My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Liam Pattern

The pattern for my Liam sweater is now available for sale . . . at Knit Happens. Want a copy? Call them up to order, or drop in to the shop to buy.

I spent some time at Knit Happens yesterday, and of course bought some stuff.


Check out the cool Knit Happens tote bag and accessory bag!


Check out the cool Knit Happens exclusive colorway Lorna’s Laces sock yarn!


And some gorgeous Noro Iro!


And finally, some Debbie Bliss Soho.

I knitted Lucy a catnip mouse from the alpaca/merino/silk sample I spun up the other day.


It got the Lucy seal of approval.


I also spun up some alpaca that L-B sent me the other day. Yum!


TGIF! Have a good weekend, all!


  1. I love being the first commenter. Happy Friday! Woot!

  2. The alpaca looks terrific! So does the spindle! I need to pull out my spindles and play.

  3. I’ve never seen that Debbie Bliss yarn before, and now I’ve seen it on two blogs in 15 minutes. You’ve got the Soho on this side of the Atlantic and Emma has the Mara on the other side of the Atlantic, and she says it’s the same yarn, different name. I can’t wait to see what it looks like knitted.

  4. I’m curious….how does Lucy know the difference between knitting that she can play with (dig her claws into), and knitting that she can’t?

    On another note, even with your wrist pain, you are still knitting more than I have been able to lately….I’ve been working too hard! I work at home, so work & housework always pulls at me. Sitting down to knit for 30 minutes straight would be such a luxury!

  5. I bet that the catnip within the mouse is a pretty good hint for Lucy that she can play with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The alpaca looks great! I’m impressed with how even and smooth it looks.

    I’m so happy to hear that the Liam pattern is finally for sale! I’ve been waiting for it, and will definitely buy the pattern at some point. I wonder how it would look on a man. My boyfriend just asked me for something with cables on it last night. This is a big breakthrough, since it’s the first time he’s expressed interest in me knitting something for him. Maybe I’ll send him a link to the Liam page and ask if he would like something like that.

  6. Congrats on Liam! This is your first pattern-for-sale, right?

    I have to laugh at the question about how Lucy knows which is the yarn she can play with and which isn’t. I sometimes wonder the same thing about Scout–he will play with loose ends and occasionally with the working yarn, and he will sit/sleep on my knitting, but he doesn’t claw or eat that which he shouldn’t. Perhaps it’s the catnip factor.

  7. well you appear to be an old pro at spinning already! How great it doesn’t hurt your hands as much either.. so you can still do knitting things without knitting so much.

    I went tuesday night and got a drop spindle and learned how.. it’s pretty tough, i suppose practice will make perfect but I am having a hard time drafting the yarn. It’s to hard to pull apart..

  8. That is by far my favorite picture of Lucy – sometimes princesses have to play, too.

    I’ve had a lot of wrist problems, mostly from typing. I’ve done physical therapy for tendonitis, and it really helped. So does a rollerball mouse – so much easier than the regular computer mouse. Feel better!

  9. I’m just entering the world of spindling too and can’t wait to get my Golding (it should be here any day). Love that alpaca. And that Soho is to die for. Thanks for the eye candy ๐Ÿ™‚


  10. Cool. A condom for your knitting.

  11. Now *that’s* a luxury catnip mouse, LOL! Glad there was enough to make something fun out of the sample I sent you.

    I LOVE that Iro colorway…I got the similar colorway in Silk Garden recently…something so neat about those colors together – just had to get it!

  12. And I was just thinking this morning, that what I really wanted for a travel bag was some sort of clear vinyl something. But bigger than yours. (wink)

  13. Hi

    I was wondering what sizes Liam is available in?

  14. Congratulations on selling your pattern!! That is probably not your life’s desire, but it’s neat just the same. I think I will buy myself an early b-day gift….

  15. You still knit and post! You have yummy wool that us deprived Australians will never get our hands on, unless we win the lottery!
    Slightly different note – is it ok if I print your toe up sock pattern for personal use? It says that it can’t be reproduced in any form and am finding it very difficult to carry the computer on the train…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. gorgeous yarn and what cute bags. i guess i’ll have to stop by this weekend.

  17. WOW! You’re coming right along with the spinnning. Next step….A WHEEL.
    Oh let me tell you it was a whole new world when I went from spindle to wheel. AMAZING!
    The first thing I did was get bits of all sorts of different fibers (wool, alpaca, mohair, silk, even dog hair) and played. What Fun. Do you find the spinning is easier on your wrists? And have you tried switching back and forth between hands? Do you find one more comfortable and productive than the other?

    Psssst. Keep this on the down low. “They” might hear me. :::looking left and right:::
    I have 3 dogs now…kind of miss having a cat…rub Lucy’s belly for me. Thanks!

  18. Of interest …. quiviut (I lived in Alaska for 15 years).
    Anchorage Daily News

  19. Gosh you are always so darned productive. That Noro Iro is fab .. I just got some ‘Transitions’ – didn’t know it was super new until after I got it – 2 hanks at $20 ea – but OMG it’s soooo pretty! Love those Noro people. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. I was home sick Friday and couldn’t resist the Knit Happens sock yarn. I’ve been looking for a good sock yarn with lots of pink! It’s on its way to me – woo hoo!