanspun and new yorkshire 4plys. this i find as exhilarating and interesting as i find this blog.

    thank you for keeping it around one more day.


  7. Could you tell us a little more about lace knitting class? Is this one evening only, or several classes over a period of time? What do your students make, only swatches?

  8. Your friend Q is writing here again and called her “L”. What a smart person!
    Dear L, I surely prefer cats, tben they cannot be as stupid as you are.

    Wendy, we all love the Lucy pictures, enjoy your blog and your witty way to write. I am happy everytime I see you wrote a new entry.

    The world is full of ignorant, unsatisfied and envious people, who enjoy saying offending things but are too coward to tell their name.

  9. Wendy
    Rather like Nicole said about you being her cup of tea, you are my morning read with my first cup of coffee at work.
    Just ignore the silly people people out there with nothing better to do that moan. You rock!!
    I so admire your knitting skills and seeing what you are making, keep it up!!

  10. Well, my guys have more personality than most of my co-workers do! And, I’m not ashamed to proudly display their pictures at my desk either. After all, they are part of my family. Yes, I have a life, a man, a whack of great friends, and of course a fab hobby. And I love my little runts!

    Wendy, can you offer suggestions on blocking lace? I’ve never been able to get it quite right. Dunno, maybe I’m over stretching or my cloth is too damp?

  11. wendy, i know just what you mean about remembering what was happening in the world while you were knitting a project. maybe the knitting takes on a karma?

    my favorite lucy photo of all time is the one where she is sleeping under an abalone blanket. i saved it, and i am not even a cat person.

  12. hi,

    maybe you should present the projection theory (jung or freud wrote about this) to this electronic lurker of yours. the point of this theory is that you project the dark sides of yourself onto others:-) so next time you read her entry about lucy, assume that she is talking about herself, and that she is the dumb, inhuman, not so great one:-)

    So, do I associate pieces of knitting with what was going on while you were knitting them? yes, that’s how my memory works. as a student I use this while having to learn so much – very useful indeed:-)


  13. Well, if you were a saint I wouldn’t bother to read your blog. I read it because you are a Bad Ass! In my opinion you are oh-so-perfectly real, and I can’t thank you enough for sharing your life, including Lucy with us. My mornings wouldn’t be the same without you.

  14. Wendy, if you get comments from morons like letter-person for posting pictures of Lucy, what do you get when you post pictures of SpongeBob?

    Please show us the pretty lace. More pictures that show Lucy’s pretty eyes too, please.

  15. You know, I would be more than happy to liberate any of your lace from the dark places to which they have been consigned. Really, it would just be as a favor to you that I’d wear the cashmere. Really, it would. It has nothing to do with me. I’m just the martyr here.

  16. That you managed to get a catnip mouse in the picture of Lucy makes her look pretty strung out, hepped up on the juice.

    I just noticed the “Yarn sniffer” button over there. Heh.

  17. Wendy: don’t change.

    S, Q, L (OOH! Are you a computer geek?): don’t you have anything better to do, like knit something lovely to give away to someone less fortunate than yourself? If not, please go away.

  18. you do such beautiful work! i’m constantly becoming more envious of your knitting abilities (and speed!). hope your wrist isn’t giving you too many problems right now. love reading your posts – it’s how i start everyday. thanks for all the laughs.

  19. i sooooo know what you mean regarding the whole memory-knitting association thing. i broke my leg this summer, and ended up making an afghan and two felted bags while i was laid up. now when i see these things (esp. the afghan), all i can think of is how terrible-wonderful the break was; it sucked to have a broken leg, but what better excuse for lying around and doing nothing but knitting?!

    sorry about the initial girl. i go along with everyone else and say just ignore them. when people feel that they’ve succeeded in getting up your dander, they keep going, like a blood-thirsty flea.

    take care!

  20. Well, yes, FO’s are a bit like scars (hopefully, more attractive though) — they do mark events and times in my life and some of them bring back absolutely clear recollections of what I was doing when knitting, even if it was over 10 years ago. Hmmm. . . in that case, I should probably knit while I’m working. . .I’ll have to ask my boss if that’s okay, seeing how it enhances my memory!

    I also wanted to say thank you so much for hosting the petfinder kittybed knitalong. I sent you a SpongeBob present a couple weeks ago — I hope it arrived safely. And keep on posting Lucy and SB photos. They brighten my days!

