My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Spin This, Baby

Here is my 4 ounces of Black Welsh Mountain/alpaca blend, all spun up and plied, accompanied by some other natural colored wools.


This stuff is a dream to spin!!

Spirit-Trail Shawl

On Monday night I finished my shawl, knitted from all Spirit-Trail yarns, and here it is:


All while knitting it I debated whether or not to put a fringe on. I ended up with no fringe, due in part to the fact that I had used up all the yarns. So I finished it off with a garter stitch edging:


The last 2 inches or so at the bottom are knitted from the silk I spun from the silk caps, held together with a strand of mohair.

In answer to Alice’s question, I’m not sure how many yards I got out of the silk caps, but I spun it to approximately dk weight and it was just enough for 2 inches at the bottom of the shawl.

The shawl is knitted from merino wool, a wool/silk boucle, mohair, silk chenille, and silk.

Knit Happens Happenings

I spent the day at Knit Happens yesterday, and hung out with the usual suspects. And there was a special guest star: Stinkerbell of Fidgety Knitting. Great fun was had by all!

At one point I whipped out a drop spindle and some wool for an impromptu demonstration of spinning. So in answer to another question — yes, I can see me using my drop spindles from time to time. I think they are very useful for portable spinning!

Knitting Basket Update

Thanks so much for your great response so far! The total amount donated so far is shown in my sidebar. I will update it at least once a day. What a great response in our first day!


She woke up.


Well, sort of.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving,Wendy! And a special thanks to you for all the good you do all year long through Wendyknits and beyond!:-)

  2. The colors in the shawl are gorgeous, Wendy! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. Wendy, give it up – you’ve gone too far this time. Everyone knows it was you — the important thing is admitting you need help.

  4. Dear Wendy

    I just looked up the date – Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours (and all your readers).

    It’s lovely to be able to continue reading about your ‘doings’, I’m so glad you have got your bounce back.

    Hugs to Lucy
    Love and Kisses to you

    Vicki in England

  5. I am bleary eyed and in froggy land but I am cruzing through and I got a mention!!!

    that and after you left Carol took to calling me “Hey Midget” girl 🙂 Sad bit, I turned around and said yes what??