  21. I usually have a problem with lace knitting- I have a problem with losing stitches. I don’t think I YO incorrectly, though! If you have any tips, I’d be glad to hear them.

    Your fan SQL must really admire you, but is afraid to admit it! The mark of a depressed and lonely person.

  22. Diana & Orion says:

    Wendy, “q” is obviously a cretin with nothing better to do than act like one … can you just block it from posting?

    First, really incredible LUCY today. Thanks!! Many kisses on theat luscious belly.

    Second, yeah, pretty amazing synergy you got going on with the gift ribbon and the mohair. I suggest you honor it and make up a scarf pattern using Fibonacci numbers to amuse yourself.

    ANd for the piquant recollections triggered by past knitting projects ..well, I have only been knitting a year and the third project I did was a little baby blanket for my friend’s new kid. I was working on it when I had to rush Orion’s brother, Gabriel to the vet one evening in March … sit through some horrific hours waiting for them return test results and ended up losing him to HEaven that night. I couldn’t wait to get that thing out of my house as every time I laid eyes on it I would just get hysterical all over again. I woulnd up putting it away for a few months, then just sucked it up in September, finished it and gave it to my friend. I still can’t bear to look at it when I visit, but oddly the baby really loves it.

    I have a theory that maybe the things we make “hold on” to a piece of us. Hopefully, its the best part.

    hugs, Diana & Orion

  23. Diana & Orion says:

    Wendy, “q” is obviously a cretin with nothing better to do than act like one … can you just block it from posting?

    First, really incredible LUCY today. Thanks!! Many kisses on theat luscious belly.

    Second, yeah, pretty amazing synergy you got going on with the gift ribbon and the mohair. I suggest you honor it and make up a scarf pattern using Fibonacci numbers to amuse yourself.

    ANd for the piquant recollections triggered by past knitting projects ..well, I have only been knitting a year and the third project I did was a little baby blanket for my friend’s new kid. I was working on it when I had to rush Orion’s brother, Gabriel to the vet one evening in March … sit through some horrific hours waiting for them return test results and ended up losing him to HEaven that night. I couldn’t wait to get that thing out of my house as every time I laid eyes on it I would just get hysterical all over again. I woulnd up putting it away for a few months, then just sucked it up in September, finished it and gave it to my friend. I still can’t bear to look at it when I visit, but oddly the baby really loves it.

    I have a theory that maybe the things we make “hold on” to a piece of us. Hopefully, its the best part.

    hugs, Diana & Orion

  24. Diana & Orion says:

    Wendy, “q” is obviously a cretin with nothing better to do than act like one … can you just block it from posting?

    First, really incredible LUCY today. Thanks!! Many kisses on theat luscious belly.

    Second, yeah, pretty amazing synergy you got going on with the gift ribbon and the mohair. I suggest you honor it and make up a scarf pattern using Fibonacci numbers to amuse yourself.

    ANd for the piquant recollections triggered by past knitting projects ..well, I have only been knitting a year and the third project I did was a little baby blanket for my friend’s new kid. I was working on it when I had to rush Orion’s brother, Gabriel to the vet one evening in March … sit through some horrific hours waiting for them return test results and ended up losing him to HEaven that night. I couldn’t wait to get that thing out of my house as every time I laid eyes on it I would just get hysterical all over again. I woulnd up putting it away for a few months, then just sucked it up in September, finished it and gave it to my friend. I still can’t bear to look at it when I visit, but oddly the baby really loves it.

    I have a theory that maybe the things we make “hold on” to a piece of us. Hopefully, its the best part.

    hugs, Diana & Orion

  25. It’s hard not to associate my projects with memories that happened while working on them. Heck, the sweater I’m knitting has its own memory segments. I’m far past its meager Pumpkin Festival beginnings and have made great progress since its World Series inches, but I will always be reminded of them when look down at it.

    On trolls: Anybody who thinks that there is something wrong with loving your pet really needs to find a heart.

  26. Robin and I were in your class – we had a great time! Your shawls and Shetland wedding hankie were so beautiful. Lace knitting is no longer a mystery to me. Now, if I could only say the same thing about Fair Isle….

    It was a very cool class and thank you! You can fondle our Koigu any time. πŸ™‚

  27. Hi Wendy

    I don’t often comment on blogs, but love to read and see knitting in progress. I am a much slower and more novice knitter but get great ideas and inspiration when I see other people’s blogs.

    I have to say I am not particularly a cat lover (hey, don’t shoot me!) but that’s my preference. I love the pictures of Lucy and she certainly looks like a cute, happy and well loved cat and that is your preference. Q, S or L or whatever he/she likes to be called is just rude and ignorant. I wonder if they would go up to a person in a cafe and talk in such a manner? I think not… Probably some small minded geek who can’t think of anything better to do which is probably why they want to remain anonymous as well!

    Good luck with the wrist and have a happy knitting/blogging day!

  28. The beauty of this country is the freedom to choose to read or not read something. I think Q needs to find a more contructive use of his/her time. Petfinder is a fab way to rescue a pet. My sister just invited an adorable Himalayan to share her house here in Maine. The Himalayan agreed to be her roommate. πŸ™‚

    Knitting and cats sort of go hand in hand for me. I can’t seem to recall a time when MY Lucy wasn’t sitting on my lap under my knitting trying to catch a needle or taking a nap.

    Ignore Q. Its just too bad He/She is so cowardly.

    Happy knitting everyone….

  29. Wendy, Sorry I hit the post button before I wrote anything, your little alphabet moron who is obviously also an animal hater really pi**es me off. I have three pets. One is a purebred Westie named Maggie that I did get at a breeder. My other two pets, Rocks, a terrier mix, and Phoebe a black and orange cat were both adopted from my local anti cruelty society. Both were animals that even they had classified as “unadoptable.” Rocks, because of behavioral problems caused by abuse, and Phoebe, because she had so many health problems from living on the street, no one wanted her. If I hadn’t taken them, both would have been destroyed. I have read your story of Lucy’s rescue, and I say bravo to you! Show us as many pictures of her as you wish. She is now a healthy happy pet because you cared. As for the alphabet avenger, he/she has obviously missed several important letters to post under, i for idiot, J for jackass, s for stupid, etc. Harassing someone on their computer is a crime. The computer crimes division of most metro police departments could figure out where you are in a matter of minutes if Wendy chose to report you, regardless of how clever you think you are with the invalid email addi. By the way Wendy, When almost this same thing happened to me (my idiot wouldn’t stop) It took the police about 15 minutes at my computer and they had the moron’s address. Take comfort in the fact that most people who do this are not terribly smart, evil, computer hacking geniuses. Just incredibly sad pathetic people.

  30. Heather in MA says:

    I think it’s the magic of knitting that weaves our memories into each and every stitch. It’s really the only reason I’m determined to finish a sweater I started over 10 yrs ago (red-faced blush). During that time I survived too-many years in blissful singles heaven while getting my degree, moved cross-country, got my first job, my first house, got married, and had my two children. Because of those memories I will treasure the sweater forever, even if it’s now a men’s large and was supposed to be for me!

  31. Oy. I must agree with Eliza’s advice to ignore the troll. (Even though I’m not following that advice at the moment, I will in the future.) I’ve been in on-line communities that got trolled, and we found that ignoring their constant pleas for attention was the best way to get them to go elsewhere to try and find it. I’d have to call people like that just one more sad thing about this country.

  32. I have a Noro sweater that I started when I was unemployed, so it has some pretty bad karma, even though it’s a really beautiful sweater. In a year and a half I was sold, reorged and downsized three times, so I was able to pick up the sweater again and make quite a bit of progress on it. I only have a sleeve left, but I am afraid that if I pick it up something bad will happen, and I really like this job!

    I think kitties are cool.

  33. I’m not going to discuss the letter bomber, others have done so with more eloquence than I could summon on the subject…

    I do however completely agree with you about remembering exactly what was going on in life when you knitted something. My favorite sweater is one I started while on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard with my best friend. I can even recall the smells of the beginning of fall on the island and the foliage’s progression from green to autumnal beauty all when I look at, wear and just even feel my sweater. It’s part of what I enjoy most about knitting is taking the trip down memory lane each time I wear or fondle my Finished objects! πŸ™‚

  34. Yep, I can remember what I was doing while knitting the bulk of a project (NBA finals, trading spaces marathon, on the train, etc). I can usually also remember the buying of the yarn, the opening of the package. Sometimes I wish I could forget…

  35. HEY!! WENDY!!!
    When ya gonna start spinning?????

  36. Oh, that Lucy. What an adorably fluffy kitty. πŸ™‚

    Will you hold the mohair and Plassard ribbon together when you make your scarf, or will you do something more involved? They do match perfectly! That’s just another good reason to keep a stash. Did it take you long to dig up the mohair or are you very well organized? (Just thinking out loud here.) Either way, I look forward to seeing whatever you do with those yarns, whenever you do it. πŸ™‚

    Last night, the ladies I knit with and I were just talking about how knitting pieces remind us of what we were doing/going through when we made them!

  37. I had to throw out quite a bit of Classic Elite Rain a few years ago. I started knitting a complicated lace sweater to get myself through a really ghastly breakup, and of course, later on I couldn’t even look at my knitting without remembering that terrible time. I tried several times to re-knit the yarn into something else, but it just wouldn’t work. So away it went.

  38. Glad I’m not the only one. I can actually remember specific lines from movies or tv shows I happened to be watching while knitting something years ago. Or, if knitting during meetings or lectures, remember exactly what the speaker said or was wearing. Scary stuff.

  39. I agree with Heidi re Jung’s projection theory and letter person. I’m guessing this person is getting the attention she/he needs by all the responses here. Too bad she/he isn’t able (or capable) to enjoy the unconditional love a rescued pet could provide – or the simple joy that can be found fondling Koigu Kersti.

  40. At the risk of being redundant, I think alphabet girl (or guy – it could be a guy!) just wants attention and by getting that has accomplished her goal. In the future I would just hit “delete” and go on my merry way and not give her even a smidgen of publicity or attention. Ok, my 2cents, which can be deleted also. I’m glad you’re back to blogging most every day. It’s a pleasant morning read with my coffee and I often link to other sites that you recommend. I, remember movies that I’m watching while knitting, especially if I start a project while watching something. Scary, huh?

  41. Wendy, love the Lucy pic! Must sign up for the next lace class.

    I think remembering such detail about your projects is a bit like golfers remembering every round of golf, hole-by hole. Mr. Phyl can tell you every hole, yet not the clothes he was wearing yesterday. πŸ™‚

  42. Message to “S”, “Q”, “L” or whatever you want to call yourself: I don’t believe anyone referred to themselves as a saint simply because they adopted a pet(s) from petfinder. I have adopted many animals in my life, yet considered myself a saint long before I did so.
    Many of those animals were nicer and more intelligent than what you appear to be based on what you’ve written so far. you. Now, please go away or at least stop leaving unfriendly comments. This is not a “flame” board, it’s comments on a blog that we choose to read because we like it. Shoo now, go away, find a new sandbox to play in.

  43. “Lettergirl”!!! I like that, Eliza. S, q, L, whoever she (or he, for all we know!) wants to be, is just a jealous small-minded person. Jealousy is usually the motivater for someone who needs to get their message across the way s/he does. Obviously s/he is not a nice enough person to get attention in the normal way. When it comes to reading a blog (as with TV), I believe in the old adage: ‘take what you like and leave the rest’. Why try to make everyone as miserable as you are, Lettergirl?

  44. Just ignore the troll and it will go away. Freaks like that feed on the attention. Don’t change a thing…bring on the cat pictures!

  45. I had one of those things at my blog (a troll, I mean). As we all learned in elementary school, those who complain about others thinking themselves perfect are usually projecting. The quickest way to extermination seems to be lack of response combined with deletion of comments as as soon as possible, but I can’t deny the lure of a rousing game of poke-the-troll, so you might want to play with her for awhile:-)

    (P.S. those really ARE my initials, and CJ really IS my nickname:-)

  46. You are saucy and I love it! The nerve of some people – it’s amusing if you let yourself get past the initial pissed-offed-ness! Can’t wait to see what the Plassard and angora become. Patti

  47. Associate life events with knitting? Absolutely! I have a seed-stitch cardigan from college days (not that it fits anymore) and everytime I look at it I remember the 2-floods-in-1-month where I knit to keep my sanity and was glad we lived in a second-story apartment.

  48. Wendy,
    I found your blog from some random google knitting search. I keep reading because your Lucy is a twin of my beloved Parcels who died suddenly last year. I love the pictures. And the knitting. Please don’t stop either.

    That should tune up your alphabet soup reader.


  49. What???? A cat isn’t human. Don’t tell the cats that. They know that they are definetley superior to dogs and humans. They certainly are more intelligent than people give them credit for. At least every Siamese and their cousins I have ever claim to be more intelligent.

    Take your time knitting. Wrists not hurting comes first.

  50. I associate knitted objects with what I was doing when I knitted them. In a little different twist, I have been knitting sox for CIC with Cherry Tree Hill 100% wool sport yarn in Dusk, and remembering when I made wool socks in FL with the rest of the yarn,

    PS why does she read the blog if it bothers her?

  51. Cats sure *are* human! Except in the palces where they’re angels.

    I love the Lucypics (and adored the LucyFur ones) – and am delighted to peek in at you, every morning before I drink my first cup of hot liquid (tea, coffee, hot lemonade… not bile, though, which seems to be the beverage-of-choice for trolls).

    About that knitting-makes-memories thing… …absolutely. I knit, ahem, rather more slowly than you do, and have a LOT of time to spend thinking and dreaming and chatting and such while knitting any particular piece, and the thinks/dreams/chats/etc. seem to stick onto the wool like stray pieces of cat-hair, clearly visible to a person who knows they’re there. Good memories, usually.

    Hang in there, and don’t feed the trolls!

  52. Methinks “S”, “Q”, “L” or whatever he/she/it is at the moment is having a serious identity crisis. Perhaps he/she/it should find out who they really are & then do something really constructive with their life. Like helping other people who need it. WOW! What an original idea!! Wendy, keep posting about whatever you want to post about. Including pics of Lucy, who is absolutely adborable! Don’t let the weirdos of the world get to you!!

  53. Wendy,

    I just found your blog a few weeks ago, and I have to say I love it. And that “S” or “q” or whoever they are either 1) doesn’t knit or 2) doesn’t know the joy of owning a cat.

    I have two cats (they were my husband’s before we met, but they’re officially my step-children after we married this past summer). To watch the look on their faces when I sit down to start knitting…they are just mesmerized. I knitted an afghan last year, and I’d lay it out on the bed when I worked on it before bedtime. Once it got long enough, they’d jump on the bed and just sit there kneading & purring away while I knitted…true bonding time.

    Thanks for your good humor.

  54. Of course cats are not human! They are gods, just ask them.

    On another topic, ir I would like to donate some yarn either for the kittybed prize raffle, or a future one should I send it to you care of Knit Happens? My stash needs to be weeded and cleaned up before winter.


    Kathy in Mpls

  55. she needs a damn life, negative people are jack hats and losers.. and have no life and nothing better to do with their time but pick on other people. I hope she trips on her own words and eats them.

  56. Adopting a pet from Petfinders doesn’t make you a saint? Really!!! :0 Well I’m so glad this person has informed you and us of that. I mean I’m sure the Pope will be relieved that he doesn’t have any competition. And I guess I missed the part of your blog that stated you were going for Sainthood?????

    This person seems to have some very serious issues. And needs some very serious help. Maybe some therapy, hmmm like shock?

    Other than that your stay on sleeve island seems to be going well. So what if it’s going slowly. Do you have a cute cabana boy? Well then knit slowly on!

    Lucy and you have a great day!

  57. Well, I don’t have enough FO’s to associate them with anything too far in the past!! I have plenty of 1/2 FO’s, and that causes me great mental pain in the present time.

    And to comment, if you were oh-so-perfect, you wouldn’t have hurt your ankle, would never had to frog anything, wouldn’t have to catch a train at 5am and your hair would be perfectly Perfect. So there. You are normal and human just like the rest of us…

  58. Although you certainly don’t need another voice of support and admiration, I feel compelled to offer it.

    I hate bullies. And that goes for cyber-bullies who feel safe in the world of anonymous email and postings.

    Wendy–for what it’s worth, your blog has really made my knitting better as well as giving me a laugh here and there. Plus, after losing my sweet little kitten after 13 years, I love getting my cat fix with your blog. It makes me feel connected –and inspired. Your support for organizations such as Petfinders is truly remarkable. Too many people don’t stop and realize how many animals suffer in this culture of disposable goods and status dogs and cats.

    So here’s a hearty THANKS!

  59. I’m not a cat person BUT I think Lucy is the cutest! I love the different pics of her…really shows her personality. Now, it would be RIDICULOUS (in a funny way) if Lucy was KNITTING!!!

  60. Well Wendy, I think your Kitty is a sweetie…As for the II (Initialed Idiot) who continues to harass you–I believe this a variant of the species known as Trollicus Annoyicus, the type that lurks on message boards. The best thing to do when your comments page is infested with one of these critters is to simply ignore it until it goes away. These creatures tend to be attention-mongers, and I suspect this one in particular delights in the fact that you comment on him/her/it in your blog. If you stop doing that, he/she/it will probably go away.

    And on a completely unrelated note–I am wondering if you subsribe to/ recommend any specific knitting magazines? Forgive me if this has been mentioned in your blog before, I couldn’t find the entry if it has.

  61. Like CJ comment…I really am PJ…not to be confused with the letter virus!
    That mohair and ribbon do belong together;) I wish I could be in your lace class..any ideas for anything like some vitual teaching? Your sleeve IS something to be excited for sorry for my lack of keeping track, but how long did it take you to complete the sleeve? It’s awesome!
    Gee, yesterday I needed that Sponge Bob thermometer for my son πŸ™‚ As far as the ‘letter’ problem…I think it’s hilarious -the lack of itelligence that this person has…your right, “if you don’t like it don’t look at it, duh” It’s kind of simple-duh..anyone there? Here’s what I think..this person wallows in the urge to check everyones comments (has nothing to do with the cat picture) -the letter person loves the ‘fight’ and the attention given. Perhaps post about 10 pictures of Lucy in one day…**in your face**!!!

    How about NOT A SINGLE WORD about the ‘letter virus’ in comments or posts……therefore no air for their dumb balloon!

  62. Well, I’m still new to knitting but I can tell you that just looking at teh few things I have knit, yes I can remember things about when and where I was when I was knitting them. I can even remember what I was thinking and things my husband and I were talking about. Looking closely, I can even see where my cat grabbed the yarn and the stitch is a bit too snug. *snicker* She, like Lucy, loves to sit with me while I knit and ‘help’ keep all my stitches snug by randomly pulling on the yarn. No ‘laddering’ on those socks with her around!

  63. fwiw, (prolly not too much) I adore your daily Lucy pictures. I should follow an excellent example & post a daily pic of my beloved Princess Cat.

  64. Hi Wendy, Wendy here. I also am a dork, just in case my greeting didn’t give it away.

    I was so surprised to read your post because I was thinking about the association thing last night. I’m knitting a Banff for my sister and I really hope that the election fallout doesn’t taint my love for this sweater. Will I think of Bush everytime I see it?!

  65. secret pal 3 says:

    I thought I’d post a comment on your blog for once, because maybe you’re too polite to have noticed that the letter Q in French sounds exactly like (forgive my French) the word “cul”, which means, ahem, an ass. Perfectly fitting for your jealous troll.

    And in other news, I’ve been away for several days but now that I’m back home, a parcel will be on its way next week !

    Your blog is a delightful read.

  66. I think it is wonderful that you adopted Lucy from petfinder, as we also got our cat, Tweezer, from petfinder as well. I think referring to Lucy as “that thing” is abusive and we all know what kind of humans animal abusers are. If “that person” feels so compelled to be nasty about this blog, then why do they bother to read it. Get a life and leave Wendy and Lucy alone!

  67. Wendy, My fiance’ I have adopted 6 cats from petfinder. I am a new knitter and I love your blog and website and I am endeared to the fact that you are such an animal lover and desire to send off all the senior cats with such lovely treasures as the kitty bed. I think “THE Q-Hole should keep her trap shut. If she continues to be so nasty in her next life she’ll come back as a rat and end up on another knitting blog just for Kharma’s sake. stacyk

  68. I know everyone else has commented, but I’ve missed the last couple of days so I’m tuning in late. The letter troll has a very common problem: the inability to filter his/her thoughts before speaking or writing. Most of us know better than to say the first thing that pops into our heads. The sad thing about this person is that her filtering system is SO short circuited that it does not kick in even in the extra time it takes to write and post a message. This person should be pitied because she is certainly friendless and despised for her hateful stream of consciousness.

  69. 1. Knitting and quilting and some sewing projects evoke memories of what was going on in my life at the time of their creation. (i know…bad sentence structure…)
    2. In my book, you are a saint. For many reasons, not the least of which is your commitment to Lucy (and by extension all the other animals you help thru your projects).

  70. Joan in Reno says:

    I loved CJ’s comment. Let’s have a rousing game of poke-the-troll and then ignore it. It is hard to resist, like picking at a scab or a cat poking at a spider just because it moves. We like this blog the way it is or we wouldn’t read it (at least we’re smart enough to figure *that* out). Keep on keepin’ on!

  71. Lettergirl says:

    To whom it concerns:
    1.) I do knit.
    2.) I do have a cat.

    I also find it interesting that anyone who post a disenting opinion here must be either jealous or jilted. Hmmm…

  72. Wendy, I was in the lace knitting class & I had a blast, I’m happily reevaluating my stash, thinking about what lace project I want to do & knitting again! I love checking in on your blog & seeing Lucy (my animals are an integral part of my life, can’t imagine what it would be like without them), slough off the rotten comments & write on…

  73. Lettergirl confirmed my previous comment. People are always entitled to a dissenting opinion, but need to know to whom and when to express it. It is not always welcomed or appreciated. Someone with a working filter in place knows when their comment is totally off base and represses the urge to spew.

  74. Wendy: wish I could attend your lace class! But alas, I live in the wrong state! I’m just a beginner lace knitter and find myself too easily distracted….I had to frog my lace shawl three times so far. I’ve since quit doing that and have been “hiding” my mistakes when I make em…

    Love lucy, she’s darling. I’ve two of my own who have joined her revlolution! Unfortunately, they won’t put up with being photographed!

    Blog on πŸ˜€ and I hope your wrist is feeling better!

  75. Wendy! I met you briefly on Tuesday night and just wanted to let you know I have been thinking of your Ingrid sleeve the last couple of days. The pics on the site truly don’t do justice to those gorgeous greens and your great even stitches. I’ve done intarsia and fairisle in socks, but never a sweater of any kind. Go you!

  76. This is ever so interesting. Lettergirl, dissent is not what your are involved in. Your responses have been aggressive. Nothing constructive about them at all. I do hope you are not associated with the domain mentioned in your first email address. That website claims to be about “community”, and that is something you seem to lack.

    I’ve been knitting for yonks but my wardrobe sadly lacks homemade garments. I went through a prolonged drought and most of my jumpers eventually found their way to St. Vinnies. My memories were jogged recently when looking through old patterns at my mother’s place. I remembered making them, and the yarn I used. Some of the patterns had me cringing – did I really wear some of those items? But, it was the 70s and 80s – and some of us can remember those years (shudder). My one consolation is that in a few years time all the hipster wearing trendies of today will look back on their fahsions with the same amazement.

  77. Lettergurl Hatr says:

    Lettergurl, just shut the hell up, since you ARE an idiot. The definition of a “dissenting opinion” does not extend to the type of moronic hate that have comprised your prior comments. Just go away if you don’t like this blog. Goawaygoawaygoawaygoawaygoawaygoawaygoawaygoawaygoawaygoawaygoawaygoawaygoawaygoawaygoawaygoawaygoawaygoawaygoawaygoawaygoawaygoawaygoawaygoaway!

  78. i often remember what i was doing while looking at a finished knitting item. i have the alien scarf from s&b that i was knitting last year while unemployed – i watched a lot of A&E true crime specials, including one about the Amityville horror. every time i see the scarf, i think about that. i also have a pair of wrist warmers that i knit while taking phone calls at work. i remember which desk i was sitting at, who my supervisor was, and that i kept the yarn in my drawer with the drawer slightly open to keep the yarn from rolling on the floor.

  79. Oscar said it perfectly: One thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about. That’s how I treat trolls. Somehow, they always disappear up their own ar*se, in a puff of irrelevance.
    Nanna loves ya, but he wants FI knitting po*rn to brighten his horrid humid summer. Nanna wants it NOW!!

  80. You know, I am so mad at the cat comment you received. To care about something that is not yourself is what love is all about. I don’t care if it is a cat or even a person. Comments like that..well, it takes all kinds.

    I have two shelter cast-a-way cats. They are the most loving animals I have ever met. They bring so much joy. People who cannot see that there is love in the little things in life must be so miserable.

    By the way, I love Lucy!!!

  81. Wendy, I stumbled across your blog while you were in the process of knitting Abalone and I have been reading it religiously ever since. In fact, reading your blog inspired me to start knitting. I had wanted to learn to knit for a long time, but just never seemed to be able to get started. Seeing all of the pictures on your blog of your knitting gave me the impetus to grab a couple of needles, some yarn, a β€œHow To” book and start knitting. I love the pictures of your knitting as well as the pictures of Lucy. While I don’t have a cat right now, I have had several in the past (as well as dogs, birds, fish…you get the picture). Your Lucy looks like she would be so soft and cuddly. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that the majority of us love your blog. Don’t let the bad apple of lettergirl ruin your barrel o’ fun. Keep knitting and keep posting Lucy pics. Knit on!!

  82. Every morning I visit a few knitting blogs before getting to work for the day, and I’ve found yours wonderfully humorous and inspiring. Whether you knit or post more or less, post more pictures of Lucy or none at all wouldn’t detract from your blog one bit. Your writing is enjoyable to read and your enthusiasm very catching.

    So I’m ‘delurking’ in order to let you know your efforts are appreciated. I get a lot of emails from people who’ve read my books, and every now and then some moron will send me something insulting. I used to answer them, but now I don’t bother. It was clear some of them get a perverse pleasure out of upsetting others, and if you respond you’re only giving them more pleasure. So my advice is: ignore the cat-hater. He/she is not worth a moment of your time.

  83. Laura in Alameda says:

    I LOve Lucy!!!! She’s my virtual cat, as my dh has evil allergies to cats. Keep the fluffy tummy pictures coming. As for the Troll, couldn’t you get a setup like Joe, of QueerJoe has? He has some kind of filter thingy, and is not above altering comments to uhm, spice them up.

  84. another Wendy says:

    Dear Wendy:
    I love to read your blog every day, and I think that this person masquerading as a single letter wants to make her mark and is just too lazy to start up her own blog. So she takes perverse delight in sending her nasty .02 to you. I know it doesn’t cancel her out, but remember you have many MANY fans of not only you and your blog, but also of Lucy, blog-cat extraordinaire. It’s a shame you can’t block cat-haters from your comments, but my main question is, why? Why even waste her time giving you a hard time? Too much time on her hands, too much vitriol to spew. Don’t take it personally.

  85. Hi Wendy! I enjoy a good game of troll and troll poking along with most slashdotters (good geek that I am) but why the hell does SQL keep coming back if the cat stuff bothers her so much? I’ve never understood that part of the blog troll psyche. Why be rude about a mention of a charitable cause? Mystifying. I don’t think she’s being forced to read the blog, yet has managed multiple comments showing that she’s even checking it several times a day. Odd.

    BTW, Lucy is darned cuter than my cat – who specializes in hiding from cameras…..although I did have a good photo made into photostamps.

    I still haven’t made it to Knit Happens, sadly. I’m in a knit rut. No knitting happening. I need a kick start. Like the opening day of baseball. I have an alpaca lace cloud 3/4 done that has stalled me – being a one project knitter I need to kick that into gear to get started on my next projects that are all lined up.

    And I’ll second the vote locally for Rude Ranch rescue here in MD. Nice folks.

    Got any ideas for 1000 yds of dark purple light worsted wool – hand dyed but not very variagated, tightly plied 2 ply? It’s on my project desk and is refusing to become a vest.

  86. Here’s the good thing about America…freedom of CHOICE!! Frankly, it’s your blog, you can post pics of thong wearing hippopotami eating avocados whilst standing on their heads if you choose…if that’s not my thing I can choose not to visit, no biggie…but to be jealous of your “following” and deeming it unwarrented? Spare me!

    Letter terrorist person, here’s one just for you…”F” off…and have a nice day πŸ™‚

  87. Oh my gosh! That mohair is PERFECT for the ribbon. Do I have telepathy, or what??? [Tee hee!]

  88. Miss Sheila says:

    Wendy, you truly are unique! I just came across your fabulous blog the other day & now I’m addicted! I am an avid animal lover!!! I have many cats-(I’ve rescued them all!!!) I also have a daily route where I feed all the homeless cats & ferals.
    I’ve been reading the NASTY comments from the “LETTERFREAK”. Persoanally, I think “IT” either forgot to take “IT’S” medication, or “IT” desperately needs to start something. I grew up next door to 2 HORRIBLE “people” who hated animals, & took it a step further by destroying our pets!!! I hope they ROT! “What goes around, comes around.”
    Anyway, you are very talented & entertaining. I love those kitty beds! You make my day a HAPPY one. Thank you.
    P.S. Hello Lucy! Our owner & all of us fur-people think you’re quite Beautiful. Take Care!